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The TripOutside Podcast

By Reet

The TripOutside podcast offers Inspiring interviews for those who love exploring new places, human-powered adventures, and the outdoors. Host and co-founder Reet Singh interviews world-class guides, outdoor industry experts, and entrepreneurs about outdoor places and activities. Human-powered experiences can lead to the highest level of self-realization of what our minds and bodies are capable of achieving.

We also focus on how we can #RecreateResponsibly and #LeaveNoTrace to make sure that we keep nature wild.

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EP 12: Burn and Earn Calories with Buffalo Bike Tours

The TripOutside PodcastFeb 17, 2021

Bellingham Washington Mountain Biking

Bellingham Washington Mountain Biking

Exploring Bellingham: A Mountain Biker's Paradise

In Conversation with Ike Bancroft of Dig Deep Mountain Biking Tours


Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham, Washington, is an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true. With its lush forests, stunning bay, and rugged mountains, it's no wonder that Ike Bancroft, owner of Dig Deep Mountain Biking Tours, chose this picturesque town as the backdrop for his mountain biking adventures.

From Boston to Bellingham: Ike's Journey

Ike Bancroft, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, found his love for mountain biking in the hills of Vermont. However, it was a brief stint in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, at the age of 18, that fueled his passion. Ike's days were spent shuttling up and down the pass trails, hitchhiking with his downhill bike in tow.

At 21, he moved to Bellingham to attend Western Washington University. The allure of outdoor pursuits drew him to this vibrant town. But it wasn't until later, in 2019, that he decided to establish Dig Deep Mountain Biking Tours. COVID-19 momentarily halted his plans, but in 2021, the venture finally took off to an enthusiastic reception.

Bellingham's Mountain Biking Paradise

Bellingham offers an array of mountain biking experiences, and Ike is the perfect guide to navigate this mountain biking paradise.

  • Galbraith Mountain: Boasting over 70 trails suitable for all skill levels, Galbraith Mountain is a local favorite. It's conveniently located near the town, making it easily accessible.

  • The Chuckanuts: Also known as Larrabee State Park, this area, particularly in the southern section, offers shuttle-accessible advanced-level trails. The Chuckanuts provide breathtaking views.

  • Lookout Mountain Preserve: For those seeking a more backcountry experience, Lookout Mountain Preserve offers a serene escape. The Cougar Ridge trail is a highlight, surrounded by Lake Whatcom's beauty.

  • East Side of Lake Whatcom: On the east side of the lake, you'll find the Brown Pow trail, another gem for mountain biking enthusiasts.

  • Greenway Trails: If you prefer a more relaxed ride or even a leisurely stroll, Bellingham has an extensive network of greenway trails, including routes along the base of the Chuckanuts.

Beyond Mountain Biking: Exploring Bellingham

While mountain biking is a central activity, Bellingham has much more to offer. Ike recommends exploring the stunning bay, which sets Bellingham apart from many outdoor towns. Rocky sandstone beaches, sandstone cliffs, and ocean views are perfect for unwinding after a ride.

Water activities abound, from kayaking to stand-up paddleboarding and even sailing. Don't miss the chance to embark on a whale-watching trip; the local orca pods make it a memorable experience.

For a complete Bellingham adventure, consider hiking in the craggy mountains, especially during the summer months. Ptarmigan Ridge, starting at Artist Point, is a popular choice.

And of course, make time for the local breweries and entertainment options, which add a delightful dimension to your visit.

Responsible Outdoor Recreation in Bellingham

Visiting Bellingham comes with a responsibility to preserve its natural beauty. Ike emphasizes that it's essential to be mindful of the impact visitors can have on this pristine environment.

  • Show curiosity and respect for the area, recognizing that you are a guest.

  • Educate yourself about the region's history, native populations, industry, and environmental context.

  • Be aware of your actions, respect the environment, and stay on designated trails.

  • Support local trail-building organizations to contribute to the sustainability of these outdoor locations.

    Find Bellingham Mountain biking tours

    Find Outdoor activities in Bellingham

Sep 15, 202326:22
Protecting Wild Places and Outdoor Spaces with The Conservation Alliance

Protecting Wild Places and Outdoor Spaces with The Conservation Alliance

What is The Conservation Alliance? How is it funded?

The Conservation Alliance was established 34 years ago with the goal of uniting businesses and outdoor communities to support and advocate for the protection of North America's wild places. Founded by industry leaders from renowned outdoor companies like Patagonia, REI, North Face, and Kelty, the organization aimed to increase industry support for conservation by fostering cooperation among competing businesses. Over the years, the Alliance has grown to include 270 member companies from various industries that share the values of protecting wild places.


Can you share some of the conservation work that The Conservation Alliance has done over the years?

In its 34-year history, the Conservation Alliance has achieved significant accomplishments with the support of its members. They have collectively contributed over $30 million to grassroots conservation groups, resulting in the protection of more than 82 million acres of wildlands and 3500 miles of rivers. The Alliance has also played a role in removing 37 dams, with plans for one more this year, and designating five marine reserves, as well as acquiring 21 climbing areas.

Why is it important to protect wild places and outdoor spaces?

There are multiple personal, ecological, and societal reasons for protecting wild places. Personally for Nicole, these spaces are crucial for spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being, offering solitude, challenge, and character-building experiences.

