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Tribe of Unicorns

Tribe of Unicorns

By Kendra Beavis

I'm your host, Kendra Beavis. I'm bringing in creative thinkers to share their insights on mental toughness, tenacity and their journey to their best selves. My mission is to share these inspiring stories to give you the courage and resources to live your best life.

I can't wait for you to dive into this season! So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.
Welcome to the tribe.
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The One with - Amanda Cottrell

Tribe of UnicornsDec 10, 2020

Embracing A Growth Mindset with Alanna Loeffler

Embracing A Growth Mindset with Alanna Loeffler

Hey there, it's Kendra, your guide to all things wildly inspiring and wonderfully unpredictable. In this special episode, I'm bringing on my childhood buddy, Alanna Loeffler, to sprinkle some magic dust on our grown-up dreams. 🌟 We're talking about our shared history of skinned knees and big dreams, and how she’s carved a high-rise career in commercial real estate from her canvas of graphic design beginnings. 🏙✨

Strap in for a joyride through the past and zoom into the future as we reveal how to color outside the lines of life and work. From the delicate dance of balancing logic with a splash of creativity to embracing the beautiful mess of building a unique career path, we're dishing out the real talk, served with a side of laughs and lessons. 😂🍽

Episode Play-by-Play:

  • [00:02:00] Watch me juggle art and analysis like a circus star with a briefcase.
  • [00:07:49] Discover how I sprinkle creativity on corporate strategies like fairy dust.
  • [00:08:07] I'm sharing my secret sauce for painting a vibrant life, both inside and outside the boardroom.
  • [00:13:16] I'll let you in on why believing in yourself is the ultimate power move.
  • [00:17:31] Why should your career be a carbon copy when you can be an original masterpiece?
  • [00:20:06] Tune in as I waltz through the changing tempo of work life.
  • [00:24:31] And we'll unwrap why a growth mindset is like the ultimate life hack.

Quotable Kendra & Alanna:

  • “Art and science in my career? It's like mixing cocktails – you gotta find the right balance.” [00:02:34]
  • From sketchpads to skyscrapers, I'm taking you on my cross-country career adventure. [00:04:26]
  • “Who knew that a creative spirit could lead to professional triumph?” [00:08:23 & 00:09:44]
  • “I always say, dress for the job you want, then out-dream and out-work everyone else.” [00:14:02]
  • “I dance through life’s ups and downs and call it my career cha-cha.” [00:19:47]
  • “Success isn’t about the time clock, it’s about shining when it counts.” [00:21:42]

So, are you ready to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? Plug in, press play, and let’s shake up the world together—one episode at a time! 💃🎤

Nov 13, 202326:14
How to Unleash Your Inner Unicorn: Career Pivots, Creative Mojo, and Cracking the Perfectionism Trap with Matt Tuthill

How to Unleash Your Inner Unicorn: Career Pivots, Creative Mojo, and Cracking the Perfectionism Trap with Matt Tuthill

Hey there, lovely listeners! Kendra Beavis here, and oh boy, do I have an incredible episode for you today on Tribe of Unicorns. I'm joined by the amazing Matt Tuthill, and let me tell you, his creatively ambitious career path makes this a can't-miss episode. Not only is he the VP of Content and communications for the culinary legend Robert Irvine, but he's also an incredibly gifted writer, a screenwriter, and so much more. So why should you carve out some time to listen to this episode today? Because we're diving deep into a few critical areas that will unlock your potential in ways you didn't even know were possible.

What You'll Learn:

  • The Power of a Career Pivot:
    If you've ever contemplated making a significant career shift but felt too timid to leap, Matt’s transition from sports journalism to writing in the culinary world offers all the inspiration you'll need.

  • Following Your Passion Over Calculation:
    Overthinking your next big move? Learn from Matt how to ditch analysis paralysis and make choices that align with your deepest passions and joys.

  • The Art of Effective Procrastination:
    Procrastination is a universal struggle, and Matt reveals his unique techniques for keeping focused and completing projects, no matter how big or small.

  • Importance of Physical Activity in Creative Work:
    Craving a boost of creativity? Matt dishes on how integrating physical activity into your routine can ignite your most groundbreaking ideas.

