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Uncommon Faith

Uncommon Faith

By Uncommon Faith

Real life. Real talk. Ashley Reed and Amber Garrett two best friends since High school who are just trying to figure out their lives after surviving thyroid cancer and a brain aneurysm/stroke. While staying true to themselves. Uncommon Faith is a weekly chat where Ashley and Amber talk about anything and everything. This podcast will be two friends dealing with life altering diagnosis, grief, their career, mom life, their faith and everything in between. While still remaining positive and finding joy and humor in the little things. Pull up your comfiest chair and join in on the conversation.
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Ep 5: The Good, the bad, and the grief with Nancy Viera

Uncommon Faith Dec 06, 2021

Ep 61: Adult children, military moves, and humble beginnings
Apr 17, 202326:18
Ep 60: Getting over past relationships and misconceptions of a christian (reddit)
Mar 20, 202331:56
Ep 59: 90's Christian parents and therapy debate
Mar 06, 202335:11
Ep 58: Special needs, Tim Tebow, and a night to shine with Jessica Shewmake
Feb 21, 202332:33
Ep 57: Learning lessons at Rock Bottom
Feb 06, 202329:47
Ep 56: Cowboys, Ex-boyfriends, and dating older than you
Jan 23, 202338:17
Ep 55: Candace Cameron Bure scandal, Celebrity Deaths, Assumptions/Questions/Big announcement
Nov 21, 202243:25
Ep 54: Sex trafficking and finding hope with Rachel Leachman
Nov 14, 202239:56
Ep 53: Rejection, God's plans, and divorce with Ryan Ingram
Nov 07, 202201:02:11
Ep 52: Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month with Alison Vergeront
Oct 31, 202255:18
Ep 51: Worship, Church hurt, Deconstructing Christianity with Becky Ykema
Oct 24, 202248:35
Ep 50: Sexy fairy costumes, Real ghost stories, and Halloween Movie list
Oct 18, 202201:04:24
Ep 49: Standing up for your kids, Banned commercials, Childhood Triggers
Oct 11, 202244:26
Ep 48: Aliens, Conspiracy theories, Denver airport
Oct 03, 202246:39
Ep 47: Adam Levine scandal, Cheating, safe-guarding your relationships
Sep 26, 202249:37
Ep 46: Single mom problems, worst jobs ever
Sep 19, 202242:10
Ep 45: Wineries, viral videos, strange reasons to break up with someone
Sep 14, 202241:57
Ep 44: Weird Dreams, perceptions, breaking up over email
Sep 05, 202246:07
Ep 43: Stroke anniversary, Child stars, Netflix watchlist
Aug 30, 202248:27
Ep 42: Back to school, Teacher appreciation, long-distance date nights
Aug 23, 202250:20
Ep 41: Body insecurites, weird eating habits, body shaming yourself part 2
Aug 15, 202234:11
Ep 40: Plastic surgery regrets, body dysmorphia, and eating disorders Part 1
Aug 08, 202252:49
Ep 39: Pat Benatar Concert, Nashville, and what you should NOT put in your toilet.
Aug 01, 202249:24
Ep 38: Trusting God with your business with Kahlea Nicole
Jul 25, 202201:00:24
Ep 37: Dealing with stress, Army separations, staying positive
Jul 18, 202201:00:38
Ep 36: Road tripping, summer reading list, fireworks
Jul 11, 202249:12
Ep 35: Christian school, worship, and near death experiences with Jordan Naegle
Jul 04, 202201:12:32
Ep 34: The truth about abortion with CJ Wilson
Jun 27, 202201:02:59
Ep 33: Summer road trips, Hollywood gossip, and killing plants
Jun 20, 202258:08
Ep 32: Movie junkies, car enthusiasts, and trivia with Pete Abeyta
Jun 13, 202256:30
Ep 31: Confident atheist turned confident Christian with Wendy Cunningham
Jun 06, 202201:03:43
Ep 30: Mom of 6 kids, homeschooling, and mom shaming with Elaine Kochanowicz
May 30, 202201:01:40
Ep 29: Beating the odds with stroke survivor Brisa Alfaro
May 23, 202201:01:56
Ep 28: Raising teens, Tik Tok, and Am I becoming my mom?
May 16, 202234:39
Ep 27: Post-Partum Depression, Anxiety, and asking for help with Sara Shorter

Ep 27: Post-Partum Depression, Anxiety, and asking for help with Sara Shorter

May 09, 202201:07:34
Ep 26: PCOS, Infertility, and Miscarriage with Sara Shorter
May 02, 202245:06
Ep 25: Army wives, Cheating in the Army, Being an Army brat
Apr 25, 202253:37
Ep 24: Bridgerton and Easter traditions
Apr 18, 202244:50
Ep 23: Will Smith, Jada and toxic relationships
Apr 11, 202254:19
Ep 22: Paralyzed
Apr 04, 202257:05
Ep 21: Toxic friendships and how to know if you're in one
Mar 28, 202256:37
Ep 20: Prison, Simplifying life, and living up to your fullest potential with Tabatha Perry

Ep 20: Prison, Simplifying life, and living up to your fullest potential with Tabatha Perry

Starting season three of on a positive note. On this weeks episode Amber and Ashley are joined by former social worker in the criminal justice system turned life coach Tabatha Perry. We dive into the world of working in the prison system at the young age of twenty. Tabatha shares her passion for helping others and seeing the good in people in prison, which eventually lead to her career change as a life coach. 

