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Finding the Magic Book Podcast

Finding the Magic Book Podcast

By Tricia Copeland

What makes you love a book? I find my favorite stories are those where I'm crying with the MC, celebrating their victories, and screaming at their missteps. Welcome to Finding the Magic, a podcast all about books, plots, characters, and the authors that create them.

I write young adult fantasy and sci-fi dystopian, as well as fun and inspiring romances. Listen in as I highlight books and authors from these genres as well as mysteries, thrillers, and horror. Find me and intro to my books at or all my links at
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S1 E28 With Guest Author Katie French

Finding the Magic Book PodcastSep 21, 2021

S3 E8 with Fantasy Author Jeff Wheeler

S3 E8 with Fantasy Author Jeff Wheeler

Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Jeff Wheeler is a writer, husband, father of five, and a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

He took an early retirement from my career at Intel in 2014 to write full-time. He lives in the Rocky Mountains and you can usually find him at Emerald City Comic Con, New York Comic Con or at writers conferences like Storymakers, Inkers Con, and Teen Author Boot Camp.

Find all his books at:

Nov 28, 202334:26
S3 E9 with Sci-Fi Author J.Z. Pitts

S3 E9 with Sci-Fi Author J.Z. Pitts

"J.Z. Pitts explodes onto the science fiction scene and hits the ground running. Virtual Rebel makes a bold statement that Pitts is an author with a bright and promising future. This book needs to be read by everyone. This is a standout book that deserves your attention. This series will be huge."- Joseph Cruz, Author of The Red Tomorrow science fiction series.

I'm Ava McNealy, and I'm addicted to The Haven, an immersive virtual reality program. Who cares if tyrannical aliens rule the Earth when there are endless digital worlds to explore, monsters to fight, and team-ups with friends.
But when my father is arrested as a rebel, everything changes. Desperate to save him from execution, I embark on a perilous journey through treacherous levels and uncharted realms within The Haven, where everything is not as it seems.
Will my audacious quest be successful? Can I unravel the secrets of The Haven in time? The fate of my father, and perhaps the course of history itself, hangs in the balance.

Find the book here:

Nov 21, 202330:11
S3 E7 with Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author William C. Tracy

S3 E7 with Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author William C. Tracy

762 ratings | 728 reviews | avg rating:4.13
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William’s Year In Books William’s 2022 Year in Books Take a look at William’s Year in Books. The long, the short—it’s all here. Go to William’s 2022 Year in BooksWilliam C. Tracy’s Followers (96)More followers…Add NewVideos No videos have been added to this profile yet. Add one now.William’s Bookshelvesread (781)
currently-reading (4)
to-read (1)
William’s Friends (66)J.W.
4,842 books | 151 friends
Emily Randolph-Epstein
2,049 books | 349 friends
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568 books | 43 friends
Jennifer Moore
957 books | 70 friends
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William C. TracyGoodreads Author
Born in The United States
Member SinceMarch 2013
edit data
William C. Tracy writes tales of the Dissolutionverse: a science fantasy series about planets connected by music-based magic instead of spaceflight. This series currently includes a three-book epic space opera cycle. It also includes five novelettes and novellas, including a coming of age story, tales of political intrigue, a Sherlock Holmes-like mystery, a Jules Verne style adventure. Several books include LGBT-friendly elements.
His first epic fantasy from NineStar Press is Fruits of the Gods, about a land where magic comes from seasonal fruit, and two sisters plot to take down a corrupt government.
William is a North Carolina native and a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy. He has a master's in mechanical engineering, and has both designed and operated heavy construction machinery. He has also trained in Wado-Ryu karate since 2003, and runs his own dojo in Raleigh NC. He is an avid video and board gamer, a reader, and of course, a writer.
In his spare time, he cosplays with his wife such combinations as Steampunk Agent Carter and Jarvis, Jafar and Maleficent, and Doctor Strange and the Ancient One. They also enjoy putting their pets in cute little costumes and making them cosplay for the annual Christmas card.
You can get a free Dissolutionverse short story by signing up for William's mailing list at
Or follow him on Twitter at for writing updates, cat pictures, and thoughts on martial arts.

Nov 16, 202338:36
S3 E6 with author J.L. Hendricks

S3 E6 with author J.L. Hendricks

From J.L. - I am an independent author, writing urban fantasy, paranormal, and cozy mystery, and began my career in 2016. The Eclipse Series was my first foray into writing, and I am very excited to share Book 1, Eclipse of the Warrior. I currently am writing full time, but before I started writing I had a successful career as a Purchasing Manager and Contracts Administrator. And am very proud to have served in the US Army before I went to college.