  • The Freedom in Letting Go of Perfection:
    If you're paralyzed by the quest for perfection, this part of our conversation will be your antidote. Learn why releasing your projects—even in their imperfect state—is not only okay but necessary.

  • Venturing into New Creative Territories Without Impostor Syndrome:
    Matt talks about the courage it took to step into new creative arenas like screenwriting, and why you shouldn’t let impostor syndrome hold you back.

  • A Peek Into the Entertainment Industry:
    Curious about what’s happening behind the scenes in entertainment? Matt gives us the lowdown on the current climate and even teases some of his future endeavors.

So there you have it! This episode is a masterclass in designing a one-of-a-kind career path and elevating your creative prowess. Trust me, you won't want to miss it. Are you excited?

Want to connect with Matt? You can find him over on "X" (fka - Twitter) @mctuthill or visit his website to read the screenplays and episodes he's written.

Thanks for listening! Please like, subscribe, download... all the things!

Sep 29, 202339:34
99 Coping Skills And Being a B*$&% Ain't One

99 Coping Skills And Being a B*$&% Ain't One

Where my 80s/90s girls at? Don't lie... did you click this episode because the title brought up too much nostalgia to pass it by? While this episode doesn't go into old-school rap (too much) it is a great listen. Let me introduce my friend Lindsey Konchar. A licensed graduate social worker, a wife, a mama of one with one on the way, and now a published author of the book, I Got 99 Coping Skills and Being a B*tch Ain't One. (Hit Me!) I'm coining this book the coping skills "Bible". Lyndsey has broken down each skill into categories, so it's very quick to take a look at the contents and choose the one that might serve you best in your current moment of stress. Some examples of her skill titles are Body Scanning, Create Something to Look Forward To, #OrgasmsCanHelp, and Rock climbing. 

What you'll get from this episode: 

  • The importance of self-care
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Maladaptive habits and how to replace them with positive behaviors
  • And so much more
To celebrate this incredible book being released into the world, I'm running a giveaway. Listen to the details in the episode and follow to win.

You can connect with Lindsey all these places:

Jul 31, 202346:01
Jess Bubbico
Jul 19, 202353:36
Resetting your vibration with numbers... The one with the Numerologist, Jess Cerato
Dec 22, 202236:37
The four pillars you need to balance to achieve success now, with Dr. Caroline Iscovitz

The four pillars you need to balance to achieve success now, with Dr. Caroline Iscovitz

Nov 08, 202237:59
What is dream alignment with Gabrielle Kristjanson
Sep 25, 202201:05:56
Living in wonder with Christine Halliday
Sep 18, 202229:50
Chantal Gerardy - marketing tips for your new business

Chantal Gerardy - marketing tips for your new business

Chantal Gerardy, Expert Online Business Coach is on the show today! 

She calls herself the self-taught queen who had no marketing budget/start-up capital, but grew a successful business, going from broke to abundant! She teaches business owners how to get clients, create opportunities and grow their business using organic Facebook when they don't have the money to outsource, and don’t want to gamble on ads. Chantal has won multiple awards and been featured on many TV and radio shows, been named one of Australia’s Top 100 coolest companies, and won multiple education and innovation international awards for Startups and Out the Box Marketing. She is a great example of taking that leap of faith and believing in yourself. 

Tune in as we talk about these topics: 

  • Facebook is a business but it doesn’t have to be (ironically) 
  • Organic marketing secrets
  • Effective interaction with your audience 
  • What your clients really need

Thanks as always for supporting the Tribe. 

Listen in and let me know what you got from this episode. 

Connect with Chantal by visiting her Unicorn page:

OR on her socials: Facebook:




You can also visit her website which has a lot of free features!

Sep 10, 202236:05
Ready to start a business? With coach, Sarah Klein

Ready to start a business? With coach, Sarah Klein

Today we are here with Sarah Klein, Business Coach. 

She came to this work because she personally experienced and saw how much perfectionism holds people back in business and in life. "In the effort to be perfect (especially as women), we end up not taking action or playing small. But we don't need perfect, because we can always choose forward." That attitude is what led her to create her first two businesses, which were filled with successes and failures. 

Essentially, by choosing forward rather than perfection, She now has the life, and business, that are perfect for her. And her clients as well. From going from years of procrastinating to launching their offer in just 1 month, to getting to 5 figure months in the first 5 months of business, her clients take massive action, not perfect action, and achieve astounding results.

