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Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation

Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation

By Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation

The Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation podcast aims to be a platform for black women to speak on their experiences with mental health and wellbeing.

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Growing up dealing with your parents mental health

Thelma Matilda Alves FoundationJul 29, 2022

Navigating the Storm: The Cost of Living Crisis and its Impact on Mental Health

Navigating the Storm: The Cost of Living Crisis and its Impact on Mental Health

In today's episode, we delve deep into the pressing issue that's affecting millions around the world: the cost of living crisis. We explore not only the economic aspects of this crisis but also the often-overlooked toll it takes on mental health.

As the cost of living continues to soar, individuals and families are facing financial stressors like never before. From skyrocketing housing prices to the rising cost of essentials, many are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. This financial strain has far-reaching consequences that extend beyond our wallets and into our minds.

Join us as we engage in a candid conversation about personal accounts of the impact of the cost of living crisis. We aim to shed light on the often hidden connections between financial stability and mental well-being.

As we navigate this storm of rising costs and its impact on mental health, it's crucial to come together, share stories, and find ways to support one another. Tune in to this episode to gain insight, find solace, and discover the resilience that can emerge when facing adversity head-on.

Join us on this important journey as we explore the intersection of economics and mental health, and together, seek solutions for a brighter future.

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Growing up dealing with your parents mental health

Growing up dealing with your parents mental health

In today's episode, our Chief Executive Officer Rayann Bryan is joined by Sabrina Allen to talk about growing up with a parent with mental health, growing up and racial trauma.

Thelma Matilda Alves Foundation is a mental health charity that is dedicated to preserving and protecting the mental and emotional wellbeing of women of African/Caribbean descent.

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Jul 29, 202201:01:26
Introduction to the TMAF podcast
Jul 19, 202223:56