I am a graduate of the International Business program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Which is perfect because I have always been a bit of a rebel, but now I am an official Running Rebel!

I hope my stories entertain you and can bring a laugh on occasion. I am not writing great literature intended to rival Ann Rice or Jane Austen. But I do hope you enjoy the stories rattling around my head.

Find all her books here:

Nov 07, 202344:38
S3 E5 with YA fantasy author Katie Cross

S3 E5 with YA fantasy author Katie Cross

Discover the world of Alkarra with Katie Cross. Learn all about these young adult fantasy books and their characters with guest Katie Cross. For more on Katie Cross and the world of Alkarra, and a free first book, either audiobook or ebook, go to

Finding the Magic Book Podcast hosts authors to talk about their books, characters, and inspiration.

Nov 02, 202334:40
S3 E4 Finding the Magic Book Podcast with YA Author Allison Anderson

S3 E4 Finding the Magic Book Podcast with YA Author Allison Anderson

Listen in as Allison Anderson talks about her new young adult fantasy book release. Allison Anderson is a young adult author who just published her first release, The Spring Maiden. The Spring Maiden is a YA fantasy that combines Greek and Roman mythology, a light retelling of Hades and Persophone, and Regency era romance. The Spring Maiden is the first book in the Cartographer's War series. The second release is due out in March of 2024. If you love young adult fantasy check out Allison's new release at

Oct 26, 202332:12
S3 E3 with Fantasy Author Brian Byrom

S3 E3 with Fantasy Author Brian Byrom

The world of Angels and Demons was unknown to Byrne and his makeshift family, but a very real Hell was about to land right in their dining room. Travis’s insistence on a knowledge of philosophy, theology, and warcraft was finally about to make sense.
When an unexpected visitor triggers a journey into a once hidden new world, a new reality floods Byrne and his family in dangerous adventures, ancient prophecies, forgotten legends, powerful enemies, and even stronger allies. As the Second Eight follow a trail of philosophical breadcrumbs directly into the heart of a perpetual war between Celestials and Infernals, they unearth incredible secrets while pursuing their newfound destinies, and together hope that loyalty, trust, and friendship prove greater than any mystical weapon.

Oct 19, 202321:29
S3 E2 with Kate Darroch Cozy Mystery Author

S3 E2 with Kate Darroch Cozy Mystery Author

Living on the beautiful Devon Coastline, Kate melds her lifelong love of reading Cozy Sleuths with her love of writing and years of living in foreign climes to write Travel Cozies. Devon is such a friendly place living here is like living in a time warp. The strong sense of community takes Kate back in spirit to the Glasgow of her childhood - and that's how Màiri was born!

Màiri is a Scots Irish teacher whose home is Glasgow as it was in the 1970s, a time and place Kate recalls fondly. Passionate about Accessibility, Kate insists that all her writing is published in Large Print and Dyslexia Friendly editions, in addition to standard print, eBooks and audiobooks.

Find all her books on Amazon:

Oct 17, 202334:55
Interview with D. J. Vargas, The Progeny Wars

Interview with D. J. Vargas, The Progeny Wars

Finding the Magic Book Podcast Season 3, Episode 1 with urban fantasy author D.J. Vargas learning about his The Progeny Wars series.

D.J. Vargas was born in South America to Caribbean parents and has lived on both U.S. coasts (prefers weather in the West, and the pizza in the East). D.J. is an avid reader of urban fantasy, high fantasy, and sci-fi. He has two sons who have entirely too much energy and attitude. His hobbies are playing and discovering new board games, growing an impressive collection of nerdy graphic T-shirts, watching movies, bowling, reading, and instructing his boys in the way of the Geek. D.J.’s background in philosophy, religious studies, and all things nerd allows him to infuse his creations with a unique and quirky point of view.

Find D. J. Vargas and The Progeny Wars at or on Amazon

Oct 12, 202352:31
S2 E52 with Adult Fantasy, Horror, & Sci-Fi Author Monique Singleton

S2 E52 with Adult Fantasy, Horror, & Sci-Fi Author Monique Singleton

USA Today Best selling Author Monique Singleton  writes compelling stories that mix fantasy with realistic psychological  suspense and unique insights into the mind of the main characters.

