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Trouble with Me

Trouble with Me

By Joan Pahisa & TabiFolk

Your (in)accessible travel experiences’ podcast. Join us on this ride and enjoy the suspense of our accessibility horror stories. Get useful tips, so that planning your next accessible trip may be easier, and discover how’s accessibility in cities and tourist attractions around the world. All of it sprinkled with cool accessibility tidbits and, of course, some necessary dark humor. An initiative by TabiFolk, your accessible travel community, and hosted by Joan Pahisa. Also available on YouTube with subtitles.
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Episode 10. Trouble in Tokyo

Trouble with MeAug 26, 2023

Episode 10. Trouble in Tokyo
Aug 26, 202321:48
Episode 9. Trouble in London
Jul 23, 202325:32
Episode 8. Trouble in Brussels
Jun 20, 202325:27
Episode 7. Trouble in San Francisco
May 08, 202328:57
Episode 6. Trouble in Kyoto
Apr 04, 202321:22
Episode 5. Trouble in Madrid
Feb 22, 202327:36
Episode 4. Trouble in Paris
Nov 13, 202223:07
Episode 3. Trouble in Barcelona
Nov 01, 202222:15
Episode 2. Trouble in New York
Oct 05, 202222:51
Episode 1. Trouble in Osaka
Oct 05, 202223:14
Trailer. Trouble with Me
Sep 30, 202200:53