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Turning the Page!

Turning the Page!

By Brainspired Publishing

This podcast began as Positively Joieful. The idea was to share happy news and events during a time when ugly politics, and the pandemic, dominated the airwaves. Still a good vibes podcast, and as a result of a very organic transition, Turning the Page is now featuring and dedicated to 2SLGBTQ+ writers, published authors, books, and book clubs. Join us for the interviews, readings, audio book launches, book clubs, bookstore events, writer nurturing episodes, surprises for our listeners and more. Our stories matter!

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Turning The Page: Quackers, Pride Book Club, and Submissions

Turning the Page!May 05, 2022

Turning The Page: Quackers, Pride Book Club, and Submissions

Turning The Page: Quackers, Pride Book Club, and Submissions

Coming on the heels of our first "in person" book launch at Glad Day Bookshop, in Toronto, and following pandemic restrictions! We're excited to speak with new children's book author, Denise Easson, the librarians who collaborated to form the Pride Book Club, and finally we talk about how to submit your manuscripts effectively. All of this sandwiched in between our often silly banter and our serious commitment to representation for the 2SLGBTQ+ community.

Yes, we put the LIT in LITERATURE!

About Denise Easson - Author

Denise Eason began her calling as a camp specialist and has developed an impressive curriculum vitae since then. With a background in social work, her resume includes Director at a children's camp, engaging youth at risk in wilderness experiences, group homes, and working with mentally handicapped adults. Ad present Denise works in the health services sector, besides now being a children's book author. She keeps her love for life strong through 'glamping', kayaking, canoeing, hiking, equestrian activities, writing, and exploring new life experiences.

About Pride Book Club

This Pride Book Club is a collaboration between Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga Public Libraries. It is a great way to meet readers from all three communities and talk about books you may not have discovered on your own.

All are welcome to join us for this virtual book club featuring titles written by 2SLGBTQ+ (2 spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) authors.

Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga Libraries strive to contribute to a culture that recognizes diversity and fosters social inclusion. In this book club, diverse ideas can be communicated while following our collective responsibility to uphold safer spaces for all community members.

This podcast is sponsored by Brainspired Publishing

May 05, 202242:22
Turning The Page - Debut Episode - March 2022

Turning The Page - Debut Episode - March 2022

Still the good vibes podcast that so many of you have loved, and listened to, Turning The Page takes us into the much enamoured world of books. In this new format, episodes will be broadcast every two months, with segments that include author interviews, book clubs, writer help, audio book launches, reviews, surprises and more. 

Along with unique perspectives, and humour, hosts Joie Lamar and Antoine Elhashem bring a lifetime of successful experiences in writing, marketing, and publishing to this podcast.

This episodes guests are Journeys of Courage Author, Wayne Douglas Harrison, and much beloved book club - The Velvet Page from London, England!

About Wayne Douglas Harrison

Wayne Harrison has dabbled in writing throughout his life but got serious after retirement and set a goal to get published. His first book, Out of Fear, led quickly to his second, Into Uncertainty, and thus the Journeys of Courage series was born. He is currently writing Taking Control, the third book in that series.

An activist in the fight for equality, Wayne has taken the municipal, provincial and federal governments to task to recognize equal rights for the LGBT community. He became active in the PFLAG movement in 1996 when he co-founded the Saint John Chapter and became Vice-President of the Board charged with organizing a national body which became Pflag Canada. He served as their first Executive Director from 2003 - 2006. He lives in the Saint John area of New Brunswick with his husband Ross. Find and like Wayne Douglas Harrison on Facebook

About The Velvet Page

Started in January 2012 as an idea by award winning book seller Chris Jones. We want to encourage like-minded bookworms to meet and discuss books and films with an LGBTQ+ theme. Also, make recommendations to each other.

Chris being busy in Waterstones’. And a technophobe left the administration to Robert Hacking – the two have run the group successfully ever since.

With a lot of members all around the world, the Velvet Page regularly gets authors to join meetings. Either in person or online, we chat with authors about their work and craft. We even had one come all the way from Australia!

Fun and friendly the group is free to join and with no membership fees. We are here to help combat loneliness and isolation for LGBTQ+ people of all ages. Come along and give us a go!

Books to be read are chosen periodically by members from a shortlist of recommendations. Join our community online.

About Brainspired Publishing - Readers can order our books here too!

Mar 01, 202251:17
Transitioning to the new and exciting 'Turning the Page' podcast.

Transitioning to the new and exciting 'Turning the Page' podcast.

Sponsored by Brainspired Publishing, Turning the Page will feature an ever growing and  talented group of authors. Listen in to the audio interviews, readings, book clubs, announcements, book store events, and more. 

We're still Positively Joieful at heart, but focused on 2SLGBTQ+ literary representation. In this episode Kero Saleib, Joie Lamar, and new producer Antoine Elhashem discuss the many plans, the many wonderful memories, and everything in between, all with laughter, jest, and love for each other. In a nutshell, Positively Joyful, now known as Turning the Page, is just another way for us to show our love to our rainbow community and the world as a whole.

Dec 08, 202130:48
Goddess Day Arts Festival

Goddess Day Arts Festival

Our fabulous host, Kero Saleib, interviews the Goddess Day Arts Festival Board of Directors: Cat Grant, Natalie Jansz-Lamar, Davina Hader, and Nancy Beaton. Goddess Day Arts festival is a woman run, registered not for profit, whose sole purpose is to empower, celebrate, and showcase all women and non-binary artists and performers of all different genres. Their 3rd annual festival, in 2021, is presented in three separate video acts for safety reasons (Covid-19) and Act 2, streaming on June 26th at 4pm, is their PRIDE edition! Tune in to hear the why, how, and passion behind this much needed festival. This is another fun and good vibes Positively Joieful episode! 

