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Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun

Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun

By Utah Lake Authority

The official podcast for Utah Lake. Hosted by the Utah Lake Commission, this podcast discusses the facts, fiction and fun to do with Utah Lake. Topics include projects at the lake, answering questions and dispelling rumors, featuring popular recreation activities at the lake and more. Each episode aims to share the works and wonders of Utah Lake.

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Ep. 94 - Utah Lake Preservation Fund

Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, FunApr 20, 2023

Ep. 94 - Utah Lake Preservation Fund
Apr 20, 202328:05
Ep. 93 - Upcoming Events at Utah Lake
Apr 06, 202318:38
Ep. 92 - Water Supply Update
Mar 16, 202320:21
Ep. 91 - The Lake Lowdown
Feb 23, 202313:07
Ep. 90 - Sam's Six Stories at Utah Lake
Feb 02, 202318:45
Ep. 89 - Utah Lake Winter Fishfest 2023
Jan 19, 202312:10
Ep. 88 - Science, Management and Policy: Sandy Beach Enhancements
Jan 05, 202312:48
Ep. 87 - Science, Management and Policy: Utah Lake Collaboration Efforts
Dec 29, 202217:37
Ep. 86 - Science, Management and Policy: Utah Lake Authority
Dec 22, 202215:07
Ep. 85 - Science, Management and Policy: Water Quality Study
Dec 16, 202223:56
Ep. 84 - Science, Management and Policy: Drought Response & Water Conservation
Dec 08, 202219:40
Ep. 83 - Science, Management and Policy: Water Rights
Dec 01, 202218:59
Ep. 82 - Science, Management and Policy: Science and Policy Task Force
Nov 24, 202219:20
Ep. 81 - Utah Lake Preservation Fund and Management Plan
Nov 17, 202223:33
Ep. 80 - Adopt a Shoreline at Utah Lake
Oct 13, 202216:53
Ep. 79 - Marinas, Trails and other Project Updates
Sep 22, 202216:02
Ep. 78 - Utah Lake Field Trips
Sep 08, 202213:17
Ep. 77 - The Lake and the Drought
Aug 25, 202222:19
Ep. 76 - Boating Safety with Division of Outdoor Recreation and Division of State Parks
Aug 11, 202255:33
Ep. 75 - HABS Monitoring and Response
Aug 04, 202225:43
Ep. 74 - Utah Lake Authority
Jul 28, 202221:10
Ep. 73 - Algae Blooms and Solutions Update
Jul 21, 202222:57
Ep. 72 - A Rumor of Utah Lake: Featuring Allie the Alligator
Jul 14, 202218:59
Ep. 71 - Windy Lookout Creation
Jul 07, 202219:11
Ep. 70 - Recent Events at Utah Lake

Ep. 70 - Recent Events at Utah Lake

In this episode our staff shares about a few of the recent event that happened involving Utah Lake. Listen in to hear more about the results from our Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt, Photo Exhibit Fundraiser, Paddle with Care, and the Summer Fishfest!

Jun 30, 202215:31
Ep. 69 - Fisheries Enhancement Coming Soon!
Jun 23, 202226:44
Ep. 68 - 2021 An Amazing Year at Utah Lake
Jun 16, 202216:20
Ep. 67 - What was Utah Lake like 200 years ago?
Jun 09, 202239:55
Ep. 66 - 20 years of June Sucker Recovery Efforts
Jun 02, 202239:34
Ep. 65 - A 7th Grader's Questions about Utah Lake
May 26, 202235:40
Ep. 64 - Provo River Delta Restoration Update
May 19, 202227:35
Ep. 63 - Upcoming Events at Utah Lake
May 12, 202219:60
Ep. 62 - Water Safety Awareness Month
May 05, 202230:17
Ep. 61 - Vineyard Lakeshore Projects
Apr 28, 202223:51
Ep. 60 – Vineyard Earth Day Beautification at Utah Lake
Apr 21, 202225:43
Ep. 59 – Saratoga Springs Lakeshore Projects
Apr 14, 202229:12
Ep. 58 – Research to Reduce Algae Blooms
Jan 27, 202229:06
Ep. 57 – Utah Lake Google Questions
Sep 11, 202120:34
Ep. 56 - Water Safety at the Lake
Jun 24, 202113:35
Ep. 55 - June Sucker Updates with Russ Franklin
Jun 10, 202135:49
Ep. 54 - Scavenger Hunt Tips
Jun 03, 202119:47
Ep. 53 - Provo River Delta Project Spring Update
May 13, 202120:55
Ep. 52 - Utah Lake Resorts, 20 of ‘em!
Apr 29, 202117:56
Ep. 51 – The Truth About Algae at Utah Lake
Apr 15, 202121:29
Ep. 50 – Camping at Utah Lake
Apr 01, 202115:55
Ep. 49 – Targeting Walleye at Utah Lake
Mar 18, 202121:07
Ep. 48 – Projects at Utah Lake in 2021
Mar 12, 202122:48
Ep. 47 - Events at Utah Lake in 2021
Feb 18, 202114:13
Ep. 46 - Living on the Utah Lake Shoreline
Feb 11, 202130:26
Ep. 45 – Winter Fishfest: Tips to Have Fun
Feb 04, 202114:38
Ep. 44 – Ice Stacks: Where and When to Find Them

