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Two Party Podcast

Two Party Podcast

By Dean Tedder

Two Party Podcast talk show showcases guests in an unfiltered, organic and mostly unedited show that gives them the stage to promote themselves, promote their work and engage our audience with resources and knowledge about various industries and life experiences!
On Two Party Podcast talk show there is no topic we cannot dive into and explore with an open mind and compassionate attitude! Take a Listen!

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Helena Summer Interview!

Two Party PodcastJan 15, 2023

Mark Sias Interview Part 2!

Mark Sias Interview Part 2!

I had some technical difficulties and had to continue the interview with Mark Sias in this Part 2! Take a listen and read more about Mark Sias Below! 

  I am a Florida native, who enjoys adventure, growing tropical fruit and adding value to the lives of others. I worked in critical care for 15 years. I dabbled in pro-wrestling for a season, learning under Steve Kerr at Florida Championship Wrestling.  

  2019 I quit my nursing job to start our own unique legal services business : Noble Notary & Legal Document Preparers and digital download site that offers ladybird deed preparation. Which continues to thrive and grow. In 2022 alongside my wife of 15 year wrote the book "A Golden Pen" about our business model that is low overhead, low inventory, high demand and high mark-up.  

  We began coaching aspiring entrepreneurs to replicate our methods, eventually creating a course called Notary Prosperity Academy. We place an emphasis letting profits drive you into new growth and expansion by adding additional "side-hustle" services to your business plan.  

  I have been on several interviews via YouTube with influencers and live radio as well, telling our story and offer business advice and encouragement on or own social medial channels.  

  As a Christian I want to enrich the lives of as many others as I can by encouraging people to grow with consistency and by taking actionable steps, even if they are just baby steps!  

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Jan 15, 202333:54
Mark Sias Interview Part 1!

Mark Sias Interview Part 1!

I spent time interviewing Mark Sias about his life and career! Take a Listen and read about him below! 

  I am a Florida native, who enjoys adventure, growing tropical fruit and adding value to the lives of others. I worked in critical care for 15 years. I dabbled in pro-wrestling for a season, learning under Steve Kerr at Florida Championship Wrestling.  

  2019 I quit my nursing job to start our own unique legal services business : Noble Notary & Legal Document Preparers and digital download site that offers ladybird deed preparation. Which continues to thrive and grow. In 2022 alongside my wife of 15 year wrote the book "A Golden Pen" about our business model that is low overhead, low inventory, high demand and high mark-up.  

  We began coaching aspiring entrepreneurs to replicate our methods, eventually creating a course called Notary Prosperity Academy. We place an emphasis letting profits drive you into new growth and expansion by adding additional "side-hustle" services to your business plan.  

  I have been on several interviews via YouTube with influencers and live radio as well, telling our story and offer business advice and encouragement on or own social medial channels.  

  As a Christian I want to enrich the lives of as many others as I can by encouraging people to grow with consistency and by taking actionable steps, even if they are just baby steps!  

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Jan 15, 202320:05
Helena Summer Interview!

Helena Summer Interview!

I have the honor and privilage to inerview Helena Summer! Take a Listen!   

  “With all the changes on the planet, right now is the worst time to have an iffy relationship… and the best time to create vibrant connection and nourishing, delicious bond”                  - Helena Summer

  In my teenage years, I lived through a war, became a refugee in my own country (Croatia), then ran away from the camp to become a nun (at 16). I thought I could stop the war if I devote my life to celibacy, simplicity, and poverty. (...but I couldn’t)

  I support high achievers to develop successful relationships, to match their other accomplishments. A healthier perception of self is a superpower that makes your external expectations come alive internally,  

  Together we can explore topics like:  

Healing Apology Formula - simple 5-step "magic pill" to clean up (almost) any mess powerfully. 

From Sustainable to Supreme - Using uncertainty to create an unbreakable Love bond  

Gold Digging (it’s not what you think!) - 3 powerful questions to bring out sweetness and connection  

8 Feminine Superpowers - How women can make all the difference in the world, even without her man's active participation 

Crickets In The Bedroom NO MORE! - Feel seen, and desired to create peaceful and playful relationships 

Smart Marriage Makeover - Remodeling your inner kitchen (to whip up delicious nutritious romance) 

  For 7 years, I hosted a TV show in Hawaii, I've run Love-Relationship summits and was a featured expert in a documentary on energy psychology.  Let's have a conversation that's deep, insightful, fun, caring, and, in my client's words, “wild & refined”  

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Jan 15, 202350:41
Ashley Vickers

Ashley Vickers

Ashley Vickers  joins Two Party Podcast to discuss mental health, breaking the stigma, coaching, fitness, skating, boxing, hiking as well as making new connections, being genuine, being intentional plus visually listening! Guerilla Group and fitness! Check it out

Apr 09, 202201:00:20
Emily Lopez Interview!

Emily Lopez Interview!

I interview Emily Lopez Podcast Host of My House, where she talks about everything real estate related including licensing, flipping, rental property, and construction. With over 13 years real estate experience, starting out in trailer courts to now owning my own real estate brokerage, I've seen it all and I'm here to help you along your real estate journey.

Emily is a driven real estate broker in Rock Springs, Wyoming and a talented entrepreneur that is not scared to get dirty and do the hard work to fix, maintain and sell the properties she invests in with her husband. We discuss construction and contractor nightmares and things the industry needs! Take a Listen!

High Country Realty

Emily Lopez Youtube Channel

My House Podcast

Mar 29, 202101:37:24
Anais Lucia Interview!

Anais Lucia Interview!

I interview Actress, comedian and fellow podcaster Anais Lucia about her life and podcast shows! Take a Listen!

I'm an actor, comedian, podcaster who's originally from a small town, but has lived 7 U.S. cities and loves traveling abroad.

The 3 podcast I host are:

*How To Relationship Podcast - I have on couples who have been in relationships for 10 years or more to talk about their story & what they've learned so we can all learn from them. I also want to have on relationship experts, so if you're a couple or relationship expert who's interested in coming on, I'd love to have you!

*Musecast - A topic all about my FAVORITE band, the UK rock trio, Muse! If you're a huge Muse fan, message me. I'd love to have you on!

*Quarantined Happy Hour - Every episode is about a random topic I talk about with a guest, while usually having a drink (I don't get drunk), but the vibes is basically like we're having a conversation at a bar about the topic of that episode. But guests do not have a drink, if they don't want to. If there is a certain topic you would like to come on and talk about, please message me, and I'd love to have you on!

Other topics I love that would love to talk about on your podcast are acting, film, comedy, traveling, introversion, mental health, struggles of dating & single-life. Look forward to connecting with you!

Mar 22, 202158:54
Sally Jade Powis-Campbell interview!

Sally Jade Powis-Campbell interview!

