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Truck N' Hustle

By Rahmel Wattley

The Number #1 Trucking Business and Culture Podcast in the world! Trucking Industry heavy hitters share their stories of success, failure and reveal their biggest money making tips. Hosted by Industry Enthusiast and Entrepreneur Rahmel Wattley
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*Disclaimer: The views expressed and products endorsed by our guests on the (Truck N' Hustle) Podcast are not those of the "Truck N Hustle" podcast, its host or any of its affiliates.
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#103 Mike Stewart - How To Build A Million Dollar Fuel Transport Company | Reliant Tank Division

Truck N' HustleJul 27, 2021

#103 Mike Stewart - How To Build A Million Dollar Fuel Transport Company | Reliant Tank Division

#103 Mike Stewart - How To Build A Million Dollar Fuel Transport Company | Reliant Tank Division

Mike Stewart is literally in a big league of his own.

The 34 year old entrepreneur has built an impressive fleet of 9 Trucks and 15 trailers, specializing in hauling hazardous materials (HAZMAT) that consist of everything from Fuel to Wine and Orange Juice.

And it took him about 3 years.

The California native attributes his rapid growth in this niche to a few key things. One, he and his team’s attention to performance, Two, prioritizing his driver’s and having extremely low turnover. and Three, the fact that Hauling Hazardous materials is not over saturated like some of the other trucking niches. In fact, the demand is so high that Mike implores other to get in now.

The opportunities are great endless.

Mike started his driving career at 23 following in his fathers footsteps, who also is a tenured driver. He began working for CR England as a company driver, but quickly became a owner operator seeing the high earning potential. Things with CR England , would not last long. Although Mike built up to 2 trucks, he got frustrated with the industry and sold them both.


After some “time off” Mike decided to haul fuel because he knew it was the highest paying local CDL job in his area and he had previous HAZMAT experience. He took on the most difficult fuel hauling position and developed a passion for it. He would even grow to have supervisory role in his company, but his dreams for the company were bigger than their own.
“The company did not see their own potential!”
Mike wanted bigger!

Mike took what he learned and all his HAZMAT experience, purchased a truck and a old tanker trailer and started Reliant Tanker Division.

Fast forward Today, Mike has grown the company to not only hauling Fuel, but to specializing in all things HAZMAT with a mix of tankers, reefers, flatbeds and more. He has mange to carve out his own lane and has audacious plans for the future.
Jul 27, 202101:10:24
#102 Sharae Moore - The Biggest Trucking Event Of 2021!!! S.H.E Trucking Expo

#102 Sharae Moore - The Biggest Trucking Event Of 2021!!! S.H.E Trucking Expo

You can't talk about Women in Trucking without mentioning she trucking
In the last 5 years Sharae Moore along with her community of 16,000 female drivers have been the voice for womens representation in the male dominated trucking industry.

Coming from a lineage of truckers, Sharea started out as a driver 7 years ago. Since then She has went on to start her own her own trucking business as well as build one of the most recognizable brands in trucking With her S.H.E trucking clothing line. In addition she has built the largest community for womens empowerment in the trucking industry,

Sharae has been featured on Facebook, Uber, CNN and recently National Geographics television show Breaking Bobby Bones.

During the day when she's not being superwomen she training people on how to pass their knowledge test and drive to become CDL holders solving the biggest problem in the trucking industry to day, the need for Drivers!

Now, Sharae is taking things to another level. Share and her S.H.E trucking community will be hosting the SHE Trucking Expo in Chattanooga, TN. The venue hosts up to 6,000 people lining it up to be one of the trucking industries most powerful networking events of the year.

From a Nurse to a Trucking Entrepreneur, CDL Instructor and Visionary, Sharae Moore is showing that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and a little Magic ✨
Jul 20, 202152:36
#101 - Mike Nelms - Start Your Trucking Business For Free | Keep Trucking Transportation

#101 - Mike Nelms - Start Your Trucking Business For Free | Keep Trucking Transportation

Buffalo NY’s native, Mike Nelms, is a multi-prenuer who has garnered a reputation for helping others to start trucking businesses and doing it for Free.

The HBCU Howard University alumni who has dual degrees in physiology and administration of justice, Started Keep Trucking Transportation which consists of his own fleet of trucks and also truck investors.

The company is designed walk investors though the process of starting, operating and scaling their trucking business.

Mike’s company will dispatch and help you manage your operation while the investors are able to be hands off and collect a residual income.

Mike has started several businesses over the years, in total 6. He got his start with a medical billing firm. Which he would grow to become a success.

Later, seeing a need in transportation, Mike would take his already established organization and pivot into the trucking industry.

He got his start with box trucks, which he scaled up to 12. He would later diversify into semi trucks, growing up to 17 total.

Mike and his team developed a system for dispatching and scaling which would help them grow and they wanted to share their strategies with others others including friends and investors looking to get into the trucking industry.
Jul 13, 202152:10
#100 Kim Wages - Your Favorite Fleet Owners, Secret Weapon |The Silent Partner

#100 Kim Wages - Your Favorite Fleet Owners, Secret Weapon |The Silent Partner

Kim Wages is the best-kept secret for trucking company owners and investors.

