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Untying Knots - Navigating Divorce & Healing Trauma

Untying Knots - Navigating Divorce & Healing Trauma

By Divorce & Parent Coach, Melissa Hancock | Narcissistic Abuse Coach, Tanya Bashor

An insightful, no-bullshit podcast hosted by Divorce Coach Melissa & Trauma-Informed Narcissistic Abuse Specialist™, Tanya Bashor. Together, they help bring a unique blend of humor & expertise to listeners through the complexities of high-conflict divorce, & the process of healing from a toxic relationship. The show focuses on emotional, psychological, physical, and practical challenges that arise before, during, & after divorce & co-parenting children with special needs, while offering practical advice, expert interviews, personal stories, & transformative insights.
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Codependency: It Ends With You!

Untying Knots - Navigating Divorce & Healing TraumaNov 16, 2023

Codependency: It Ends With You!

Codependency: It Ends With You!

In this podcast episode, Jessica Parente, a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and ICF Accredited Somatic Trauma-Informed Coach, discusses codependency and its impact. Jess shares her personal experience with codependency, which began in childhood due to adverse events. She became hypervigilant, anxious, and perfectionistic, struggling with boundaries and indecisiveness. It wasn't until later in life that she recognized her codependent traits. Jess explains what codependency is, how it is developed and shares symptoms of codependency.

This episode explores how codependents are magnets for someone with narcissistic tendencies, and how overcoming codependency involves awareness, education and identifying and working on habits and boundaries. Modalities like Brainspotting, EMDR, and Internal Family Systems that work on the subconscious and somatic levels, rewiring codependent patterns are explained.

Jess shares the positive aspects of her recovery, including self-discovery, emotional balance, and the ability to choose how to engage with her codependent tendencies. Trusting intuition, setting boundaries, and feeling laid-back are among the benefits. She leaves us with her final thoughts that codependency is not a life sentence and can be rewired with hard work and diligence. For more information on Jessica's coaching business, It Ends With You LLC, check out her website.

For information on the Codependency No More: Breaking Free, Building You Retreat in Somerset, PA click here.

To access the Checklist of Codependency Symptoms mentioned in the show, click here:

Nov 16, 202356:47
Navigating the Road to Divorce: Essential Preparations and Consideration

Navigating the Road to Divorce: Essential Preparations and Consideration

In this episode, we talk with Ms. Elisabeth Molnar Esq. and delve into the critical steps individuals need to take before initiating divorce proceedings.

Preparation is Key: Before reaching out to an attorney, gather essential documents and information like finances, assets, and debts to be well-prepared for initial meetings.

Options on the Table: Ms. Molnar highlights the various divorce options, including mediation, collaborative, and litigation, weighing the pros and cons.

Scenario-Based Guidance: We explore scenarios facing infidelity or abuse, and dealing with complex family business issues, offering practical advice.

Pennsylvania Divorce Laws: Ms. Molnar explains the misnomer of "no-fault divorce" laws specific to Pennsylvania, simplifying the divorce process for couples.

Navigating High-Conflict Divorce: Ms. Molnar advises seeking support from a divorce coach, like Melissa, while you are going through the divorce and working with a trauma-informed coach, such as Tanya, to navigate the emotional challenges in the later stages of divorce and after, to ensure that you are supported and heal appropriately from the trauma of divorce.

Join us on this insightful journey through divorce preparation, understanding the legal landscape, and seeking the right support for your unique situation.

Elisabeth W. Molnar's practice focuses primarily on family law cases, including Divorce, Child Support, and Custody.

Ms. Elisabeth Molnar is a graduate of Duquesne University for undergraduate and law school. She was Magna Cum Laude in 2001 in Business Administration, and a Cum Laude graduate of the law school. She also participated in the 3-and-3 program, wherein she spent her last year of college as her first year of law school.

She received her Juris Doctor from Duquesne University School of Law in June of 2003, graduating Cum Laude. Ms. Molnar was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in October of 2003, and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania in December of 2003.

Ms. Molnar is a Pittsburgh native and resides in West Jefferson Hills with her kids and her husband.

Sep 26, 202351:49
Should I or Shouldn't I? (3 Warning Signs You May Be Headed for Divorce)
Sep 01, 202347:43
Welcome to Untying Knots with Melissa & Tanya

Welcome to Untying Knots with Melissa & Tanya

Join the dynamic duo of Melissa, a divorce coach from "I Do, I Did, I'm Done!" and Tanya, a somatic trauma-informed coach and narcissistic trauma recovery specialist from "Impart Clarity" as they launch their new collaborative podcast that will be taking a dive deep into the topics of divorce and healing trauma. The hosts share their own professional backgrounds and knowledge, talk about what to expect in upcoming episodes, and explain the kinds of guests who will be invited to talk, such as attorneys, therapists, and other respected experts in their fields to share their wisdom, as well as regular people who just want to share their stories."Untying Knots" is a caring and open-minded podcast that aims to empower individuals who are going through a divorce and healing from trauma and in this first episode, Melissa and Tanya provide a high-level overview of the essence of this podcast.

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Aug 17, 202336:27