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Unleash The Healing Within

Unleash The Healing Within

By Dr Mously Le Blanc

As America’s favorite Mind, Body, Heart and Soul Doctor, Mously Le Blanc’s (Dr. Mo) mission is to bring her wellness model to the masses so that people will stop self-medicating or taking on self-destructive behaviors rather than face the emotional voids in their lives. By taking a holistic approach to care incorporating self-love and energy work, Dr. Mo is completely changing the landscape of healthcare. As an award- winning physician, relationship coach and energy medicine practitioner, Dr. Mo is best known for her work centered around love being medicine. She has been described as a combin
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Unlocking the Body’s Message with Natalie Woodman

Unleash The Healing WithinNov 27, 2022

Unlocking the Body’s Message with Natalie Woodman

Unlocking the Body’s Message with Natalie Woodman

Ever wonder about the role our body plays in our business success and life in general?

In this episode, Natalie Woodman shares how a back injury that affected her work became the gateway for her to discover the role our body plays in everything.

From being limited in her movements to feeling better constantly, having much more energy, and experiencing fewer body triggers, she’s finally able to show up as required by her work and life in a much better state.

Discover how she connected with her body to release pain, worry, anxiety, and triggers that hinder us from achieving greater heights in our lives through listening to the message our body says and acting on it.

Natalie Woodman is a Body Conscious Master, Psychic Surgeon and Trauma Aware Master Akashic Consultant with 26 years of experience as a Physical Therapist and Body Alchemist. Her mission in life is to help high-achieving women make quantum leaps through body congruence and quantum calibration to live the life they desire the most and grow the business of their dreams.


As a Medical Intuitive channel, Body Consciousness Master, Psychic Surgeon and Trauma Aware Master Akashic Consultant with 26 years experience as a Physiotherapist and Body Alchemist. She helps high achieving fempreneurs align to their highest timeline by creating Quantum Leaps with ease through body congruence and Quantum Calibration to live the life and create the business they desire.

She helps women reclaim the sovereign connection to their bodies as Sacred Calibration Portals calibrating to truth, abundance, power, potency and love.

She makes the unseen seen, the unheard messages heard and bridges the body consciousness connection to what has not been felt, or suppressed. She creates body congruence with her work as a Medical Intuitive by psychically releasing the root cause of rejection, fear, shame or guilt from the body thereby helping women reclaim the connection to the “Real HER” inside.

She rebalances their nervous system, recalibrates the body’s capacity to hold more life force energy and helps women tap into their Sacred Body Wisdom within whilst working with their bodies' unique biorhythm.

She helps transform the lives of highly successful fempreneurs who are tired of working against their bodies after Burnout by embracing the path of ease and aligning her with her Soul Aligned Purpose and Divine Mission.

Ways to connect with Natalie Woodman:


Quantum Leap Facebook group

Nov 27, 202255:11
 Healing from autoimmune diseases with Dr Kara Wada

Healing from autoimmune diseases with Dr Kara Wada

In this episode, Dr Wada shares her personal journey with autoimmune disease and her healing methods that healed herself and her patients. Her inspirational journey provides hope and answers to those facing autoimmune illnesses.

Dr. Kara Wada, who self identified as one specializing in caring for those with have 'misbehaving immune systems' is the creator of the Crunchy Allergist.  With a passion for natural healing and science, Dr Wada had to slow down and make new priorities once her daughter was diagnosed with a significant allergy and especially after her own life changing health diagnosis.  She learned to understand the importance of self care and identify her new core values.  She worked to conquer her health challenges and empowers her community to do the same. She found a new source of inner strength and purpose, which birthed the Crunchy Allergist revolution, where she supports those with autoimmune diseases to heal and create a life they love.  Elaborating on learning how to operationalize your brain to help you achieve what you want out of life, she goes in detail on how we define and perceive life and how it affects our overall actions. She also explains how to best invest your time for a greater you!  Between her practical medical training and personal experience, Dr Wada has made remarkable conclusions for strengthening the mind and the body. 

Kara Wada, MD is a board-certified allergy/immunology and lifestyle medicine physician, autoimmune patient, life coach, and medical educator. She focuses on the unique challenges pertaining to those struggling with misbehaving immune systems including autoimmune, allergic and immune deficiency related conditions. Kara earned her medical degree at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. She completed Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency, Allergy/Immunology and Medical Education fellowships at The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. She helps empower naturally-minded, scientifically-grounded individuals looking to reduce or even eliminate symptoms related to their misbehaving immune systems. Dr. Wada lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, Dr. Akira Wada, and their three children.


Ways to connect with Dr. Kara Wada: The Crunchy Allergist Facebook Community

Register for the free Autoimmune Warrior Conference, CME available:

May 13, 202241:01
Self Healing Meditation
Apr 27, 202025:45
Tips to Support Your Loved One Through Grief and Trauma

Tips to Support Your Loved One Through Grief and Trauma

Watching someone you love endure trauma can be devastating. You may feel lost, helpless or utterly unprepared to provide the critically needed support they need. In this episode I go through 8 Tips to lovingly support your loved one as they experience grief and trauma.
Mar 19, 202052:19
How to Work Through Grief and Trauma
Mar 18, 202056:58
The Grief Journey

The Grief Journey

Are you or someone you love dealing with grief? This episode shines a light on grief and trauma. What is? How does it transforms us? And how can we move forward. I will also share pieces of my journey through grief.
Mar 17, 202030:52
Wise Insights from my Toddler

Wise Insights from my Toddler

I had a very interesting encounter with my son that transformed my perspective.  In this episode, I share about the encounter, what I learned and tips to empower you to be the giant in someone's eye.

Apr 08, 201922:54
24 hour Positivity Challenge; Amalfie Coast, Italy

24 hour Positivity Challenge; Amalfie Coast, Italy

I discuss my insights from a trip to Europe. We can learn from European's passion and zest for life. I challenge you to spend 24 hours spreading love, light and positivity.
Mar 07, 201919:28
Insights from the City of Love; Paris, France

Insights from the City of Love; Paris, France

While traveling through Paris, the city of love, I share my insights on how love can lead to healing. Love attracts love so let it begin with you.

Mar 05, 201905:34
Self-Love Ritual
Feb 08, 201936:54
Heart Centered Healing

Heart Centered Healing

Dr. Mo describes her journey from traditional medical doctor to holistic heart centered energy healer.
Jan 16, 201932:35