Ecologically, wild places contribute to biodiversity and climate resiliency by storing carbon and providing natural buffers against greenhouse gas emissions. Protecting large-scale landscapes can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%. Preserving these areas is essential for a healthier future and addressing climate change and biodiversity loss. Additionally, wild places offer economic value through outdoor recreation, stimulating local economies and generating billions in revenue. Ensuring equity and access to these places is important, allowing everyone to enjoy the benefits they offer. As the population grows and more people reside in urban centers, the need to protect and expand these areas becomes even more critical.

Outfitters or businesses, please consider joining as a member along with TripOutside.
Support and donate to TCA
Visit their website to learn more

Follow their IG for a social feed that will inspire you

Jun 13, 202338:34
Julie and Reet Travels - Mammoth Lakes 2022

Julie and Reet Travels - Mammoth Lakes 2022

This one is from the archives, we wanted to share our favorite places to visit, eat, and grab a coffee or a beer near Mammoth Lakes California.

We hope that you like this behind-the-scenes podcast of our travels in our RV. 

Please drop us a note or a question, we would love to help plan your next adventure!

Julie and Reet

Mar 04, 202341:34
Ep. 36 Advance your mountain biking skills in Southwest Colorado at the Zuma Bike Ranch

Ep. 36 Advance your mountain biking skills in Southwest Colorado at the Zuma Bike Ranch

Ride bikes, not horses at this new type of Ranch in Southwest Colorado. On this podcast, we are joined by Jake from Zuma Bike Ranch from the southwest corners area of Colorado. 

They are located on the corner of 3 different cities in the area, Dolores, Mancos, and Cortez Colorado. Jake is a mountain bike instructor for over 5 years and has been coaching with Ninja Mountain Bike Clinics. 

He has been hooked on working with people on their skill development and is passionate about teaching riders how to be stronger, more confident, and more skilled riders. 

Jake has created a purpose-built mountain biking-specific property in the area that is dedicated to teaching and coaching mountain biking. The 40-acre property is right next to Phils’s world mountain biking trails and joins the new section of Phil’s world. He has taken time to build features that are great for teaching different skills by taking inspiration from the different areas in the country where he has taught mountain biking. Different areas of the country present with different features that make the trail networks unique like bedrock use or a side of a hillside to make some nice benched-in switchbacks. The first year, he walked the property with his dog and identified all the places where interesting features could be built for teaching. 

They have camping and trails right on the property for riders to camp and ride right on the property.

Find Zuma Bike Ranch on TripOutside 

Follow them on Instagram 

Feb 23, 202332:55
Ep 35. Defy Expectations with the Amazon Woman. The first woman to kayak the Amazon from source to sea.

Ep 35. Defy Expectations with the Amazon Woman. The first woman to kayak the Amazon from source to sea.

Darcy is the author of the book, The Amazon Woman and the co-owner of the Whitewater Kayaking business

How did you get into Whitewater Kayaking and what do you love about it?

A college friend invited her to skip the fall semester and go kayaking in Nepal. She was stoked about the adventure and traveling internationally. By going kayaking in Nepal, she was able to get away from the big tourist areas and find remote places to explore and she truly enjoyed that style of expedition traveling and which made her fall in love with kayaking. That's the style of kayaking that has kept Darcy loving whitewater kayaking. She enjoys getting as far off the beaten path as possible and challenging herself while seeing new places.

How do you see the big challenges and overcome the obstacles that appear in the big adventures that you take on?

The way she has learned to overcome it is by embracing the challenges. Going into these trips with the mindset with the attitude that things are going to wrong. You can hope everything goes well, but the reality is that there are definitely unexpected things that will go wrong. She really believes the stoic philosophy shared in the book, The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday. She thinks of this phrase often when she finds herself faced with expedition challenges.

How did the Amazon trip come about and what was your motivation to join Midge on the trip?

The trip came about in an unlikely way by David Midgley, "Midge" a brilliant programmer from London who was having a midlife crisis and thought he was going to waste his life away sitting behind a computer writing code. During this time he started thinking that if he could do one big adventure in his life, he could die a happy man. While he was searching for his adventure, he came across an interesting stat that more people had walked on the moon than descended the Amazon river from source to sea. Everyone who had gone down the river had hiked around the white water, or did it on a raft, or only did certain sections. He decided he wanted to be the first person to whitewater kayak the Amazon river. He reached out to SWA to train him to turn him into an expert whitewater kayaker.  After a decade of training, Midge invited Don and Darcy to join him on the trip.

Could you share a bit more about the Amazon river trip? What were some of the challenges you had to overcome on the trip and how long did it take?

Learn more about the physical, mental, and emotional challenges the group overcame during the 148-day adventure on the show

What message do you have for anyone that is feeling external societal pressures and think that the big goals are unachievable for them?

When Darcy was younger, she drew a lot of motivation from anger. She would be mad when people told her that she couldn't do something, she wanted to prove them wrong. When she realized that other people are watching her, and that she is inspiring others, she now feels that she draws inspiration from the idea that her actions are inspiring others.



Order the book, Amazon Woman

Send Darcy a note if you enjoyed the podcast!

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Feb 03, 202350:59
Ep. 34: What is Regenerative Tourism?

Ep. 34: What is Regenerative Tourism?

In this episode, I talked to Stephen Hatfield, the founder of Ptarmigan Collective, which offers regenerative tourism solutions to foster thriving communities and vibrant regional economies. Stephen brings 25 years of experience designing, developing and managing programs and experiences related to regenerative tourism, community engagement, natural and cultural history, environmental stewardship, and outdoor recreation.

