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Tired By Twilight, Host Carolina Romanyuk

Tired By Twilight, Host Carolina Romanyuk

By Carolina Romanyuk

Welcome to "Tired By Twilight", where the magic of restful nights meets the joys and challenges of parenting. Join Carolina Romanyuk, a Dual Certified Sleep Consultant and Board Certified HHP, as she shares transformative stories and secrets for healthy sleep from 6 months to 6 years. This immersive podcast combines the allure of an audiobook, the thrill of a screenplay, and soothing sounds, offering empathetic guidance and practical tools. Create a sleep-filled haven for your little ones and embrace joyful parenting. Visit for more resources. Sweet dreams await!
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The Invitation - Part 1

The Invitation - Part 1

Episode 1: “The Invitation”… Journey of Toddlerhood Choices, Self-Care, and an Unexpected Invitation

Join Samantha, a tired but determined mom, as she navigates the challenges of her toddler's naptime battles in the first episode in this 3 part series of "Tired by Twilight." In her quest for calm and certainty,

Samantha learns the power of offering choices and the importance of self-care. When an invitation to Lady Rosie Straton's 1st birthday party arrives, Samantha's world takes an unexpected turn. Will she and her family find the balance they seek? Tune in to this enchanting tale filled with relatable moments, bedtime routines, and the magic of options.

Episode Highlights:

  • Samantha discovers the significance of offering choices to ease toddler tantrums and create a sense of calm.

  • The invitation to Lady Rosie Straton's 1st birthday party brings excitement and a chance for Samantha to explore self-care.

  • Chloe, Samantha's determined 2-year-old, resists sleep like a warrior despite obvious fatigue.

  • A surprise knock at the door leads to an unexpected invitation that sparks curiosity and anticipation.

  • Samantha's journey towards self-care and balance unfolds as she shares her spa Sundays with Chloe.

  • The power of options and control helps ease bedtime battles and picky eating habits.

  • Samantha and Chloe embark on a grocery store adventure, finding ingredients for a delicious dinner.

  • Brian, Samantha's loving husband, returns home to an enticing aroma and an affectionate moment that is playfully interrupted by Chloe.

  • Chloe's innocent interruption leads to an invitation reveal and a decision to attend Lady Rosie's birthday party.

  • Samantha's determination to ensure Chloe's naps and bedtime routines remain on track becomes her focus.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 of "Tired by Twilight" to discover how Samantha's efforts unfold, the impact of her sleep schedule, and whether Lady Rosie's birthday party becomes a cherished memory for the Jackson family. Sleep well and cherish the moments of tranquility in your busy lives until then!

Please note that "Tired by Twilight" is brought to you by the Sleep Trifecta System, your guide to achieving peaceful nights and calm days.

And as always, we understand that parenting can be hard, but sleep doesn't have to be.

Click HERE to open your Sleep Success Sheet to follow along and to help you achieve your dreams into a reality with peaceful sleep.


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