Here are the topics to be excited about:

  • why mindset is the number one key to achieving your goals in life, but especially in business
  • why everyone should start a business at least once in a life
  • why the business doesn't "have to" be hard
  • how to consume less from experts and create more from your own zone of genius
  • how to make high-stake decisions with confidence
  • what prioritization and commitment actually look like, and how you can actually start doing it in your life
  • why there is no such thing as The Right Answer

Thanks as always for supporting the Tribe. Listen in and let me know what you got from this episode.
Connect with Sarah through her social:

Aug 11, 202244:52
Designing your best life with Efia Sulter
Jul 31, 202223:28
What's your type? The enneagram episode.
Jul 23, 202201:06:39
Juli Wenger, getting down to who you are at your core

Juli Wenger, getting down to who you are at your core

Juli Wenger is love, joy, strength, light, and grace! Empowerment and identity coach, entrepreneurship mentor, author, speaker, podcaster, mom, wife, singer-songwriter, and Jesus-follower! This is how Juli identifies and she's here with us today! Knowing with certainty who we are at our core is transformational. It lets us step out of a space of comparison and "proving" ourselves and helps us evaluate where to give our time and energy. It builds the clarity of purpose and helps us find real fulfillment in a world full of shoulds. Juli's why is to help people live their most fulfilling and impact-creating lives as their powerfully authentic selves - to live their Fired Up, Fulfilled, and Free life, which also happens to be the name of her new book. Tune in as we talk about these topics: 

👉Know who you are and get out of your own way 

👉Getting over being "too much" 

👉Titles and the roles they play in our lives. 

👉Experiencing the positives of failure 

📖check out Juli's new book, Fired Up, Fulfilled, and Free on:

She hangs out on IG:

Or visit her Tribe page for all the things:

Jul 16, 202255:04
Katara Sky shamanic healer

Katara Sky shamanic healer

Katara Sky is a medicine woman, and intuitive guide, here to take people on a journey of getting to really know themselves, to deep dive into bringing more fulfillment and purpose to life. Katara has a very interesting life in what she does as a Shamanic practitioner and you are going to love her! 

You'll believe more in your own intuition, dive deep into spiritual connections, and manifest after listening to her insights! Curious about her life, works, and experiences? Tune in as we talk about these topics: 

  • How to live in harmony with nature 
  • Understanding and following your own intuition 
  • How do you keep grounded 
  • Rituals 
  • Spirit guides 
  • Different roles in life 

Thanks as always for supporting the Tribe. 

Listen in and let me know what you got from this episode. Connect with Katara on her socials: or visit her unicorn page on

Jul 09, 202237:19
Let's talk about Impatient Ambition
Jul 01, 202229:23
Fear of starting over with Kendra Beavis

Fear of starting over with Kendra Beavis

How many times in our life have we had to turn a new page? I'm sure you've been a position when you've had to start something again, whether it was a file being corrupted or a major life choice like changing career paths or starting a new relationship. Sometimes we hold back from making a choice because we feel like we'll be starting over. I've heard people say I don't want to start at the beginning again...I don't want to start from scratch. I am going to show you in this episode how starting over can oftentimes produce better results and we are going to shift your mindset by changing that term to "starting new".
Dec 19, 202111:43
Love is the reason for the season

Love is the reason for the season

December is a magical time for coming together and remembering our humanity. It's easy to get swept away in the hustle and bustle and making sure you check every box for creating a magical Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa whatever the holiday you may be gearing up for, sometimes the chaos can get the better of us. I'm encouraging you to remember the warmth of this season and lean into those feelings. Empathy, love, magic, joy, wonder and awe... these feelings that come with this time of the year should be the focus. I invite you to listen to this episode and make a list instead of presents and things you have to accomplish, let's make a list of how we can gift the world with our love this season.
Nov 29, 202112:28
The Way of the Crazy Daisy - Trudy Simmons
Nov 17, 202121:58
Are you living with a limitless mindset? With Claire Conway
Nov 09, 202127:45
The teacher is always the student