With thousands of trucking company authorities going active monthly, driver processes and procedures are often overlooked in haste. Kim spotted this problem and now with his signature “onboarding process” has helped over 180 trucking companies set a standard of excellence before their driver and truck tires touch the road.

Kim, the Queens, NY naitive, grew up in a rough evoirnement that he refused to become a product of. His father was imprisoned, when he was at a young age, causing Kim and his older brother to grow up fast enduring the streets while seeking a more productive path.

“Kim Kim” as he was know by in the neighborhood would grow and soon leave NY behind relocating to the Altanta where he got his start in the workforce after year's of trying to figure things out. Kim started his career working in a warehouse, growing into a leadership role at 20. He followed that by going to school to become a air plane mechanic but later realized that it wasn't for him.

Subsequently, Kim got his CDL embarking on the journey with a entrepreneurial mindset.

He would start off as a team driver and would later grow his own fleet of trucks through the Landstar system.

Later, utilizing his knowledge, Kim would become the go-to guy, implementing “driver onboarding” as a white-label service for new upstarts. This service includes Meeting your company driver on location and taking them through a meticulous “Onboard Process”.

Also, During the pandemic Kim and a partner also used their mechanical knowledge of trucks to do trucks sales, finding used trucks at auction, making them roadworthy, and re-selling them to customers looking to buy used at a substantially lower than market value cost, moving roughly 15 trucks p/month.

With all these accomplishments, Kim and his team are just getting started and the future is bright.


Special thanks to my brother Fatman Scoop for the love.
Congrats #Hustlefam on 100 episodes
Jul 06, 202101:25:15
#99 - Alix Burton & Adam Wingfield - Collaboration>Competition & 16,000 Trucking Entrepreneurs

#99 - Alix Burton & Adam Wingfield - Collaboration>Competition & 16,000 Trucking Entrepreneurs

On today’s podcast, we caught up with Alix Burton of Good Energy Worldwide & Innovative Logistics Groups, Adam Wingfield. The tandem, have been changing lives over the past year since their merger turning the pandemic into a plandemic. Prior to this collaboration Each of the two were making a splash in the trucking and logistics industry with their own respective business endeavors. Now, Together they are responsible for training a staggering 16,000 thousand students helping them pursue and realize their trucking business dreams. What makes this partnership great is their ability to compliment each other. Not only do they lay out the blue print for trucking success, but they prepare you to have the proper mindset as you tred through the industries sometimes murky water. There mission is to get you in business and keep you in business with proven strategies from their own success and lessons form their individual failures. This podcast will reset your thinking and give you the motivation to embark on this entrepreneurial Trucking journey. They also give some insights on what's next as they continue to raise the bar in trucking and logistics education. Make sure you check out our guests online at Adam Wingfield Alix Burton & Adam Wingfield And check out The All In One Trucking Portal It's Bigger than trucking, Get ready for a whole lot of Innovative - Good Energy! Also, Make sure you join us Tuesday night 8:00 pm after the podcast for a Free live webinar. our webinars will be exclusively for our Patreon members moving forward, So make sure you tap in with us and join our growing community WWW.PATREON.COM/TRUCKNHUSTLE You Never know what might happen when these guys enter the room.
Jun 22, 202157:39
#98 Domo - 9 Years In Prison, To 9 Dump Trucks In 3 Years | Pull-Up Bar Master

#98 Domo - 9 Years In Prison, To 9 Dump Trucks In 3 Years | Pull-Up Bar Master

When Dominique aka “Domo” was only 19 years old He was incarcerated on a felony drug conviction.
He was released 9 years later at the age of 28.

When Domo came home, he had to adjust to society and more importantly try become a productive member of it. While in prison Domo, studied for his CDL knowledge test and got his License immediately after release .

He had interest in Trucking for 2 reasons.

One, it’s was a trade and skill that one could take away from him
And The second Which I won’t spoil for you.

Interestingly, After getting his license, Domo did not drive for 4 years, still dabbling in the streets trying to find his way adjust.

Eventually, He decided that he no longer wanted to gamble with his life and he had to do something else.

He jumped back into Trucking...

Though most companies would not be receptive to Domo because of his past and prior felony conviction He was given a shot to drive a dump truck for a local small business owner with One dump truck.

This experience would be a pivotal moment for Domo as he would learn the dump truck industry.

He would establish himself as a worker and find out how, when and where to get work by making all the right connections with some key players In the industry.

Soon, Domo felt that he was Ready for entrepreneurship. In 2017, Domo purchased his own brand new #kenworth dump truck to drive and started Pull-up bar master, LLC named after his passion for fitness and doing pull ups.

In 2018 he purchased his 2nd truck and last year in 2020 he purchased 7 more.

Many people have questioned a criticized Domo quick ascension, but he maintains that there is a method to his madness and he continues to prove the naysayers wrong.

Domo continues to grow his company and fleet as a owner and now a broker providing opportunities for other small dump trucks companies.

He accepts the fact that at one point he took from his community so now it’s his responsibility to give back by providing jobs.

I can assure you, this podcast is one of the realest most uncut show we’ve recorded to date. Domo gives us a unfiltered look into the dump truck industry, his very own personal growth and overcoming adversity.

