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ReGeneration Nation

ReGeneration Nation

By Transition US

Political dysfunction, rampant inequities, and extractive economies prevent us from living in a regenerative reciprocity relationship with one another and all living beings. What is there to do?
What if we lean into our collective imagination and consciousness to envision a world that centers radical love and transformative justice?
The ReGeneration Nation podcast explores an alternative reality now grounded on care and justice through stories, interviews, and conversations with front-line communities and grassroots organizations.
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The (former) burnt-out environmentalist

ReGeneration NationAug 05, 2022

The (former) burnt-out environmentalist

The (former) burnt-out environmentalist

In this third episode, we explore gifted kid burnout themes within the world of environmentalism and eco-activism. If you were THAT kid recycling paper at 8 years old or starting a recycling club that collected bottles during your school lunches, you're going to want to tune in. Hear more about Madeline's journey in overcoming perfectionism, the mental health struggles that came along with it, and navigating burnout in recovery. Madeline shares how her role in the regenerative communities movement has given credence to living a life full of joy, healing, and radical self-love as well as acceptance. 

About Madeline(she/her/hers):

"Madeline is a gardener, farmer, teacher, learner, creator, and environmentalist. She wears many hats professionally, and has experience with nonprofit work, fundraising, communications, teaching, and farming. She believes strongly in living a life aligned with regenerative practices and finding ways to balance one's personal needs with the larger need to serve our communities. Additionally, she attended UC Berkeley where she studied Conservation with a focus in Sustainable Agriculture."

Follow her on TikTok: @madelinetriesherbest

"Capitalism kills our ability to radically imagine another world, so let's kill capitalism through creativity" -Gabi-Azizii

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Aug 05, 202252:10
Reimagine Higher Education with Ruben Elias Canedo

Reimagine Higher Education with Ruben Elias Canedo

In this second episode, join Jess and Elvia as they interview Ruben Elias Canedo, director of strategic equity initiatives at the University of California, Berkeley. Ruben shares their experiences growing up with a disability, their advice for youths organizing for a better world, and how they reimage the UC system and higher education's responsibility in building a care infrastructure across California.   

More about Ruben: "Growing up in a mixed status and binational family with a disabled body introduced me at an early age to harm, trauma, injustice, and oppression. Most importantly, it taught me how brilliant, resilient, loving, and transformative our family and community relationships are. I survived and am here today because of family and community. Growing up, everyone would take care of each other to make sure folx had food, shelter, and community. I believe in a world that will learn and heal beyond its current white supremacy, capitalism, patriarchy, and ableism. The way I can contribute to that direction is through our basic needs efforts. I'm humbled and privileged to share this community journey of belonging and justice."

Jul 22, 202201:07:17
Resist, Repair, Reimagine, ReGenerate!
Jun 02, 202246:18