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Talk Nerdy To Me

Talk Nerdy To Me

By Joandrea Ph

Talk Nerdy to Me is a space for individuals to talk about what they think are esoteric, niche, or even selfish interests.

It goes beyond being a personal journal. Come and listen in!
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Physical Fitness with Via Guillen

Talk Nerdy To MeMar 11, 2022

Physical Fitness with Via Guillen

Physical Fitness with Via Guillen

I met Via Guillen in a Club Tinder Online Event that was held post-Valentines 2022. We both joined the Fitness-themed event room and from there I found out that Via is a Licensed Physical Therapist. From there, I looked her up on IG, got to know her a bit more and invited her to do a podcast with me.

In this Podcast, Via shares her experience of re-starting her fitness journey during the Pandemic. Her progress, like most of ours, is seldom linear. There are ups and downs, there are times we're going to stop, sometimes for long periods, but what’s important is deciding to return to our healthy habits. Via and I trade stories and experiences attesting to that.  

IG Handles:

Via: @via.guillen

Joan: @_joandrea

Mar 11, 202201:03:26
Theology of Religion with Fr. Carlo Mendoza

Theology of Religion with Fr. Carlo Mendoza

This is an audio recording of Fr. Carlo Mendoza of the Immaculate Conception Major Seminary in Guiguinto, Bulacan, Philippines. Here he talks about Theology of Religion, a class he currently teaches. He discusses the three main Theologians, Karl Rahner, John Hick, and Michael Amaladoss, who help deepen the Catholic Church's understanding and relationship with other religions.

It doesn't happen often that we get to listen to a priest talk about the church's view on other religions especially in a country that's primarily Catholic/Christian. We aren't exposed to many other religions, to begin with, but quoting Fr. Carlo's paper, "in this time of globalization, with massive migrations aided by fast travel, the emergence of urbanization as well as rapid communication, believers of different faiths find themselves in each other's paths and lives."

As Christians of this era, having a strong foundation and understanding of why and how we should embrace other religious traditions feels like the next natural step in our spiritual growth.

Aug 29, 202127:01
Spiritual Awakening & Tarot Card Reading - Raphael David Resus

Spiritual Awakening & Tarot Card Reading - Raphael David Resus

Raphael David Resus, known as RD or Raphael, is an events host and is a professional voiceover talent.

In recent months since the covid-19 pandemic, Raphael began a more consistent practice of meditation, as well as the expression of his gifts through tarot card reading. His recent experiences of enlightenment intermingled with past experiences only recently put into the light of understanding, lead us to speak and dive into Spiritual Awakening, universal truths, and the oneness of all creation.

If you stumbled upon this episode or have found yourself captivated by it, trust in the faith and knowledge that you are supposed to be here, listening, and in the journey to discover yourself.
Sep 18, 202001:53:01
r/phr4r - Max

r/phr4r - Max

A Reddit Connection. I met max in "r/phr4r" subreddit four days before we jumped on Zoom to make this podcast. I barely know him, but from the get-go, we seemed to have similar interests and values, so we hit it off well.

Max made a confession in this episode, don't worry it's totally SFW.
Aug 21, 202001:06:00
Video Production - Darwin Zialcita

Video Production - Darwin Zialcita

Today's guest is Darwin Zialcita. Darwin produces multimedia products and services such as videos, photos, events coverage, even logos, and other digital products—you name it.

Darwin has been around in the photo-video industry for over a decade and there's so much to learn from him given the many experiences and f*ups he's encountered thru the years.

In this episode, you'll hear anecdotes, advice, and a glimpse of Darwin's grand visions. Hope you'll enjoy!
Jul 24, 202001:26:32
Collective Wisdom - Wisdom from Lockdown

Collective Wisdom - Wisdom from Lockdown

Collective Wisdom is a collection of different voices, different views, and experiences from people, just like you and me. My hope is that we can learn something from it.

Its deeper goal is to make us feel that we are not alone especially in this time when we are required to be apart.
Jul 10, 202032:25
Minimalism with Isay Roque

Minimalism with Isay Roque

In the first episode of Talk Nerdy To Me, I speak with Isay Roque about Minimalism in general and how it applies to the many areas of her life. We also talk about the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on our employment, and thus purchasing power, and how this unique situation helps (or forces) us to adapt a mindset akin to minimalism.
Jul 03, 202001:10:34
Welcome to the Talk Nerdy To Me Podcast!

Welcome to the Talk Nerdy To Me Podcast!

Welcome to the Podcast! I'm Jo and this is my first ever podcast.

Everyone has an interesting story to tell. I often find myself conversing with someone I just met (or a friend, or a mentor) for hours—wishing I had some record of it to look back on. People aren't always comfortable sharing their thoughts because they feel that their interests only serve themselves, but in fact, many others would love to listen to and share in what we do.

My hope is that the everyday johns and janes will use TNTM as a space to share their contributions to the world.
Jun 23, 202002:31