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That One Couple's podcast

That One Couple's podcast

By Nelson Abalos Jr

A podcast about design, visual development, life and parenting from the point of view of Jessica Cruz-Abalos and Nelson Abalos Jr.
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Full Stack LEGO Builders

That One Couple's podcastNov 28, 2023

Full Stack LEGO Builders

Full Stack LEGO Builders

Now that Thanksgiving is over, our family is preparing for the holiday season. In this week’s episode we talk about:

  • Nova becoming a Star Student – We are so proud of her and love watching this little human grow and develop before our eyes. It was a proud parent moment for both of us. 

  • Nova helping us decorate for Christmas for the first time – Seeing the holiday season through your kid’s eyes just hits a bit different. 

  • LEGO bricks and our family’s….obsession? Yes, a healthy obsession. 

  • And discussing what the phrase “Full Stack” really means.  

Nov 28, 202333:60
Great Job Kids! - Dan and Emily Mall's perspective on parenting

Great Job Kids! - Dan and Emily Mall's perspective on parenting

This week we get together with Emily and Dan Mall from Great Job Kids! A fantastic resource, “Helping parents and caregivers design their own handbook for raising amazing kids.” They are definitely The Power Couple. Their perspective on parenting was such a breath of fresh air because they understood no one is perfect, everyone is different, and we are all simply trying our best every day.

Nov 21, 202352:47
Stop crying, Nelson

Stop crying, Nelson

In this week’s That One Couple’s podcast episode, we discuss:

Also, upon reviewing the podcast while editing, we notice that Nelson tends to cry or get emotional a lot.

Nov 14, 202339:24
Antisocial social not social parenting club

Antisocial social not social parenting club

In this episode we talk about: • Halloween candy & Nelson discovering different ways to eat them • Our daughter's first week on Ritalin • Being introverted parents • And identifying who we are with what we do

Nov 07, 202328:01
Eric W. Odom - Teaching and parenting

Eric W. Odom - Teaching and parenting

It’s our most emotional and informative episode yet for parents in the design industry. Listen to what it’s like to be a freelance Webflow developer while being a father of four. We discussed many things, such as: 

  • What it is like to have ADHD and raise children with ADHD

  • How we converse with our kids

  • And the similarities between teaching and parenting

Oct 31, 202349:16
All the. Small things.

All the. Small things.

On this week’s episode we talk about how little kids have the ability to catch the small details, Studio Ghibli’s co-founder Hayo Miyazaki’s approach to animation, a child’s imagination, and asking the question “Is it easier to start a business or have a child?” Thanks to Grace Walker’s X poll. 

Oct 24, 202331:33
Don't call me "honey", sweetie

Don't call me "honey", sweetie

In this episode we talk with one of this year’s Webflow Speed Build Challenge judges and Floxies community abmassador, Carmia Wiedemen. She talks about her two wonderful kids, the similarities between being a parent and leading her team, and her experience being on stage at Webflow Conf. 

Oct 17, 202351:31
(Special episode) 2023 Webflow Conf recap
Oct 09, 202339:59
The quest for balance of life and work
Sep 29, 202330:06
Share your process

Share your process

The process you take to create something is more important than that thing you're creating. Don't be afraid to share it.

Dec 17, 202028:22
The importance of coaching and community
Jan 26, 202025:34
Date Night
Nov 18, 201953:11