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The Uncle Jimbo Side Show

The Uncle Jimbo Side Show

By James PM Gaffney

Well, hello everyone. This is the voice of James PM Gaffney, discussing (real) punk music, branding, design, morton salt and conscious thought. Each week, I'll feature a different designer, marketer or general weirdo answering 5 questions about something or other. Value? You bet!
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Debacle Three - Victoria Gallagher

The Uncle Jimbo Side ShowOct 14, 2018

Shut-In Series - EP 01 - Gin Hurley of Tigersmoon Design

Shut-In Series - EP 01 - Gin Hurley of Tigersmoon Design

Today, we have a chat with local artist Gin Hurley of Tigersmoon Design (

Gin is a ceramics artist, and we have a bit of a natter about living with Covid-19 as an artist in North Carolina. We chat fire, pottery and what this whole thing means.

Says Gin: "Form is an element in all of my work, a continuation of the duality between form and function. Form can be the simplicity of shape but also the idea that the item has a decorative quality as opposed to a functional use. Forms have changed over time, though with the study of the past we see they hold elements that have not left us. I find inspiration in forms throughout history both utility and cultural (such as symbols)."

To learn more about Gin, see her work - and BUY SOMETHING TO SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST, visit Gin's site, Tigersmoon Design at

For more episodes, visit To see more Uncle Jimbo, including his branding, design, web & marketing work, visit

Mar 31, 202017:40
The Cooper, Meek, & Howle Debacle
Aug 28, 201901:42:16
The Kyree Oliver Debacle
Aug 05, 201939:43
The Tim Bryant Debacle
Jul 29, 201939:34
John Jones - The Technology Doctor

John Jones - The Technology Doctor

In Debacle Twenty Two (I can't have it in the title anymore, or Apple throws a hissy and refuses to index the show,) I have another sit-down with John Jones of Dr. Jones PC Support.

Always a lovely time! In this hour-ish episode, we get a little into John's involvement in the Marie Curie, supporting terminal patients and their families.

We laugh a bit too much and tell awful jokes in between massive nuggets of science, wisdom and vaping anecdotes.

Plus Hives and Dead Kennedys!

Mar 05, 201955:24
Debacle Twenty One - Donald Dodson

Debacle Twenty One - Donald Dodson

In this highly immoral episode, I speak with the wonderfully talented Donald Dodson of Dodson Designs. Donald is an amazing leatherworker and artist - and it was a pleasure to get into a little natter with the man.

We talk leather, old-school printing, badassery and what the hell externality means. I'm still not sure - but I'm sure we talk about it.

While you're out there looking at leather, please be sure to visit and BUY MY SHIT!!!

Also, Scratch Acid and Southern Culture on the Skids!

Mar 01, 201940:11
Debacle Twenty - Paul Tokgozoglu

Debacle Twenty - Paul Tokgozoglu

In this highly controversial episode, I sit down with (I am assuming he was sitting) Paul Tokgozoglu and talk about higher intelligence, lower intelligence, the military, space, drugs, block chain, weird smells and those little black rubber things.

Check out more of Paul at Beyond Homosapien. Good stuff from a great guy with a real interest in what it all really means and where it's all really going.

While you're online, be sure to visit and BUY MY SHIT!!!

Also, Daughters and Entrance Band!

Feb 28, 201959:05
Debacle Nineteen - Katie Switzer

Debacle Nineteen - Katie Switzer

On this weeks debacle, I have the distinct pleasure to welcome the person on Facebook who I probably annoy the most.

Katie Switzer of Guilt Free Families is a parenting "guru" (she hates it when I call her that) with a real focus on healing parents to heal families to raise healthy kids. We talk parenting & entrepreneurship, obscene rage and why we all just need to calm down a little bit.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand - be sure to check out my website at AND BUY MY SHIT!!!

Plus Protomartyr and Idles!