Ep. 44 – Ice Stacks: Where and When to Find Them

Have you seen this amazing photo of ice stacks at Utah Lake? It is one of many such photos. Utah Lake ice stacks are a popular phenomenon in winter. We talk with two local photographers, Wesley Aston and Jared Tamez about the how, when and where of viewing and photographing these amazing ice stacks.

Links from this Episode:

Wesley Aston Instagram

Utah Lake Photo Club

Public Access Points Map

Jared Tamez Instagram

Enormous Ice Stacks at the lake

Historic photos of ice at the lake

Keep safety in mind while viewing ice stacks

Jan 15, 202131:56
Ep. 43 – Bald Eagle Viewing at Utah Lake
Jan 07, 202125:27
Ep. 42 – June Sucker Downlisted to Threatened Status
Dec 31, 202016:42
Ep. 41 Winter Sailing: Ice or No Ice
Dec 24, 202031:12
Ep. 40 – Jim Skates, Skis and Bikes on Frozen Utah Lake
Dec 17, 202024:32
Ep. 39 – Ice Fishing at Utah Lake
Dec 10, 202022:37
Ep. 38 – Kayaking Kleanup with Sarah Ryan
Dec 03, 202015:44
Ep. 37 – Top 10 Things to Do when Utah Lake is Frozen
Nov 26, 202018:28
Ep. 36 - 200 People on a Flat Bottomed Boat at Utah Lake
Nov 19, 202011:21
Ep. 35 – 5 Things to Do During Fall at Utah Lake
Nov 12, 202026:19
Ep. 34 - Provo River Delta Features Starting to Take Shape
Nov 05, 202012:32
Ep. 33 - Zions Mount: How Timpanogos Replaced Utah Lake
Oct 29, 202015:37
Ep. 32 - Utah Lake Photo Club
Oct 16, 202023:53
Ep. 31 – Research to Rid Utah Lake of Algae Blooms
Oct 08, 202027:17
Ep. 30 – 5 Things you Need to Know about Waterfowl Hunting at Utah Lake
Oct 01, 202034:13
Ep. 29 – Save-A-Life – Utah Lake Life Jacket Drive
Sep 24, 202017:52
Ep. 28 – Understanding Water Levels at Utah Lake
Sep 17, 202017:41
Ep. 27 - What is the Utah Lake Commission? - Membership, Objectives, and More
Sep 10, 202020:42
Ep. 26 - Q & A with Sea Scouts
Aug 14, 202025:14
Ep. 25 - Snapshot of Current Events at the Lake
Aug 07, 202009:21
Ep. 24 - Wake Up Thinking of Utah Lake with Former Provo Mayor Lewis Billings
Jul 30, 202028:55
Ep. 23 - Utah Lake Scavenger Hunt - Tips and Clues
Jul 16, 202016:41
Ep. 22 - Marina Algae Treatments
Jul 09, 202016:47
Ep. 21 - Kite Boarding at Utah Lake
Jul 02, 202025:29
Ep. 20 - Three Places to Staycation at Utah Lake
Jun 25, 202016:38
Ep. 19 - How and Where to Catch a BIG Catfish at Utah Lake

Ep. 19 - How and Where to Catch a BIG Catfish at Utah Lake

Our last episode on fishing at Utah Lake (Ep. 14) was so popular that we brought back Mike Packer with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources! He talks all about catfish; biology, where to find them, bait and tackle to use and more! We even pried a few secrets out of him to help you catch a BIG catfish at Utah Lake! The current state fishing record (Utah Lake holds 5 records total) for catfish is 32 lbs, 39 inches. Think you can beat that? Check out this episode of the Utah Lake: Facts, Fiction, Fun podcast.

Resources from this episode:

YouTube Channel – Catfish and Carp

Utah State Fishing Records

Jun 18, 202040:28
Ep. 18 - Utah Lake Stories
Jun 11, 202015:34
Ep. 17 - Provo River Delta Tour
Jun 04, 202020:22
Ep. 16 - A Wilde Triathlon at Utah Lake
May 28, 202022:59
Ep. 15 - Meet Your Marinas: Lindon Marina
May 21, 202023:32
Ep. 14 - Fishing at Utah Lake (An Introduction to Access, Species, and more!)
May 14, 202038:27
Ep. 13 - Paddling Provo River to Utah Lake
May 07, 202026:17
Ep. 12 - Birdwatching Basics
Apr 30, 202023:45
Ep. 11 - Kayaking in Provo Bay
Apr 23, 202029:18
Ep. 10 - A Utah Lake Miracle, Part 2

Ep. 10 - A Utah Lake Miracle, Part 2

The story continues! This episode covers a first-hand account of that frightful day’s events was given by Grant Hammon, one of the twin brothers who were rescued. His retelling of the story is harrowing at times and helps us better understand the emotions felt during that crisis out on Utah Lake.  We hope you enjoy the story and stay safe and have fun at Utah Lake!

