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The Business Growth Series

The Business Growth Series

By Trigger Worldwide

The ‘Business Growth’ Series is a collections of marketing effectiveness and business growth podcasts created to help business leaders and marketeers, navigate the complex and dynamic world of marketing warfare and revenue growth. These podcasts cover various topics across the Marketing & Sales function, including Growth Strategy, Growing your Business, Cash Flow, Strategic Planning, Identifying Strengths & Opportunities and resolving Weaknesses & Threats, Building for long term Sustainable Growth, Big Idea Generation for Product and Service Industries, Staffing, Technology, Platforms etc
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How Leveraging Consumer Insights Can Drive Remarkable Business Growth

The Business Growth SeriesJul 11, 2022

“Why Brands Need to Sell Emotions For Massive Business Growth”

“Why Brands Need to Sell Emotions For Massive Business Growth”

Welcome, listeners, to a journey through the captivating realm where emotions and business growth intertwine. In this episode, we delve into the heart of modern advertising, exploring the profound impact of human emotions on the dynamic landscape of marketing. This isn't just about selling products; it's about selling emotions.

In a world saturated with choices and fierce competition, brands are on a quest to forge connections that transcend the transactional. Join us as we unravel the intricate dance between consumer psyche and advertising strategy, deciphering the language of emotions that shapes our decisions, influences our perceptions, and ultimately drives business success.

From the infectious allure of joy to the contemplative depths of sadness, we'll explore how these emotions serve as the building blocks of compelling narratives. In this episode, we dissect the strategies behind successful advertising campaigns and the psychology that underpins them. What makes an ad unforgettable? Why do some campaigns leave a lasting imprint on our memories while others fade into the noise?

Our journey takes us beyond the surface, exploring the primary human emotions and their powerful combinations. We'll unravel the secrets of joy mingling with trust to create love, or the fusion of anticipation and fear birthing exhilaration. It's a symphony of emotions that marketers orchestrate to craft narratives that resonate deeply with their audience.

But it's not just about stirring emotions for the sake of it. In the marketing funnel, from awareness to post-purchase, emotions play distinct roles, influencing our decisions at every stage. We'll navigate this funnel, decoding how happiness attracts attention, fear drives urgency, trust seals the deal, and post-purchase emotions can turn customers into loyal advocates.

Stay tuned as we unveil the roadmap to building effective campaigns with emotions. From audience research to storytelling, emotional intelligence to personalized content strategies, we'll guide you through the steps that transform a brand from a mere product into a powerful storyteller, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of consumers.

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, one truth remains constant: human emotions are the heartbeat of successful campaigns. Join us as we explore the strategies, insights, and nuances that elevate brands beyond mere transactions to forge lasting connections.

This is "Selling Emotions for Business Growth", and you're in for a journey that goes beyond the surface, deep into the emotional core of marketing.


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Nov 13, 202315:15
Navigating the Customer's Heart: The Power of Journey Maps

Navigating the Customer's Heart: The Power of Journey Maps

Nov 01, 202308:39
Maximizing PR Opportunities for Business Growth
Jul 21, 202308:51
Harnessing the Power of AI for Marketing Success and Business Growth

Harnessing the Power of AI for Marketing Success and Business Growth

In this exciting podcast episode, we delve into the transformative capabilities of AI and its immense potential for businesses to achieve marketing success and drive remarkable growth. Join us as we explore the challenges faced by B2B and B2C buyers in today's dynamic landscape and how AI can address these obstacles.

We discuss the distinct characteristics of B2B and B2C buyers, their decision-making processes, and the evolving expectations they bring to the table. Discover the top five challenges businesses encounter, including increased competition, evolving customer expectations, information overload, trust and brand reputation, and the need for automation and efficiency.

Explore the strategic approaches that B2B and B2C brands can adopt to tackle these challenges head-on. We emphasize the importance of customer centricity, data-driven insights, and an omni-channel marketing approach. Dive into the ways AI can revolutionize marketing and sales efforts by enabling personalization at scale, processing complex data sets, and providing enhanced customer engagement.