I have the pleasure to interview Sally Jade Powis-Campbell who's resume speaks for itself! Take a Listen

Let me introduce myself. I’m Sally. I’m a Registered Psychologist in Alberta. I’m also a meditation guide, yoga instructor, writer (stay tuned for a mindfulness book coming in 2018!), mindful food artist, & public experience maker/speaker! It is with love & passion & education that I founded WHyyc!

At my core, I see myself as a playful helper working with patients of all ages — young & young at heart — in individual, couple, family, & group settings. I take a collaborative approach with clients to attend to individual &/or family intentions with therapy.

With curious awareness in your daily lived experience, you can experience more JOY & less STRESS… & literally change the structure & function of your brain to help you focus better & improve your relationship with yourself, those around you, & how you look at life… now who wouldn’t want that?

Wholistic Health YYC’s practice is rooted in WHOLISM, which involves mindfully attending to each person or family unit as a WHOLE person — including body-mind-spirit integration, as well as the social & environmental factors influencing one’s situation. Depending on areas of growth & personal interests, psychological & educational work can include mindfulness meditation, food+mood journaling, thought & body sensation tracking, breathing techniques spanning goals of energizing to relaxing, mindful movement such as yoga, eating & food play exercises, art, gratitude journaling, crafting essential oils to support health, personal intentions & mantra creation.

The branches of my practice that have grown through professional training & personal experience to include the following therapy modalities & presenting concerns I work with:

  • CHILD PSYCHOLOGY (play therapy, social skills, mindfulness-based interventions for age 2+ to address issues from peer rejection to behavioural regulation)
  • FAMILY THERAPY (communication, separation/divorce, mindful mamas)
  • MOM + DAD LIFE (mindful parenting, mindful partnering, anxiety, depression, food + mood therapy for parents & families, mindful meal prep, mindful eating for parents/kids/families, self care)
  • PSYCHOAROMATHERAPY (the study of how essential oils impact brain chemistry)

In addition to my practice, I’m passionate about my role as a mother & wife, & my pastimes of writing, yoga, running, strength training, spinning, & cooking. In a previous career I was a TV news reporter; today I continue my love for journalism by blogging & doing freelance writing.

Mar 15, 202101:12:18
Carol Rumpa Interview!

Carol Rumpa Interview!

I take time to interview a young upcoming musician and share some of his music and discuss his talents! Take a Listen!

I am a young Indonesian singer/songwriter who grew up in Malaysia. At the age of 9, I started getting into music by learning how to play the drums and slowly expands my musical abilities along the way by learning how to play lots of instruments such as guitar, bass, piano and many more. I then started producing at the age of 13 and at the age of 15, I released his first ever single called "Don't Stand a Chance" on 16 October 2020 and will soon release his second single called "Eyes" on the 13th of December. My style of music were inspired by various artists such as Ruel, Sam Kim, Keshi, Lauv and NIKI from 88 Rising.

Mar 08, 202124:55
Patricia Moffat interview!

Patricia Moffat interview!

I interview author Patricia Moffat about her new book She Turned Her Head Away an Adoption Memoir about her perspective and life as an adopted child. Take A Listen!

Patricia Moffat was not an abused child, nor was she separated at a young age from her original culture. Yet, growing up in the closed adoption system in northern California, Patricia always felt a yawning gap at the beginning of her life, and a sense of loss and sadness. She yearned to know who her birthmother was, and why she had given her away. In her twenties, after an abortion and the births of her two children, which pulled her back emotionally to her beginnings, she became filled with determination to find her original family.

In the late 1970s, there was no internet to help, or genetic testing companies, or even adoption registries where today birthparents and adoptees can often connect quickly. Patricia’s search was done by old-fashioned sleuthing with just a few clues, including her birthmother’s last name, to go on. Her successful search and reunion brought happiness as well as difficulties. The reunion with her birthmother and family was joyous, but Patricia’s adoptive mother felt threatened by the sudden appearance of another mother in their lives.

She Turned Her Head Away is a memoir that speaks powerfully of the emotions commonly felt by adopted children and adult adoptees, of questions of identity, and experiences of family and belonging. It is especially relevant today, as commercial genetic testing companies can reveal family secrets and uncover emotions that may have been buried for years. She Turned Her Head Away is a heart-stopping story that is hard to put down.

Mar 01, 202101:06:26
Predestined Creator Aaron Avont Johnson and Actress Mariah Fox-Andrews!

Predestined Creator Aaron Avont Johnson and Actress Mariah Fox-Andrews!

I have the pleasure of interviewing director, writer and producer Aaron Avont Johnson and Star and Actress Mariah Fox-Andrews about the making of the upcoming hit series and some of the talent and behind the scenes chemistry to put it all together! Take a Listen! 

Aaron Avont Johnson is a renowned director, writer, and producer with a keen eye for details. Furthermore, Aaron has an in-depth understanding for creating films, plays, and television material. With over 10 years of experience, Aaron Johnson has proven to be a powerful force in the film industry. Aaron's creative and theatrical aspects as well as visualization for screenplay has allowed him to work in collaboration with Wendy Williams Productions and Head Hunter Productions. Aaron has also written for DJ Funk Master Flex and Grammy Award winning artist the late Betty Wright as well as numerous productions companies. In 2018, Aaron Avont Johnson Production Company produced a television pilot with Emmy Nominated Actress Latoya Ward, which is currently being pitched. Making over 23 film projects, two sold out off Broadway shows and television scripts that impacts the minds and emotions of his viewers, his influential style of filmmaking is a visual representation of his talents. During the London International Filmmaker Festival in London England, Aaron won two awards for his powerful feature film "Lost". Aaron's achievements have allotted him opportunities to be honored alongside the likes of Ava Duvernay, Harry Belafonte and Bishop T. D. Jakes. Aaron's goal is to share his original content with various television networks to inspire, bring awareness and diversity to the industry. Currently, Aaron has several materials that he is actively pitching, creating, and producing.

Mariah Fox is proud to be playing the part of "Tina" in Aaron Johnson Productions, New Urban Musical series Predestined! A graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York, Mariah went on to play leading roles in Grease as “Sandy.” Mariah has been in tours nationally such as “Jekyll and Hyde,”  “Footloose,”  “Pippin,” and many more.  Mariah has also had several film, television, and national commercial credits. Her final tour took her around the world to over 15 countries bringing her back home to Florida.

After semi- retirement writing, teaching, choreography, producing and direction became her passion.

Mariah has over 28 years experience in the entertainment industry and has been focusing on developing new talent ,continuing her love for the arts and entertainment. Mariah has been working on a four novel, and movie series franchise called "The Rain and Max Saga." Recently focusing on her son, Max Fox's budding career  when she was approached by his team to audition for the hot new urban musical Predestined. She is honored to have stepped out from behind the camera again and reinvent herself , as an on screen actress.

