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Unite Neighbourhood Church

Unite Neighbourhood Church

By Unite Church

A weekly podcast for our Neighbourhood Church Communities.
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One Focus (Acts 20:7-21:36)

Unite Neighbourhood ChurchMar 18, 2023

Representing God (1 Samuel 3-6)

Representing God (1 Samuel 3-6)

1/ (Tahi ) Q: Take a moment to give your thoughts and feelings to the Holy Spirit. What do you sense him impress upon you as you consider this scripture?

2/ (Rua) Q: How do you wrestle with the tensions in this passage?

3/ (Toru) Q: How is Jesus leading you to trust in the story he is telling?

May 20, 202313:59
An Invitation To Trust (1 Samuel 1 & 2)

An Invitation To Trust (1 Samuel 1 & 2)


1/ (Tahi ) Q: What does this passage reveal to us about God’s faithfulness?

2/ (Rua) Q: Read Hannah’s prayer together in 1 Samuel 2: and then consider: What does this prayer reveal to us about God’s relationship with humanity?

3/ (Toru) Q: What is Jesus inviting us to trust him with today?

May 13, 202310:44
Partnership and Pride (Genesis 2 and 3)

Partnership and Pride (Genesis 2 and 3)

1/ (Tahi ) Q: What do these passages tell us about who God is?

2/ (Rua) Q: What does living in rest look like in your life?

3/ (Toru) Q: What does it mean for us to walk in Partnership with God now?

May 06, 202314:12
Known and Knowing (Psalm 139)

Known and Knowing (Psalm 139)


1/ (Tahi ) Q: Why is the presence of God so vital for us as followers of Jesus?

2/ (Rua) Q: What does this Psalm reveal in me about how I see God?

3/ (Toru) Q: What truth about God, is the Holy Spirit leading me to trust him with?

Apr 22, 202313:06
Easter Sunday (John 13-20)

Easter Sunday (John 13-20)

1/ (Tahi ) Q. What does the cross and resurrection of Jesus mean to you?

2/ (Rua) Q. Put yourself in the shoes of those who saw Jesus resurrected. How would you have responded if you were there?

3/ (Toru) Q. Reflect on the words “Peace be with you,” spoken by Jesus. Where are you led to repentance and trust, worship and rest?

Apr 08, 202308:55
“Living Worthy of the Call” (Acts 24-25, Eph 2-4)

“Living Worthy of the Call” (Acts 24-25, Eph 2-4)

1/ (Tahi ) What does the grace of God mean to you? 2/ (Rua) How are you engaging with God’s gift of grace in your life right now? 3/ (Toru) When have you experienced unity in the church?

Apr 01, 202314:18
One Focus (Acts 20:7-21:36)

One Focus (Acts 20:7-21:36)

1/ (Tahi ) Q. What are we hugging to our hearts as if it were our soul’s life?

2/ (Rua) Q. What is Jesus asking us to hand over and trust him with?

3/ (Toru) Q. What does it mean for each of us to fix our eyes on Jesus right now?

Mar 18, 202312:05
Worship, Love, and Mission (Acts 17:35-20:6)

Worship, Love, and Mission (Acts 17:35-20:6)

1/ (Tahi ) Q. How is your trust in Jesus growing?

2/ (Rua) Q. How are we being led to serve one another in love?

3/ (Toru) Q. How are we being led to partner in God’s mission of revealing his saving love to our city?

Mar 11, 202314:36
Kings and Idols (Acts 16:11-17:34)

Kings and Idols (Acts 16:11-17:34)

1/ (Tahi ) Q. What does it mean for Jesus to be Lord and King in our lives? 

2/ (Rua) Q. How is the Lordship of Jesus at odds with how we as Christians are living presently? 

3/ (Toru) Q. What are we led to surrender and trust Jesus with?

Mar 04, 202312:22
Becoming Love (Acts 13:13-14:28)

Becoming Love (Acts 13:13-14:28)

1/ (Tahi ) Q. When you consider the book of Acts, how are you led to repentance? 

2/ (Rua) Q. How can we foster a community full of the love of Christ?

3/ (Toru) Q. Where are we called to humble ourselves in community? 

Feb 18, 202311:27
Spirit Lead Us (Acts 11:19-13:13)

Spirit Lead Us (Acts 11:19-13:13)

As you allow the Spirit of the Lord to lead you, why don’t you consider these questions:

1/ (Tahi ) Q. How have you experienced rest from setting rhythms in your life? 

2/ (Rua) Q. What does the Holy Spirit mean to you? 

3/ (Toru) Q. How can we practice being led by the Spirit of the Lord in community? 

Feb 11, 202312:22
"Sensing where God is leading” (Acts 9:32-11:18)

"Sensing where God is leading” (Acts 9:32-11:18)

As you allow the Spirit of the Lord to lead you, why don’t you consider these questions: 

(Tahi ) Q. How have I seen the goodness of God in my life over this past week?   (Rua) Q. Where am I led to repentance and worship as I read the scripture?   (Toru) Q. Where do we sense God’s leadership for us individually and as a community?
Feb 04, 202310:31
18 December 2022
Dec 17, 202213:26
‘’Worship, Discipleship, Mission” (Luke 23:26-24:35)
Dec 10, 202215:00
‘’A Rhythm of Prayer” (Luke 22:39-23:25) Sunday Dec 4th 2022
Dec 03, 202212:28
‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ (Luke 21:5-22:38)
Nov 26, 202209:43
‘Approaching the Bible Together’ (Luke 20:20-21:4)
Nov 19, 202213:42
‘The Forest from the Trees’ (Luke 19:1-20:19) Sunday November 13th 2022
Nov 12, 202216:27
‘Humble vs. Exalted’ (Luke 18:9-18:42)
Nov 05, 202214:26
Sunday Service (Luke 16:19 -18:8) Oct 30
Oct 29, 202213:44
‘Love in Community’ (Luke 15:1-16:18) Sunday October 23rd 2022
Oct 22, 202213:28
‘’The Gift Of Repentance” Luke 12:49-13:21
Oct 08, 202211:27
"In His Care” (Luke 11:37-12:48)
Oct 01, 202213:27
‘’With God.” (Luke 10:38-11:36) Sunday September the 25th 2022
Sep 24, 202213:49
Partnering with God (Luke 9:37-10:37)
Sep 17, 202214:45
The Way of the Cross (Luke 9:1-9:36)
Sep 10, 202214:05
For All People (Luke 8)
Sep 03, 202212:19
People Of Practice (Luke 6:46 - 7:50)
Aug 27, 202215:46
Stay In My Love (Luke 6:12-45)
Aug 20, 202215:03
The Need For The Lonely Place (Luke 5:12 6:11)
Aug 13, 202213:37
The Word in the Wilderness (Luke 4:1-5:11)
Aug 06, 202213:23
Return to the Right Way Up (Luke 2-3)
Jul 30, 202210:57