The spotlight then shifts to AI-enabled tools and their profound impact on content creation and optimization. We present eleven examples of how AI tools can effortlessly generate personalized creative assets, optimize ad copy and website content, provide content suggestions, assist in social media management, automate video editing and branding, optimize websites, enhance images, and even create human-like voiceovers.

While acknowledging the rapid growth of the AI-driven market, we highlight the importance of human intervention and involvement in leveraging AI effectively. Explore essential best practices, including quality data management, contextual understanding, ethical and transparent use of AI, and the need for continuous learning and adaptation.

In conclusion, we paint a vision of a future where AI tools continue to evolve and revolutionize marketing communication, presenting endless possibilities for businesses to engage with customers, optimize campaigns, and enhance customer targeting. Embrace the transformative potential of AI and shape a future where advertising and marketing communications become more engaging, influential, and impactful than ever before.

Tune in to this episode and unlock the secrets of harnessing the power of AI for marketing success and business growth. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your marketing strategies and create remarkable experiences for your customers.

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Jun 24, 202311:26
How Experiential Marketing can immediately guarantee brand awareness, recall and advocacy.

How Experiential Marketing can immediately guarantee brand awareness, recall and advocacy.

Experiential marketing is a powerful tool that enables brands to create memorable, immersive experiences for their customers. While experiential marketing has been around for over a century, but it has recently regained momentum as brands seek new ways to connect with their audiences. 

Capturing a customer’s share of mind in today’s marking ago is proving to be increasingly difficult. Customers are bombarded with communication messages from brands leaving them disoriented and quite frankly numb to most, if not all, efforts from marketers. This poses greater difficulty for brands to not only outspend the competition, break through the clutter, to only then discover a relatively disinterested customer. The proposition of experiential / engagement marketing is to bolster a longer and stronger connection between brands and their customers. It needs to not only create experiences in a tangible and offline way, but also create online dialog around it.

In the battlefield for customers’ share of mind and wallet, when competing with bigger brands, bigger monies and greater staying power, experiential marketing provides brands with a unique opportunity to engage with their customers in an authentic, personal and memorable manner. Create immersive experiences, generate buzz, drive sales and maybe even create brand advocates.

This podcast explores the origins of experiential marketing, why it is important for brand awareness and business growth in today's marketing age, and showcase brands that have created revolutionary experiential marketing campaigns. We will also share with you detailed steps on how to create a successful experiential marketing campaign and highlight caveats that brands must be aware of when attempting to create experiential marketing campaigns.

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May 18, 202314:31
Drive Outcomes not Output Delivers Better Long-term Business Growth.

Drive Outcomes not Output Delivers Better Long-term Business Growth.

We live in a world that usually evaluates success and growth on the basis of increasing output and improving productivity. This focus often leaves marketers and brands focusing on the output alone which is a rather short-term view, as it priorities quantity over quality, short-term productivity boosts and spiked profitability. In the long run this can adversely affect the brand’s reputation, loyalty and sustainable business growth. Driving outcomes on the other hand allows businesses a much larger and richer canvas as it help brands differentiate themselves, build customer loyalty, and design products that are not just effective but more customer centric. It allows for businesses to create better alignment across the organisation, and with the goals and aspirations of their customers.

The functions of Marketing and Sales are directly linked to the survival, growth and success of any organisation. These departments are responsibly for understanding customer wants, needs and desires, creating effective advertising and marketing strategies, communicating value propositions in an authentic and compelling manner, deciphering customer pinpoints that the brands can solve and therefore driving sales.

Knowing the outcomes that customers are looking for enables businesses to better tailor their messaging to focus on those specific benefits that their products or services deliver. This leads to higher engagement rates, better conversions and a greater likelihood that the customer will buy your solution vs. another.

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Mar 03, 202313:19
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