Regenerative vs. Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism has been around for a while and at its core is about mitigate the impact and reduce the harm. Regenerative however takes it even further, and rather of just reducing the impact of the lighter footprint, it's about developing and generating value for communities. Tourism has long provided economic benefits, but those economic benefits can often come with some extractive side effects that over time can turn what was once an incredible place to live, travel and explore into a busy, overcrowded destination for people that call it home and for the people that visit.

Regenerative Tourism looks at not just the economic benefits, but also incorporates the wholistic view of social, cultural and environmental needs of the community and visitors. Rather than just starting with the traveler's needs, it starts with the residents, the communities that live there and call it home as they are the natural stewards of the place. It finds ways to find their values and what the values of the place are and developing new systems and ways to travel to these destinations. It started in Europe and New Zealand and has now become a global phenomenon.

An example of Regenerative Tourism at work:

In Oregon, outfitters worked together with communities and developed regenerative multi-day itineraries where visitors could come to the McKenzie river and do adventures like rafting,  mountain biking, day hikes along with opportunities to rebuild trails, plant trees, remove invasive species and other restoration projects. They worked in close partnership with the local dining facilities and supported the overall local community and businesses.

We can all begin to think differently about how we travel to new destinations, which destinations we choose and the impact we leave on the towns/cities and wild places with our tourism.

If you're an outfitter and would like to develop a Regenerative Tour or Itinerary, we want to hear from you! Reach out at and let's work together to promote Regenerative Outdoor Adventure Tourism.


Connect with Stephen Hatfield:

Visit or email

Sep 20, 202230:33
Ep 33. What is Packrafting? | Benefits of a Packraft, best places Packraft to go and how to get into the sport

Ep 33. What is Packrafting? | Benefits of a Packraft, best places Packraft to go and how to get into the sport

In this episode, I was joined by Marianna Cevallos. Marianna, who is originally from Peru moved to Colorado in 2015 for college and fell in love with the outdoors. She lived in Avon and her friends would participate in a lot of outdoor activities, including floating in the river.

Unlike most of her friends, Marianna didn't have a car or enough space to have kayaks or paddleboards and when she came across Pack rafting, she loved the idea of being able to pack the raft in her backpack and take a bus to go join her friends on the adventures.

She wanted to solve this pain point for everyone that doesn't have storage or transportation and make the sport more accessible for all so she started her own Packrafting company with her partner Mike,

How did packrafting start?

  • Initially, Packrafting started with the need to access remote areas in the backcountry and want to do intense multi-day, multi-adventure trips.
  • Although it initially started with the need to access the backcountry, there are a lot of people in cities or in the front country that really benefits from having a Packraft.

How to get started with Packrafting?

  • Packrafting is just as easy to learn as kayaking, canoeing, or any other water sport.
  • If it is possible, take lessons for kayaking or other water sports so that you know how to paddle. Even though the paddling sports may be different, understanding the concepts of water bodies (rivers vs. lakes), weather, and safety preparation is the most important thing to learn.
  • To dig further into packrafting, The Packraft Handbook is a great resource for everyone, from beginners to advanced paddlers.
  • Tip: go through scenarios of getting in and out of your boat in water, and know how to get back in, in case you flip over.

How long does it take to inflate a Packraft?

Using the inflation sack, it only takes about 3 minutes to get the Packraft to about 90% inflation and then using your mouth, inflate to 100% with about 30 seconds of blowing.

What are your favorite places to go Packrafting?

  • Canyonlands National Park is a great place that we love to go to because it is mostly flat water with only a little bit of white water.
  • We love paddling the Colorado River in Grand Junction as the river runs right through town.
  • In Austin, TX we love going to Ladybird Lake
  • One of the coolest places we have ever gone to is Alaska, there are so many different places that you can go there but it is a bit more intense and backcountry focused.
  • Packrafting is also very popular in Europe and New Zealand as there are many places that you can't access any other way.

Leave No Trace tips while Packrafting:

  • Plan ahead and prepare: Pack out your poop! Wag bags are a great idea
  • Fire preparation: Skip making a fire in remote places if you can to minimize campfire impacts.



May 16, 202229:32
Ep 32. Biking in Breckenridge | Explore Breckenridge CO on an E-bike | Mountain biking at Breckenridge Resort and nearby trails

Ep 32. Biking in Breckenridge | Explore Breckenridge CO on an E-bike | Mountain biking at Breckenridge Resort and nearby trails

Outdoor things to do in Breckenridge in the summer:

  • Live music, fly fishing, rafting near Breckenridge, paved path biking (electric and regular) and mountain biking

What's the best time to visit Breckenridge for the summer?

  • July 4th is the official start of the summer. July, August, and September are the best. In late September there can be a chance of early season snow.
  • It's not as busy as the winter because people are outdoors and spread out.

The cycling culture in Breckenridge:

  • Varied bike culture, something for everyone

Bike Path / Paved biking in Breckenridge:

  • Bike path - you can bike all the way to Dillon even Vail. In town riding, there are bike lanes and bike paths all over town.
  • E-bikes are an incredible way to get around and are a great equalizer because you're at 9600 feet.