Feb 28, 201901:05:40
Debacle Eighteen - Kyle Butler
Jan 14, 201947:06
Debacle Seventeen - Brett Wilson
Jan 07, 201933:31
Debacle Sixteen - Landon Porter

Debacle Sixteen - Landon Porter

In this debacle, I have the pleasure of talking with The King Gorilla himself, Landon Porter. Known far and wide as the Sales Gorilla, Landon has been a vociferous ape for changing the way sales is done.

He's a solid guy with solid advice and somewhat decent taste in music. We chat about sales, egos, ties and a bunch of other stuff I'm too lazy to type out. Good shit, though.

To learn more about Landon and the Gorilla Way, visit

If you don't know Landon, you need to know Landon. If you know Landon, you probably love Landon. If you know Landon and you don't love him, you may need professional help.

Plus Dead Kennedys and Tool!

Damage your eardrums at

Dec 21, 201832:01
Debacle Fifteen - Charles Bram

Debacle Fifteen - Charles Bram

In this sweet little debacle, we get to hang out with Charles Bram, business coach, fitness dude and - in his own words "Helping personal trainers build businesses that will sustain a healthy lifestyle: the ability to buy a home, drive a decent car, raise a family and take actual vacations." Charles is a good guy, and we get into some seriously deep conversations. Cough cough.

Learn more about Charles and a bit of what he gets up to at

Plus Hater and Butthole Surfers!!!

For more audio idiocy, visit

Dec 21, 201801:04:58
Debacle Fourteen - Tim Burt

Debacle Fourteen - Tim Burt

During this debacle, I get a chance to speak with Tim Burt of - a fella with an incredible resume in all things advertising and an undeniably rich, buttery voice. We chat about coffee, tea, super-powers and advertising that suuuuuuuuucks.

Plus, They Might Be Giants and Peeping Tom.

Give yourself ear wax buildup!
Dec 19, 201837:21
Debacle Thirteen - Nathan Fraser

Debacle Thirteen - Nathan Fraser

During this debacle, I get to talk to a dude I've been admiring from afar. No - not like that. I've always enjoyed Nathan's swagger and the level of professionalism he brings to all his projects. We have a bit of a chat about social media, artistic integrity (or the lack thereof,) content and memes. Check Nathan out at - goooooooood shit from a good dude with great ideas. Plus GBH & Mark D!!! Sit back and stick a sharp pencil in your ear.
Dec 18, 201828:19
Debacle Twelve - Bob Clark, Dammit

Debacle Twelve - Bob Clark, Dammit

Bob Clark is a man of unfathomable talent and unquestionable prowess in hats, podcasts & social media ideas. While I tried desperately to derail the entire show with nonsense, Bob brought it back around to value. I should probably hire him to produce the debacles. To learn a bit more about Bob Clark, Dammit, be sure to check out the 808 Podcast at as well as Bob's "real" job at On Fire Reviews at - I guarantee a good time had by all. Plus, Dickies & Megadeth! Pollute the airwaves!
Dec 17, 201833:34
Debacle Eleven - Ayla Grace Zelles!

Debacle Eleven - Ayla Grace Zelles!

In what is EASILY the sexiest debacle, Uncle Jimbo welcomes in Ayla Grace Zelles, a sex and relationship coach from (I think) somewhere in Spain. Isn't the internet cool? But - we talk about music, touring, toxicity and masturbating in public restrooms. Plus, an inordinately long diatribe about orgasms. Learn more about Ayla at - she's a warm, wonderful soul - and she knows what she's talking about. Plus, Swans & Naked Raygun!!! GET IT IN YOUR EARHOLES!!!
Dec 10, 201801:03:35
Debacle Ten - Steven S. Safak!

Debacle Ten - Steven S. Safak!

In the latest shambling wreck that is the Uncle Jimbo Side Show, we speak with my son Steven S. Safak. We discuss a few lofty things, but the real meat of the show is talking about dogs. Plus, some strange metaphysical jokes that only make sense if you're WOKE. Steven's a helluva guy with a great sense of humor and a heart the size of Texas. You can check him out at Plus Tomahawk & Fear!
Dec 03, 201845:56
Debacle Nine - Ashley Sanders!

