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Unboxing Women

Unboxing Women

By Unboxing Women

We are Maika and Dana from Unboxing Women and this pod is about the gender gap and how women and LGBTQ+ are marginalised in the music and entertainment industry.

It all started after we were called a bitch just for knowing what we want and being assertive about it to the men around us, so if being a knowledgeable woman makes us a bitch, then we are #SUCHABITCH and we’ll show you just what a bitch can do.

Join us as we unbox the underlying truth, discuss taboo topics and bring on guests revealing the dirty little secrets of the music business and what is really going on behind the scenes.
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UW #67: The Little Mermaid is b(l)ack

Unboxing WomenMay 18, 2023

UW #67: The Little Mermaid is b(l)ack
May 18, 202313:01
UW #66: Harry Styles' Style
May 11, 202329:02
UW #65: Testimonial: Witnessing female discrimination up close
May 04, 202334:16
UW #64: Publisher Special: don't sign your rights away!
Apr 27, 202322:32
UW #63: Who do you need on your team as an unsigned artist?
Apr 20, 202343:37
UW #62: Deep dive into Gender Surveys by Keychange and Spotify
Apr 13, 202301:06:36
UW #61: Viral Tiktoks & Activism in Songwriting with Morgan St. Jean
Apr 06, 202329:51
UW #60: The Aftermath of Touring with Anastacia
Mar 30, 202335:39
UW #59: Not even Rihanna gets paid for the Superbowl Halftime Show
Mar 23, 202324:54
UW #58: Finding yourself with Michaela D. Jordan
Mar 16, 202336:40
UW #57: Why P!nk is still a huge success
Mar 09, 202328:27
UW #56: Is Disney finally changing its misongynistic ways?
Mar 02, 202347:50
UW #55: Unboxing Day Holiday Special
Dec 26, 202225:51
UW #54: Shania Twain: The Unbelievable Story Behind the Legend
Jul 28, 202228:40
UW #53: What you didn't know about Autotune

UW #53: What you didn't know about Autotune

Who uses Autotune? Why is it frowned upon in certain genres, while it is glorified in others?  We divulge a couple of secrets well-known in the industry, but that most music fans have no clue about.

We mention our Episode 25: "Vibrato in Pop Music", Episode 32: "Exploring Imposter Syndrome" and Episode 23: "Women Supporting Women - Vocal & Communication Coach Angela Durrant".

This is the link to the Full 2019 Eurovision Show on their official YouTube channel where Madonna sang 'Like a Prayer' with Autotune tuned to the wrong note: (the link will make the video start just before she comes on)

This is the link to the video on Madonna's YouTube channel where they corrected her performance as best they could.  You can clearly hear extra vocals were added on the parts that they couldn't re-tune due to too much audience noise:

If there is anything you would like us to talk about send us a DM on our Instagram or an email to

Use the hashtag #SUCHABITCH to let us know about your personal experiences.