Mountain biking in Breckenridge

  • Mountain biking: There is everything for beginners to advanced riders. 
    • There is a bus that you can load your bike on and a shuttle and Breckenridge Ski and Sport also offers a shuttle
    • Breckenridge Ski Resort offers Lift service / Downhill biking
    • Skate park - Frisco bike park for dirt jumps, pump track, and slope slide lines. The park is great for improving skills for pumping, jumps, and turns.

Breckenridge mountain biking trails

  • Beginner: Blue river trail is a great beginner biking trail that locals use for commuting. 
  • Flumes trail - bike out of town. Fast and flowy without too many obstacles. 
  • Intermediate/advanced - Eastside trail, it finishes in town and you can grab a snack when you're done. 
  • Natural style cross country trails without the worry of massive drops or jumps
  • Riding downhill is a workout but don't have to worry about elevation as much

Mountain biking tips in Breckenridge

  • MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Start early to avoid afternoon thunderstorms
  • Wear sunscreen
  • It's easy and accessible to get your lift ticket and get out on the mountain.
  • Check Breckenridge Resort's website for the opening date for lift assist mountain biking season start.

E-biking Breckenridge

  • We rent e-bikes, they are very user-friendly and come with built-in bike racks, you can run errands around town.
  • With electric-assist bikes, you have to pedal but it helps tremendously. 
  • Riding from Breckenridge to Frisco offers some beautiful views, especially around Lake Dillon
  • Range: They have a long range due to 4 modes. The range can vary based on weight, extra load, how much uphill, and how much assist you're using.

Visiting Breckenridge without renting a car

  • Visit Breckenridge without renting a car and get around on your e-bike!
  • You can get multi-day rentals and keep the charger and even have the bike delivered to you. 


May 09, 202233:54
Ep. 31 What is Freediving? | With Byron Kay from Kona Freedivers

Ep. 31 What is Freediving? | With Byron Kay from Kona Freedivers

Learn to Freedive in Kona Hawaii

What is Freediving?
Freediving is basically going underwater and hanging out. You don't need much except your body and it differs from Scuba Diving as with scuba diving you have gear and air that aids you in staying underwater longer. Over the centuries and millennia, people were free diving for food. For shellfish and sponges and utility purposes. Recently it's a more recreational activity and when you're doing it for fun, it's a little bit like snorkeling but maybe you're staying down a bit longer or going a little bit deeper using a bit nicer gear. Freediving on the coast looking at reefs and critters or deeper in the ocean and looking at whale sharks or whales and it's another tool in an aquatic person's toolbox for exploring the underwater world.

Challenges that you'll overcome in the Freediving course:

  • Equalization - clearing your ears so that you can dive deeper without your eardrums exploding
  • Fear or intimidation of the unknown and the depths. Water comfort is a big part. of it, if you're a surfer or a water polo player, you'll have an easier time because of your comfort in the water.
  • Physical ability: the ability to listen to your body and get your body to do the things that you need to do to complete the skills and follow the techniques.

Most people don't realize how long they can hold their breath. Getting over the urge to breathe is one thing we go over in the course and how to get over the reflex of the urge to breathe. You'll learn to defeat the urge and maximize your ability to hold your breath as long as you can. You can apply the breathing techniques to your yoga, meditation practice, or your everyday life to destress.

Freediving Course | What you can expect to learn:

Level 1 freediver course is like the foundation of the house. It takes 1.5 days, with about 4 hours in the classroom going over the history, physics, physiology, technology, and the gear. Post lunch, we do practice work in the pool with breathwork and safety work.  The next day, we go into the ocean and work up to 20 meters, which is 66 feet.

Technique: Freediving is all about using your body in the most effective way and that's what the course is focused on. 

Safety: most people aren't aware of safety, and how to practice safety, and it is one of the biggest takeaways from taking the courses. It's like climbing, the higher you get the further you have to fall but with freediving, it's the opposite, where the deeper you go, the further you go from the surface and a higher likelihood that you'll run into issues should you push yourself too hard.

Gear: Choosing the right gear and how to use it. 

Leave No Trace and Responsible Recreation: What do we need to know about being good visitors to Hawaii?

  • Ocean - the better thing you can do is use Reef Safe sunscreen. Even better is to wear a rash guard or something to cover your skin. You can get better protection and you don't need sunscreen or any chemicals.
  • When you're in the water, don't' touch marine life
  • Don't stand on the reef if you can avoid it
  • Respect the ocean and be careful when you're coming in and out of the water
  • Go with certified operators. Ex, we do the Manta Rays night dive, we are certified to protect the Manta Rays. They are magnificent creatures and they are a protected species.
  • Choose the right operator: look for certifications and ask how they interact with resting animals. 

Where to find KonaFreedivers: Website / YouTube

Freediving movies: My Octopus teacher, The Big Blue

May 02, 202225:53
Ep. 30 Denver Hiking | Hiking in the Rocky Mountains with Robin Behrstock

Ep. 30 Denver Hiking | Hiking in the Rocky Mountains with Robin Behrstock

Hiking in the Rockies

Find the full episode show notes on

Book your Denver Hiking Adventure:

Learn about some great hiking options around Denver

  • Chief mountain: 360-degree views from the top, at 11700 feet. You can see six different 14ers on a clear day. Takes about 2-4 hours depending on your pace and it offers incredible views without being too difficult of a trail.
  • After a 2-4 hike, you feel energized instead of exhausted and you can still enjoy the rest of the day or later into the night. You feel that you earned your drinks or your ice cream but do not have to be stuck to the couch for the rest of the day.
  • St. Mary's glacier - it's a great hike but it also gets very crowded, especially on the weekends. Rocky hike and bit on the steeper hike but short. 3/4 of a mile to get to a lake and has a snowfield on the top. It has snow all year long and you may see people hiking up and skiing down.

