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#trpplffct | your poetry podcast

#trpplffct | your poetry podcast

By Arjan Tupan

Always look at the poetic side of life. This podcast talks about poetry, seeing other people's points of view and features a (Tritriplicata) poem in every episode.
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Chapter 15: James

#trpplffct | your poetry podcastJul 11, 2022

Chapter 15: James
Jul 11, 202208:60
Chapter 14: Larissa & Kelly

Chapter 14: Larissa & Kelly

In this Chapter 14, we continue the conversation with Larissa and Kelly from Poetry Trapper Keeper. The focus now is on the value of poetry. Not just the reading, but also the writing. Especially when done together.

Check out the full show notes in our inbox poetry magazine on

Apr 26, 202209:01
Chapter 13: Michael
Apr 12, 202208:60
Chapter 12: Kelly & Larissa
Mar 22, 202209:01
Chapter 11: Raffaella
Feb 22, 202209:00
Chapter 10: Samantha
Feb 08, 202209:00
Chapter 9: Jazz
Jan 25, 202208:56
Chapter 8: Amy

Chapter 8: Amy

Amy is one of my favourite poets. Subscribe to her newsletter to get her work delivered to your inbox. You can find ACM Weekly here.

As a great gift for yourself, or anybody you hold dear, buy Amy's book The Hillside Diary. Get and review the book here.

More about this podcast and full show notes in your inbox poetry magazine #trpplffct | fresh poetry & friends.

Jan 11, 202208:59
Part 2 Teaser

Part 2 Teaser

Part 2, AKA season 2, of #trpplffct | your poetry podcast will start on 11 January 2022. New chapters will drop every second and fourth Tuesday of the month. This is what you can expect (and more). Listen and subscribe.

Jan 05, 202200:38
Chapter 7: Becoming A Parent
Jul 05, 202008:60
Chapter 6: Image of an Old Voice
Jun 11, 202008:60
Chapter 5: A Pulsing Force
Apr 27, 202008:41
Addendum 1: Additional Harley King Poetry

Addendum 1: Additional Harley King Poetry

When I launched the Tripple Effect podcast, I made a plan for the episide. There's a recipe to each. An order. These are the three promises, as I like to call them, of this podcast. These three promises are:

it is about poetry;
there will be a
tritriplicata in it;
a chapter, or episode, will be no longer than 9 minutes.

Keeping the first two promises is not so hard. The third one gets me into a bit of trouble. But, where one door closes, another opens. And on planet Tripple Effect, glasses are always half full. That bit of trouble can quickly turn into an opportunity.

As I was working on chapter 4 of my podcast, I had too much material to keep it under 9 minutes. But what I had in access, was too good to let rot on some editing room floor. Virtual or not. It was not enough for a full chapter either. Fortunately, a solution presented itself quickly: an addendum. The first one for this podcast. It features two poems by Harley King, the guest of chapter 4. And some additional remarks on poetry. Listen below, and don't forget to check out Harley's profile on Medium.

Apr 21, 202005:18
Chapter 4: A Poet's Journey
Apr 08, 202008:56
Chapter 3: The Beauty of Challenges
Mar 25, 202008:46
Chapter 2: Poetry and the Corona lockdown
Mar 17, 202008:33
Chapter 1: Introducing the Tritriplicata
Mar 09, 202008:46