Jul 21, 202240:19
UW #52: The Musical Theatre Monopoly in Germany with Daniela Dinnes
Jul 14, 202236:35
UW #51: Why having a manager is overrated
Jul 07, 202226:47
UW #50: What do we do now?
Jun 30, 202224:13
UW #49: Staying true to yourself with self-managed Dark Pop artist Salt Ashes
Jun 23, 202247:38
UW #48: Mansplaining: The Art of Assuming You're the Smartest One There
Jun 16, 202234:37
UW #47: The Adele Controversy: the Grammys go Non-Binary
Jun 09, 202231:40
UW #46: The Healing Power of Telling Your Story with The Albrecht Authors
Jun 02, 202245:17
UW #45: Part III: How Disney perpetuates homophobia through their Villains
May 26, 202250:60
UW #44: Part II: Who are the real Disney Heroes?
May 19, 202238:08
UW #43: Part I: The evolution of Disney Princesses
May 12, 202256:25
UW #42: Shocking secrets in radio programming and playlisting with Simone
May 05, 202252:20
UW #41: Maika finally admits to fangirling
Apr 28, 202220:23
UW #40: What is wrong with our nipples?
Dec 16, 202130:08
UW #39: Pushing back and showing initiative with Ashley DiBuduo
Dec 09, 202126:17
UW #38: Origin of the word ”bitch”
Dec 02, 202121:20
UW #37: Disrupting the corporate model with Steph Maksimow
Nov 25, 202145:18
UW #36: Britney Spears locked in a dictatorship #FreeBritney
Nov 18, 202136:03
UW #35: Making your own choices with Sammy Jancovich
Nov 11, 202145:32
UW #34: Will acting like a man get you ahead?
Nov 04, 202150:34
UW #33: Community through Music with Naomi
Oct 28, 202132:34
UW #32: Exploring Imposter Syndrome
Oct 21, 202135:39
UW #31: Mermaids are REAL!
Oct 14, 202132:13
UW #30: Billie Eilish pisses everyone off... again!
Oct 07, 202128:27
UW #29: The Male Perspective with Matt Parisi
Sep 30, 202149:40
UW #28: Moxie Movie Review
Sep 23, 202130:45
UW #27: Meet Stormy J: Radio DJ breaking barriers
Sep 16, 202128:60
UW #26: Whysomale festival line-ups and misogyny at the Grammys
Sep 09, 202137:58
UW #25: Vibrato in Pop Music
Jun 26, 202145:23
UW #24: The Influence of Lady Gaga
Jun 10, 202124:30
UW #23: Women Supporting Women - Vocal & Communication Coach Angela Durrant
May 27, 202138:59
UW #22: Glass ceilings and cliffs
May 13, 202142:55
UW #21: Finding Female Musicians with Bebop Mädchen
Apr 29, 202136:20
UW #20: Ageism in entertainment
Apr 15, 202122:43
UW #19: Brand Identity with Yvonne Hartmann
Apr 01, 202129:50
UW #18: Feminism in Comedy
Mar 18, 202136:02
UW Bonus 01: Dana kicks off Domestic Violence campaign with new song
Mar 08, 202127:01
UW #17: Women Crush Music with Ashley K Stoyanov
Mar 04, 202131:18
UW #16: Fighting for equality for transgender entertainers with Kate O‘Donnell
Feb 18, 202101:10:54
UW #15 - The Road to New Music
Feb 04, 202125:54
UW #14: Michaela D. Jordan - Golden Poppy Music
Jan 25, 202136:27
UW #13: Collaborating on New Music
Jan 11, 202130:23
UW #12: Billie Eilish against double standards
Dec 26, 202035:19
UW #11: Discussing Diva Attitude with Donata Kramarz
Dec 25, 202028:43
UW #10: Weird European Birthday Traditions
Dec 24, 202028:10
UW #9: Was Kesha raped?
Dec 23, 202024:19
UW #8: What about Male Movements?

UW #8: What about Male Movements?

Today we explore if male movements should exist.

Follow us on and send us a DM or let us know your personal experiences with the hashtag #SUCHABITCH. ⁣

Feel free to follow us separately at:

Dana Rexx⁣ Facebook Dana Rexx InstagramMaika Rose⁣ Facebook Maika Rose Instagram


Dec 23, 202023:25
UW #7: What happened to Taylor Swift‘s Butt
Dec 23, 202022:10
UW #6: Inclusion for Women

UW #6: Inclusion for Women

What does inclusion for women mean?

Follow us on and send us a DM or let us know your personal experiences with the hashtag #SUCHABITCH. ⁣

Feel free to follow us separately at:

Dana Rexx⁣ Facebook Dana Rexx InstagramMaika Rose⁣ Facebook Maika Rose Instagram


Dec 23, 202031:46
UW #5: What does feminism mean?
Dec 23, 202036:60
UW #4: Body Shaming
Dec 23, 202023:05
UW #3: How we ended up in the music bizz
Dec 23, 202029:04
UW #2: Road Rage
Dec 23, 202021:53
UW #1: Intro
Dec 23, 202004:34