"Working alongside such a talented and amazing cast has been an honor. Aaron Johnson Productions is bringing an exciting innovative collaboration of the traditional musical, new music, gospel music, and a dynamic television series."

Feb 11, 202101:19:19
Jessica Koch Interview!

Jessica Koch Interview!

 I have the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Koch who shares business marketing tools and techniques to stimulate your business. Take A Listen!

Jessica Koch has been a National Sales Professional for more than 25 years. She has worked with Fortune 1000 clients like Disney and Verizon. She has also worked with National Power Utilities, Hospitals, Government and Universities/Colleges. She successfully trained and managed multiple sales teams nationally, who were consistently the top sales producers. She speaks Nationally and have been featured on many podcasts and video interviews. She will soon be featured in a published book series Titled: Profiles in Success: Inspiration from Executive Leaders

in the Washington D.C. Area.

As the daughter of a Retired Navy Service member she was given the opportunity to reside both domestically and internationally including Germany, France, Bavaria, and Prague. She currently resides in Solomon’s Island Maryland. She and her husband have raised their 7 kids in the area and they are proud to be parents of an Active Duty Member of the United States Army!

Jessica’s goal is to guide business owners and sales professionals to achieve a balanced sales and marketing strategy. She uses proven classic sales techniques combined with modern technology, including her vast knowledge of LinkedIn. She has been an active user of LinkedIn since 2008 and has won friends, influenced people and successfully turned Connections into Clients! This approach allows for a drastic increase in bottom line results as well as, time for community and family life.

Quotes from Jessica : “People Matter Most” , “Now is LATER- SOONER!” and “The Best Professionals hire Professionals!”

Feb 05, 202101:00:20
Karen Swyszcz

Karen Swyszcz

I interview Podcast Host Karen Swyszcz from The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes Podcast! Take a Listen!

I believe in asking questions, seeking opportunities and creating opportunities for yourself. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Science in biochemistry but am not using my degree in that sense. I have gone through several jobs, career paths and applied to grad school twice to realize that I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes from working remotely and working on things/at jobs you love.

I started a blog - Makinthebacon (nothing to do with actual bacon) in 2012 as a hobby and it has led me down this exciting, unpredictable path that has connected me with many inspiring, like-minded people and has presented me with many opportunities that I never would have had if I was still in a traditional 9 to 5.

From 2017- to early 2020, I provided 1:1 consulting and group workshops to small business owners. I am now currently the co-founder, focusing on business development strategy for a social enterprise, Kaibigan Connection. I have co-authored a best-selling book in women's health on Amazon called Fitness To Freedom. I have another co-authored book called Lighting The North that focuses on feminism and diversity in Canada ;launching in Nov 2020. The book has been nominated as a 2020 Non-Fiction Finalist for the Canadian Book Club Awards.

In addition to this, I am the host of The Bacon Bits 'n' Bytes Podcast - a podcast where I combine my passion of technology and entrepreneurship. Every month I interview entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors and people in tech to see what drives them and makes them tick.

Feb 01, 202153:36
Joey Lozada Interview!

Joey Lozada Interview!

I interview fellow podcast host Joey Lozada from the CTS Interview Room about his life, his show and future plans! Take a Listen!

Well... we started a YouTube page in June where we talk about such things as sports, entertainment, and even professional wrestling. Joey Lozada has interviewed people like Vince Papale from the Philadelphia Eagles and Disney's Invincible, Jim "The Rookie" Morris from MLB and Disney's The Rookie, and Sean Kanan from the Karate Kid 3. We also have the Marvin Constant Show where the Alabama FOOTBALL LEGEND interviews other Alabama University football legends and other football greats. We just got SEC SUPERFAN STINGRAY to be part of the group. You may remember him from the SEC NETWORK, PAUL FINEBAUM, AND TOSH.O. We are trying to get the word out and we know big things are coming.

Jan 29, 202102:21:41
Bobby Sausalito interview!
Jan 29, 202101:48:35
Dijana Llugolli

Dijana Llugolli

Today I interview Host of The Fearless and Successful Podcast Dijana Llugolli! Take a Listen!

Dijana is a Global Success and Business Coach with a client base in 23 different countries. Her unique charisma, high vibe energy, and expertise allowed her to impact and helped hundreds of online entrepreneurs to launch and scale their online business. Her programs are renowned for Intentional Goal Setting, Business Planning and Digital strategies. She guides you Step By Step to find your genius and transform your passion to profit. Her story as an online marketer, coach, and speaker started in march 2018 when she burn out, almost divorced and on the verge of giving up, decided to make a pivotal change in her business. After that rock bottom, she became obsessed with working smarter rather than harder and she is now the go-to expert for female entrepreneurs who are ready to make more Impact, Influence, and Income. Her genius is automation, systems, and funnels and now she is on a mission to support a million women to be, do and have whatever they desire and to live their version of a Freedom Lifestyle.

Jan 25, 202101:04:58
Lucas Cantor

Lucas Cantor

Today I interview Lucas Cantor of Lucas Cantor Music! Take a Listen!

Lucas Cantor is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and speaker.

He has worked in NBC's music department for the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, Athens, Torino, Beijing, Vancouver, London, Sochi, Rio, and Pyeong Chang. He won two Emmys for the Olympics (2008 and 2012). Lucas co-produced Lorde's cover of Everybody Wants To Rule The World on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.

Lucas Co-Wrote the theme song for Major League Soccer on Fox with Dan Martinez

Lucas delivered a TEDx talk on the subject of Artificial Intelligence and creativity

Lucas is the Chief Composer at the Melbourne Deep Learning Group at the University Of Melbourne, Australia

He composed music for the Netflix Anime Cannon Busters

He finished Schubert’s 8th Symphony (the unfinished symphony) with the help of AI. The full symphony was premiered in London at Cadogan Hall.

He's the composer for Wu-Tang In Space. A collaboration between Impossible foods, and the Wu Tang Clan.

He currently writes music for DreamWorks Animation's Spirit: Riding Free and for Cannon Busters (coming in 2019), both on Netflix.

He wrote the theme and background music for the LA Times Podcast: The Reel.

In 2017, Lucas scored the A Rotten Holiday featuring Disney's Descendants.

He was the orchestra composer and conductor for the Kenzo X H&M fashion show in October 2016.

In 2014 and 2015, he was the musical director of The Lyric Project, a musical presented by ASCAP.

In 2014, he was the executive producer of Score!, an orchestral concert of music for television presented by ASCAP and the Television Academy.

Jan 18, 202101:13:13
Dounia Stewart-McMeel

Dounia Stewart-McMeel

I have the pleasure to interview author and mother Dounia Stewart-McMeel! Take a Listen!

I am a mum of two young children who recently published my first children's book. I did a lot of research into making it educational while still being loads of fun. I am into space and science, and this is reflected in my book. I believe I has ASD, and children with ASD really enjoy the book as it engaged the ASD mind. It's also fun and creative, so is a favorite for non-ASD kids too.