Domo says it best here

“Being an entrepreneur definitely has it’s benefits
I’m my own boss so I make my own schedule
I own my own trucks so
If I want to pull over and work out
I just pull over and work out
When you realize the importance of living life on your own terms and getting paid well while doing it, then you will understand how important being an entrepreneur is!
Jun 15, 202150:48
#97 Kory Neal - Building The 2nd Largest Minority Owned Truck Dealership In The USA | K.Neal TBC

#97 Kory Neal - Building The 2nd Largest Minority Owned Truck Dealership In The USA | K.Neal TBC

When Kory Neal was just 15 years old in 2006, his father, Stephen Neal had just retired as an executive with #giantfoods. Shortly After retiring, In the pursuit of creating a legacy for his family, Stephen acquired an aging truck dealership. This acquisition would be the origin story of the family business.

When his father purchased the dealership a the then young Kory’s passion was sports.

Kory would become a successful college football athlete attending Eastern Michigan and would also earn a bachelor of science degree. Afterward college he would pursue a pro career in the NFL.

Kory was invited for a few NFL tryouts but his professional career did not pan out.

Kory would Take his passion for sports and apply it to business. He connected with his father and dedicated himself to the family business and worked full time at the dealership.

Kory would learn the full scale of the operation from A to Z as his father groomed him for leadership. In 2018 Kory father stepped down and Kory became the President and Ceo helping to grow and transition the dealership to what is now the 2nd largest black owned Truck and Bus dealership in the country.

The company thrived under Korys leadership. In 2019, it was listed as Black Enterprises #35th largest black owned business generating over 103 million in sales.

What may be even more impactful is the fact that ONLY 2 out of 2,100 TRUCK dealerships in the country are black-owned. K.Neal Truck and Bus Center is one of them. This makes this entirely bootstrapoed family opertion even more unique and incredible.

The Growth...

Today, K. Neal Truck and Bus center has 4 locations through the Washington DC metropolitan AREA.

Its newest corporate location is a 40,000 square foot, 2 story facility that sits prominently off the highway as you enter into Hyattsville,Maryland.

This newly erected state of the art building was a 15 million dollar project which includes a full service maintenance facility, 15,000 square feet of parts inventory, a showroom floor and much more .

K.Neal remains a leader amongst it's competitors capturing almost 50% of the school BUS market share In THE state of MAYLAND and slew Truck orders.

Kory admittedly is obsessed with the numbers and the results, But his true passion is service and people. Which is evident in his organization.

this podcast is extremely inspirational and should serve as an example of what investing in the longevity of your family can yield for generations. #Salute Stephen and Kory Neal for leading the way.

Jun 08, 202156:16
#96 Jairo Cruz - How To Build A Massive Dump Truck Operation In Under 5 Years | J&G Cruz Trucking

#96 Jairo Cruz - How To Build A Massive Dump Truck Operation In Under 5 Years | J&G Cruz Trucking

Although his favorite player is the great Kobe, Jairo Cruz reminds me of a #timduncan in this Dump Truck Game. He’s fundamentally sound, knows how’s to lead his team, keeps it simple, puts up buckets and wins championships. He has developed a recipe for success that has grown his company to operating and dispatching 30 Dump Trucks in under 5 years with multiple contracts that keep him and his team busy all year around. All this without driving!!! Nope, Jairo doesn't have a CDL... Jairo got started in sales, but quickly found out that entrepreneurship was in his blood and wanted to do something bigger than would feed his family forever. He wanted a truck, a dump truck! He would start looking for business opportunities by literally going job site to job site and creating relationships with site managers. Jairo took his savings and invested everything he had and bought his first truck in 2016, Brand new! By the end of that year he had 5 more. In this podcast he talks about his keys to success, developing and KEEPING meaningful relationships that equates to customer security, how he's scaled his fleet and the one thing that gives him a competitive advantage. Tuesday night after the podcast its Truck N’ Hustle OT, Live webinar / Q&A 8pm with Jairo Click the link above to register.
Jun 01, 202155:20
#95 Akash Patel - How To Build A Million Dollar Auto Transport Brokerage | Yellow Brick Transport
May 25, 202101:03:06
#94 Chris Bright - How To Build A 7 Figure Last Mile Operation In Under 2 Years

#94 Chris Bright - How To Build A 7 Figure Last Mile Operation In Under 2 Years

#Startsmallendbig Chris Bright represents the true essence of Truck N’Hustle.
An Avid listener and supporter of the show, Chris started his business under 2 years ago, but with the help of his community and team has grown a flourishing last-mile operation that consists of 7 box trucks and 12 Sprinter Vans. In total, they deliver about 5,000 packages per day.

Chris has always been a entrepreneur. His first passion and business was a print shop, which he invested every thing he had into but would ultimately fail.
After that experience, Chris wanted to try his hands at something new and was interested in the exploding trucking industry.

With little knowledge Chris began to do some research. He would find that the expense of getting stated with a semi truck was a bit more that he could invest at the moment.

This is when Chris found the term “courier service”. He would began to explore last -mile logistics and it would become his niche and also his passion.

To start, Chris went out and got his first box truck while still working a full time job. He would work his 9-5 during the day and deliver packages for Amazon at night. He would slowly grow his operation adding on additional box trucks.

Chris would then begin to connect with his community to scale and build no limit truck co. To where it is today.