As  the daughter of a British soldier and his Dutch wife, Monique was born  in an English military hospital in Germany. The family toured the world  where she was exposed to different cultures in many countries. Finally  settling down in the Netherlands she pursued a career in Art and later  in ICT.

About six years ago Monique started to put the scenes she had running around in her head, down to paper.

Scenes led to a story, the story to a book, and the first book to a series.

In  addition to her writing, Monique still holds down a full-time job as a  business consultant. She lives in a beautiful old farmhouse in the south  of Holland with her two sloppy monster dogs, some horses, and a cat.

The cat is the boss.

Find Monique and all her books here:

Sep 28, 202239:48
S2 E51 with YA Fantasy Author A. N. Sage
Sep 16, 202231:23
S2 E50 With YA Fantasy Author Kay L. Moody
Sep 09, 202224:28
S2 E49 With All Things Tudor Deb Hunter

S2 E49 With All Things Tudor Deb Hunter

USA Today bestselling author and historian Deb Hunter writes as Hunter S. Jones. She owns the All Things Tudor publication, social media network and Facebook group which has over 30,000 members. She has been involved in academic projects at Harvard University, The University of Texas, UCLA, Vanderbilt University, the University of Tennessee, and was part of the Dangerous Women Project developed by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Deb publishes independently as well as through traditional platforms, and has actively promoted the craft of historical writing through affiliation with many professional groups, including Society of Authors founded by Lord Tennyson, the Royal Historical Society, the Society of U.S. Intellectual History, the Atlanta Historical Society, the American Historical Association, the Organization of American Historians, She has just been added to the esteemed Atlanta Press Club which accepts journalists and authors of achievement.

She is currently represented by Past Preservers Casting, U.K. who can be reached at

When she isn't writing, talking or tweeting about kings, queens and rock stars, she lives in Atlanta, Nashville and Chattanooga TN with her Scottish-born husband.


Twitter: @theDebATL

Facebook: @theDebATL

IG: @theDebATL

Sep 06, 202235:29
S2 E48 with Dystopian Author Lindsey Pogue

S2 E48 with Dystopian Author Lindsey Pogue

About Lindsey Pogue

Beautifully broken characters.

Breathtaking love stories.

Raw emotion you can feel deep in your bones.

★  ★ ★ ★ ★ "Fabulous reading! Fabulous characters that breathe life into  every action and reaction! Fabulous writing from an author with an  amazing imagination!" - Tome Tender Book Reviews

Lindsey  Pogue is a genre-bending fiction author, best known for her  soul-stirring, post-apocalyptic survival series, Savage North Chronicles  and Forgotten Lands. As an avid romance reader with a master’s in  history and culture, Lindsey’s adventures cross genres and push  boundaries, weaving together facts, fantasy, and timeless love stories  of epic proportions.

Lindsey is a dyslexic, taco  loving nature girl who enjoys sunsets, bonfires, and a nice cold gin  lemonade on a warm summer night. She wrote her first story about birds  in 3rd grade, completed her first new adult manuscript in high school,  and has been writing tales of love and friendship, history and adventure  ever since. When she’s not plotting her next epic storyline, or  dreaming up new, brooding characters, she’s wrapped in blankets watching  monster flicks with her own leading man. Lindsey and her husband live  in Northern California with their rescue cats, Beast and Blue.​

Claim your FREE copy of Borne of Sand and Scorn:

Access the VIP Reader Vault:


★ Subscribe to Patreon for early releases and exclusive stories!

Sep 02, 202236:09
S2 E47 with Romance Author Parker J. Cole

S2 E47 with Romance Author Parker J. Cole

Parker J Cole is an author, speaker, and radio  host with an obsession with the Lord, Star Trek, K-dramas, anime,  romance books, old movies, speculative fiction, and knitting. An on and  off Mountain Dew and marshmallows addict, she writes to fill the void  the sugar left behind.

Visit her site at

Aug 31, 202235:38
S2 E46 with Fantasy Author Carlyle Labuschagne

S2 E46 with Fantasy Author Carlyle Labuschagne

Carlyle is a USA Today bestselling  author from South Africa, who has won an award for her SF fantasy series  the Broken Trilogy. This series broke ground not only in her country  but in many where the genre of SF is concerned. Mixing African tales  into worlds most of her readers describe as highly imaginative and  unique. Her Dystopian Romance book, Dead of Night is a multi-award  nominated tale set in a world where love is outlawed, described by  readers as breathing new life into the genre.

