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Treat Yo Health

Treat Yo Health

By Joshua Hunter

This is the Treat Yo Health Podcast where we share books, wisdom, knowledge and laughs to help you Treat Yo Health and become the best version of yourself.
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Claire Episode 2

Treat Yo HealthMar 19, 2020

Claire Episode 2

Claire Episode 2

Claire is back! In this episode we talk about how hygiene in the other realms of health (physical, mental/emotional, financial, etc) affect the health of your relationships.  Claire talks about how self work and maintaining your identity as a solo person who's separate from the relationship, help the relationship stay strong and shares an interesting perspective on the word crazy and what that means to her.

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Intro: Relajarse - Tomcbumpz Ladies Man - Two fine hams Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With You Every That's What She Said Ever - The Office Happy Gilmore - Till The night closes in Key and Peele - I said Biiitch

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Mar 19, 202047:10
Why You're Not Married Yet Ep 2

Why You're Not Married Yet Ep 2

In episode 2 of our relational health book "Why You're Not Married… Yet" by Tracy McMillan, we get into chapters 4-6:

You're Crazy You're Selfish You're a Mess

You're Crazy is really about the drama and intensity you bring to relationships because of fear of intimacy, fear of being exposed, or a dependency on that relationship. You're Selfish is really about you being immature and living in YOUR emotions and YOUR feelings all of the time. You're a Mess is about you lying to yourself, others, and hiding major issues rather than dealing with them.

This episode slaps! There's a ton of fun sound bites and some good music too, kick back, learn some stuff, and Treat Yo Health!

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Intro: Relajarse - Tomcbumpz Crazy - Gnarles Barkley I FEEL VERY ATTACKED!!! Laganja Estranja - Youtube I'm Calling the Police - Youtube Oh Shit! - Fergie - London Bridge Sound of Music- So Long, Farewell. Shut the fu*% - Bernie Mac - Players Club Go Away, Read some books - Jack Black - Nacho Libre You complete me - Dr. Evil - Austin Powers 2 It's all about me - Mya Tiny Hitlers - Donald Glover - Weirdo Frozen Anna and Kristoff Meet Olaf Glass Case of emotion - Ron Burgundy - Anchor Man You ain't never met Dr. Martin Luther the King - Coming to America The man punted Baxter - Ron Burgundy - Anchor Man I'm a Mess - Anthony Hamilton Preparation H - Dr. Evil - Austin Powers 2 Gang Gang - Jackboys
Mar 05, 202052:11
Why You're Not Married Yet Ep 1

Why You're Not Married Yet Ep 1

In this episode we begin our dive in relational health with the book "Why You're Not Married… Yet" by Tracy McMillan. This book is less about getting married and more about the bullshit that you're bringing to relationships that may be screwing them up for you.

In this episode we cover chapters 1-3 which are:

You're an Asshole You're Shallow You're a Hoe

This episode gets real deep and real personal, but if you're willing to be open to humble yourself then you can learn a ton.

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Intro: Relajarse - Tomcbumpz Principal Frye Norfollk Zoo Field Trip - SNL Denis Leary - Asshole The Ladies Man - Résumé Despicable Me - It's So Fluffy! Scene Lawrence - Superficial Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty Bishop Bullwinkle - Hell To Da Naw,Naw,Naw With Da Bicycle Ludacris - You's A Hoe Usher - Thats What Its Made For Cee-Lo - OH Damn! Drake - Take Care ft. Rihanna Dwele - Subject
Feb 27, 202001:00:22
Relational Health Guest pt 1 - Claire Gould

Relational Health Guest pt 1 - Claire Gould

I have my friend Claire Gould on the show this month to talk about partnership and marriage. Claire and her partner AJ have navigated multiple cross-country moves, periods of having a long-distance relationship, and many other challenges in their 10+ year relationship.

This is a great show if you're partnered and are interested in learning tips on different ways to think about your relationship or if you're single and looking for a view from the inside, so to speak. We talk about how Claire navigated the change, how they facilitate communication in their relationship, tools they've learned from couples therapy and why therapy is useful for "happy" couples, her and her husband's annual "state of our union" meeting, and how learning from "non traditional" relationships has lent to the health and creativity of her own traditional marriage.

I'm a single male who's never been married so my view of relationships is limited to just that. So I wanted to share a voice with you to show the other side of relationships, once you've found that person you want to share your life with. Dating isn't over once you tie the knot, your path down relationships is just beginning!


Esther Perel Podcast: Where Should We Begin?

