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Try Faith Podcast

Try Faith Podcast

By Chad Seagle

Vince Lujan and Chad Seagle have over two decades of collective experience in ministry around the Christian church. Over that time we have heard numerous stories of hope, suffering, joy and the gambit of human emotions as we've shared life with people.
This is a place to hear and highlight those stories. To have fun. To laugh. To cry. To celebrate. These are people who gave faith a "try" and how it has impacted their lives.
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"Miracle" featuring Dan Rodgers

Try Faith PodcastMar 10, 2023

"The Methodist Movement in Romania" featuring Pastor Rares Calugar

"The Methodist Movement in Romania" featuring Pastor Rares Calugar

The Methodist church has been in America for hundreds of years, but you can imagine what that first 10 years must have been like? The Methodist movement officially began in Romania in 2011! Hear from Pastor Rares as he shares about how the Methodist movement came to be and the ministries that have popped over up the past decade to tackle the needs and injustices in the city of Cluj, Sibiu and outer villages. From orphans, to outcasts, to refugees from the war in Ukraine; Rares shares incredible stories of how God is taking care of the marginalized and using their community leaders to bring healing and wholeness to these people.

As you hear these stories and are moved to help these ministries, you can make a one time or repeating donation here:

May 07, 202301:50:14
"The Daycare is here!" with Liz Hancock and Jeni Walsh

"The Daycare is here!" with Liz Hancock and Jeni Walsh

Faith UMC was intentionally built to host a daycare, but has gone years without finding the right partner.....until now! This episode features the director of North Texas Love and Care (Liz Hancock) and the Children's Coordinator at Faith (Jeni Walsh). They share about two separate and similar roller coaster journeys that leads to two dreams finally coming true. Hear and celebrate answered prayers in these two incredible stories.

Also, you will go back in time to experience Vince and Chad's childhood activities as they tow the line between feral and civilized.

If you would like more information on North Texas Love and Care Daycare, you can message them on their Facebook page:

Apr 25, 202301:07:00
"Miracle" featuring Dan Rodgers

"Miracle" featuring Dan Rodgers

This isnt the 1980 Miracle on Ice story, this is a TRUE miracle as told by Faith's Dan Rogers. Hear the story of an explosion in his home and how small details and "coincidences" lined up to save his life! You will also get to know Dan better as he shares about the crazy games he played with his brother growing up, how he found faith, and how this miraculous experience has changed him.

Vince and Chad also dive into the Advent/Christmas season as they attempt to guess the top Christmas songs of all time. 

Interested in this faith community? You can find out ways to get involved here:

Mar 10, 202301:42:10
"God Believes in YOU" with Mitch McVicker

"God Believes in YOU" with Mitch McVicker

In this episode we have Dove Award winning artist and friend of Faith UMC, Mitch McVicker.

Mitch shares about his origin story, his influential spiritual mentors, and defining moments that shaped his life. Mitch shares wisdom that feels like one sentence sermons as he explores what it means to have faith through the difficulties of life. 

Exclusive: Mitch shares a song from his new album "Behind the Lightning" that you can hear first HERE! And then go see him in concert at Faith UMC on March 5th at 7pm! 

Also, Vince and Chad explore the world of targeted ads and each encounter that led to them seeing various ones on their feed. Warning: it confirms everything we already knew.

Feb 20, 202358:32
"Relationship Maintenance" with Pastor Jenna Johnson

"Relationship Maintenance" with Pastor Jenna Johnson

Chad and Vince sit down with Pastor Jenna Johnson to talk about relationships. Through her experience and training in pre-marital counseling, Pastor Jenna shares what it takes to communicate well, set boundaries, make a budget together and more practical maintenance for our current and future relationships. 

Chad and Vince also reminisce about the best parts of Fall and challenge Pastor Jenna to a game of local commercial jingles. 

Helpful Links:


Strength Finder:

How to fold a fitted sheet:

Feb 14, 202301:25:00
Faith UMC's Origin Story with Pastor John McLarty

Faith UMC's Origin Story with Pastor John McLarty

If you enjoy "Behind the Scenes" entertainment, we've got the Faith UMC version on today's episode. 

Chad and Vince sit down with the founding pastor of Faith UMC, John Mclarty, and explore how Faith UMC came to be in 2003. From important decisions made by the community, unique ways God moved, trips down memory lane at the first ever worship service, to itinerate ministry and why Methodist pastors move; we cover it all. 

Also, if you are a fan of Mumford and Sons, Chad has done some DEEP research to quiz Vince in our 2 truths and a lie game.


Feb 02, 202301:21:44


In this episode we sit down with Rod and Kathy Simundson. They share an incredible story around adoption takes unexpected turns and spans decades. 

Also in this episode, Vince challenges Chad to try and name music across the decades. But Chad counters by asking Vince to describe these common sports terms. 

If you have feedback, you can reach us at: 

Oct 21, 202201:45:56
"Teen Brain Development and Therapy"

"Teen Brain Development and Therapy"

In this episode, we speak with licensed therapist Betsy Morris about the different developmental stages of the brain. We spend a lot of time around the teen phase and how that practically plays itself out in the home and how understanding this invisible development can lead to compassion and practical steps in dealing with your next uniquely teen encounter. 

Betsy also shares about the pandemic, what it did to our mental health and how therapy can benefit us all as we continue to recover. 

A few resources Betsy shares about in this episode:

"The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz

"Parenting Teens with Love and Logic" - by Foster Cline and Jim Fay

"MasterMinds and Wingmen" by Rosalind Wiseman

"Queen Bees and Wannabes" by Rosalind Wiseman

Bonus resources that Betsy recommends:

"Boundaries" by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

"Boundaries with Teens" by Dr. John Townsend

"The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown

"Brainstorm" by Daniel Siegel, MD

"The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman

Oct 03, 202201:21:51
"Hospitality" featuring Sarah Chambers

"Hospitality" featuring Sarah Chambers

We're back after a bit of an hiatus! 

Hear what Chad and Vince have been up in recent months. Chad expresses new found awe, wonder and respect for mothers as a result of parenting classes and listen to some top shelf voice acting by Vince. 

Sarah Chambers is on the mic with us and she regales us with her amazing story of converting from Judaism to Christianity. 

Kinda apropos for the Lenten/Easter season, don'tcha think? 

Apr 15, 202201:15:01
"Redemption" featuring Lynne Luckey

"Redemption" featuring Lynne Luckey

The episode features Lynne Luckey as she shares about her personal history, battle with sobriety, being a single mom and incredible journey to becoming a person of faith. 

Vince and Chad share about the "Wisdom Wizards" from their past and how it has informed them today.

Also, we have a new sponsor! Thanks Sub Orbital Worship! 

Feb 05, 202247:43
"Grief" featuring Heather, Chris and Travis Ausec

"Grief" featuring Heather, Chris and Travis Ausec

Chad and Vince kick off the show on a light note and share their favorite "Awww....sick!" moments.

Then we sit down with The Ausec's as they share personal stories of grieving the death of young teens and how their faith and community helped them through tragic loss. 

If you or someone you love is battling depression here are a couple of resources:

Local in the Denton area is the Denton Public Health website for Depression in teens/children:

Nationally there is the Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 

Jan 28, 202201:30:02
"Waiting" featuring Philip Sorrells

"Waiting" featuring Philip Sorrells

In this episode we sit down with "antennae guy" Philip Sorrells. Philip is a super successful businessman, father, grandfather and shares with us intimate stories of loneliness, waiting, and what's ahead as he battles cancer. 

If you'd like to follow Philip's journey you can find him here:

Jan 07, 202249:08