Ashley asks about the toll it took on her emotionally and mentally working with women and men in prison. 

Further, they discuss what it’s like to be a life coach. Tabatha explains all about how she helps clients simplify their lives and step into their fullest God-given potential. Whether you are a stay at home mom, empty-nester, or living that single life but just need help in getting to the next step in your life. 

You can find Tabatha at


also join her book club the

“The No guilt book club”

Check out Tabatha’s podcast

"The Life Edit Podcast with Tabatha Perry"

Follow the link to help support Amber after her failed craniotomy.

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** We apologize for this weeks audio quality due to technical difficulties. Next week will be back to our normal quality. Thank you 

Mar 21, 202245:01
Ep 19: Beauty and Redemption, Foster care and Adoption with Kayla Maxey
Mar 14, 202201:07:39
Ep 18: Confessions of a struggling artist
Mar 07, 202201:07:19
Ep 17: The Music industry, Lupus, and Mental health

Ep 17: The Music industry, Lupus, and Mental health

This weeks episode Amber and Ashley are joined by Producer, Singer, songwriter, musician Christopher “C-Ray” Roberts to talk all about the music business. He shares about how he got a raw publishing deal in the beginning of his career that had control over all his music and kept him from working with new artists.  He remembers how he first met Ashley and they started working together on music. At the same time that his mom suddenly fell ill and nearly died. Which was the beginning of several losses within his family. C-Ray shares about his lupus diagnosis shortly after all this tragedy and how it affected him mentally and emotionally. They discuss how difficult it can’t be for Artists of all kinds. How what artists create whether its painting, or music, or the hair industry like Amber. It’s tied into our identity, it’s our outlet. When we face rejection it can cause depression, anxiety, among so many other things. 

If you are feeling any thoughts of depression or anxiety don’t be afraid to reach out. 

Follow the link to find someone that's nearby to you.¬_found=1&gor=helpme

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"Glass Houses" by Ashley Reed 

Feb 28, 202201:07:43
Ep 16: Birthday Curses, Things I've never done, and Bucket lists
Feb 21, 202201:07:49
Ep:15 Dating as a Christian, Purity rings, and Sex
Feb 14, 202201:05:09
Ep 14: Hope and Healing after loss with Kim Peacock

Ep 14: Hope and Healing after loss with Kim Peacock

On this weeks episode Amber and Ashley are joined by longtime friend Kim Peacock, author of Victorious Heart. Kim shares with us her journey of grief and healing after the devastating loss of her teenage daughter in a horrific accident during a family vacation. They discuss the hard reality that everyone faces while going through the different stages of grief. Ashley relates to Kim through her own experience with loss. They share how grief can be a hard topic for people to broach. They don’t know what to say or how to handle someone who is in the midst of grief. Kim gives some incredibly insightful tips for those on the outside looking to help their loved ones process their grief. Ashley brings up the struggle with Faith, and God after you lost someone. It’s very easy to feel anger, resentfulness towards God after a loss. But that’s okay, there’s no wrong way to grieve. 

Further, Kim gives advice on keeping your marriage strong after losing a child, with grace, patience, and love. There is healing and hope after you suffer loss not just with death but in any other way that you are grieving. 

You can visit Kim’s website to order your copy today.

Or wherever books are sold. 

Be on the lookout for an audio version coming soon. 

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Feb 07, 202258:06
Ep 13: Covid, and Ashley's health scare
Jan 31, 202201:11:24
Ep 12: Outlander, addiction to social media, and conspiracy theories

Ep 12: Outlander, addiction to social media, and conspiracy theories

This weeks episode  Amber and Ashley poke fun at themselves and the silly things they are addicted to and some not so silly things. Ashley shares all about how she’s single handedly got several people into her favorite show Outlander. They compare Game of thrones and Outlander and which one stays true to the book. They get deep on why they are addicted to the things that they are like social media. Why is our brains so addicted to social media, clearing those red notifications? What keeps us in our phones/computers instead of being present and enjoying their lives?

Is social media just a way for people to stalk you and not interact you? Ashley talks about moving away after getting married and how it changed her friendships. Relying too much on social media to keep those friendships intact. 

Amber brings up conspiracy theories about being targeted through social media. Is the government listening? Or at least Target? There has to be a reason why we say something out loud then an ad pops up for us? Plus, the constant spam emails from stores that fill up in your inbox from deals and discounts that we don’t need.  

Also, they discuss how they would spend their time if they weren’t on social media. They challenge each other to track the screen time and report back after revealing their horrific time stats. 

What small thing can you do to limit your screen time throughout the day?

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Jan 24, 202201:19:38