Her  goal as an author is to touch people's lives, and help others love their  differences and one another by delivering strong messages of faith,  love and hope within each world she writes about. She loves creating  villains you have a hate, love relationship with and always explores  imperfection as a strength in her heroes and supporting characters.

Find Carlyle and her books here:

Aug 26, 202224:11
S2 E45: With Sci-Fi & Horror Author P. D. Alleva

S2 E45: With Sci-Fi & Horror Author P. D. Alleva

"This author delivers on each and every count. And he does it in style!" ~ Laura D. Child The Magic Book Corner (Top 5 Goodreads Reviewer)PD  Alleva writes thrillers. Whether those thrillers are Sci-Fi Fantasy’s  about Alien Vampires attempting to subjugate the human race, or steeped  in a haunting horror novel, or an urban fantasy with supernatural  themes, PD always provides readers with a profound, entertaining, and  satisfying reader experience, in a new genre he has coined as  alternative fiction. His novels blend mystery, conspiracy, psychology,  and action with the supernatural, horror, fantasy, and science fiction.  Alternative fiction is PD's attempt at describing what readers uncover  in any one of his books, a new discovery towards mainstream  storytelling. He's been writing since childhood, creating and developing  stories with brash and impactful concepts he describes are metaphors  for the shifting energies that exist in the universe. PD lives inside of  his own universe, working diligently on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy series, The Rose Vol. II, the urban fantasy novella series, Girl on a Mission, and Jigglyspot and the Zero Intellect, PD’s upcoming horror thriller.

Find P. D. Alleva here:

Aug 24, 202226:10
S2 E44 with Illustrator & Mythical Artist Matt Maes
Aug 19, 202243:21
S2 E43 Interview with Author E. V. Everest

S2 E43 Interview with Author E. V. Everest

E.V. Everest is a tween to teen fantasy author.  Ever since she discovered the summer reading program, she's been  unstoppable. After all, if books contain worlds, she's pretty much an  intergalactic traveler, right?

When she's not  visiting other worlds or inventing her own, Evelina enjoys drinking too  much coffee, playing her trombone, and petting her four fur babies.

Join E.V.'s newsletter and get a free novella! Learn more at

Aug 09, 202214:19
S2 E42 with Sci-Fi Author Thomas Kast

S2 E42 with Sci-Fi Author Thomas Kast

Thomas Kast is an award-winning independent photojournalist and illustrator based in Zurich, Switzerland and has published a number of photography art books.

Thomas  spent a big part of his life in Israel, where he taught graphic design,  photography, and illustration at the Shenkar College of Engineering and  Design and other Israeli colleges.

An incongruous rhetorician with Asperger’s syndrome, Thomas always knows best despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

Long  time in the making, his debut novel — a philosophical science  fiction piece, the Great Convergence — evokes many of the author’s  real-life experiences fused with his unhinged fantasies.

Find all of Thomas's work at

Aug 02, 202238:57
S2 E41 - With Fantasy Sci-Fi Author S. G. Blaise
Jul 29, 202225:36
S2 E40 - Interview with Sci-Fi Fantasy Author Claudia Blood

S2 E40 - Interview with Sci-Fi Fantasy Author Claudia Blood

Claudia Blood’s love of epic fantasies led her from life as a research scientist right into that of an award-winning author. With works such as the Relic trilogy, Merged series, and the Supernatural Detective Agency, Claudia Blood’s work covers a wide range of genres and themes that have captivated many.

Juggling her roles as a wife, mom, and pet-wrangler doesn’t leave much free time, but what time Claudia has is filled to the brim with creating sci-fi and fantasy novels set in some worlds that are slightly familiar and some that are totally unique and new. Taking inspiration from all kinds of media, from Dungeons & Dragons to the Dresden Filesas well as Alan Dean Foster and so much more, Claudia Blood crafts stories that entice readers and keep them wondering what will happen next.

Jul 26, 202227:31
S2 E39 with MG, YA, and Adult Horror Author Kelly Martin

S2 E39 with MG, YA, and Adult Horror Author Kelly Martin

Today Kelly shared about her upcoming releases and an exclusive tidbit about her fall release, the title to her upcoming vampire novel which will be the first book in a trilogy. 

Kelly Martin lives in a possibly haunted house in a small southern town. While she'd like to say paranormal things have only happened to her at her home, it would  be a lie... 

