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Twittermagic Tales

Twittermagic Tales

By Samantha Kelly

A podcast all about the world of Twitter. Interviews about people who I have met on Twitter and their stories - Business, wellness and a bit of humour
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Knowing your customer and the importance of strategy

Twittermagic Tales Jan 04, 2022

Knowing your customer and the importance of strategy
Jan 04, 202236:56
What you need to do to be a successful business owner - The code
Dec 23, 202121:47
Cyber Security - What you can do to protect yourself - with Mirko Ross
Nov 30, 202112:49
An interview with Mary Schaeffer - Founder AP Now
Sep 22, 202121:12
Intersectionality with Jen Stirrup

Intersectionality with Jen Stirrup

We chat to Jen Stirrup, Founder & CEO Of Data Relish, Global keynote speaker and influencer and trusted advisor in AI, Data Science and Business Intelligence.

We hear all about her background and how she came from an area that was struggling and how technology and education were her way out of the poverty trap. 

Jen tells us all about her passion to increase intersectionality at events and much more!

'If people don't like it I will just apologize afterwards'

Grab a cuppa and let's meet Jen.

Sep 06, 202127:44
How to be confident on camera

How to be confident on camera

Bobbi Bicker is a Livestreaming Expert, having livestreamed on  Periscope   for 6years, where she did daily ArtTutorials, Motivational broadcasts, shared her travels run her famous chat show  “Coffee Chat with Bobbi” now she livestreams daily on Happstv Art Tutorials, runs and Artist Show where she brings together the Artist community to promote and collaborate with, she also runs a talk show “Coffee Chat With Bobbi” where she interviews distinguished guests. You can also find Bobbi running Spaces on TwitterSpaces and Moderating on The Artist Lounge on Clubhouse, a new audio only app. Follow Bobbi on Twitter, Happstv, Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, @BobbiBicker
Her creative skills enable her to do what she loves to enhance peoples lives. She continues to create and evolve her Artistic skills, her business and inspiring others through her work. She runs Masterclasses & Workshops across Europe and online sharing her expertise in Livestreaming, Art and business, She has given many Inspiration Talks on different events about inclusivity, ethnic minorities and equality for woman. Her aim is to Empower other Women to achieve their goals, be great storytellers and never give up on their dreams.

In this episode Bobbi joins me to give practical tips on how to be confident on camera 

May 16, 202139:00
3 Things to think about before you start your business
May 15, 202130:36
3 ways to communicate effectively with decision makers

3 ways to communicate effectively with decision makers

Jim Frawley is the Founder of Bellwether, a company dedicated to helping organizations and people

build resiliency, adapt to change and thrive in rapidly shifting contexts. He is the host of the

Bellwether Hub podcast and best-selling author of Adapting in Motion: Finding Your Place in the

New Economy, a practical guide to responding to multiple levels of macro change.

Jim’s business specializes in three areas: Strategic Planning, Executive Communications and Change

Management. He tells all of his clients, “You need to know how to create a plan, communicate that

plan to multiple audiences, and build effective decision-making abilities to be able to adapt while in


Over his twenty-year career, he has internationally created and implemented corporate training

programs, complex marketing and PR plans, business strategy and administrative plans and

organizational re-designs. He has worked with clients in eight countries and thirty-nine states to


A few years ago, Jim came to the realization that he had a unique capability in getting people to do

things they didn’t think they could. After some experimentation on using this capability for good or

evil, he decided on the good. (But not before convincing an Irish cousin to swim in the Hudson


Here, Jim and I chat about how to communicate effectively with decision makers. Grab a cuppa and listen in!

Apr 26, 202121:58
What is Sober St. Patrick's Day - An interview with William Spencer Reilly
Feb 28, 202117:16
Episode 2 - The Holistic Parent
Feb 15, 202117:54
How does it feel when you leave your job to start a business? Alison McMurtrie
Feb 09, 202119:57
Episode one - Welcome

Episode one - Welcome

A quick welcome to my podcast 

Feb 03, 202100:30