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By Ciele Athletics

Toenails is a podcast about running and also not about running. Host Sydney Allen-Ash takes a critical and journalistic lens to running culture and aims to challenge our widely-held beliefs and pull apart well-worn myths that define sports today.
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The Bridge

ToenailsApr 23, 2023

The Bridge
Apr 23, 202330:40
Smells Like Dionysian Spirit

Smells Like Dionysian Spirit

After a lengthy hiatus, Toenails — a podcast about running and also *not* about running — returns today. This episode takes a historical deep dive to explore why we move together (and why society might not want us to). What can trance, dance and raves tell us about the future of running crews? Tune in and find out.

Mar 27, 202328:08
Quantitative Creep
Apr 28, 202158:33
Mutual Aid

Mutual Aid

To understand patterns of exclusion in outdoor sports, like trail running (which would be a normal topic for a normal running podcast) we have to first start with our relationship to the land. What is “the outdoors” and where did this separation between humans and nature even come from? Join Sydney Allen-Ash for Episode 2 of Toenails to find out.

This episode features interviews with Myia Antone (@alohamyia), Kristen Sison (@bonesthrown) and Ashleigh Thompson (@ashanishinaabe).

Dec 10, 202001:11:03
Muscular Christianity
Oct 09, 202048:27
Introducing: Toenails

Introducing: Toenails

What else can running do? With this question in mind host and athlete, Sydney Allen-Ash explores a wide array of alternatives to thinking about and participating in running that challenge our expectations, embrace contradiction and immerse our normally sanitized sport into the real world. Join us in a month for the first real episode of Toenails, a podcast about running and also not about running.

Sep 02, 202003:58