Benefits of getting outdoors and connecting with nature

  • Forest bathing - we'll take a break on the hike and spend some time connecting with nature and with each of our 5 senses. We'll spend 30 seconds each on each sense while in nature and it really helps people respect nature. If you're only connected with technology, going from your home to your car to your office and not spending a lot of time in nature, you not feeling the connection with nature. By spending time on a hike in Colorado, we hope that people connect with nature more, respect it and in turn work to protect it.
  • Boost in serotonin: Social media likes that can give you a boost in serotonin, but getting out in nature can give you such a great boost that is really underappreciated!

How we can help save the outdoors

  • Hiking In The Rockies discusses LNT principles on the hikes and focuses on "taking only photos and leaving only footprints". Even taking rocks over time from hundreds of people and hundreds of trips can have an impact.
  • Do a trash pick-up with some rubber gloves and a trash bag and clean up the trails.
  • The most important thing is that we learn to appreciate nature by spending more time outdoors, respecting nature and working towards protecting it. 

Getting started with an outdoors business

  • There are a lot of opportunities out there to start with a low overhead with marketplaces like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, and TripOutside.
  • Write down your goals and steps that you need to get there.
  • Don't let the challenges stop you. Part of growing a business is solving problems day after day and solving problems doesn't have to be a roadblock, it can be part of the fun.
  • Start small and see where it goes.
  • Permits required: trails are managed by different entities and land owners. National Parks, National Forests, ex. Jefferson County Open Space.
  • Get certifications to be certified guides
  • Get CPR training
  • Wilderness first aid training
    • Guides to have wilderness first aid training

Apr 22, 202235:47
EP 29: Paddling | The Great Alabama 650 paddle race | Kayak, Canoe or Paddleboard and compete in this epic paddling race
Jul 21, 202143:59
EP 28: Paddling in Spokane Washington w/ Fun Unlimited

EP 28: Paddling in Spokane Washington w/ Fun Unlimited

Fun Unlimited is an outfitter based in Post Falls, ID that offers rentals in three major areas: Spokane, Washington and Post Falls / Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

A husband and wife team, we were joined by Keith Quien from Fun Unlimited today to talk about his love of the outdoor industry and the different outdoor opportunities there are in the Northwest.

Segments from this episode:

00:00 - Intro
1:05 - Opportunities for SUPing and kayaking
2:35 - Best times to visit Spokane, WA for outdoor activities
10:30 - What Keith likes to do for adventures
13:30 - Uber’s positive impact on outdoor adventures
15:45 - Stillwater Paddle Boards
17:05 - Different types of paddleboards in the market
20:45 - Things to keep in mind when going to Spokane

Book your next human-powered adventure at!

Jul 14, 202125:04
EP 27: Learn to Mountain Bike in Sedona w/ SMBA and Evan Puglia

EP 27: Learn to Mountain Bike in Sedona w/ SMBA and Evan Puglia

Sedona Mountain Bike Academy is an outfitter based in Sedona, AZ that helps mountain bikers become better riders.

In fact, Julie and I took a lesson with them a little while back and I felt like I had improved overnight because of it.

In today's episode, we were joined by Evan Puglia to talk through everything mountain biking and give you a few pointers on how you can become a better rider yourself.

Segments from this episode:

00:00 - Intro
2:10 - Evan's background as a rider
7:15 - The team at Sedona Mountain Biking Academy
9:45 - Common errors in mountain biking
17:00 - The fears of getting into mountain biking
22:20 - Evan's favorite trails to ride
25:00 - Some of the challenges Sedona trails are facing
29:30 - How to properly set up your mountain bike

To book your next human-powered adventure, visit us at

Listen, watch or read

Jul 07, 202136:43
EP 26: Stand up paddle board, snorkel in Hawaii or Alabama with Pure Aloha Adventures

EP 26: Stand up paddle board, snorkel in Hawaii or Alabama with Pure Aloha Adventures

Pure Aloha Adventures was founded in 2014 and is a locally owned, woman-owned, and woman-ran small business in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii!

They offer up snorkeling, stand-up paddling, and scuba diving adventures in Hanauma Bay and now also operate near Dauphin Island in Alabama.

In today's episode, we were joined by Eva Ramos to talk about everything she's learned in her career after leaving everything behind in 2008.

Segments from this episode:

00:00 - Intro
1:18 - The inspiration that led to Eva leaving everything behind
4:45 - Dauphin Island in Alabama
9:00 - Swimming with turtles in Hawaii
11:30 - Best adventures in Hawaii
16:30 - Paddling in Alabama

To book your next human-powered adventure, visit us at

Jun 30, 202121:21
EP 25: Raft the Arkansas River in Salida, CO with Dvorak Expeditions

EP 25: Raft the Arkansas River in Salida, CO with Dvorak Expeditions

8-day classical music rafting trips, climbing 14ers, and lobbying for wildlife conservation.

Outdoor educators and outdoorsman, Bill and Jaci Dvorak founded Dvorak Expeditions in 1985 in the scenic Arkansas River Valley of Colorado. As early pioneers of western whitewater river rafting in the Rocky Mountains, Dvorak Expeditions owns the first outfitter license by the state of Colorado.