Jan 14, 202148:11
Interview with Dylan Ogline

Interview with Dylan Ogline

This episode we have Dylan Ogline a successful Digital Marketing Genius who gives us insight on how he grew his business to be successful! Take a Listen!

Dylan Ogline is a high school dropout from a small country town in Pennsylvania. He started his first business when he was 14 selling cell phones.

In 2016 he scrapped 10+ business projects and started focusing on one single thing, digital marketing. Tired from struggling getting no progress and working from his freezing basement, not to mention nearly a Million dollars in debt - it was an uphill climb.

Turns out, focus was the key. 4 short years later he has built Ogline Digital into a 7-figure agency generating over a million in sales three years running.

Dylan is now a leading expert in direct response advertising and business growth. He has now turned his focus to helping other people start and grow their own hyper profitable digital agency.

Dylan undoubtedly believes that anybody can start and build their own digital agency that will allow them to have more freedom and live a life with purpose and meaning. Dylan's training programs are designed to take the guesswork out of building an agency and remove all of the unknowns that stop so many people from starting their own business.

When not working he enjoys traveling around the world at least 3 months of the year, playing hockey, reading, and spending time with the love of his life - La Croix. He is fascinated by Stoicism and has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and growth.

Jan 01, 202101:51:57
Ullis Karlsson Interview!

Ullis Karlsson Interview!

I have the pleasure to interview Ullis Karlsson! Take a Listen!   For many decades I was being depressed, and burned out and eventually I also became suicidal. My whole life was like an inner struggle with low self-esteem manifesting in many things such as stress, severe sleeping disorders and a deep depression. This ongoing inner struggle affected all aspects of my life; my relationships, health, work, money and career.  My first first book; “2:47 The Journey Home to My Heart” was released 2019. It is an autobiography where I with a raw authenticity and vulnerability writes about my inner journey to free myself from my own inner prison, and to come back my Heart. This book is now sold in 8 countries, giving inspiration and hope to others who suffers from mental illness! You can find it on Amazon.  From this long, and lifechanging experience I share my embodied wisdom, my knowledge, passion, teachings, and also my vision across the globe.  Today I work as a Feminine Leadership Coach, International Spiritual Teacher and Author, Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist, public speaker and trainer with the entire world as a field of work. With more than 28 years of personal and professional experience in various Holistic disciplines, I primarily help and guide women in senior and leading positions who long for a more authentic, peaceful, juicy and balanced life.   My vision is to contribute to a freer, more beautiful, a more conscious and loving world for all of us to live in together. Her method is an unique combination of well proven modern western techniques and ancient eastern wisdom and knowledge.

Dec 18, 202001:13:01
Arn Terry Interview

Arn Terry Interview

I have the pleasure of interviewing Arn Terry and we cover lots of topics in this Part 1 interview!

Back in 2008 when we went through a Global Recession, I was NOT READY and I nearly lost everything!!!!!

I was distracted but for good reason..... 2005 bought my first house with my fiancee.... 2007 married my fiancee with a honeymoon to Excellence Rivera, Cancun...... (all on LOANS!!!) I was so happy and on cloud 9, my childhood sweetheart and I married and ready to begin our lives together, what could go wrong......

Then onto 2008 my daughter was born in July, one of the best moments in my life to date, first born and a complete new experience and a little person so devoted to me, this was all happening right in the middle of the 2008 global crisis, I was a Recruitment Consultant at the time and just landed some large clients one being Perot Systems (basically they where a competitor to IBM) Money was stilling coming in, I bought a nearly new Audi A4 2.4 S-Line like you do..... then BANG!

Everything stopped.... one of my clients was Bear Stearns who was a global investment bank then like dominoes my clients was disappearing one by one, I worked harder and longer hours but it just did not help, if companies are not recruiting then you can't do anything about it... Feeling alone, tired and failing fast with my debts rising I did the only thing I knew and followed the majority....

So at the back end of the 2008 I took a job at Tesco Supermarket (Thurs - Sun) as an additional job to bring in more money due to difficult times..... so this meant on Thurs and Friday starting my recruitment job at 08:15 finishing at 6ish then straight to Tesco for 4 hours of more work......... Saturday would be a 10am to 7pm and working a Sunday 10 to 4pm.... That is the definition of crazy to me! But I did not know any better.....No time with my wife or my baby girl... but I had to provide for my family and keep going because we had bills to pay...(Wedding and honeymoon was on a LOAN)

I sold my car and bought a banger............................... this was an easy decision but sooooo difficult for me as I thought I deserved a nice car because I was working hard but instead I was gathering more liabilities taking more money out of my pocket...

The Car that I bought, all the electrics failed so I had no indicators, the wipers failed and stopped working the engine made a loud knocking sound and my speedometer did not even work so I had to view the revs to guesstimate the speed I was travelling, embarrassment, shame disappointment, failure feeling sorry for myself was all the emotions I was feeling and going through..How did this happen to me.

I made it through the tough times with that part time job and full time job and deiced that I can't put my family and myself through that situation again........but failed over the years............... time and time again at different business ideas, I did not want to be in the same situation again from 2008 after multiple setbacks to find a side business that would pay me more than my normal working day.......

I think I have found the solution and answer==============>

I invested my time and money to learn about making money online by using social media so when the Virus crisis happened in 2020 I was ready FOR IT👊🏿

My Recruitment Business (International Head-Hunting Firm) Daniel Ernest STOPPED completely just like in 2008 when I worked for a company, however this time I was also consulting companies on increasing social media and online presence and charging a consulting FEE and when that started to slow down due to COVID-19..........well all I did was push more time into affiliate marketing, my blog and my YouTube channel to generate another source of income....

Arn Terry

Dec 11, 202031:06
Ashley Vickers joins me from The Guerrilla Group

Ashley Vickers joins me from The Guerrilla Group

I have the pleasure of interviewing Ashley Vickers who is the International Operations Specialist at Self Esteem Brands as well as a Coach and Member of The Guerrilla Group. 

Ashley is one of the many positive people I follow on social media and from my home state Florida. We discuss The Guerrilla Group and what the organization does for members and some of the events they host. We also discuss mental health, accountability, overcoming and achieving. 

Please take a listen and check out The Guerrilla Group website for more information.

Dec 02, 202001:00:17
Business Coach and Podcast Host Tony Loyd joins me this morning!

Business Coach and Podcast Host Tony Loyd joins me this morning!

This morning I interview Tony Loyd and discuss ways to help ourselves, help others and be successful in doing both! Take a Listen! 

Tony Loyd is a leadership development expert. He helps purpose-driven business leaders to thrive in life so that they can connect with others and contribute to the world.

He is a former Fortune 500 executive with companies such as John Deere, Medtronic, and Buffalo Wild Wings. He has extensive experience in strategic planning, talent management, and leadership development.