Esther Perel Book 1: State Of Affairs: Navigating

Esther Perel Book 2: Mating in Captivity: Intimacy in long term relationships

Aubrey Marcus Podcast: Alternative views of relationships

Erika Hart, sex educator @ihartericka

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Intro: Relajarse - Tomcbumpz Whodini - Friends Travis Scott - Highest in The Room Beyonce - Austin Powers Goldmember Dr. Dre - I need a doctor and Bugs Bunny "is there a doctor in the house" Life - Ditch Digging scene Friday - Joi calling Craig Beyonce - Sorry Birds - wünsche
Feb 21, 202046:07
Physical Health Guest Pt2 - Anna Clausen Wellness

Physical Health Guest Pt2 - Anna Clausen Wellness

In this episode we welcome Anna back to talk about our book of the month Younger Next Year. I ask her how she feels about recommending working out 6x a week, she brings up the topic of stress threshold, we talk about her morning routine, and her passion for and advocacy of strength training as a woman. We laugh a lot and get a good deal of goofing around in while dropping nuggets of wisdom left and right. This episode is a great way to wrap up our month on the physical health realm. 

Anna's Book Recommendations:

"Body Respect" by Linda Bacon

"Health at Every Size" by Linda Bacon

"Body Kindness" by Rebecca Scritchfield

"The Body is Not an Apology" - Sonja Renee Taylor


Hidrate Spark 3 smart water bottle

Ice Breaker Cards

Sound Clips:

Theme Music - Relajarse by Tomcbumps

Let's do it again - Staple Singers

Go to Sleep - Debo from Friday

Fish Sandwich - The Ladies Man

Meatloaf - Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers

In The Year 2000 - Conan O'brian

Oh Yeah - Macho Man Randy Savage

Hey White Lady - Polisub youtube channel

Becky with The Good Hair - Sorry by Beyonce

Jan 31, 202045:48
Physical Health Guest pt1 - Anna Clausen Wellness

Physical Health Guest pt1 - Anna Clausen Wellness

On episode 3 of our month of Physical Health we welcome my good friend Anna Clausen Williams to the show! Anna is a local health professional in the Seattle Area, focused on strength training at any size and helps her clients build strength and confidence in their bodies while building healthy relationships with food and exercise. 

On Today's show we talk about how her acting career lead to a bad relationship with her body image, how fitness helped her find her strength and confidence, and how she's leveraged her experiences to help others normalize their experiences with their bodies. 

"I help people use fitness to claim their strength, inside and out" - Anna

Anna has a wonderful monthly newsletter, if you'd like to see more of her go to to sign up!

Resources Anna talked about:

Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison (in the show she quoted her book "Anti Diet" but the podcast is Food Psych")


"70% of our long term health outcomes (not weight expression) are things not directly in our control including DNA"

Jan 29, 202039:44
Younger Next Year pt 2 - The New Science of Aging

Younger Next Year pt 2 - The New Science of Aging

In this follow up episode to our book "Younger Next Year" we go through chapters 10 - 21 to finish out the book summary. We talk about why you should incorporate strength training in your life, talk a little bit about eating crap, make the connection between deep interpersonal connections and longevity, and talk about Mr. Nasty Time. It's a fun conclusion to our Physical Health book for the season and drops some more good motivation for you to Treat Yo Health. 

Book: Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry. S. Lodge MD

IG @TreatYoHealthPodcast

Jan 27, 202049:25
Younger Next Year Pt 1 - The new science of aging

Younger Next Year Pt 1 - The new science of aging

This is the first episode of the pod and the first episode in the realm of physical health! This month we're digesting Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge MD in order to bring you some cool information and a different point of view on physical health and aging. Learn the difference between decay and aging, how to live like the endurance hunter you are, and how to get that "sauce" that will keep you young and healthy for decades to come. 

Visit and connect at

IG: TreatYoHealthPodcast

Resources mentioned in show:

My Bootcamps in Seattle:,

Cheap, quality HR monitor: Polar Ft1 Heart Rate Monitor

Jan 11, 202001:05:04
TYH Introduction Trailer

TYH Introduction Trailer

This is a short introduction episode for you to get an idea of what this podcast is about. Health isn't just physical, it involves every facet of a person's life: The Physical, Relational, Mental/Emotional, Financial, Aspirational, and Spiritual parts. This podcast is here to create conversations around all the realms of your life using the conduit of personal development books. When You know better you can do better, so we're here to teach, learn, laugh and grow. 

Jan 03, 202003:40