At last count, Dvorak Expeditions has accumulated over 60,000 miles of river running experience, and Bill Dvorak has personally instructed the Dvorak Expeditions guide-training course for over 35 years.

In today's episode, we were joined by Bill Dvorak to talk about everything they've built and learned over the last 40 years of being in the rafting industry.

Segments from this episode:

00:00 - Intro
03:58 - Different adventures in the Arkansas River Valley of Colorado
8:00 - Impact of cleaning up the river
12:26 - Wilderness bills and lobbying for wildlife conservation
16:00 - The beauty of the Arkansas River
21:00 - The best time to go rafting in Colorado
24:45 - Trends in outdoor recreation
26:05 - Tips for climbing a 14er
28:55 - 8-day classical music rafting trips?
32:30 - Day to day operations of running an outfitter

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Jun 16, 202138:46
EP 24: Adventure Explorations with Cody Meassick

EP 24: Adventure Explorations with Cody Meassick

Founded in March of 2020, Adventure Explorations is an outfitter based in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. Climbing, hiking, and kayaking are just a few of the things that they do. In addition to these smaller adventures, they offer fully customizable trips into the wilderness in and around Pennslyvania.  

Cody and Chris's purpose at Adventure Explorations is to be the bridge between people’s discovery of their potential, their possibilities, and choices, and the freedom it creates. All that they are and do is devoted to building this connection.  

We hope that you enjoy the conversation as much as we did and if you find yourself in the Northeast, check out Adventure Explorations for a wilderness adventure.   

Segments from this episode:  

00:00 - Intro 

04:00 - Starting an outfitter during the pandemic 

7:37 - The benefits of being in the outdoors 

17:00 - Kayaking in Pennsylvania 

20:20 - The types of trips that Adventure Explorations offers 

26:30 - The top outdoor things to do in Pennsylvania  

Book your next human-powered adventure online at

Jun 09, 202133:20
EP 23: Laguna Ethos with Justin Behrenden

EP 23: Laguna Ethos with Justin Behrenden

Fall in love with Laguna and the marine reserve with Justin from Laguna Ethos. In this episode, Justin shares his passion for the wildlife below the water and how they're helping spread the stoke in the world by taking people out on kayak trips, surf lessons, and hiking trips.   

Segments from this episode: 

00:00 - Intro 

4:02 - How Laguna Beach is Being Preserved 

9:00 - The Tours Laguna Ethos Offers 

13:07 - Other Things to Do in Laguna Beach 

15:20 - What It’s Like Starting an Outfitter During the Pandemic 

18:45 - Sea Lions in Laguna Beach 

20:45 - How to Get Into Free Diving 

23:47 - Running an Outdoor Business 

28:15 - What Justin Does for Fun in Laguna Beach  

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EP 22: The Blue Mountains Trail Project with Jared Kennedy

EP 22: The Blue Mountains Trail Project with Jared Kennedy

The next stop on our virtual adventure was in Oregon with Jared Kennedy from The Blue Mountains Trail Project.  

Jared Kennedy co-founded a company called The Outdoor Project in 2012 and built the company to be a global brand offering resources and travel guides for over 8,000 locations across the globe. In the last year, the company was acquired and since August of 2020, Jared has been the project lead for The Blue Mountains Trail Project.  

His thoughts on tech-enabled conservation and connecting communities make this episode definitely worth a listen.


Segments from the episode:  

00:00 - Intro  

4:10 - The Origins of the Blue Mountains Trail Project 

8:15 - The Founding of the Outdoor Project 

11:10 - Challenges of Maintaining Trails 

15:10 - How technology can help protect wildlife 

20:45 - Current status of the Blue Mountains Trail 

25:00 - Hells Canyon National Recreation Area 

26:11 - When can people start hiking the Blue Mountains Trail? 

30:02 - How to get started with backpacking   


To learn more about the Blue Mountain Trail Project, check out their website here:  

To register for the hellraiser, you can do so here:   


Here are a few of the other organizations that are supporting The Blue Mountains Trail Project...  

Oregon Natural Dessert Association - 

Six Moon Designs - 

Travel Oregon -

Apr 28, 202138:33
EP 21: Adventures in Crested Butte, CO w/ the Burton's from Wheelies and Waves Adventure Co.
Apr 21, 202133:47
EP 20: SUP Yoga in Hawaii w/ Kelsey Moore from Yoga Floats
Apr 14, 202132:24
EP 19: Underwater Tours in Puerto Rico w/ Brenda from Rincon Diving & Snorkeling
Apr 07, 202143:01
EP 18: Kayaking in Miami with Brooke and Santi from Clear View Kayaks
Apr 01, 202136:53
EP 17: Explore Taos Ski Valley Resort in New Mexico with CEO David Norden
Mar 24, 202142:41
EP 16: Orlando, FL | Paddling w/ Greg Pflug
Mar 17, 202136:31
EP 15: Rim Tours Mountain Bike Adventures in Moab

EP 15: Rim Tours Mountain Bike Adventures in Moab

Our journies in Moab continue. This time we dive into one of our other favorite adventures - mountain biking.   

Today, we spoke with Kirstin Peterson at Rim Tours to talk about the history of mountain biking in Moab and the different adventure opportunities there are in the area.  

In addition to our conversation about the different tours they offer and her love of mountain biking, we chatted about some of the craziest stories she's experienced as a guide. 