Purpose driven, Chris's goal is to create 100 jobs in his community, of which the number is currently at 35 and counting. Job creation is Chis and his teams most important KPI (key performance indicator). Join our Free Webinar Tuesday May 18th 2021 “How To Build A 7 Figure Last Mile Operation”
May 18, 202101:13:04
#93 Delmard Wood - How To Build A Trailer Rental Company - 138 Trailers | Rent My Trailer Now

#93 Delmard Wood - How To Build A Trailer Rental Company - 138 Trailers | Rent My Trailer Now

May 11, 202101:14:29
#92 Marshall Faulk & Javon Ronel - NFL Hall OF Famer Is Teaching The Game Of Money To Truckers For Free - 3PL Perks

#92 Marshall Faulk & Javon Ronel - NFL Hall OF Famer Is Teaching The Game Of Money To Truckers For Free - 3PL Perks

In 2011, Marshall Faulk was inducted into the NFL’s Hall of Fame. He is arguably One of the greatest running backs in NFL History and part of “The Greatest Show On Turf” which was the Rams nickname in 1999 when they went 13-3 advancing to their second Superbowl.

20+ years later Marshall is still running the plays and scoring touchdowns, but now his passion is financial literacy. More than a athlete, marshall realized the importance of understanding his numbers and his finances early in his career. By knowing what to do with his money, Marshall has been able to have great success, starting multiple business ventures and not fall victim to the financial woes many athletes face after sports.

Marshall, has now teamed up with his childhood friends Javon Ronel, a trucking industry vet of 15+ years. Javon Identified a need in The trucking community and saw a huge gap in the financial education and planning available for Truckers and people in the trucking industry. He tapped in to Marshall’s financial planning background and leveraged his industry knowledge to create 3PL Perks, a program geared toward creating reward points for carriers to use toward financial services to do what they already do best. Move freight! This program also provides a free analysis of your finances along with the suite of services. Check out this episode as we dive into Marshall and Javon’s story and talk about how they came up with this Innovative new concept. You can Find out more at
May 04, 202101:09:25
#91 Brock Phillips - How To Build A Million Dollar "Local" Trucking Operation

#91 Brock Phillips - How To Build A Million Dollar "Local" Trucking Operation

At 22 years old, most young adults are still trying to find their way to figure out their next steps. Brock, the Maryland native, was starting his Trucking business, Phillips Transportation, only 1 year after getting his CDL license.

6 years, 6 Trucks and 8 Trailers later, Brock is a seasoned vet in the game and he established himself as one of the DMV areas premier small trucking companies.

What’s really unique about Brocks operation is that he has been able to build a million dollar operation keeping his entire fleet LOCAL! Yes, absolutely No (OTR)Over The Road, which is unusual for most trucking upstarts.

Brock and his team of Interstate Hustlers are truly killing the game and on this episode he gives away his Complete “Local” Formula.” I promise you do not want to miss this one. Brock drops gem after gem as he takes us through his journey from truck driver to business owner.
Apr 27, 202101:45:38
#90 Shareef Abdul-Malik - Is "We Buy Black" The Black Owned Amazon?

#90 Shareef Abdul-Malik - Is "We Buy Black" The Black Owned Amazon?

According to research, the black dollar last ONLY 6 hours in the black community compared to 28 days in the Asian, 19 days in the Jewish and 17 days in other white communities. This staggering statistic is why it is widely believed that the racial wealth gap in America isn’t going anywhere. (Thesis)

Now, You may know the brand! The black and orange “We Buy Black” logo has been circulating on social media for some time now amassing over 1 million followers on Instagram and other social platforms . Their page is filled with inspiring stories of black entrepreneurs who are creating, marketing and selling everyday household products form soaps, detergents to tooth brushes and underwear.

The man behind the brand, however, has manage to keep himself out of the spotlight focusing on the people instead of himself.

Shareef Abdul Malik was born in Washington DC (Chocolate City). From day one he has been and entrepreneur taking lessons he would learn form his early childhood and applying them to multiple businesses from selling fragrances in the streets to painting houses.
Today, he is working to change the narrative of black ownership by empowering black owned business to thrive, building a marketplace where black owned products can be showcased and consumed.

I this Interview I asked Sharif If We Buy Black” was “The Black Amazon” and his answer may surprise you.

Mission driven, Shareef’s journey is more about principals then profit and family then fortune. This episode will truly inspire any entrepreneur who is starting a business focused on impact. Tune is as we dig into the logistics and conception of “We Buy Black” And learn how a marketplace is built form the ground up with no trust fund just pure hustle.
Visit for more
Apr 20, 202101:48:57
#89 Aushley Frazier, MBA - How To Build A Trucking Asset Management Company & Buying Trucks At The Auction

#89 Aushley Frazier, MBA - How To Build A Trucking Asset Management Company & Buying Trucks At The Auction

Apr 13, 202101:01:26
#88 Thomas "Tank" Johnson - Building The Largest Network Of Black-Owned Trucking Companies With UPS

#88 Thomas "Tank" Johnson - Building The Largest Network Of Black-Owned Trucking Companies With UPS

Thomas “Tank” Johnson’s
story starts out like many who have come from poverty, unfortunate circumstances and a rough childhood. Growing Up in Memphis, TN, Tank had his share troubles. Football would become his ticket to college and would get him out of that environment.