Tony is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, business coach, and podcast host.

He is the Executive Producer of the podcast Social Entrepreneur where he shares positive stories from underrepresented voices, focused on solutions. Social Entrepreneur is downloaded more than half a million times in over 180 countries.

Tony also hosts Thrive. Connect. Contribute. where he tells stories of people who thrive in life, connect with others, and contribute to the world in the face of adversity.

And, on Antiracist Voter he shares stories about criminal justice, economic justice, environmental justice, education, housing, health, immigration, and voting rights.

He is a TEDx speaker and the best-selling author of Crazy Good Advice: 10 Lessons Learned from 150 Leading Social Entrepreneurs.

Nov 13, 202044:31
Denise Redeker from Heartfelt Help Foundation joins us!

Denise Redeker from Heartfelt Help Foundation joins us!

Denise Redeker Founder and CEO of Heartfelt Help Foundation joins us to discuss how we can help heart transplant patients! Take a Listen! 

After a complicated surgery, I received my new heart, my second chance at life in January 2018. Once I recovered, I knew that I wanted to give back in some way to the transplant community that has so helped me.  I began volunteering with Donor Network West, the local OPO (Organ Procurement Organization) and found a niche that I could fill there, but it wasn’t until September of 2019 that I found a way to help that was desperately needed.  I learned of a patient at my transplant center whose transplant was being delayed due to an inability to fully pay for his post transplant housing.  A light bulb went off and I knew that something as solvable as money shouldn’t delay your second chance.  I enlisted some friends and hosted a fundraiser on November 2, 2019 and raised $12,000 to help that patient and have some in reserve for the next ones.  And that is how Heartfelt Help was founded.  I am so grateful for my second chance and feel obligated to make it count in a way that gives back to the community that no one asks to be a member of, but for which all are grateful. 

Nov 04, 202034:09
Michelle Seiler Tucker

Michelle Seiler Tucker

I interview Michelle Seiler Tucker about business, her latest book and priceless information about selling businesses! Take A Listen!

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. As a 20-year veteran in mergers & acquisitions, Michelle has sold hundreds of businesses. She owns and operates several successful companies and holds the following professional designations and certifications: Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI), Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA), Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) Certified Business Broker (CBB), Panelist for M&A Source, Keynote Speaker. Michelle is also the Best-Selling Author of the book “Sell Your Business for More Than It’s Worth”, and her latest book “Exit Rich” will be released nationwide in Early 2021. Get your copy today at

In addition to being featured in INC, Forbes, and USA Magazine, Michelle makes regular radio and TV appearances on Fox Business News , MSNBC and CBS and CNBC. She has spoken alongside many prominent speakers: Eric Trump, Kathy Ireland, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donna Karen, Stedman Graham, Randi Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, and more. Michelle also shares her wealth of experience with prospective M&A advisors by conducting multiple training, mentoring, and partnering programs. Over the years, these programs have helped many individuals become successful M&A advisors and business brokers.

Recognized as the leading authority on buying, selling, fixing, and growing businesses, Michelle sees opportunity where many are discouraged or have given up. Her passion is to save businesses that might otherwise close. By identifying and correcting the top mistakes business owners make, Michelle will fine tune a business into a well-oiled machine. Sometimes investing her own money to help owners build their business, Michelle’s primary objective is to sell for huge profits.

Michelle Seller Tucker’s remarkable track record proves her dedication to her clients and has solidified her as a formidable force in her industry. She closes nearly 98% of all written offers and, on average, obtains 20-40% above asking price for her clients. Through this process, she empowers her clients to afford the lifestyles they have always dreamed of and, most importantly, deserve!

Nov 01, 202043:11
Yehudit Silverman

Yehudit Silverman

I interview Yehudit Silverman who is the Author of The Story Within book and movie, creative arts therapy, isolation, depression, suicide & trauma as well as interfaith dialogue! Take a Listen!  

Yehudit is committed to the arts as a method for inquiry, creative expression, therapy, and social change.   

Creative Arts Therapist, R-DMT, RDT, extensive clinical and community experience Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker Former Chair and professor, Department of Creative Arts Therapies, Concordia University, Montreal Director Seeds of Hope Project with The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Director Interfaith Arts Dialogue Mask maker, creative ritual leader, singer, swimmer, seeker, dreamer… The Story Within on Facebook

Oct 25, 202043:54
Barbara Braendlein

Barbara Braendlein

I discuss homeschool, grief to gratitude and her book Olive which is available now! Take a Listen! 

I am an author, an urban farm wife, and the homeschooling mother of my four special needs kids. My book, "Olive", released by Atmosphere Press, tells the story of the world through the eyes of a non-verbal, medically fragile five year old girl and while fiction, it is drawn from my very real life adventures raising kids with mitochondrial disease. 

I am a regular on The Deciding Factor Podcast and can speak with authority on why homeschooling is a viable option for families, on finding the extraordinary that lurks in every corner of our mundane lives, and on grief turned to gratitude in special needs parenting. And those are just the official topics -- I will follow a conversation wherever it leads and I never regret it!

Oct 24, 202049:48
David Angel The Sales Angel!

David Angel The Sales Angel!

I have the pleasure of interviewing David Angel and we discuss in depth sales, sales strategies, mental health and his courses! Take a Listen!  

As someone who had has great results in sales. At my peak I had the flashy-cars, the Rolex watches, multiple successful companies.  To then lost everything (including nearly my life) due to a breakdown and chemical abuse. I have rebuilt myself to be strong than ever before.  

All I was left with was my skills of selling. I have built myself back over the year coaching other people on how to be incredibly effective in business  

Now I use my in depth sales skills to help others with my interactive sales and coaching program.  

My goal is to help 1000 people in the next year and thought this could bring value on some podcasts.

Oct 23, 202054:20
Adriana Gavazzoni

Adriana Gavazzoni

I have the pleasure of having a great discussion about Adriana's books, life story, child abuse, covid19 lockdown and so much more! Take a Listen!   My name’s Adriana Gavazzoni and I’m a lawyer and professor of law. When I’m not practicing I enjoy spending my time writing novels and legal books and am a voracious reader. I’m a very active person and love to dance, exercise and travel. My favorite countries are France, Italy and USA. I speak four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and am currently studying Chinese. I hope to master it someday but it’s been a challenge! I absolutely adore animals and have two dogs of my own. Don’t tell them, but my love for dogs extends to all the rest!

Oct 22, 202049:14
Lois Hollis on Shame & Guilt!

Lois Hollis on Shame & Guilt!

I interview Lois Hollis about her research on shame & guilt and how it can affect your live and how to remove it! Take a Listen!  

Lois Hollis, RN, BSN. REV. shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects, shame and guilt. Her passion is to show the way to self-love by alleviating the suffering of shame guilt.   

