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This is URN's "sexiest" sex and relationships podcast. Hosted by Ben, Cora, and Izzy - breaking the stigma around naughty nattering!
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Community Cabinets at UoNSU

URNgasmNov 06, 2022

URNgasm Season 2: Meet the Hosts!

URNgasm Season 2: Meet the Hosts!

Hello and welcome to URNgasm - URN's sexiest sex and relationships podcast!

As Ben and Cora travel on to pastures new, Izzy's joined by some new top shaggers; Josie, Charlie and Ellen. For the first episode of a brand new season of URNgasm, the gang play an icebreaker game of Would I Lie To You, and discuss the future of the podcast.

Useful links:

C-Card Scheme (free contraceptives for 16-25yr olds):

University Mental Health Advisory Service:

Safeline (specialist sexual violence and abuse charity helpline): or 01926402498

Nov 29, 202321:60
URNgasm Reunited - SRAs, Reflecting and the Future

URNgasm Reunited - SRAs, Reflecting and the Future

Graduation couldn't keep them apart for long! The OG URNgasm gang (Ben, Cora and Izzy) return to reflect on URN's sexiest sex podcast, their time at the University of Nottingham, oh, and that SRA award that they've all been internally screaming about.

In this episode we reference the C Card Scheme - to get access to free contraception through this scheme in Nottingham, go to

We also talk about the University Mental Health Service - for more information on their resources, go to

Cora works as a Development Co-Ordinator at Safeline, an incredible sexual violence and domestic abuse service. For more information, go to or call 01926402498.

Nov 22, 202337:20
URNgasm discusses Sexual Violence Awareness Week

URNgasm discusses Sexual Violence Awareness Week

TW: Sexual Violence, Abuse, Spiking, Harassment

On this episode of URNgasm, Ben, Cora and Izzy discuss the importance of Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week, which takes place on the first full week of February every year. We talk about the importance of engaging in dialogue surrounding these issues, and what can be done to support people that you might know that are suffering from the effects of sexual abuse, as well as what can be done to encourage discussions around consent as a student. We also consider what the realities are for students going on nights out in Nottingham, and reflect on what can be done to make nights out safer.

Below are some resources that we think might be useful if you or someone you know needs support:


Office - 01926402498 (Mon - Fri 9am-5pm)

National Male Survivor Helpline and Online Support - 08088005005 (Mon - Fri 9am-8pm and Sat/Sun 10am-2pm) Text - 07860065187 or go to for their live chat function

Women's Aid: has multiple resources including a survivor's handbook and forum

Nottingham Sexual Violence Support Services: 01159410440 or visit nottssvss/

Rape Crisis England & Wales: 24/7 support line 08085002222 or go to

Topaz Centre: 08000859993 or email at or go to

SARSAS: 08088010456 or 08088010464 or email or you can access their online support services at

Survivors Trust Helpline: go to to check the helpline opening hours, or call 08088010818

Samaritans: call 116 123 (24/7 365 days a year)

Feb 09, 202320:58
Nuts & Bolts - Movember at UoN

Nuts & Bolts - Movember at UoN

We moustache you a question...Do you - yes, you - check your nuts? 

Movember has ended but we wanted to jump in on the awareness action. Izzy, Ben, and Cora discuss all things Movember from fundraising to Prostate Cancer. Guest appearances include interviews with one of the university's top fundraisers Joe Gomersall, and University Radio Nottingham's Toby Reynolds. A special thank you to Jake Longhurst for joining us as an interviewer!

Dec 25, 202234:37
URNgasm takes SHAG week at UoNSU

URNgasm takes SHAG week at UoNSU

Let's talk about sex. This week, your esteemed hosts, Ben, Cora and Izzy dived into the University of Nottingham Students' Union's SHAG Week (Sexual Health and Guidance). We discuss how to start talking about sex, what conversations we think people should be having, and what the university had in place, featuring a clip from a SHAG week panel, hosted by Ife the Liberation Officer featuring guests from POW, SHAG and others.
Nov 21, 202250:43
Community Cabinets at UoNSU

Community Cabinets at UoNSU

In the very first episode of URNgasm, Cora & Ben discuss the Community Cabinet scheme piloted in the Portland Building by Project Period and the SU Officers. We delve into student interviews about the scheme, speak to SU Officer Ife, and discuss period poverty more generally!
Nov 06, 202220:16