Segments from the episode:   

0:00 - Intro  

0:05 - When did Rim Tours start?  

4:15 - How far does Kirstin ride per year?  

14:23 - What are some of Kirstin's personal favorite tours?  

24:45  - What did the early days of mountain biking in Moab look like?  

31:20 - How to book a tour with Rim Tours...  

36:00 - Memorable stories from the days before cell phones and GPS  

43:25 - Level of experience required to take tours with Rim Tours in Moab  

49:00 - Kirstin's favorite things about mountain biking  

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Mar 12, 202153:51
EP 14: Canyoneering and Pack-rafting in Moab with Desert Highlights
Mar 04, 202141:21
EP 13: Wild Louisiana Tours
Feb 24, 202127:27
EP 12: Burn and Earn Calories with Buffalo Bike Tours

EP 12: Burn and Earn Calories with Buffalo Bike Tours

Based in Buffalo, New York, Buffalo Bike Tours gives you the opportunity to see all aspects of the city while burning and earning calories along the way.  

Travel via bike through historic Buffalo New York and explore all of the local food places and culture that Buffalo has to offer.   

Known across the united states for their Buffalo chicken wings, Buffalo shares many more rich cultural aspects and is a great place to explore.

Thanks again to Marc Moscato for joining me and sharing more about Buffalo Bike Tours.  

Things covered:

Erie Canal Trail from Buffalo to NYC

The story of John Young, the Original King of Buffalo Wings

00:34​ What was the inspiration behind starting Buffalo Bike Tours 

04:20​ Combining your passions and your life with your business 

07:28​ How did you get start running the tours? 

11:00​ Bringing exciting new entertainment tours to Buffalo 

17:03​ What are some fun things to do around Buffalo? 

20:25​ What’s the best time to visit Buffalo? 

21:00​ What are some of the tours that you offer? 

23:20​ The story of John Young, the Original King of Buffalo Wings

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EP 11: Take a wildlife safari and see Dolphins with Charleston SUP Safaris

EP 11: Take a wildlife safari and see Dolphins with Charleston SUP Safaris

Take an eco-tour or SUP Safari in Folly Beach on your next visit to the Charleston, SC area. Today, we chatted with Jon about the safaris that offer dolphin viewing in their natural habitat.

I had a pleasure chatting with Jon about his personal journey and what led him to start the company as well as his draw to the southeast after traveling the world and visiting 38 countries.   

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did and take a trip to Folly Beach soon!  

Fun facts from the episode: 

- The Folly Beach area is one of the most biodiverse wildlife areas in the world 

- Dolphins live in pods and the adults have to leave the pod and find one of their own after they are 2 years old 

0:23 How'd you get into paddling and paddle surfing? 

07:56 How did you start Charleston SUP Safari? 

11:00 What are some of the tours that you offer? What makes it a Safari? 

15:15 More on the Dolphins, their family and pod structure 

19:25 How the community outreach program helps the children in the area find a passion for nature 

22:36 How Y2O (Youth 2 Ocean) is helping kids get outdoors 

24:25 How getting out in nature has an impact on kids 

27:45 How do SUP lessons work and getting started with SUPing? 

31:00 How hard is Paddle Surfing to start as a sport? 

34:00 What are some other fun things to do in Folly Beach?  Please consider donating to Y20 to help kids get outdoors:

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EP 10: How to select skis and snowboards. Should you buy or rent? Find out with Colin from Black Tie Skis - Mammoth

EP 10: How to select skis and snowboards. Should you buy or rent? Find out with Colin from Black Tie Skis - Mammoth

Choosing the right skis or snowboard as a first-time buyer can be overwhelming, so we sat down to chat with the experts at Black Tie Skis - Mammoth. Colin explains the decisions that go into picking out the right skis based on height, weight, snow conditions, and style.

We also talk about whether you should rent or buy and what you should buy (boots) vs. rent.

I hope that you find this conversation as helpful as I did. We got to learn so much about gear selection and the amount of work that goes behind the scenes of getting us on the mountain.
Chapters: 0:00 

Welcome Colin from Black Tie Ski Rental Mammoth 

0:48 Is Mammoth Mountain open for skiing for the 2021 season and what are the COVID restrictions? 

04:10 What should you consider before booking a ski trip to Mammoth in 2021? 

06:00 How to decide what type of skis or snowboard to buy or rent? 

08:50 The importance of boot fitting 

11:00 How does the style of skiing impact the ski and snowboard selection? 

16:00 What are the factors to consider when buying or renting a snowboard? 

18:25 What goes into Black Tie Ski Rental on the backend to get you the perfect ski fitting 

21:26 What's a good time to buy used or demo skis? 

23:00 Renting skis vs. buying? How many days do you need to ski to make a good ROI on the ski purchase? 

25:40 Benefits and reasons to buy your boots  

26:40 FAQs on ski rental delivery 

28:30 What do you love about Mammoth Mountain?  

32:29 What do you love about the town of Mammoth?

We also chat about Mammoth Mountain and what makes it an amazing ski destination that needs to get added to your "must ride" list.

To book your Mammoth Ski Rental, check out Black Tie Ski Mammoth. They offer an exclusive 10% off discount to Trip Outside members.

Feb 03, 202136:21
EP 9: Explore the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

EP 9: Explore the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska

The Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska is one of the most magical places in Alaska and Liquid Alaska Tours provides human-powered adventures that get you up close and personal with the glacier. You get to canoe to the glacier and then hike and climb on top of it. If you're lucky and the conditions are perfect, you can explore the ice caves that get created naturally in the glacier.