The teacher is always the student

I'm never going to say I'm perfect. As a matter of fact perfection is not something I strive for. Aligned action and joy seeking is much more my style. So I was surprised when I was trying to write an email for this course that I'm about to launch and it took me 2 weeks and many tears and tons of conversations about how I didn't know what I was writing and how it sounded awful and should I even be doing this and what am I thinking and who am I to have these conversations and who am I to inspire people to change... You see the problem... And it's actually all came to a head this morning when I was writing content for one of my Instagram reels and realized oh my gosh I am my obstacle right now. Have you felt like this before have you found yourself being your own block? I'm sure we've all found ourselves in those places and here's how I dealt with it. With a little bit of humility and a lot of support from my tribe I was able to finally get past it this morning. Take a listen to the episode and let me know what you think is this you? What are your tips and tricks for getting through these moments?
Nov 09, 202114:02
Self critique or self critical... there is a difference

Self critique or self critical... there is a difference

We all have that little voice inside your head that loves to point out the things you're doing wrong, or could be doing better, or more of... We know all know her — Today, I want you to stop ignoring her and start thanking her. These are really little alarm bells or alerts from our higher self to keep us on the right path when she sees something that is out of alignment. We are talking about letting go of the judgment and emotion around these critiques and being grateful that we are self-aware enough to make changes when these are brought to our attention.  Take a listen and let me know what you think. Do you have that voice? How do you handle self-criticism? BIG NEWS TRIBE! We now have an official newsletter. You'll get notified each time we publish a new episode and get some weekly inspo right in your inbox. Pop on over to to sign up and get more fun and inspiration!

I mentioned Charlotte Lester... she's the Burnout Slayer™! If you're looking for help with streamlining your business and getting out of BURNOUT go find her on social or visit her website.

Oct 19, 202112:32
My Story - The journey to my brand new me

My Story - The journey to my brand new me

I've shared so many of my guests' stories with you, I wanted to now share my own. This is the story of how I came to find myself again after I left my ex-husband. Being married to a narcissist is a difficult thing to see from the inside. I didn't notice for many years what was going on. And when I did, it was hard to get out of it because I really had lost myself in the relationship. I didn't know who I was or what made me happy anymore. I had spent all my time and energy on everyone else and wasn't tuning into myself. It took a lot of time and getting back to knowing myself again... almost like I had to rediscover myself at this time and age to find the belief in myself to move forward in the direction I wanted to go in. I know so many women find themselves in this place at some point in their lives. You know you aren't happy, but don't know where to even start. This is my story of figuring that out and falling in love with myself again and creating a path to move forward on. Sometimes we need to define a new "true north" in order to know what direction to turn to begin. I hope this story finds you if you are in this place or have experienced something similar. I truly believe in your power and know you can accomplish anything you desire. You are the creator of your story - no one else. I believe in you! 

Sep 27, 202134:50
Meryl Hayton - How to use EFT Tapping to heal yourself

Meryl Hayton - How to use EFT Tapping to heal yourself

Hey Tribe! Today I’m talking with Meryl Hayton. She is a Self-Worth and Empowerment Coach and Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner who utilizes both in her coaching practice to help with self-doubt, indecisiveness, self-love, and value and so much more. She helps her clients manage stress, self-regulate, silence their inner critic & stop self-sabotage so they receive more love, respect, support and quality time in their relationships. The highlights: Learn what EFT Tapping is and how to use it How you can use tapping to alleviate anxieties and stresses and heal yourself Why it’s important to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS! Meryl’s story of healing and empowerment and finding her path via aligned action, faith, and manifesting How tapping can create life-changing paradigm shifts How to stop stopping and make the changes to live their best life Seeing the signs from the Universe to find your path Finding your mentor Connect with Meryl by visiting and find all her links on her unicorn page. And don't forget that Tribe of Unicorns listeners get a 20% discount and free trial at https://embodyme.Live where you can take a buffet of wellness classes including yoga and meditation classes, right from the comfort of your own home or office. Use code UNICORN after your free trial signup.
Sep 20, 202145:33
HSP coach Barbera - what is a highly sensitive person and how can It become your superpower

HSP coach Barbera - what is a highly sensitive person and how can It become your superpower

Another fantastic episode with the most amazing guest. Barbera Schouten is a Transformation & Empowerment Coach specifically for HSPs which stands for a highly sensitive person. I'm sure a lot of you will listen to this episode and have the holy s*** moments that I had. What I love most about what Barbera is how vulnerable she's been to share her personal story of discovery but also how we can take the personality traits of an HSP and use them to our advantage and become our superpower. 