Tanks talents would eventually lead him to the NFL where he would have a fruitful career and retire with the Falcons. The NFL would provide opportunities for Tank and his family that were beyond his wildest dreams coming from his circumstances. Tank would have many memorable moments and enjoyed his career ,however, like most athletes life after sports can be an uphill battle and very difficult to find your footing.

Tank had to start over, and find a career outside of sports. One of the most pivotal moments for Tank would be joining a program for Athletes going back into the workforce.

Through this program, Tank had now found transportation. He started off by working as an intern to learn before starting his own company with some friends.

Through some ups and downs and and extremely interesting turn of events, Tank, would eventually partner with UPS . Tank’s company did such a great job with UPS they offered to invest in his company to increase his capacity as they had interest in diversifying with minority carriers and simply did not have enough performing at Tank’s companies level.

At this moment a lightbulb went off for Tank “How about a Consortium concept?” Instead of taking the opportunity for himself Tank decided to reach out to his Network and offer the work to other minority carriers he knew. Not long afterwards he would pool together over 500 minority carrier units for UPS and his concept became a reality.

With this consortium concept, Tank and his team controls and helps to allocate millions of UPS’s spend to Only black and minority carriers. Tank has plans to replicate this concept with other larger outfits and create more opportunities in the future. To learn more about the consortium click here and UniteUs Global
Apr 06, 202101:04:21
#87 Shay Lynn Dixon "How To Become A High Ticket Freight Broker”| Allegiant Logistics | Aerospace
Mar 30, 202147:51
#86 Coby Pegway - The 3.5 Million Dollar Amazon Year!
Mar 23, 202101:11:31
#85 Shaquana "SHAQ" Teasley "The Beast Of Global Logistics & International Trade!" Agate Solutions

#85 Shaquana "SHAQ" Teasley "The Beast Of Global Logistics & International Trade!" Agate Solutions

Brooklyn, NY Native Shaquana Teasley is probably the last person you would’ve expected to sit in the position she does today. From humble beginnings, Shaquana has earned 3 college degrees and amassed a long list of professional credentials. She’s beat the odds many times over and has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the global logistics and international trade world. “Shaq” which is a name that was given to her by her colleagues and international business associates, is recognized for her industry knowledge, work ethic, unwavering tenacity and many accomplishments. They call her “The Beast!” Throughout her career, she has lead import duty recovery programs contributing to over 25million in duty savings. She has led the international trade compliance of initiatives for the military defense industry, home goods, chemicals, footwear, apparel and sporting goods. In other words, Anything From the imports of Blackhawk aircrafts a pair of Jordan 1’s, it’s a chance “Shaq” may have had her hands in the transaction. Maybe , The most interesting thing about Shaquana’s resume is the fact that she started out as social worker with no intent of pursuing global logistics and international trade. It has been and uphill battle, however, along the way Shaquana has been reminded that she didn’t belong and most times could not find anyone to relate to. That feeling of loneliness and lack of representation would spark new purpose and Agate Solutions was born. Now, Shaq is reaching back into the communities and environments she grew from to educate others on the opportunities in the global logistics and international trade space. With methods like the “Shaq breakdown”, Shaquana is simplifying the complex and preparing us all to do international big business. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hustle fam! Truck N’ Hustle Now has Patreon, a platform to support creatives. Click the link If you would like to support the Truck N’ Hustle movement!
Mar 16, 202159:43
#84 Tyson Lawrence - Starting over from Zero to 15 Million in 4 years & INC 500 List | TAKTIK Logistics Group
Mar 02, 202101:00:14
Bonus - DAT | Dean Croke - Freight Market Trends N’ Stuff | DAT Analyst

Bonus - DAT | Dean Croke - Freight Market Trends N’ Stuff | DAT Analyst

DAT freight & analytics reached out for some potential partnership opportunities with TN’H. They have a great legacy and are definitely the standard in the space. I told them for us to get behind any product or resource “you have to feed the hustle fam first”! No problem, they said. They connected me with Dean Croke, their principal data analyst who was able to give some great insights on the current trends in the market. We had a short impromptu conversation. Let me know what y’all think. I asked Dean if he would come on the show and give us updates periodically?! I loved the insights and I hope you will find them useful as well. Also DAT is offering some discounts to sign up to their load board services through our show. If you want to get a free month of DAT load boards check out there links below. Full transparency, Truck N’ Hustle does receive a small affiliate compensation of you decide to sign up! If not just enjoy the quick show and the awesome information Dean provided! DAT TruckersEdge - 1 month free: DAT Power - 1 month free:
Feb 24, 202126:35
#83 Bradford Allen "The Truth About Commercial Truck Sales!" | Black Rock Truck Group
Feb 16, 202151:45
#82 Destiny Rykard - How To Broker Freight W/ No Authority & Do Last-Mile Delivery W/ No Trucks!
Feb 09, 202101:05:52
#81 Lorenzo Badie & Justin Singh “Forget Trucks, Control The Freight”|S And R Logistics JB Inc

#81 Lorenzo Badie & Justin Singh “Forget Trucks, Control The Freight”|S And R Logistics JB Inc

What is Third party Logistics (3PL)? On today’s show we discuss the opportunities in transportation, specifically in this space. We tapped in with Lorenzo Badie and Justin Singh to find out about their operation and how they went from a 2 truck, trucking company to a 600 + truck carrier network 3PL/Trucking Agency. Justin and Zo have a created a One Stop Shop for their strategic logistic partners. This is a passionate episode full of jewels. We talk Trucking, Technology, Crypto currency and a whole lot more. Make sure you follow Zo @Zobadie and Justin @SANDRLOGISTICSJBINC
Feb 02, 202101:07:22
#80 Marcus Cooksey-“The Quickbooks Killer” Artificial Intelligence for Trucking Accounting | Duke.AI

#80 Marcus Cooksey-“The Quickbooks Killer” Artificial Intelligence for Trucking Accounting | Duke.AI

Episode #80 Marcus Cooksey .