She is  an active member of the Horror Writers Association and author of horror,  paranormal, contemporary, historical, young adult, and mysteries. All of Kelly's books have one thing in common-- imagine the real world is  tilted slightly on its side. You don't really know what's going on,  what's missing, but there is a tilt, a hum you can barely hear, telling  you that something is off.

Find Kelly on her website at:

On TikTok:

On YouTube:

Jul 22, 202221:00
S2 E38 with Urban Fantasy Author Dave Dobson

S2 E38 with Urban Fantasy Author Dave Dobson

Find out the secret to how Dave names his chapters in our discussion about his urban fantasy books. A native of Ames, Iowa, Dave loves writing,  reading, boardgames, computer games, improv comedy, pizza, barbarian  movies, and the cheaper end of the Taco Bell menu. Also, his wife and  kids.

Dave is the author of Snood,  Snoodoku, Snood Towers, and other computer games. Dave first published  Snood in 1996, and it became one of the most popular shareware games of  the early Internet. He’s recently published some puzzle card games in  the Doctor Esker’s Notebook series.

Dave taught geology, environmental studies, and computer programming at Guilford College for 24  years. He does improv comedy at the Idiot Box in Greensboro, North Carolina. He’s also played the world’s largest  tuba in concert. Not that that is relevant, but it’s still kinda cool.

Flames Over Frosthelm was Dave’s first novel, released in 2019. He followed it a year later with Traitors Unseen and The Outcast Crown, then Daros in 2021 and The Woeling Lass in 2022. He’s currently at work on another sci-fi novel and a contemporary thriller.

Jul 15, 202234:37
S2 E37 with Fantasy Author Carla Kerr

S2 E37 with Fantasy Author Carla Kerr

Carl lives in Ireland with a husband and three insane cats, teaches English, and enjoys cocktails, Pagan gatherings, superhero comics, shopping, and penpalling. Not necessarily all at the same time.

Swords and sorcery is where she likes to live, but I hope to do more actual writing than staring at a blank screen and daydreaming. Watch this space!

If you're joining me for the ride, welcome, and I hope you enjoy it.

Find all of Carla's book with her Amazon author page here:

Jul 12, 202220:31
S2 E36 - Interview with Romance Author Angela Cairns

S2 E36 - Interview with Romance Author Angela Cairns

Thank you for your wonderful reviews for TOUCH - a poignant story of resilience and redemption.

Brett  made a decision that would change Ellie Rose's life forever. An  evocative story of lovers, friends, found-family and healing, told  against the backdrop of Britain in the turbulent 1990's. If you like  Nicholas Sparks' books, you'll love TOUCH

Available in E-book, paperback, large print and in Kindle Unlimited

Visit my website to receive free prequel novella titled, "PARADISE"

DILEMMA - the second in the series will be available to pre-order July 2022

The man she loves is offering his hand and heart. So why is Ellie Rose avoiding the issue?

As  Mark’s frustration with her grows, and a new friend brings more  confusion, Ellie sees her ideal world begin to unravel. More used to  advising others, when Ellie finds her own fears resurfacing, she wonders  if she will ever make peace with the past.

BLOOM the third in series will be released in September 2022

Jul 08, 202245:06
S2 E35 with Audiobook Narrator of To be a Fae Guardian Jillian Yetter

S2 E35 with Audiobook Narrator of To be a Fae Guardian Jillian Yetter

Behind the scenes of the audiobook, To be a Fae Guardian with Jillian Yetter and author Tricia Copeland. Learn about Jillian bringing Titania and the host of characters from the Realm Chronicles series to life in the newest addition to audiobook format, To be a Fae Guardian. Also, listen to the retail sample to get a glimpse into the story.

More about To be a Fae Guardian from the back cover...

She may be the only fae standing between her realm and the evil lurking below. Will Titania be given the power she needs?

Titania defeats a group of creatures threatening to colonize Middle Earth. In ending them she broke not one but two edicts of the High Council. But justice may fall on the only person holding the key to her ability to defend the fae.

The evil spirits manifesting the terrorists lurk below, lying in wait to strike again. With loss of a much-needed ally, she lacks freedom to learn what the realm may be facing. Worse yet, many, even some most trusted compatriots, distance themselves from the reckless Queen she’s painted to be.

Her power shackled and left alone, Titania loses faith in her once clear path.

