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Personality Type in Depth Podcast

Personality Type in Depth Podcast

By Personality Type in Depth

The podcast bridging psychological type and depth psychology.
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Trumpism: The Intuitive Function, the Savior, and the Trickster

Personality Type in Depth PodcastJun 02, 2023

Trumpism: The Intuitive Function, the Savior, and the Trickster

Trumpism: The Intuitive Function, the Savior, and the Trickster

Audio recording from the ⁠⁠PTD⁠⁠ June 2023 issue.

⁠⁠Trumpism: The Intuitive Function, the Savior, and the Trickster by Aviva G. Brown.

Read by ⁠⁠Lori Green.

Jun 02, 202333:05
Philosophical Synchronicity: The Dialectic of Objectivity and Subjectivity in Jung and Polanyi
Apr 19, 202340:42
Partnering Type with Graphology
Dec 29, 202215:17
Resurrecting the Feeling Function
Dec 29, 202222:05
Anorexia Nervosa and the INTJ Type
Dec 29, 202227:50
Saving Sheila (Part II)
Dec 13, 202237:32
The Ugly Duckling: A Tale of Individuation
Aug 01, 202237:16
The Spectrum of Consciousness: Color Symbolism in the Typology of C. G. Jung
Jun 29, 202243:36
Mixing Right and Left
Jun 29, 202206:17
The Wisdom of the Witch: An INFJ Encounter with the Feeling Function
Apr 19, 202239:25
The Voice Behind the Curtain: Reclaiming My Dominant Function from the Protector/Persecutor
Apr 19, 202238:41
Saving Sheila (Part I)
Apr 19, 202245:41
John Beebe on the Evolution of Jungian Typology
Dec 28, 202101:37:04
Convergence: Academic Psychology Meets Jungian Typology
Dec 28, 202151:02
Collective Consciousness

Collective Consciousness

Audio recording from the PTD December 2021 Centennial Celebration Issue: 100 Years of Psychological Type.

Collective Consciousness by Mark Hunziker and Peter T. Dunlap.

Read by Lori Green.

Dec 28, 202142:26
Transcending the Power Complex
Apr 25, 202137:32
Marriage as a "Hotbed of Individuation"
Apr 25, 202130:12
A Tympanum in a Time of COVID
Apr 25, 202136:09
Dancing to Lunar Rhythms
Dec 15, 202035:02
A Guide to the ESTP Universe
Dec 15, 202054:08
Sex, Madness, and Spirituality
Dec 15, 202031:08
Dreams of Grief and Growth
Nov 02, 202028:18
Voice of the Feminine as Dream Symbol
Nov 02, 202049:56
Dreams from a Pandemic
Nov 02, 202026:25