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TNP's Ultimate Podcast

TNP's Ultimate Podcast

By TNP Podcasts

The sister to our wonderful Ultimate Guide, TNP's Ultimate Podcast will discuss all things Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, the Power Platform and the wondrous new things in the world of technology for businesses. We were known as The NAV People and The Power People, now calling ourselves TNP, part of the Node4 Group.
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Upgrading Navision, Dynamics NAV and Business Central

TNP's Ultimate PodcastMay 15, 2023

Upgrading Navision, Dynamics NAV and Business Central

Upgrading Navision, Dynamics NAV and Business Central

In this episode of TNP's Ultimate Podcast, Beth Walters is joined by Chereé O'Melia, Brendan Doyle and Cara Hay, each of which play a vital role in our Upgrading and Engagement Management teams. We discuss the different approaches to upgrading, the benefits of moving to Business Central and why we think our approach to upgrading is unique.

May 15, 202339:02
Dynamics 365 Business Central Online (previously known as SaaS)

Dynamics 365 Business Central Online (previously known as SaaS)

Ian Humphries, Founder of TNP, is joined by Paul Cartwright, our Product Director, and Russell Hawkins, our Licensing Specialist, to talk about Business Central Online, Microsoft's expansive ERP. We talk pros and cons, as well as what the future might look like for our favourite product.

May 12, 202340:22
ArtificiaI Intelligence and ChatGPT

ArtificiaI Intelligence and ChatGPT

In this podcast, Andre Verster is joined by Ian Humphries, Founder of TNP, and Garry Popplewell, who was granted the title of Head of AI Development at TNP during this podcast! We chatted all things Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT, including whether or not we'll be keeping our jobs!

May 12, 202340:29
Microsoft Power BI (with our guest Toby Herbert)

Microsoft Power BI (with our guest Toby Herbert)

In this episode of our podcast, Ian Humphries welcomes Reuben Barry, who runs TNP's Power BI Practice, and Toby Herbert, Group Head of IT at Hall and Woodhouse. We're chatting all things Power BI, including how Hall & Woodhouse are using Power BI internally and the feature we'd most like to see added!

May 11, 202301:00:13
Ransomware and Security

Ransomware and Security

Delve into the mysteries of the deep, dark web with your hosts Andre Verster and Paul White, who are joined on this journey by Andy Bates, Security Practice Director at Node4 and Kate Oldershaw, Security Product Manager at Node4.

Andy and Kate tell us about some scary real-life encounters with cyber criminals, a number of terrifying statistics and a handful of advice that we should take on board in our business but also at home and with our own personal data!

This episode of TNP's podcast will help you to understand where your business is currently at with regards to security and how to continue further on that journey. We're joined by some experts in this field who have seen and dealt with some extraordinary (and almost unbelievable!) business security situations.

Some useful links:

- The National Cyber Security Centre homepage:

- NCSC advice and guidance:

- Advice for individuals and families:

May 11, 202337:51
What's New in Business Central and the Power Platform?

What's New in Business Central and the Power Platform?

In this episode, your host Andre Verster is joined by our Product Director Paul Cartwright and Product Owner Sarah Bennett to talk all things Business Central and Power Platform.

We'll be discussing the release notes produced by Microsoft, looking into all functional areas and the good and bad from this release. This wave of features is due for public release at the beginning of April 2023.

Use the time stamps below to jump through the episode:

03:56 - Core Finance

17:56 - Warehousing

27:23 - Master Data Management

32:29 - Intercompany

38:15 - Shopify

41:44 - Power Platform

46:43 - Reporting

54:46 - User Interface

61:13 - Development

68:42 - Microsoft Teams

73:13 - Wrap-up

May 11, 202341:01