Debacle Nine - Ashley Sanders!

In what may be the worst debacle ever, Ashley Sanders stops by to wander around, chasing her dog all over the damned place. We chat about non-profits, booze and the secret to a long-lasting marriage. We get a little into marketing and influencers - but we quickly changed the topic.

Plus Archers of Loaf and Big Black.
Nov 26, 201826:04
Debacle Eight - KNUTA!

Debacle Eight - KNUTA!

In this massive debacle, we talk with Knuta aaaaaaaallllll the way from Norway.

We get into mindset, creativity, marketing and a bit of what makes social media different in Norway. Are we (as Westerners) ahead or behind Knuta and his kin? Tune in and find out!

Also, Hot Snakes and Paul Leary. In that order.


#design #marketing #socialmedia #podcast #norway #punk #music #branding
Nov 19, 201840:04
Debacle Seven - John Jones
Nov 12, 201847:31
Debacle Six - Karina Pardus

Debacle Six - Karina Pardus

In the latest rambling shamble of a podcast, we talk with Karina Pardus of Coy Compositions about all sorts of things. Mostly music, vibration, branding and proper hot chocolate.

Karina is a composer creating connections between businesses and their audience through original brand music for videos and projects.

All this, plus King Buzzo and Melt Banana!

#branding #music #vibration #podcast #marketing #hot #chocolate
Nov 05, 201855:36
Debacle Five - Christian Rivera (C-Note)

Debacle Five - Christian Rivera (C-Note)

On this episode, we are joined by Christian Rivera, AKA C-Note. We have a natter about punk music and it's place in society, mental health, Meyers-Briggs and aaaaaall that stuff. Plus, tacos.

C-Note Media is making sense of the madness of media as a multimedia designer/consultant, Myers-Briggs educator and mental health advocate on his podcast DOPEamine.

C-Note's all right with me, and I think he'll be all right with you.

PLUS - a visit from my uncle!

#podcast #marketing #branding #design #punk #music #carlin
Oct 29, 201801:03:37
Debacle Four - Phil K. James
Oct 22, 201848:59
Debacle Three - Victoria Gallagher

Debacle Three - Victoria Gallagher

On today's show, we get to sit down with Victoria Gallagher and chat it up about the brain, tubes, pipes and all sorts of things pertaining to consciousness.

Victoria Gallagher is a Certified Master Hypnotist and Law of Attraction Expert, specializing in career and business success. For over 20 years, Victoria has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, through the use of her meditative recordings and personal development courses.

Plus - weird questions and inane ramblings.

#podcast #hypnotist #punk #branding #marketing #design #lawofattraction #attractionmarketing
Oct 14, 201801:10:38
Debacle Two - Jessica J. Olbin

Debacle Two - Jessica J. Olbin

On this episode, we hear from Jessica J. Olbin - and we discuss such amazing things as ducks, dragons, spreadsheets and systems.

Jessica is the brains and brawn behind Flourish, LLC - at She helps unf*ck businesses so that they run better - allowing us more time to pursue the things we REALLY want...

Also, Alan Watts, Steel Pole Bathtub and some Daddy Longhead.

#design #graphics #marketing #business #systems #spreadsheets #jimbo #branding #brand
Oct 08, 201831:27
Debacle One - Stacy Fannon

Debacle One - Stacy Fannon

For the first episode, I figured I'd bring in one of the more influential people in my life. Stacy Fannon of the Revelation Resistance Podcast joins me to talk punk, god, podcasting, procrastinating and guitars.

Visit to listen to Stacy's podcast, find him on Instagram, find him in my friends list on Facebook. Damned good feller.

If you're interested in buying my shit, visit https:/

Thanks for listening - thanks for reading. Don't forget to subscribe and do all those things I'm supposed to tell you to do.

#design #branding #podcasting #inspiration #christianity #punk #weirdo #jimbo #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship
Oct 01, 201838:52