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To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

By Amy Neuzil

This podcast breaks up BIG health topics, like MTHFR, into small, easy bites. All in ten minutes or less.
We'll talk about why folic acid can be toxic, how the MTHFR enzyme is in bed with estrogen, why you want to turn genes off, and how folate and depression are linked. Season 3 features Dr. Kate Naumes, women's health expert, to deep dive into hormones and infertility.

Check the show notes at for more info and downloadable. Have MTHFR? Join genetic rockstars now at and for more info about Dr. Kate go to
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Can't Fall Asleep and Can't Stay Asleep - But Why?

To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.Nov 19, 2023

Can't Fall Asleep and Can't Stay Asleep - But Why?

Can't Fall Asleep and Can't Stay Asleep - But Why?

There are four big categories of sleep disorders and today we'll talk about the first two. Number one is hard time falling asleep and number two is hard time staying asleep. Taking a look at your sleep pattern can help you to figure out what is actually causing your bad sleep and how you can fix it. We'll talk about the most common causes of each pattern including melatonin issues, magnesium deficiency, iron deficiency, sedentary lifestyle, pain, histamine, cortisol, blood sugar, anxiety, and waking to pee. 00:00 - intro 00:57 - Difficulty Falling Asleep 01:06 - Low Melatonin 01:27 - Sunlight in the morning 01:46 - Screen Free time before bed 02:02 - Magnesium Deficiency 02:28 - Iron Deficiency 02:59 - Not getting physical activity 03:23 - Pain 03:35 - High Histamine 04:27 - Waking up in the Night 04:42 - High Cortisol

05:08 - Nighttime cortisol spikes 05:43 - Blood sugar 06:28 - Nighttime Anxiety 07:34 - Restless Legs 08:02 - Histamine spikes caused by alcohol 08:31 - Waking to go to the bathroom

Nov 19, 202309:54
Sleep Basics and 8 Keys To A Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle

Sleep Basics and 8 Keys To A Healthy Sleep-Wake Cycle

Sleep is one of our basic bodily functions and a key to good daytime energy and productivity. We'll talk about what sleep is, what it's for, and the basic sleep phases. We will also talk about the role of MTHFR in sleep and also the link between sleep and circadian rhythms. We'll also list eight key ways to maintain a healthy sleep wake cycle for the best, most restful sleep. 00:00 - Intro 00:50 - What is sleep 01:20 - What sleep is for 01:39 - Phases of sleep - REM sleep 02:44 - Non-REM sleep 03:33 - MTHFR and sleep 04:32 - Circadian Rhythms 06:00 - Sleep Hygiene 06:16 - 8 tips for a good sleep-wake cycle 09:07 - Like and subscribe, or leave a good review, please! :)

Nov 05, 202309:25
What Makes You Feel Energetic?

What Makes You Feel Energetic?

While we're talking about fatigue, it's important to also talk about what helps you feel energetic, because sometimes knowing what gives you energy can help you understand what is going wrong. We'll talk about sleep, hormones, cellular energy, neurotransmitters and energy, and also rest and energy. 00:00 - Intro 00:55 - What Is Energy? 01:28 - Thyroid and Energy 02:29 - Adrenals and Energy 03:40 - Sex hormones and Energy 04:34 - Neurotransmitters and Energy 04:50 - Histamine and Energy 05:29 - Calories, Nutrients, and Energy 06:40 - Best diet for Energy 07:12 - Cellular Energy 08:04 - Sleep, Rest, and Energy

Oct 22, 202309:28
Why Do Depression and Fatigue Look the Same?

Why Do Depression and Fatigue Look the Same?

Depression and fatigue look incredibly similar, but we treat them totally differently. Maybe it's time for treatment strategies to begin to overlap. We'll talk about how these two conditions intermix, and how you can begin to address both of them.

00:00 - Intro 00:35 - Depression and Fatigue are circular 01:42 - Depression isn't only neurotransmitters 02:14 - Sickness behavior and depression 03:18 - Symptoms unique to depression 03:33 - Why fatigue affects mental health 03:59 - Symptoms unique to sickness behavior 04:26 - Amy's neurotransmitter theory 05:50 - How do we treat fatigue/depression? Ketamine, glutamate inhibitors 06:46 - Natural remedies that address both - saffron, St. John's wort, fish oil, vitamin D, creatine, NAC 08:14 - New drug therapies - psilocybin, ayahuasca, nitrous oxide 09:16 - Why nitrous oxide is bad for people with MTHFR

Oct 08, 202309:41
Fatigue First Step - Rule Out The Basics

Fatigue First Step - Rule Out The Basics

The first step to tackling your fatigue and getting your energy back, is finding out if there is something underneath, causing the fatigue, that you can fix quickly.

Some of these simple fixes might need some bloodwork from your doctor, and some will require you to do detective work on your own. The very simple fact is that you can't fix it unless you can find it, so here are the basic steps you can go through.

We will talk about iron deficiency, ferritin, thyroid, sleep apnea, carbon monoxide poisoning, MTHFR, blood sugar fluctuations, and more.

Sep 24, 202309:16
What is Fatigue And Why Are We All Exhausted?
Sep 10, 202309:44
Drumroll please... Season 4 Topic Announcement.

Drumroll please... Season 4 Topic Announcement.

I have enjoyed this season so much - the interweaving of MTHFR and fertility and the ever-interesting conversation about women's health and hormones. Huge thanks to Dr. Kate Naumes, who made the season so much fun.