Have you ever been told... 

"You’re far too sensitive, you have to learn to shield yourself more"

"You shouldn’t take everything to heart"

"You really need to develop a thicker skin"

"Don’t get so worked up about it, just let it go"

You might be an HSP

After discovering she was an HSP, Barbera was able to understand herself better.

"I am not weird, I am not strange, there is nothing wrong with me and, most of all: there are other people like me!! It really felt like coming home to myself and the more I read, the more I understand myself and the more insight I get into my own user manual."

Barbera is talking about how to take charge of your inner self. Realize that the only reason you haven't accomplished what you want in life is because you never fully used your gifts and capacities. By not fully embracing your uniqueness and sensitivity, you are actually sabotaging yourself over and over again.

As a self-diagnosed HSP myself, I've personally used this to be able to understand a project better, be able to visualize the final outcome quicker and relate better to my clients. If you think you're an HSP I encourage you to reach out to Barbara. or visit her unicorn page for all the things:

  • This is for the Intuitive Empath that wants to connect with their passion and their hearts desire.
  • This is for the Mission-Driven Soulpreneur who wants to get paid to really make a difference in the world
  • This is for the Highly Sensitive Person who wants to use their sensitivity, intuition, empathy and other gifts and talents as their superpower.
  • It's for the Ambitious Alien that wants to learn how to embrace their unique alienness and connect to their soul's purpose.
  • This is for the Sensitive Leader that's tired of feeling sick and tired, tired of feeling drained at the end of the day and is ready to feel like their effortless, authentic self.
  • It is for the Expert that's sick of feeling like running a business equals a struggle.
  • This is for you.

And don't forget that tribe of unicorns listeners get a 20% discount and free trial at https://embodyme.Live where you can take a buffet of wellness classes right from the comfort of your own home or office. Use code UNICORN after your free trial signup.

Aug 21, 202144:31
Andrea Freeman - How to become the HOST of your own life and find your bold life purpose.

Andrea Freeman - How to become the HOST of your own life and find your bold life purpose.

As entrepreneurs, we usually have more than one passion, one idea, one direction. It's possible to get really excited about a lot of different things and create many visions over your lifetime. For myself these last few years, I've been feeling a different kind of pull. It's this small thing in the back of my brain that keeps saying, "You're meant for more". Although my business is successful and I love what I do, I've been feeling a shift in my focus the last year or two. My design studio is not going away and the work we do there I absolutely adore, but how do I figure out what this new calling is and how do I answer the call? Andrea Freeman is here to talk about how you find your bold life purpose. I loved our conversation so much that I actually hired Andrea to be my business coach. We've been working together the past few months and the exciting things that are coming out of our collaboration are astounding. I can't wait to share with you what's next but for now, listen to this conversation if you are having the same type of thoughts in the back of your head what is your bold life purpose? How can you answer the calling while still being in alignment with how you want to live your life? Listen in to hear more. 

Connect with Andrea at where she has all sorts of goodies for entrepreneurs who want to build a business around and align life and on their own terms. 

And don't forget that tribe of unicorns listeners get a 20% discount and free trial at https://embodyme.Live where you can take a buffet of wellness classes right from the comfort of your own home or office. Use code UNICORN after your free trial signup.


Jul 25, 202154:03
Amber Fortier | Figuring it out as you go

Amber Fortier | Figuring it out as you go

Jul 18, 202126:47
Kate Bryan | It just takes 1Girl to start a revolution

Kate Bryan | It just takes 1Girl to start a revolution

Kate Bryan the bold leader of the 1Girl Revolution Podcast sits down with me to discuss women and the importance of telling their unedited stories. With a background in PR, Kate had seen the way stories could be watered down or changed to fit a certain box. She started 1Girl to give women the space to tell their unedited stories and be a part of a supportive community that lifts each other up.

Every woman has a story. Every woman has a voice. Every woman has the power to change the world through her life!