Here is a reason to skip the helicopter tour and paddle across a beautiful lake, reduce your environmental impact and save the glaciers for future generations to come.   

Chapters 0:00 Intro 

00:25 How did Liquid Alaska Tours start? 

01:35 What are some of the tours that you offer at the Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska? 

03:45 Learn about the Ice Caves on the Mendenhall Glacier 

06:00 What is the wildlife like around Juneau? 

08:45 What are the popular places to visit in Alaska? Summer vs. winter 

11:35 When do the Mendenhall Glacier Tours start for the season? 

12:45 What is the town of Juneau like? How many people get to be on the glacier? 

17:35 What is it like to run a tour company?


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EP 8: Paddle through Mangroves near Naples Florida
Jan 20, 202122:24
EP 7: Learn to surf in Santa Barbara

EP 7: Learn to surf in Santa Barbara

Surfing can be a very challenging and scary sport to get into, but the rewards that it offers are truly worth giving it a shot. Take the stress out of learning surfing and try a lesson with iSurf.

This conversation was more than just surfing. It was about trying hard things, things that are not going to be easy to master right away, and not always a 100% guarantee of a good time. But, these hard things teach us more about ourselves and can provide so much value to our life like finding a state of presence, being patient, and helping us find calm in our daily lives.

We absolutely love what iSurf is doing to help support women with their non-profit organization. I hope that this conversation inspires you to go out and try hard things, whether it is surfing or another activity. Find yourself overcoming your fears and gaining confidence in the process.

Chapters 0:00 intro 

0:40 What is iSurf school? Do you offer rentals and lessons? SUP tours? 

05:00 What are the benefits of a surfing membership? 

06:45 What are some of the factors when getting started with Surfing? 

10:05 How many lessons do you need before you can start surfing? 

12:30 What is the hardest thing about surfing?  

14:20 How has surfing helped you in your life outside of surfing? 

16:40 What keeps people from trying surfing and common fears? 

18:25 What are some things that people end up loving after they get over their fears? 

19:40 What are some reasons to love surfing?  

29:00 What is the checklist for getting into surfing and how much does it cost? 

33:44 What is the best time to visit Santa Barbara and try surfing?

Book your surfing lesson, SUP tour, and more in Santa Barbara​

Jan 13, 202136:25
EP 6: Recreation and conservation - How outdoor recreationalists can work to protect wild places and protect wildlife for generations to come
Jan 06, 202145:31
EP 5: Canoe, camp, hike, portage, repeat: find yourself in the subtle beauty of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN with Steve Piragis

EP 5: Canoe, camp, hike, portage, repeat: find yourself in the subtle beauty of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN with Steve Piragis

Plug-in to unplug. This episode captures the tagline of the podcast.

Did you know that the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in MN expands over a million acres and over 2 million acres when combined with the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada, making it one of the largest wilderness areas and the most visited?  

Explore all of the details shared in this podcast in the
blog post.

There are over 1200 miles of canoe routes, over 2000 campsites spread over 1 million acres of wilderness.

In this episode, we chat with Steve Piragis, who moved to the small recreation town of Ely, MN in the 70s on a research project and has spent over 40 years guiding and helping people explore the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

We chat about so many things including: 

- what makes the Boundary Waters unique compared to other wilderness areas or backpacking trips 

- what the best times to visit are, learn the permitting process

- what to bring and what you can rent

- how has the wilderness area changed over the last 40 years and what it was like to take a canoe trip in the 70s and 80s

There is so much to see and explore in the BWCA, we hope that you find inspiration in this episode to take a trip up to the glacial lakes of Minnesota and feel the beauty of this wilderness first hand.

To get ready for your trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area visit us at

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EP 4: Explore New Mexico with MST Adventures

EP 4: Explore New Mexico with MST Adventures

In this episode, we chat with Corey from MST adventures and learn about the hidden gems of New Mexico, the land of enchantment.

We cover how Corey started the business to fill his passion for getting people outdoors and helping others appreciate all that nature has to offer. The amazing outdoor destinations within New Mexico.

You can find the full details, maps, and links on the blog post here.

Places to visit and things to do in New Mexico

Sandia Mountain Recreation


Bandelier National Monument

Via Caldera National Preserve

San Antonio hot springs

Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area

Gila National Forest and Gila Wilderness

Things to do:

Paddleboarding the Rio Grande and seeing the balloon festival

Snowshoeing (sometimes to visit hike in hot springs)

Backpacking around Wheeler Peak Wilderness Area

Exploring the small towns and wilderness areas 

Dec 17, 202046:53
EP 3: Canyoneering, climbing and exploring the hidden adventures of Zion National Park
Dec 09, 202039:37
EP 2: Exploring Pagosa Springs CO with Pagosa Mtn Sports
Nov 24, 202037:43
EP 1: Ski Rental Delivery with Black Tie Skis
Nov 24, 202044:29
Introducing: The TripOutside Podcast

Introducing: The TripOutside Podcast

The TripOutside podcast offers Inspiring interviews for those who love exploring new places, human-powered adventures, and the outdoors. Host and co-founder Reet Singh interviews world-class guides, outdoor industry experts, and entrepreneurs about outdoor places and activities. Human-powered experiences can lead to the highest level of self-realization of what our minds and bodies are capable of achieving.


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