Can she find her footing in time to save them all from eternal darkness?

To Be a Fae Guardian is the second book in the Realm Chronicles series, continuing a magical journey into the realm of Middle Earth. If you like dauntless heroines, you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s gripping fantasy.

Get To be a Fae Guardian to spiral into a new world.

Book Links:







Author Links:








Amazon Author Page:





Jun 30, 202234:04
S2 E34 with Author Abigail Linhardt
Jun 24, 202224:22
S1 E33 with Author Natasha D. Lane

S1 E33 with Author Natasha D. Lane

Natasha D. Lane is a friend of most things caffeinated, a lover of books, and a writing warrior to her core.

As  a believer that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” she graduated  from Juniata College in 2015 with hopes to become a journalist. Instead,  life took her on a different path, and Natasha found herself digging up  a manuscript from her childhood.

This dusty stack  of papers would become the first book in her Pariah Child series-- a  series that was her launch into self-publishing. Since completing her first series, Natasha has continued exploring the fantasy and science fiction genres to make sense of a chaotic yet interesting world.


Jun 21, 202221:07
S2 E32 with Author Adam Fleming
Jun 17, 202223:53
S2 E31 with guest author Ethan Mawyer

S2 E31 with guest author Ethan Mawyer

Ethan Mawyer was born in 1982 in Long  Island, New York, and still lives on the same island. He enjoys many  things, and those things do not include condensing thirty years of life  into one paragraph. Missing Parts is his first published book, but he  plans to write others. Find Ethan and all his books at

Jun 14, 202225:01
S1 E30 with Fantasy Author Elizabeth Morris
Jun 07, 202221:20
S2 E29 with Fantasy Authors Lori & Brendan O'Gara

S2 E29 with Fantasy Authors Lori & Brendan O'Gara

Brendan and Lori O’Gara write in the  fantasy, contemporary fiction and nonfiction genres. They have published  novels together and individually.

The O’Garas reside just a few miles from  where they grew up on Perdido Key, Florida. When not at the beach,  writing or reading, they can be found wandering the stacks in a library,  perusing antique stores and thrift shops, playing tabletop role playing  games, or spending time with their family. A large blended family that  consists of six children, seven grandchildren and one dog named Harley  Quinn.

Find their books here:

Jun 03, 202219:37
S2 E28 with Fantasy Author Elizabeth Lavender

S2 E28 with Fantasy Author Elizabeth Lavender

Elizabeth Lavender is the author of the Sunspear series. The first book in the sci-fi series is called The Spinning of Deception, the second book is Deception's Hold, and the third book is Shadowed Bonds. I'm currently working on the next book in the series. Originally from the Alabama coast, I currently live in the Dallas area with my husband and my two children. I have a Master’s degree in counseling, a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a minor in English. I enjoy science fiction and fantasy and hope to bring that same enjoyment to others. I also enjoy suspense novels. However, as long as the storyline is intriguing, I’ll give other genres a try. My reading spans from Les Misérables to Shakespeare to the Percy Jackson series to anything written by Ted Dekker or Frank Peretti. I work full-time and have been at the same company for over twenty years happily. I’m a huge football fan and have a decent throwing arm, despite what my oldest son says when he practices throwing the football with me. Although I enjoy Texas, I love going home to Alabama to visit. Besides visiting family and friends, it’s nice to be back near the water again and enjoy the amazing seafood.

Universal Book Links:

May 31, 202237:28
S2 E27 with Fantasy Author Jennifer Tempest
May 27, 202219:27
S2 E26 New Romance Release by Maria Jane

S2 E26 New Romance Release by Maria Jane


She’s definitely attracted to his type and he seems as close to perfect as a guy could get. Only problem, she’d sworn off dating hot, muscled, athletic types for good.

Wronged by a string of jocks, Bree creates a hard rule: no dating athletes. Further, she enacts a list of other guidelines to protect a fragile heart. As per the rules, coffee meetups don’t count as dates, lunch doesn’t count as a date, there will be no physical displays of affection until after a real date, and no sex until he commits to an exclusive relationship.

Enter Nate. Tall and muscular with deep blue eyes and dark hair, he’s the perfect clone for the guys that hurt her before. If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck, right?

Enter Steven. She could not have ordered a more perfect person. Okay, so he is muscular, but not too tall. Be he’s also focused on his career. Definitely the mature man she’s been looking for.