Technology is not going anywhere, In fact everyday it becomes a bigger part of our lives and our businesses.

Marcus Cooksey is a former Trucking Company owner with a tech and engineering background. Marcus is the CEO and engineer responsible for creating a platform and application which solves one of the biggest pain points individuals face as truck drivers and owners.

Marcus started his career in tech working for major companies such a Texas Instruments as a engineer. He was even impressively apart of the team that would create #AmazonEcho in its infancy stages.

Following a health scare, Marcus had and ephipany that he wasn’t living up to his full potential and wanted to try his hand in entrepreneurship. He would then venture out with a family member and start his own trucking company and get into the Tanker niche.

5 years later he would dissolve the company and was born. Duke.ia is the QuickBooks killer, providing reports and functionality that is particular to the trucking industry, Now, with almost 4,000 users they are looking to disrupt the trucking industry in the accounting space.

Listen until the end to find out how only TNH listeners can access the platform for FREE!!!!! Using promo code “TNH@DUKE.AI” Check out the website here at
Jan 26, 202101:16:25
#79 Cesar Ruiz - "5 Trucks, 5 Reefer Trailers N' Business is Booming | American Truck Routes

#79 Cesar Ruiz - "5 Trucks, 5 Reefer Trailers N' Business is Booming | American Truck Routes

On today’s show we catch up Cesar Ruiz a young trucking Entrepreneur and owner of American Truck Routes( ATR). Cesar, a 2nd generation truck driver started out as street dancer in Long Beach, CA. Inspired by his father he would get his CDL at 21 and learn the industry. Fast forward to 2018, he would start his own company. In the past year, Cesar’s trucking business has grown. He has concentrated his niche on Reefer Loads which has paid off tremendously . According to OOIDA, 84% of Trucking companies in the US fall into the 1-6 truck category, this episode is a look into the current state of trucking for the small trucking businessman. Follow Cesar Ruiz and ATR on Instagram @abovetheroad
Jan 19, 202154:45
#78 JK Logix - The $24 Billion Dollar Van - Secure Cannabis Transport

#78 JK Logix - The $24 Billion Dollar Van - Secure Cannabis Transport

According to a recent article in Forbes Magazine, The Legal Pot industry is expected to add national brands and reach $24 Billion in sales in 2021.
This industry is new and emerging which creates a level playing field for all who want to participate.
As with all commerce there will be many transportation and solutions needed to manage the anticipated capacity.
Meet Kory and Jordan Kiefer of JK Logix. Lansing , MI’s upper echelon secure transport company. The brothers got their start in trucking with their family business Matrix Transportation providing 3PL services and hauling auto parts building a sizable business of over 60 trucks and 150 trailers.
In 2016 they would pivot when a friend, suggested they lend their logistical knowledge to the transportation side of the cannabis industry. They began to explore secure transport along with their third partner Cameron and JK Logix was born . Right away the team noticed huge gaps and opportunity as pertained to compliance and security in the industry. They entered into the market place creating a fully compliant solution based Secure Transport operation unlike any of their competition. Today, Jk Logix has established themselves as one of the leading secure Canibus transport service providers in Michigan supplying over 115 locations weekly including the popular Cookies dispensary popularized by hip hop superstar Berner.
Tune in to episode 78 as we explore this emerging nitche and learn how you to can start your own secure transport business. Check out more information about JK Logix here at
Jan 12, 202101:03:02
#77 Herman Marigny - Just Bought Over $1M Dollars Worth of Trucks, Now Wants To Give One Away, Free!
Dec 29, 202001:03:10
#76 "The 5 Keys To Winning During And After Peak Season!" w/Hope White

#76 "The 5 Keys To Winning During And After Peak Season!" w/Hope White

#Hustlefam, We wanted you to enjoy your holiday week, but still leave you with some gifts for the Holiday’s under your virtual tree. So I brought back the unstoppable, Hope White. Fresh off the ground breaking of her new 10.65 acres container storage facility, as discussed in episode 68, Hope is back with some quick timely gems she wanted to share with the hustle fam. In this episode, Hope will break down the 5 keys to winning during and after peak season and how you as a small business owner can take advantage of the opportunities currently available. Get your pen and pad and take notes as Hope uncovers some very specific and tangible steps to set your company up for success!
Dec 22, 202033:07
#75 - Brittany K. Barnett - 90 Days, 17 People Free From Life In Prison And A Trucking Company!

#75 - Brittany K. Barnett - 90 Days, 17 People Free From Life In Prison And A Trucking Company!