Depression, anxiety, 30 years of migraine headaches, and pain were Lois’ way of life until she learned about the dangers of shame and guilt. She realized that shame guilt was within everything she felt. The good news was that she could heal her anger, depression, migraines, guilt, rage, fears, pain from neck, head, rib traumas. The solution to her emotional and physical problems was in confronting shame.     

She shares her 15 years’ experience as a Shame/Guilt Educator, Counselor, Filmmaker to give us an effective lasting way to health, wellness, and spiritual maturity. Lois comes to us with a life-long background in health. She began as a Nurse’ Aide at 12 and continues today at 77. Lois experienced several spiritual encounters that began with a near-death in childhood from physical abuse.   

Lois is a trailblazer. She started by developing one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis centers in the United States. Today, Lois brings shame and guilt together as a new field to study. She is the author of three books and a video on Soulspeaks, an original process that brings peace to our inner personalities. Her newest book, “Now is The Time,” contains her Light Language readings that expand our spiritual development. Her new film “I’M Good” illustrates shameguilt trickery.

Oct 20, 202039:32
Matt Rouse and I discuss Marketing & Promotion!

Matt Rouse and I discuss Marketing & Promotion!

Matt Rouse is the host of the Digital Marketing Masters Podcast, an international speaker and author, and runs a bootstrapped marketing agency called Hook SEO. He is also the instructor of the Inbox Mastery Course, which helps entrepreneurs and business owners master email marketing.


*Email Marketing (this is my current focus)

*Surviving COVID issues and reopening.

SEO & Local SEO

Customer Service

Referral Marketing

Business Growth and getting "unstuck"

Let's chat - we may be able to have you as a guest on my Digital Marketing Masters podcast also. We also are a marketing agency and will promote my appearance on your show!

Oct 19, 202038:59
Slow Down Man Podcast Host Mitch Lagadin

Slow Down Man Podcast Host Mitch Lagadin

I am blessed to have a discussion with Mitch Lagadin about his self improvement journey, spirituality, anxiety, panic attacks and much more! Take a Listen!

I have a deeply rooted belief that we are all SO much more capable than what we are displaying on a day to day basis. And that we can walk through life with SO much more fulfillment and ease than we are currently experiencing.

Years ago, I struggled with panic attacks and anxiety. I lacked motivation, was on a career path that was not in alignment with my true desires and was poisoning my body with unhealthy food. Through diving deep into meaningful (but difficult) inner work and mindfulness, I have gotten to a place where these things no longer have a place in my life. I am working in my dream job (a Director at a Major Sports Events Company) and have a relentless motivation to serve and give.

Through this journey, I have noticed that MANY people are struggling with the same hardships as I did (and still am!) - especially men. I also noticed that the concepts of mindfulness and performing inner work are inherently feminine - and that many dudes do not have a mindfulness practice of any sort and that there is a stigma around men expressing themselves on these topics.

This is what motivated me to start Slow Down, Man- a podcast and movement that creates content around conscious living that resonates with the modern man.

Oct 18, 202024:42
Keera Albergaria

Keera Albergaria

I am honored to have Keera Albergaria on Two Party Podcast to share her story about postpartum depression, how she got through it and how she wants to help you understand and cope with it. 

Hello! My name is Keera. I am a certified life coach as well as personal trainer. My passion is helping moms gain strength both physically and mentally through workshops I host. After being diagnosed with postpartum after my youngest was born, I embarked on a journey to help moms who struggle through day to day life. l wrote a workbook/devotional for moms titles “The Reflection Planner: Reflection, Self-Care, and Growth for Moms” to help moms focus on these important bullet points. I am a mom of two boys, myself, I have been through many trials and tribulations in my journey of motherhood. I believe those trials have brought me to my destiny and with a God but my side, I have all the strength I need to help fellow moms around me.

Oct 17, 202028:06
Pam Lob
Oct 16, 202048:31
Bernard De La Vega

Bernard De La Vega

I sit down with Bernardo De La Vega to discuss a Fiesta App, a new App he created as well as business, career and life experiences! Take a Listen!

Tech serial entrepreneur who has built & sold two 7-figure Companies. His new company the Fiesta app, can be described as Tik Tok for Podcasts which integrates with Alexa and Google home and, which he is currently growth hacking with content marketing and voice technology.

Bernardo has a very unique story as he used to work in Corporate America and in 2013 made the switch to entrepreneur in which at first he went broke and lived out of a hostel for 5 months. While Bernardo was completely broke he was quite optimistic about becoming successful and then after trying a number of different business models in the internet marketing space, Bernardo has gone on to build a couple of companies making tens of Million of dollars with e-commerce.

Bernardo is known for his creative marketing skills which he has used across industries such as Beauty, Food, Health & Wellness and now Tech. He is very passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to talking about tech, marketing, sales, branding and what makes businesses successful.

A fun fact about Bernardo is that he was a Professional Salsa dancer for 1 year and travelled all over Europe before becoming an Entrepreneur.

Oct 15, 202025:50
The PolyInnovator Dustin Miller

The PolyInnovator Dustin Miller

I have an opportunity to welcome The PolyInnovator Dustin Miller on the show to discuss marketing, education courses and much more! Take a Listen!

On a mission to create a Modular Education Platform; I created the first Modular Degree in the effort of creating a Polymathic education.

I am an aspiring #polymath, someone who is an expert in many different areas.

I created PolyInnovator as a foundational means to build out the various careers I want out of life.

I create OmniContent, which just means that each episode contains a OmniBlog Post, TeleInnovator Video, and PolyCast. Written/Video/Audio

On top of that I have a secondary series where I interview multidisciplinary people! #polymath #multipotentialite #generalist

Since I host my own show I know the ins and outs of #podcasting as whole. Making it easier for you.

I've been on over a dozen other podcasts at this point, and have interviewed over 40 people on my own. Not to mention one of the pioneering podcasters on the new platform VoiceHub.

This experience leads me to be a great guest on your platform!

Check out my show!

Profile: The Polymath PolyCast link

I love creating content for multiple kinds of people, I don't just do the PolyCast, I also created YouTube/D.Tube videos, IGTV/Instagram Lives, Tiktok videos, and I have been blogging for a decade off and on.

The multiple types of content, let alone omnichannel approach to my inbound/content efforts, gives me a unique perspective on your show. Especially if you're a marketing or entrepreneurship based show.

My main topics are: Self-Education Through a Modular Degree Framework Self-Development Through the Four Pillars Philosophy Self-Improvement with Habits and Systems Smart City Development (Macro-View) Omnichannel Marketing Swimming, as I've taught Aquatic Exercise for almost a decade Becoming a POLYMATH of Innovation (or PolyInnovator as my personal brand is also called) And many many more.
Oct 14, 202041:10
Shame & Guilt discussion with Lois Hollis

Shame & Guilt discussion with Lois Hollis

We discuss how shame and guilt affects us and how to remedy it with Lois Hollis! Take a Listen!