Jun 24, 202126:51
The Religion of Social Media

The Religion of Social Media

The pandemic has changed our social media habits. What's appropriate and not for social media is also different these days. One hard truth is that in order for many of us to have contact with other people; friends, family, or even work, our connectivity is at an all time high. People are flocking to a variety of platforms and platforms are developing at an alarming daily rate. We now accept long hours on Social Media as the "new normal". 

Anything with that much exposure can become a religion. Listen in as Joie and Kero discuss their shared experiences, some of the technology, and have a comfortable conversation with social media professional, Ferdinand Eric. 

As always, we choose to be ourselves, raw and uncensored. We want our podcast to feel as if you're sitting with us and we are all just thinking out loud. We aim to NOT be over rehearsed, stuffy, or robotic. Positively Joieful is a good vibes, good time, and good listening podcast. 

May 11, 202140:06
We are back!

We are back!

Deep into the pandemic, a year later, Joie and Kero discuss it all! This episode is raw, unscripted, and evidence of how much we missed doing our podcast, each other, and our listeners. There's a bit of swearing and a lot of laughter. Most importantly, if our conversation can help anyone, in any way, that makes us Positively Joieful!

Apr 01, 202136:31
Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

Please join us (Joie and Kero) as we welcome Pride 2020 and talk about what pride means to us. Our wish is that you can connect with something we say and that it makes our unique situation this year a little better. 

We also discuss the current world situation of racism and the horrible murder of George Floyd. We always talk about solutions, however, these times demand that we just let it out. A little venting is good for the soul.

Please know that these are our opinions, subject to change as we grow, but also not meant to disrespect anyone elses. 

As always, we welcome your thoughts or feedback via the message button. Thank you for listening and please share!

Happy Pride!

Jun 01, 202051:18
Perspective with Joie Lamar and Kero Saleib

Perspective with Joie Lamar and Kero Saleib

This is now known as season 2 of Positively Joieful. We are all restarting, or preparing to, in some sort of way. I'm excited about the new path this podcast is on because it now includes Kero Saleib, my new co-host. We have fun, deep, and fascinating conversations that we are happy to share with our listening audience.

 In this first episode, the common thread is perspective, which at the end of the day is what life is all about. 

Please find your comfortable spot, settle in, and join Kero and I in thought and while we discuss everything from these times of Covid and Isolation to marriage and relationships.

This episode, and the many to come during this time, will have no fancy editing. We've left it raw because these are raw times.

And lastly, I / we, never take your time for granted. You could be doing anything else but you have chosen to listen to Positively Joieful. We will forever consider that one of our many blessings on this journey. Thank you for being a part of ours.

Apr 27, 202001:02:19
Introducing Positively Joieful's new co-host, Kerolos Saleib

Introducing Positively Joieful's new co-host, Kerolos Saleib

"La Corona", as we call it in Puerto Rican households, has changed life as we know it and some of that change is for the better. Perhaps it all is!
I certainly believe that it is a wake up call and I awoke one morning, in the middle of a pandemic, thinking that a co-host to discuss the new and the good, would benefit my listeners. In these different times, I could not think of anyone more calming and even keeled to hold my hand on this broadcast than Kerolos Saleib. You'll learn more about Kero as we have our conversations for your listening pleasure but for this trailer, I simply wanted to say we're here, we're queer, and Positively Joieful is back! Tune in on April 27th for the Joie and Kero show better known as Positively Joieful! Thank you and Keep Smiling!
Apr 16, 202001:09
Hollywood, are you listening?

Hollywood, are you listening?

Just in time for the Academy Awards, airing on February 8, 2020! Hollywood, are you listening? A broadcast to discuss solutions, movies we love, what are film makers doing right, and of course the Oscar nominations! With special guests: Brent Marchant - a lifelong movie fan and longtime student of metaphysics, Brent is the award-winning author of Get the Picture?!: Concious Creation Goes to the Movies, and more. His unique movie reviews and blog about metaphysical cinema are fascinating, to say the least. Joey Viola - His passion and flair for the art of writing brings a fresh perspective to his entertainment and movie reviews. Joey consistently advocates for equality, tolerance, and social/political justice in all that he writes. Antoine Elhashem - TV show host, Publisher and Toronto media mogul, Antoine is also an avid movie goer and collector extraordinaire. I don't know anyone who loves the classics or Hollywood more. Quips and answers from Award-winning writer, filmmaker, and director Kate Johnston. The talent behind one of my fave films, Tru Love. Quips and answers from Chrysanthi Zora Michaelides, Actor, Writer, Director, Producer; Concert & Festival Producer; Artist & Muralist; Snake/Fire Dancer Film and this Podcast! It's Fascinating, Funny, and Fabulous!
Feb 08, 202001:17:10
After the holidays!

After the holidays!

Light, airy, and getting you used to my New York accent. Joie Lamar’s maiden voyage podcast!
Jan 17, 202024:30
Coming soon on January 15, 2020

Coming soon on January 15, 2020

A reminder that Positively Joieful’s first broadcast will be released on January 15th, 2020. ‘After the Holidays’ Join me as I discuss many of the crazy, kooky and less than comfortable...but funny...stories of the season.
Dec 19, 201900:38
First podcast promo for Positively Joieful - Sept. 2019

First podcast promo for Positively Joieful - Sept. 2019

Introducing the foundation of Positively Joieful’s content.
Sep 18, 201901:54