Inspired by a flawed criminal justice system Brittany Barnett left her job as a corporate lawyer to take on our judicial system, “pro bono”, which was and is still disproportionately jailing black and brown people convicted of drug crimes based on unfair, bias and outdated laws.
Brittany first came to national attention when she and her co-counsel were able to successfully litigate the release of 17 people in 90 days serving unfair sentences for drug crimes.
Her organization “Buried Alive” received funding and endorsement from television personality and influencer #kimkardashianwest .
This organization was founded by Brittany, along With Co-founders #Sharandajones, successful entrepreneur and criminal justice advocate and #Coreyjacobs, Senior advisor to Sean P Diddy Combs at Combs Enterprises. Both, Sharanda and Corey, were at one point sentenced to life in prison for federal drug charges with NO prior drug convictions and were cases in which Brittany litigated.


To date, Brittany along with co-counsel has litigated over 50 cases for early release and has been extremely active utilizing her resources for criminal justice reform.
Her passion , activism and fight has been well documented. What some may not know
Is that Brittany is also a trucking entrepreneur.

Staying true to her WHY, Brittnay teamed up with one of her former clients, who served 15 years in prison, to build a Trucking company, Trustworthy Trucking. She has since grown her fleet and looks to expand in 2021 as she learns the business and provides opportunities for the formerly incarcerated people.

Brittnay hopes to inspire and also help fund others in their endeavors as they re-enter society.

Wait there is more ...

This year Brittany also penned the Best Selling and Top rated #1 book by Amazon “A Knock At Midnight’” in which she’s shares her journey and the stories that guided her path. A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, and Freedom
Dec 15, 202001:07:38
#74 Serita Lockley - “13 Dump Trucks In 7 Years” | Lady Lockley's Trucking

#74 Serita Lockley - “13 Dump Trucks In 7 Years” | Lady Lockley's Trucking

Serita Lockley is a self made dump truck entrepreneur who’s been hustling as far back as she can remember.
In 2010 she started Lady Lockley’s Trucking with one dump truck which she would scale to 13, 7 years later.
Serita had built a name for her self and a her companies reputation proceeds itself. In the dump game, in VA (757) she is known as a “monster” and a hustler who gets the job done and gets it done right.

Recently, her business has scaled down in equipment but grown in efficiency. She has became a government contractor and is certified MWOB. This certification opened many growth opportunities including 3 local government contacts.

Serita breaks down the game and tells us about her journey throughout the trucking world starting some 15 years ago . She also touched on her newest endeavors which includes an expansion into boxtrucks and now even television being recently featured on Amazon Primes video tv show Regular Hero’s. Make sure you follow Serita for more dope content on Instagram @ladylockleystrucking. Two Up, Two Down stand up!
Dec 08, 202001:02:08
#73 Umair Chaudry - From Prison at 15 Years Old to Building 30 Trucking Companies | U Consulting

#73 Umair Chaudry - From Prison at 15 Years Old to Building 30 Trucking Companies | U Consulting

Adopted at 3 years old by his uncle who was in the trucking business Umair (Sam) Chaudry @uc78612 faced many challenges early and throughout his life in his 28 years.
As troubled youth, by the age of 15 he went to prison and did a 5 year sentence.
After returning home, he entered the workforce working low income jobs due to lack of opportunities for someone with his past.
Sam then reconnected with the Trucking Business and worked his way up as a dispatcher managing a mid size fleet of 14 trucks single handed.
His skill would be recognized and he was offered an opportunity to work with the owner of company on a new endeavor.
Shark Logistics was born. Due to a lack of knowledge, Sam’s company did not do well the first year and was not profitable. They would later get things on track and recoup some of their losses.
As The future began to look bright, growing the company to 6 Trucks, things were derailed by an accident that involved a fatality and Sam’s company driver.
This would change Sam’s outlook on life and business. He than shifted his focus to helping others as his company was caught up in legalities.
With @_uconsulting Sam wanted to help companies (30 + ) not make the mistakes he did along with helping them make more money and connecting them with the right people along the way.
On Episode 73 The self proclaimed “Shark” tells the #hustlefam all about his challenging journey and gives some great insights as to how he gets it done.
Dec 01, 202001:24:10
#72 TaNeshia Reed - “Life After Death” | How Trucking Entrepreneurs Can Win With Life Insurance
Nov 24, 202057:10
#71 Tay Carter 40 trucks in 4 months | “Free Dispatch Training” | JTX Trans | The Freight College
Nov 17, 202001:46:54
#70 Daniel Ashville Louisy - Trucking, Waste Management, Aggregates& More! “The Ashville Empire” UK
Nov 10, 202001:13:12
#69 Ashley Thomas "Make 10K A Month Recruiting Drivers While Providing Jobs" Supreme Driver Recruiting
Nov 03, 202052:07
#68 Hope White - $682K in 4 Months & 10.65 Acres of Land” Trucking Vs. Logistics/HD White Logistics
Oct 27, 202001:09:59
#67 LaTosha McNair - The Hidden “Gold Mine” Of Trucking Back Office Support! LNJ Enterprises
Oct 20, 202001:16:48
#66 Renado Robinson "The Trucking Insurance Episode! Crosswinds Insurance Agency
Oct 13, 202050:21
#65 Coach Sheldon Moore- Start A Box Truck Company ! Yael Transportation/Atruckerprener
Oct 06, 202001:11:46
#64 Je’Ron Hamm - “A League Of Our Own” NFL Pro to Trucking w/Pro Haul Logistics.