Apr 16, 202023:53
Ep. 09 - A Utah Lake Miracle, Part 1

Ep. 09 - A Utah Lake Miracle, Part 1

Every now and again, our thoughts and perspectives are uplifted by a story.  Unexpectedly, someone comes along who unselfishly touches lives and then continues on his or her way, oblivious to the impacts they have had.  Some of these are unsung heroes, who report to work every day never knowing what they will encounter.  This is the story of one of those days.

This episode covers the story of two brothers, Grant and Steve Hammon who were rescued during a storm out on Utah Lake several years ago. The story will be covered in two episodes. In Part 1, the story is from the perspective of the Utah Lake State Park rangers who rescued the brothers. In Part 2, we will be sharing the perspective of the brothers themselves.

Apr 09, 202014:11
Ep. 08 - June Sucker: Making Progress

Ep. 08 - June Sucker: Making Progress

In this episode, we speak with Mike Mills, the head of the June Sucker Recovery Implementation Program. He updates listeners on the exciting proposal to "downlist" June Sucker from endangered to threatened, background on carp removal and where it is going in the future, the issue of Northern Pike and more. Listen in, and if you like it make sure to subscribe to the podcast for exciting episodes all about Utah Lake!

Apr 02, 202036:48
Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction

Ep. 07 - Provo River Delta Starts Construction

In this episode, we interview Melissa Stamp with the Provo River Delta Restoration Project. This project is an effort to recreate the Provo River delta as habitat for the endangered June Sucker fish. Efforts have been underway for over 2 decades, and they started construction in March 2020! Listen in for details on what exactly is happening this year and in future years, answers to frequently asked questions and benefits to the public from this project. 

Mar 26, 202024:10
Ep. 06 - Utah Famous Podcast interview

Ep. 06 - Utah Famous Podcast interview

We were interviewed on the Utah Famous Podcast! Sam talked with Utah Famous hosts Jordan and Sarah about algae blooms, Utah Lake history, events happening this year at the lake and more! 

Mar 12, 202001:13:57
Ep. 05 - Utah Lake Monster

Ep. 05 - Utah Lake Monster

Sam discusses the history behind the Utah Lake Monster, covering sightings stretching back to the mid 1800's. He also discusses the Utah Lake Monster lesson from the Commission that qualifies for 4th grade curriculum, and some verified "monsters" caught at Utah Lake. ;) 

Feb 27, 202020:20
Ep. 04 - Walkara Way Conservation Project

Ep. 04 - Walkara Way Conservation Project

Announcing a 1,000 acre open-space public park!!!

We interviewed Jake Holdaway, the founder of the Walkara Way Conservation Project. This project is an effort to restore a 1,000 acre section of the Utah Lake shoreline in Orem. There are over 25 government entities working together with the private landowners to create this amazing park that will have trails, ponds, bird viewing towers and more. Listen in to get the preview on this project!

Jan 30, 202014:32
Ep. 03 - Why Recreate at Utah Lake

Ep. 03 - Why Recreate at Utah Lake

Why should you recreate at Utah Lake? It seems there's plenty of reasons not to, but today we're going to help you learn the truth about Utah's amazing! Utah Lake Commission staff share some of their reasons why, but we also interview three individuals who use the lake themselves. Pat Scouten, an avid fisherman who's been coming to Utah Lake for over 60 years; Todd Frye, the owner of Bonneville School of Sailing who has been teaching people to sail on Utah Lake for over a decade; and Joe Arave with Epic Recreation, the concessionaire at Utah Lake State Park all have great things to say about Utah Lake.

Jan 23, 202026:58
Ep. 02 - Top 5 Questions about Utah Lake

Ep. 02 - Top 5 Questions about Utah Lake

In this episode, we address the top 5 questions we got about Utah Lake at an educational booth we did over the summer of 2019. The topics include: algae blooms, carp removal, the Utah Lake Restoration project, the Utah Lake Commission and the future of the lake. 

Jan 16, 202013:02
Ep. 01 - The Future of Utah Lake

Ep. 01 - The Future of Utah Lake

Utah Lake Commission staff discuss the future of Utah Lake, breaking it up into four categories: Water Quality, Habitat and Wildlife, Recreational Access and Amenities and Transportation. Within those four categories there are several exciting restoration projects, trail plans, phragmites removal, marina upgrades and more.

Jan 10, 202028:33