When Bree allows herself to give in to her feelings, sparks fly. They’re happier than could be imagined. But being a couple is about more than just the two of them. Family, religion, location, and money all factor in.

Can they meet in the middle?

Read As Close to Perfect to get swept away in this perfectly imperfect melding of lives!

Book Links:





Author Bio:

Romance author Maria Jane believes in the power of love. She sees that love may look messy and take a winding path, but there is magic in the journey. Her books are filled with fun moments, sweet gestures, surprising turns, and characters searching for their happily-ever-after. Craving your next HEA and/or HFN read? Find all of Maria’s Perfect romances, formerly writing as Tricia Copeland, and dive into a fun love story today at

Author Links:










May 24, 202221:27
S2 E25 with Tiffany Quay Tyson

S2 E25 with Tiffany Quay Tyson

Author   of the The Past is Never, winner   of the 2018 Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction, the 2018 Janet   Heidinger Kafka Prize, the 2019 Mississippi Institute of Arts and   Letters Award for Fiction, and the Mississippi Library Association’s   Mississippi Author Award for Adult Fiction. Author of Three Rivers, a novel. Shorter   work at McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Rumpus Funny Women, The Belladonna   Comedy, Slackjaw, Smokelong Quarterly and more.

Find Tiffany's books here:

May 17, 202228:32
S2 E24 with fantasy author Laura Drake

S2 E24 with fantasy author Laura Drake

Laura Drake is the youngest of five  children and grew up in AR (that’s Arkansas, not Arizona) until she  moved to Provo, Utah to attend Brigham Young University at eighteen. She  graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and worked as a teacher  for a few years in Utah until she moved to Tokyo, Japan. She spent two  amazing years there, making new friends and memories while following her  dream of living abroad. Now, she's working on her new dream: becoming  an author. She is a firm believer that you can choose to be happy if you  can learn to be thankful.

When she isn’t writing  short stories or books with her roommates she enjoys reading, playing  ultimate frisbee and board games, and spending time with her family and  friends. She is a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day  Saints. She is passionate about time management and finances and loves  helping people make budgets.

If you have any comments about the story she loves to hear from readers so feel free to email her at

Find all her books here:

May 13, 202228:52
S2 E23 with P.M. Amaras & Paul Driggere

S2 E23 with P.M. Amaras & Paul Driggere

Since the mid-1990s, Scribes Unlimited has helped hundreds of  customers do everything from writing and editing their first novels for  book publishing, to creating marketing campaigns, investor proposals and  successful grants. We don’t want to say we’ve done it all – but we’ve  come close. From the start, our business was the premiere location for  writing, editing, and research on the World Wide Web. As times have  changed, so also have our services, but we have always prided ourselves  on writing most of all. To date, we’ve written several non-fiction  books, two fiction novels, business proposals, marketing plans, scores  of technical documents and grant proposals, and hundreds of short  stories, blogs, and articles for everyone from American Greetings, to  Newsweek, to Weird Tales Magazine.

Find them here:

May 10, 202237:47
S2 E22 with fantasy author Jan Foster
May 06, 202235:19
S2 E21 with Bruno Martin Soares, Author

S2 E21 with Bruno Martin Soares, Author

Bruno Martins Soares writes fiction  since he was 12 years old, and his first book, 'O Massacre' (The  Massacre), a collection of short stories, came out in Portugal in 1998.

It was followed by several contributions to newspapers, magazines, and other collective books.

In  1996, he won the National Young Creators Award for Writing,  representing Portugal at the 1997 Torino Young Creators of Europe and  the Mediterranean Fair, where his short-story 'Mindsweeper' was  translated and published in Italian.

His first novel  'A Saga de Alex 9' (The Alex 9 Saga) was published in Portugal in 2012,  by publisher Saída de Emergência, within a series that features authors  like George R.R.Martin or Bernard Cornwell. The Portuguese version of  'The Dark Sea War Chronicles' (A Batalha da Escuridão) was published by  Editorial Divergência.

He worked in Project  Development for Television and was a journalist and a communications, HR  and management consultant before settling as a writer. He was also an  international correspondent in Portugal for Jane's Defense Weekly and a  researcher for The Washington Post. He wrote several plays and short and  full-length pictures' screenplays, and he wrote and produced  English-spoken Castaway Entertainment's full-length feature film  'Regret', distributed in the USA and Canada in 2015. He lives and works  in Lisbon.