Listen in to find out more about:

  • The beginnings of starting her 1Girl Revolution podcast
  • How the heck she was able to get featured on Good Morning America
  • The power of storytelling and how using our voice allows us to rise from the ashes of our stories
  • The idea of the power of ONE and the ripple effect of consistent small acts of kindness can change the world

Check out Kate's 1Girl Revolution podcast and join the revolution community by visiting her Unicorn page HERE

Or visit to connect with Kate and hear the incredible stories of revolutionary women.

This episode is generously sponsored by Embody Me. Embody Me is a one-stop shop virtual wellness studio for busy people like us! You can find live stream yoga, fitness, meditation, breath work, EFT Tapping, Moon Ceremonies, intuitive dance, and so much more... ALL IN ONE PLACE!!  If you want to get to your best mental, physical, and spiritual state, sign up now for a free 7 day trial and 20% off your first month! You can use the code "UNICORN" to sign up at

Jul 11, 202136:30
How to turn crisis into opportunity with coach Caryl Mix
Jul 03, 202139:10
The one with Jayne Sanders - Purpose Whisperer

The one with Jayne Sanders - Purpose Whisperer

How do you find your purpose?  Many (including myself) believe we are all here with an ingrained life purpose — a mission or reason for existing in this time and place. For me, it started as a tug or whisper that there was something I was supposed to be doing to raise the vibe of the community. Meeting Jayne Sanders was a blessing and beacon on this journey to finding my purpose.

First, what is hand analysis? The lines in your hands mimic the neural pathways in your brain; the system was developed over 40 years analyzing over 30,000 hands; it is used by neurologists, therapists, coaches; no predictions involved. Jayne discusses how she interprets the links and marks in your hands and fingers to reveal your innate purpose, special gifts, and blind spots for the purpose of guiding you into the inspired meaning, passion, and fulfillment you crave in life and work. While talking with Jayne this idea intrigued me enough that I decided to go through the process myself. After receiving my kit in the mail, I carefully captured my handprints and sent them back to Jayne. Our analysis calls really blew my mind.

Everything she was saying was spot on. She knew my strengths and weaknesses. And they weren't just general things that could be applied to everyone. They were very specific issues that I tend to struggle with — laid out in front of me as if I wrote them myself. I couldn't believe how my hands could tell her all these details. The cumulative analysis and life purpose at the end that was clarified for me rings true with everything I have felt at my core. I walked away from this experience with bold confidence that the direction I am headed in is not just correct but backed by proof.

I know we don't need permission from something else to move in a direction, but sometimes a little nudge or guidance helps. That's what this analysis has done for me. I knew which way I wanted to turn, I just wasn't sure if I could or should. It was another limb on the tree to my growth and I'm so thankful to Jayne for the guidance and clarity.

If you would like to connect with Jayne she is offering our audience a discount on her Scientific Hand Analysis package. Visit her unicorn page on to get the discount link. Or click here to book your session. 

A bit about Jayne Sanders: Jayne is a Scientific Hand Analyst, as well as a Life Coach in the areas of Purpose, Spiritual, and Law of Attraction. She has been featured in FORBES with an article about her work. Jayne Sanders helps leaders, business owners, and managers love their lives and their work. 

Jun 06, 202119:58
The one with Captain Ahab - Making excuses to take chances
May 30, 202136:33
Emily Reagan - Become a bad-ass business owner
May 23, 202153:52
Deborah Chalk - Finding your way to your purpose

Deborah Chalk - Finding your way to your purpose

Welcome to a really fun episode "Chalk" full of great insight and actionable methods to discovering yourself.
Today I'm speaking with Deborah Chalk, Certified Wayfinder Life Coach and Endorsed Mind-Body Magic Coach.

We're covering a lot in this one.

  • Growing up thinking you had to get a "proper job" and had to follow all the "SHOULDS" of life?
  • Facing your own perfectionism
  • The idea of Slacker Magic - want to know about this concept? Listen on...
  • Sunday night dread
  • Being up in your head vs. being in your body
  • The steps to finding "YOU"
  • Body scans for UNICORNS
  • The benefits of "calm"
  • Nurturing your children in their own journey

Who is Deborah?