#64 Je’Ron Hamm - “A League Of Our Own” NFL Pro to Trucking w/Pro Haul Logistics.

Je’Ron Hamm found his way into the NFL football league by way of his natural talent, ability and hard work. However, after a injury he would find himself looking to invest his earnings into a business because of the inconsistency in his professional athletic career. J chose the trucking industry taking a queue from one of his peers in the league. Although his start was Rocky, J persevered and now continuities to grow his business Pro haul Logistics. Check his story as he walks us through his journey in entrepreneurship, talks about giving back to his community and the process of of finding success. Follow J on Instagram @j_hamm86 for more dope content and info. Also join him and over the 10k subscribers on his YouTube page Pro Haul TV.
Sep 29, 202001:03:13
#63 Eric Coffie - The “DIY” Method To Winning Government Contracts!” GovCon Giants
Sep 22, 202001:33:07
#62 Jay Rich - "Corporate America To The Trucking Business Her Way!" The Queen Trucker

#62 Jay Rich - "Corporate America To The Trucking Business Her Way!" The Queen Trucker

Jay Rich is an educated and decorated professional who could of had any job opportunity she wanted in the corporate sector. In fact, before Jay got her CDL's, she had 3 six figure job offers on the table. Jay, however, had a bigger plan! After hearing from a friend about the opportunities in trucking, she took her smart’s, talent and hustle to the trucking industry. As a driver, Jay would get it from the mud, as she learned and developed her skill. She found a passion for driving and although she began her career as a trucker, she always had a plan to apply her business acumen and eventually become and owner of her own trucking company. Today, she is the owner Jay Rich Global and she plans to add 20 trucks to her fleet by the years end. In this podcast we cover it all and learn about her truly inspirational journey. Follow Jay Rich on Instagram @jayrichtrucking for more dope content and updates and on YouTube.
Sep 15, 202001:11:27
#61 Ses Amillion - Hauling “Car$ for the $tars!" - Millionaire Auto Transport (Car Hauling)
Sep 08, 202001:08:53
#60 "Su" Sanni "A Dollar Van N' A Dream" - The Business of Dollar Vans &Tech in NYC -Dollaride

#60 "Su" Sanni "A Dollar Van N' A Dream" - The Business of Dollar Vans &Tech in NYC -Dollaride

Since the 80’s NYC and other metropolitan areas have been known for their infamous “Dollar Vans”.
These vans are small commuter vans that hold multiple passengers and can get you to your destination fast!
Before Ubers and Lyft, commuters saw Dollar Vans as the cheaper alternative to taxi’s.
Historically these vans would charge “only $1 dollar” for a ride along a normally pre determined route.
Now, “Su” and his team at Dollaride have directly partnered with Dollar Van operators to expand their territory, increase their profits and give passengers more affordable travel options in transportation deserts.
Dollaride has added tech to create a seamless payment process to the once cash only business and added some other cool features to enhance the user experience.
Check out “Su”s story as he takes us through his entrepreneurial journey, selling his first start up #wedidit and raising 60 million in venture capitol to starting his current company, Dollaride.

Sep 01, 202001:10:41
“If You Are Hearing This, It’s Too Late!” - 3 minute challenge
Aug 25, 202026:26
#59 Mobile Home Elite Investors “Flipping Mobile Homes to buying a Mobile Home Park!”
Aug 18, 202001:00:53
#58 Ryan Akers "12 Trucks in 12 Months" Royalty R Enterprises

#58 Ryan Akers "12 Trucks in 12 Months" Royalty R Enterprises

In this episode we talk to Multi-prenuer Ryan Akers @onlyryanknowsbest owner of Royalty R Enterprises. After trying everything form a moving truck, to box trucks, to dump trucks, to semi’s, Ryan has been able to amass a 12 truck fleet using groups economics and good business acumen. We take you thorough Ryan’s journey as and his growth as an entrepreneur and learn about the secret sauce to his 12 of entrepreneurial success.
Aug 11, 202001:31:44
#57 Chasity Mims "The Power of Branding" Declared Marketing
Aug 04, 202058:16
#56 John & Diannette of H84 Exports “Building A Global Logistics Exports Empire From the Ground Up!”

#56 John & Diannette of H84 Exports “Building A Global Logistics Exports Empire From the Ground Up!”

John & Diannette are the owners of H84 Exports @h84exports .. Their company streamlines the sourcing, procurement and export of construction and hospitality supplies locally and to the Caribbean . .. Basically, they are the plug for builders to get whatever it is they need to build. They source everything from doorknobs to drywall, you name it.  John & D literally started from nothing , barely able to afford a business bank account in the beginning, but with grit resourcefulness and determination they took their industry knowledge and turned it into their very own empire.  With Sourcing, Warehousing, Freight Consolidation, Shipping & Delivery, they have gradually expanded their business to control the supply chain and do it in “White Glove” fashion. Tune in on #trucknhustletuesday Tommorow at 3am to hear their story wherever you listen to Podcasts .. Will also be available on YouTube at Truck N Hustle Tv #trucknhustle

Jul 28, 202001:24:45