He now writes under two different  'brands': Bruno Martins Soares for scifi/fantasy and B.Martins Soares  for more literary/realistic literature. Follow him on Amazon at

May 03, 202232:51
S2 E20 with author Erika Krouse of Tell Me Everything

S2 E20 with author Erika Krouse of Tell Me Everything

Tell Me Everything: The Story of a Private Investigation (Flatiron/Macmillan).

Released March 15, 2022, available  here on Bookshop and here on Amazon (hardcover, Kindle, audiobook).

Other books by Erika: Contenders and Come Up and See Me Sometime

Book Project Faculty at Lighthouse Writers Workshop

Apr 29, 202229:29
S2 E19 with fantasy author Jason DeGray

S2 E19 with fantasy author Jason DeGray

From Jason... Welcome to the Realm of Possibility!  My name is Jason and I'm a writer. I know. I know. In a world where  anyone and everyone can be (and usually is) an artist, being an artist  really doesn't mean much. But let me tell you a secret: I'm not just an  artist, I'm an Imagination Wizard. I practice artful magic. All of my  books and stories are doorways into other worlds, not mere tales. I  weave the magic of my imagination into everything I put into text and  create a vivid phantasmagoria of adventure, romance, horror and  suspense. This is what I do and what I offer to you.

Find Jason and his books here:

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S2 E18 with Kimberly T. Hennessy fantasy author
Apr 22, 202240:56
S2 E17 with fantasy sci-fi author Patrick LeClerc

S2 E17 with fantasy sci-fi author Patrick LeClerc

Name: Patrick LeClerc

Genus: Writicus Deadbeaticus

Habitat: Comfortable in any given hive of scum and villainy

Nest: Sturdy cardboard boxes, often under bridges, floored with nice, soft, empty liquor bottles

Traits: Never met a promotion he  couldn’t sabotage or a powerful ally he couldn’t alienate. Will be  steadfastly loyal to anyone who is in no position to do him a favor.

When not writing, he is known to jockey ambulances,  brew his own beer, dodge creditors, and fence. With swords, not stolen  goods, which surprises those who know him well.

Find all his books at

Apr 19, 202224:36
S2 E16 with fantasy author E.G. Creel

S2 E16 with fantasy author E.G. Creel

The Immortal - Emma just turned 40 and  has finally decided to begin living her best life. She books a vacation  to a resort on a French Polynesian Island only to find herself on the  dinner menu of an immortal Viking. If she keeps her wits, and with a  little luck maybe she'll make it off the island alive.

The Immortal is an action-packed contemporary fantasy novel.

Find it here:

Apr 15, 202220:57
S2 E15 with J.E. Taylor Fantasy Author
Apr 12, 202229:11
S2 E14 with Alma Alexander, Duchess of Fantasy

S2 E14 with Alma Alexander, Duchess of Fantasy

You may be wondering.

Well, it’s real.

Way back in the shadows of the Middle Ages, an ancient ancestor  walked (or should I say LIMPED) away from a big medieval battlefield  having done enough service to his liege lord to merit the reward of a  dukedom.

(The limping is important, incidentally. It earned his  descendants the surname that is translatable as ‘son of the gimp’ – and  that was my maiden name.)

The Dukedom, of course, no longer exists and the family fractured in  the years of the Ottoman Empire’s rule, some converting under pressure,  other proudly not – either way, the family line is traced directly… to  me. That which my ancestors ruled as Dukes over is long gone – but as  their descendant, a Duchess I really AM, I have a coat of arms and  EVERYTHING, and I’m just attaching the title to “Fantasy” as opposed to a  titular dukedom long vanished into the mists of history.

Alma Alexander, Duchess of Fantasy, at your service.

Find out more here:

Apr 06, 202235:44
S2 E13 with Sci-Fi Author Thomas Davis

S2 E13 with Sci-Fi Author Thomas Davis

From Thomas: I’ve always been a huge fan of science fiction  and super hero comics. When I was a kid I used to write and draw my own  crudely constructed comic-books. My drawings never caught up to my ideas  which is why I took up writing.

Versatile Layer is a Science Fiction  novel series that I have planned to write for some time. I went ahead  and published it myself. The goal is to eventually expand into other  forms of media. I believe the VL universe and characters transcend the  page and would even make for a great cinematic universe some day.

Find Thomas and his books on his website here:

Mar 30, 202224:45
S2 E12 with Fantasy Author Adam Gaffen
Mar 23, 202236:48