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And That's On Equity

And That's On Equity


Welcome to UBC WEC's podcast "And That's On Equity"!
In each episode, we will be discussing pressing issues faced both globally and locally in our communities.
We hope to bring awareness to the topics that matter, and to keep fighting for positive change!
Full transcripts of episodes are available on our website.
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An Interview with Maria Adelaida Escobar -EPISODE 8

And That's On EquityNov 22, 2022

An Interview with Maria Adelaida Escobar -EPISODE 8
Nov 22, 202252:53
Roundtable Discussion -EPISODE 7

Roundtable Discussion -EPISODE 7

In this episode, Azumi, Amelia, and Anayaisira have a roundtable discussion where they answer some questions and introduce themselves to the audience! Get to know the "And That's on Equity" podcast hosts and join in on our first episode of this school term!

Oct 13, 202232:48
Maintaining Good Mental Health: An interview with Kelsey Jarvis -EPISODE 6
Feb 24, 202237:60
Women in Academia: An Interview with Professor Kimberly Bain - EPISODE 5
Jan 27, 202247:16
Abuse in Gymnastics and Larry Nassar -EPISODE 4
Oct 29, 202131:43
What Even is Feminism? - EPISODE 3
Sep 11, 202150:17
So Many Abortion Bans in America - EPISODE 2
Jul 06, 202124:56
Asian Hate in North America - EPISODE 1
Jun 04, 202134:51


Welcome to UBC Women Empowerment Club's new podcast!

May 11, 202100:34