Lois Hollis, RN, BSN. REV. shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects, shame and guilt. Her passion is to show the way to self-love by alleviating the suffering of shame guilt.

Depression, anxiety, 30 years of migraine headaches, and pain were Lois’ way of life until she learned about the dangers of shame and guilt. She realized that shame guilt was within everything she felt. The good news was that she could heal her anger, depression, migraines, guilt, rage, fears, pain from neck, head, rib traumas. The solution to her emotional and physical problems was in confronting shame.

She shares her 15 years’ experience as a Shame/Guilt Educator, Counselor, Filmmaker to give us an effective lasting way to health, wellness, and spiritual maturity. Lois comes to us with a life-long background in health. She began as a Nurse’ Aide at 12 and continues today at 77. Lois experienced several spiritual encounters that began with a near-death in childhood from physical abuse.

Lois is a trailblazer. She started by developing one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis centers in the United States. Today, Lois brings shame and guilt together as a new field to study. She is the author of three books and a video on Soulspeaks, an original process that brings peace to our inner personalities. Her newest book, “Now is The Time,” contains her Light Language readings that expand our spiritual development. Her new film “I’M Good” illustrates shameguilt trickery.

Oct 13, 202039:34
Psychic Medium Dallisa Hocking
Oct 13, 202041:15
Sandy Rodriguez

Sandy Rodriguez

We interview Sandy about her book, career and life experiences that encouraged her to write the book! Take a Listen!

Bilingual communications expert Sandy Rodriguez writes on topics ranging from finance to entertainment for different media outlets in both the U.S. and Mexico. She appears as a host in videos for lifestyle website En Cinco and multimedia company Heart of Hollywood Motion Pictures.

Sandy is a former editorial coordinator for Mexican newspaper Reforma, one of the most influential publications in Latin America, and has translated tens of books from English to Spanish for major publishing houses. These include medical, self-help, and business books, novels, and titles focused on spirituality or personal growth by popular authors such as Louise Hay, Nick Vujicic, and Neale Donald Walsch.

Multifaceted Sandy, who once took part in a prestigious fellowship program for international journalists at Seoul National University in South Korea, currently lives in Los Angeles, where she works as a certified court interpreter. She is a fitness enthusiast, burgeoning artist, and amateur winemaker.


Choose to Prevail: Unexpected Insights to Help You Overcome Challenges by Sandy Rodriguez

Prepare to feel an increase in your self-confidence and your sense of inner peace as you leaf through Choose to Prevail. If you are plagued by worries, insecurities, or problems in general, here you will find ways to prevail over whatever is causing you grief. Communications expert Sandy Rodriguez suggests reframing challenges, while taking practical measures to support your goals.

You will discover:

* Benefits of letting others see unusual sides of your personality

* Why extremely sad thoughts are the antidote to everyday annoyances

* Reasons a tiny apartment helped tenants attract a spouse

* A time-management technique that could save you money

* How the author overcame fear of public speaking literally overnight

* Why having haters could be flattering

* Ideas to minimize existential angst and nagging thoughts

* Why it's not necessarily vain or superficial to care about your appearance

* How to reinvent yourself at any age using the power of words

This is not your average motivational book. The author's viewpoints come from the heart and are often out of the ordinary. She offers ideas that are different from what you will find elsewhere.

Oct 13, 202033:49
David Weiss joins us to discuss Flat Earth Theory!

David Weiss joins us to discuss Flat Earth Theory!

This afternoon I have the pleasure of discussing flat earth theory and much more with David Weiss! Take a Listen! 

Whether you hate or love the idea of a Flat Earth you want to hear what I have to say. If you already know the earth is a flat stationary plane then we will have a high level conversation. If you HATE the idea of a Flat Earth then we will have an amazing Q&A where I will blow your mind along with your audiences minds.  

Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac Clock app. By Blue Water Bay.                                                       




Oct 13, 202001:03:38
Leks Vucho Refined Fitness Mind!

Leks Vucho Refined Fitness Mind!

Growing up like most of her peers, Leks was never really challenged with anything as a teenager, which led to low self-esteem and thinking little of herself at the time...

Till one night changed her whole life. That night, Leks got hit by a car and her life was never the same... Her miraculous self-healing journey left the medical staff in disbelief and without an explanation of how such miraculous recovery was possible. Little did she know at the time, it was the power of self-talk, it was visualization and staying positive that created the "little miracle" in her healing.

Years later, Leks found herself on another self-discovery journey while dealing with the challenges that life offers. In order to channel the anger she was holding within from everything that has happened in the past and not knowing how to deal with it, in the process of rebuilding herself back up, she had found her passion in helping people through fitness/health/nutrition. Her background consists of muay thai kickboxing, boxing, and weight lifting.

After finding her passion in health & fitness, she opened her own business without any business knowledge, without any support system, just by having full faith and belief that she will somehow make it thrive. Leks went from having just enough money to cover rent for the 1st month, to growing her business well over 6-figures within the first year. The studio has been successful ever since.

Eight years later, Leks has decided to shift her whole energy to becoming a mindset coach. She sold her business and started an online mindset coaching business. This shift occurred as a result of years of observation of her clients and years of working on herself: Leks realized that before anything changes permanently, the very first thing that has to shift is our mindset.

Leks has found a unique approach to help women shift their mindset when it comes to their bodies, their health, healthy food and overall being as fit as they want to! Leks' mission in life is to help women stop the whole yo-yo-ing, stop dieting, stop trying new things, stop failing and start changing from within so that they can be free to live a truly healthy life without counting calories, without the food obsession and - most importantly - without guilt and shame.

Leks' approach is truly one of a kind. Her membership is without the typical "here's the workout and a diet plan to follow" approach because her mission is to help women change their lifestyles, not just get "fast results. Her approach starts from education. It helps her clients understand that nothing changes till they change from within. It helps her clients realize they have the responsibility to take charge of how they treat themselves. As a result, her clients not only become fit and healthy like never before in their lives, but they learn to overcome any obstacles in life and, most importantly, they find happiness and fulfillment from within.

As Leks likes to say: "Conquer your mind... the rest is easy."

For more information, please visit

Oct 09, 202037:05
Jeremy Bennett joins us today!

Jeremy Bennett joins us today!

This afternoon I interview Jeremy Bennett about OCD, perception, thoughts, meditation and much more! Take a Listen! 

For anyone wanting to attend his free training they can visit: 

Jeremy's Blog: 

For those wanting to do, The Calm Your Mind Method 4-Week live training, the website is: 

Having been diagnosed at a young age with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and anxiety, Jeremy knows first hand the effects of mental illness.   

He is known for his statement, "mental illness is as real as a broken bone."  