"I help people with confidence, creativity, and calm so that they can find and follow their life purpose. As well as being a Certified Wayfinder Life Coach with Dr. Martha Beck I am also an Endorsed Mind-Body Magic Coach. This involves lots of mind-body connection, tapping into inner wisdom, and even a meditation with a unicorn sprinkles option!"

When you can’t figure out why things are not changing, that's where Deborah can step in to help you to tap into what’s already inside you: the deep inspiration and intuitive messages from your soul.

You can break free from your old stories, patterns, and habits and create empowering new ones. This is a new way of being that you likely haven’t been shown yet – old programming keeps you firmly on the treadmill.

Thanks as always for listening! Happy Sunday Unicorns.

Connect with Deborah

May 16, 202128:37
The one with Fathiya - Business Strategy Unicorn
May 01, 202132:19
The one with Sandra Chaney - pain to purpose
Apr 25, 202131:25
The one with Karen Bemmes — Personality Coach Unicorn

The one with Karen Bemmes — Personality Coach Unicorn

Live your best life powered by personality!

Karen Bemmes, personality coach is on the show. I have been on a journey of self-discovery and balance these last few years and after speaking with Karen I was mind-blown. In the past I didn’t understand that we all have different personality types. I knew that on some level, but didn’t realize how it is really such a large part of how we function and think.

Karen’s premise is EVERYONE has a good personality—when they are in balance. It’s really about understanding your personality type and getting in balance and THEN using that knowledge to interact with other people and align yourself with THEIR personality types. So in the past when I thought someone was rude for saying or doing something that didn’t fit what I thought was “normal”, I am now realizing that it’s what their personality type deems “normal”.

In this episode we’re talking about:

  • Personality types
  • What is DISC
  • Is personality type genetic?
  • Personality types influenced by culture

Did this concept change something in you or intrigue you? Connect with Karen through all the links below.

Take a listen and connect with me on Instagram to let me know what you thought of this episode.

Apr 17, 202101:00:08
The one with Holly Hughes - Intuitive Unicorn
Apr 08, 202138:35
The one with Jenny McKinney - laughing unicorn
Mar 31, 202129:29
The one with Jessica Soares - life changing unicorn
Mar 21, 202133:50
The one with Tom Basgil - freelancer coach unicorn
Mar 14, 202130:27
The one with Kristen Knowles - Leadership unicorn
Mar 06, 202127:09
Process and creativity with Tanya Heidrich
Feb 25, 202150:13
The one with Miriam Grunhaus
Feb 21, 202131:18
The one with Lauren Turton
Jan 31, 202125:17
The One with Tia Crystal

The One with Tia Crystal

It’s a groundbreaking episode over here at Tribe of Unicorns because we have in our midst an internationally renowned visionary artist unicorn. And here’s the overarching message for her and any artist that we think you’ll love: What you create doesn’t matter...

Allow us to explain…

Tia Crystal has run the gamut in creativity, from creating jewelry to fine art. She has no limits, and it’s so damn refreshing! Listen as you learn about finding her soul’s path and what that means to you.

Three takeaways from this episode of the Tribe of Unicorns podcast.

  1. Because creativity tends to be viewed as unstructured, it comes off with a negative connotation. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Some of the most beautiful expressions are messy.
  2. Ask yourself: What is the focus of this season of my life?
  3. Money comes after passion.

Time is our biggest commodity, and we can waste so much of it wondering where the money is going to come from, trying to fit into the box that society wants us to be in, and questioning our desires. Take a page from Tia and craft a new story. Paint it the way you want it to be.

When you live authentically, you honor your health, friendship, family, love, compassion, camaraderie, and community. You honor your heart. Of course, this will fill you up in your personal life, and in your business, it attracts people to you. So many are lonely; they are looking for validation. Live as yourself, and you may be able to provide it to them. Follow your destiny, and your whole life will change.

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Remember, there is nothing more empowering than a tribe of unicorns manifesting dreams and aspirations.

You are one. Never forget your power. Until next time...

Dec 31, 202046:55
Getting over your blocks and never giving up on your dreams with RTT Practitioner, Raquel DaRowe

Getting over your blocks and never giving up on your dreams with RTT Practitioner, Raquel DaRowe

You’re getting very sleeeeeepppppyyyyy… Actually, you’re transforming

I’m welcoming Raquel DaRowe on this episode of Tribe of Unicorns. Raquel is a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Practitioner, helping people activate their zone of genius by facing fears and limitations head-on, shattering the root cause in the way of actualizing their dreams, so they can do what they were put on this planet to do. Sounds great right? You bet! I was so excited to dive into this concept with Raquel and bring this conversation to you.