Without further ado, it is time for the season 4 topic announcement - because this is the #1 symptom that people with MTHFR (and people without it) complain about. This topic is tied up in everything from basic metabolism to hormones, from neurotransmitters to methylation, and from cellular energy to viral load.

Have you guessed it? Next season's topic will be: Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue, and Your Genes.

We'll keep MTHFR and other gene SNPs the whole way through while we uncover all the different facets of fatigue. As always there will be so many things you can start doing today to help your body have more energy and keep the fatigue at bay. We'll discuss:

Everything that goes into your resting energy level

Why fatigue is so damn common

What MTHFR (and COMT, and MTRR, and many more gene SNPs) have to do with it

What is really happening when fatigue becomes chronic

How toxins and toxic burden play into it

Boosting cellular energy

And so much more. Enough to fill a whole season.

I can't wait to get started. The the first episode will air the Sunday after Labour Day (that's September 10th, 2023.)

Thanks again to Dr. Kate Naumes, ND. Working on optimizing your genes? Join Genetic Rockstars today.  Check out courses on MTHFR and seed cycling here.

To learn more about Dr. Kate Naumes, visit For more about Dr. Amy Neuzil, visit

May 14, 202304:08
Fad Diets and Disordered Eating for Fertility
Apr 30, 202306:56
The BEST Diet for Fertility
Apr 23, 202310:45
Ideal Medicine vs. Medicine In Real Life
Apr 02, 202314:35
Oocyte aging, or Old Eggs in Fertility
Mar 26, 202313:50
Iron Levels and Infertility
Mar 19, 202309:48
Subclinical hypothyroid and Fertility

Subclinical hypothyroid and Fertility

Overtly low or overtly high thyroid levels are a well known risk factor for infertility, but today we're going to talk about something a little bit less well known, which is subclinical hypothyroid and fertility. Subclinical hypothyroid is when the thyroid tests are on the lower end of normal, but still within normal limits. The patient experiencing this might have symptoms of mild low thyroid, or might be asymptomatic, but research is showing a link between this "normal" thyroid and fertility difficulty. We'll talk about:

  • The effects of high and low thyroid on women's fertility
  • The suprising effect of low-normal thyroid levels on fertility
  • Thyroid testing
  • TPO antibodies (or thyroid peroxidase antibodies) and their effects on fertility in women with normal thyroid levels
  • Thyroid hormones and when they are prescribed for women in fertility situations
  • The effects of hyperthyroid and hypothyroid on sperm levels and sperm morphology (that is high and low thyroid function)
  • Routine thyroid screening in pregnancy
  • How naturopathic doctors can help

Thyroid is a known cause of fertility difficulty, but not all doctors are aware of the link between low-normal thyroid function and impaired fertility. 

Follow this link for the video version of Dr. Kate and Dr. Amy talking this one through. If you have MTHFR and want to work on it with an amazing group of other folks with genetic polymorphisms, join Genetic Rockstars. If you'd like to take a course on MTHFR, click here.

To learn more about Dr. Kate Naumes, visit For more about Dr. Amy Neuzil, visit

Mar 12, 202306:42
MTHFR, Fertility, and Pregnancy - Everything You Need to Know
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Mental Health and Infertility
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Hidden Fertility Information in Your Annual Exam
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Preconception Supplements for Gene SNPs
Nov 20, 202208:00
Preconception Supplements - Part 1.
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Fix These Things Before Trying To Get Pregnant
Nov 06, 202210:06
Preconception Care - What Do You Really Need?
Oct 30, 202210:44
Progesterone, Testosterone, Pituitary Hormones, and What is in Basic Fertility Work-Up
Oct 24, 202212:09
Estrogen. What Fresh Hell is This?
Oct 16, 202213:46
What About The Men? Spermatogenesis.
Oct 09, 202206:22
Four Phases of A "Normal" Menstrual Cycle
Oct 02, 202217:23
Why Diagnosis Matters For Fertility
Sep 25, 202215:01
Are you "Infertile" without even knowing it?
Sep 18, 202208:36
S2E45: MTHFR and Vaccines
Jul 24, 202209:13
S2E44: Natural skincare for chemically sensitive MTHFR folks with Renee Harris
Jul 17, 202210:24
S2E42: Emotional Eating - an Interview with Tricia Nelson
Jul 10, 202211:57
S2E42: PEMT, Every Cell In Your Body, and MTHFR
Jul 03, 202209:46
S2E41: MAO-A Fast and the Carbohydrate Rollercoaster
Jun 26, 202208:37
S2E40: MAO-A Slow And The Short Fuse
Jun 19, 202207:35
S2E39: Vitamin D, VDR, and MTHFR.
Jun 12, 202209:44
S2E38: Is Low Histamine Actually a Problem?
Jun 05, 202208:54
S2E37: High Histamine, MTHFR, and other Gene SNPs.
May 29, 202209:05
Arsenic, Mercury, and Fibromyalgia. Questions from Listeners.
May 15, 202208:58
S2E35: Nitric Oxide, MTHFR, and the NOS3 gene SNP.
May 08, 202208:31
S2E34:  B12, MTR, and MTRR
May 01, 202208:02
S2E33: GST and GPX - Two Gene SNPs That Mess With Glutathione
Apr 24, 202209:55
S2E32: Glutathione Basics
Apr 17, 202207:10