After Jeremy reached out for professional help, he was able to put the struggle of OCD behind him.   

However, even after his struggle with OCD, he noticed that he still struggled with more everyday type issues. Issues like falling asleep, taking things personally, being stuck in his head, etc. consumed him regularly. These are the type of issues that Jeremy helps people with all over North America.    

In 2006, Jeremy graduated from St. Francis Xavier University with a degree in Psychology. He is the published author of three books; The Power of the Mind: How I Beat OCD, The Solution and his newest, Calm Your Mind: Transform Your Life.   

Jeremy has been featured on many national and international television networks such as CTV, Global TV, Vision TV, NTV, CBC, TSN, and TSN2.  

To date his work has reached over 8 million people.

Oct 06, 202058:05
The Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey joins me today!

The Blind Blogger Maxwell Ivey joins me today!

I interview Maxwell Ivey also know as The Blind Blogger! Listen to Max's story and inspirational message! Take a Listen and read more below!   

I am a 49-year-old  blind gentleman who grew up in a family of carnival owners. All I ever wanted to do was to continue in my father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and be part of the family business.  

As you can tell by reading this, that isn’t where I ended up. I did help in the business over the years, but couldn’t sustain it after the early death of my father (who had lung cancer). I then turned to helping people sell their amusement equipment. I do that on my other site, The Midway Marketplace.  

I started blogging to promote that site and met a lot of wonderful people in the blogosphere. They told me that I had an amazing story and many commented on how I inspired them. They finally convinced me that I had a bigger purpose in store for myself.  

So, I started this second blog, and in it I share more of my personal journey, struggles, and triumphs. I also got noticed by a lot of people and have appeared as a guest, an interview subject, and a motivator on many different sites. My Interviews and Articles page lists these places.  

I do my best to help others, and do so mostly by encouraging them to take steps towards their ultimate goal, or to continue on the path they have started.  I am now offering coaching to help people who are stuck and frustrated with not being able to find their passion or follow their dreams once they have determined what they want in their lives.  

I am also available to speak to groups. I believe that by sharing the story of my personal growth and transformation, it will motivate and inspire anyone who hears it.  

In addition to starting a new business, I have also lost over 250 pounds through a combination of gastric surgery, diet, exercise, positive attitude, meditation, and prayer.  

I believe I can help you. If you have questions for me, just ask them via the contact form. If anything, I am known for being too forthcoming!  I want to get to know you and become friends. I want to hear about your dreams and aspirations as well as your fears and concerns. 

I want to help you to grow to be that person you were meant to be.  I look forward to speaking with you. Let’s talk soon.  

Thanks and take care out there.  


Oct 05, 202057:47
Interview with Amnesti

Interview with Amnesti

This morning I interview Martin Bergstrom & Hampus Axelsson of Amnesti, an upcoming band that offers a great sound! More about them below, Take a Listen!

The latest addition to the Gothenburg Pop scene is a 5-member group that mixes dirty guitar amps with melodic and dreamy synthesizers to create a rhythmic, melodic, rock smoothness reminiscent of musical greatness heard from bands like; Kings of Leon, The Killers, Bleachers and The Strokes.

2019 started off in full swing for the band starting in January with a performance to a full house at the world reknown STICKY FINGERS in Gothenburg and on 8March the band released their first self-titled EP – AMNESTI - to a full house a CONTRAST in Gothenburg.

Over the summer 2019, the band played at venues like Debaser, Folk and Styrsö Festival followed by a tour in November.

Amnesti released the first single from their upcoming album today friday 2/10, called Lolita & I

Oct 02, 202029:01
Hannah & Bethany of HeartCharged!

Hannah & Bethany of HeartCharged!

This morning I interview two sisters who tell an amazing story of survival and hope! Below is their story and they are building a community for others to join and learn about their heart condition and bring awareness to others who may have an underlying heart condition! Take a Listen!

Our stories are real, raw, and rare. How many people do you know who have been shocked by a defibrillator? In their teens? While lip-syncing Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” on their high school stage? How many people do you know who have flown Miami to London to model their scars? Then accompanied that with an Instagram takeover in a HeartCharged cape and heels?

We (Bethany and Hannah) have stories that will make you cry and personalities that will make you laugh.

Hannah doesn’t just think she could have died but knows exactly when she would have without her implanted defibrillator. Bethany has a post entitled Swimsuits and Heart Screenings and a short take-off video on how she became a ‘Bionic Woman’.

We are informative and entertaining, bringing a serious matter to light in a lighthearted way.

We are 2 sisters (of 9 siblings) who were diagnosed in high school with the heart condition that kills thousands of young people in the US yearly without warning. We have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, HCM, and, as it is asymptomatic, screening for it is about the only chance to survive an attack.

We are now in college. Our condition has treated us differently, but we are united in spreading our messages - of the urgent need for heart screenings for young people and of the support available for other young people facing such medical trials through our Instagram community @heartcharged.

Since being diagnosed, we have chosen to try and focus more on what we can do to make sure others do not die from this condition than being down in the dumps we have this diagnosis.

Invite us on your podcast. Find out what it’s like to have your whole life changed and your dreams cancelled and thank God for it each day. Find out who is banned from athletics and who is a dance major. Find out who has a wardrobe that totally shows off her defibrillator. Find out who is a film major. Find out how we as a community can join the fight to knock sudden cardiac deaths in the young down from 2,000 a year to 0.

We are polished speakers ready to share our inspiring stories. We’ve helped people accept lifesaving surgery, understand needed support, and find similarly-challenged friends. We can help more with your help. Let your audience hear about escaping death through detection, living joyfully with defibrillators, and saving lives in the future. Help bring awareness to a topic, cardiomyopathies in the young, that is most often unnoticed until it is too late. Let’s put something on the news besides death. Let’s talk about lifesaving measures. And have fun doing it.

CardiomyopathiesdefibrillatorHeartChargedHannah KeimeBethany KeimeHealth

Oct 02, 202056:49
Hermon Gebretsadik

Hermon Gebretsadik

This morning we discuss teaching entrepreneurs how to utilize their potential and maximize their productivity. Insight from launching a startup to self-development. We discuss business, women in business, Covid 19 in Dubai and Ethiopia, political leadership around the world, elections and government leadership changes to help cultures around the world!

Oct 02, 202040:12
Billionaire in Boxers Founder Phil Pelucha
Oct 01, 202001:18:13
News Breakdown 9/30/20
Sep 30, 202001:03:24
9/29/20 News Breakdown!
Sep 29, 202041:21
9/28/20 News Breakdown LIVE
Sep 29, 202048:37
9/26/20 News Breakdown

9/26/20 News Breakdown

I discuss the News headlines, Tampa Bay Lightning Game 3 win, Trumps Platinum Plan, Louisville Riots and arrests, Pelosi, RBG and media propaganda! Take a Listen!

Sep 27, 202001:16:56