I like to consider myself a student of life—always looking to grow and bloom and share my discoveries. I have never heard of RTT before, but always keeping an open mind, I knew this was something I wanted to try.

If you’re looking to get unstuck… unblocked… not sure what is holding you back… I recommend you listen to this episode and then connect with Raquel. She can help you make 2021 your best year yet.

Dec 31, 202040:34
Bookkeeping end of year essentials with the incredibly smart, Laura Kelly of Tula Books

Bookkeeping end of year essentials with the incredibly smart, Laura Kelly of Tula Books

2021 StrategyUnicorns
The one with Laura Kelly

Bookkeeping Unicorn… odd? More like ESSENTIAL!
We are continuing our #2021 Transformation series with Laura Kelly of Tula Books. She is a Virtual CFO that helps female entrepreneurs and small business owners get clarity around their numbers by streamlining their bookkeeping and accounting operations.

We’re working on this action plan to create your best year yet… And I would bet that most of us have to make more money on that list… or at least saving more. Money isn’t the root of all evil. It’s a necessary part of our life that prepares us for living our best life. Of COURSE, you can take that idea too far… but whatever your money story is, let’s put that aside (that’s a whole other episode) and just accept that it’s something we all need to live. So what is your plan to have/create/save more this coming year? Laura is here to help set us up for the coming year with what we need to prepare for as creative entrepreneurs for tax season and beyond.

Listen in and tell us what you thought. Need further assistance? Laura is your gal… Check out the link in the bio to sign up for Laura's end of year cleanup program at a special discounted rate for our tribe only.
Dec 29, 202035:13
Systems to set us up for 2021 with Charlotte Lester

Systems to set us up for 2021 with Charlotte Lester

We're bringing back our good friend and fellow unicorn, Charlotte Lester to help us systemize our vision for our life. She's using her love of systems to create the same method for us to dream big and actually achieve those dreams. Charlotte is the Founder of CVA Associates and a business automation consultant. She supports ambitious female leaders to achieve their dreamy vision & increase their revenue without burning out by simplifying & streamlining their business using the best and right systems & support. She has been a game-changer in my business operations (and a few of my mom tasks as well), but I never thought her genius methods of systems could help with my goals and life vision too... Listen in and grab a pen... You're not going to want to miss this one.
Dec 28, 202035:24
The one with Jo Oogarah - Visioning Unicorn

The one with Jo Oogarah - Visioning Unicorn

Dec 28, 202035:58
#2021 Strategy Series - 7 financial fitness steps for your best year yet
Dec 27, 202022:51
#2021 Strategy Series - The One with Billy Reuter

#2021 Strategy Series - The One with Billy Reuter

We’re betting you’ve never met a life and career coaching unicorn! Billy Reuter is Kendra’s personal life strategist and performance coach, and she’s all aflutter about sharing the airwaves with him! He’s talking about his IDEAL Life method and how it’s going to change your life.
Four takeaways from this episode of the Tribe of Unicorns podcast.

There is magic in counting your daily wins. It seems small, but it’s all about the mindset shift and acknowledging progress.
Take stock of what you need to change so you can stop missing out. No bad-mouthing yourself allowed. Just realize the truth and do something about it.
See all the opportunities of who you can be. You’re not just an entrepreneur or parent; you are whoever you dream of. Don’t forget, sometimes; labels can suck. Do you connect with other people better than yourself?
Don’t know where to start to change things, ask yourself what your story is. Is your perspective your prison or your power? When you are honest with yourself, you can get on the road to seeing yourself in a shinier light, and that influences your entire LIFE.

Thanks for tuning in to Tribe of Unicorns. If you like what we have to say, please share this episode, and leave us a review—especially if it's a nice one.
Make sure to check out Billy’s links or visit: to see how to connect with Billy.
Remember, there is nothing more empowering than a tribe of unicorns manifesting dreams and aspirations. You are one. Never forget your power. Until next time...
Dec 24, 202054:42