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Contingent Workforce Radio

Contingent Workforce Radio

By Utmost

Interviews and actionable advice on contingent workforce program management and HR operations.

Hosted by Erika Novak, Head of Client Services at Utmost, and formerly leading and evolving contingent workforce programs at LinkedIn, eBay, and Brightfield Strategies.
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The Challenges of Contingent Worker Program Management

Contingent Workforce RadioApr 06, 2022

Lights, Camera, Action - CW and the Entertainment Industry
Oct 19, 202235:48
Completely New to the Industry? A perspective about the importance of communication strategies
Oct 05, 202223:13
LIVE at CWS Summit with DoorDash and NetApp
Sep 20, 202234:23
What's next in tech? A deep dive into the 2022 VMS Technology Advisor" report with Chris Dwyer
Sep 14, 202230:39
Onboarding Key Talent - How to Create a Positive Experience for Both Employees and Contractors
Aug 31, 202234:13
Internally Run CW Program: To Build or Not to Build
Aug 10, 202237:52
Effectively Managing Distributed Teams
Jul 27, 202234:11
The State of Talent Today and the Future of Work
Jul 13, 202232:26
Improving the Rights of the Extended Workforce
Jun 29, 202236:47
Complex Needs in the Professional and Business Services (PBS) industry
Jun 22, 202234:22
Beginning the Transformation Journey to a Managed CW Program
Jun 08, 202221:55
The Future of Work and Third-Party Risk Management
May 25, 202235:50
How do I get the most from my MSP?
May 18, 202243:53
Getting (and HEARING) the Voice of the Customer in your CW Program
May 11, 202232:39
CW Program Owners Communication Begets All Else
May 04, 202233:13
The Importance of a Holistic View of Your Total Workforce
Apr 27, 202239:43
Speed, Cost, and Compliance in an Internally Managed Program
Apr 20, 202232:16
Changing Roles: From One Role and Classification to Another
Apr 13, 202228:45
The Challenges of Contingent Worker Program Management
Apr 06, 202242:32
Scalability, Change Management, and Process: Building a New Contingent Workforce Program
Mar 30, 202229:40
The Importance of Engaging the Extended Workforce
Mar 17, 202237:60
Reinventing Invoicing
Feb 24, 202218:30
Getting Work Done with Utmost Front Door
Feb 16, 202216:52
CWS and SIG Recap
Oct 14, 202122:27
Extending Workday for your Contingent Workforce
Sep 29, 202112:13
Innovation in Procurement: Alternatives to Traditional Practices
Sep 15, 202146:09
Savings Opportunities for the CPO
Sep 07, 202127:12
The Extended Workforce From a CIO Perspective Recap Episode
Aug 11, 202121:16
Building Your Organization’s Roadmap for Total Talent Management
Jul 19, 202159:49
Five Things I Wish I Did Differently
Jul 12, 202148:56
How to Avoid Being a 'Black Hole' Program to Top Suppliers feat. Northwestern Mutual's Nancy Maren
May 17, 202150:08
SIG Global Executive Summit Spring Recap
May 11, 202125:59
Getting Started with Diversity for your Contingent Workforce Program feat. Splunk's Keisha Stephens
May 03, 202151:30
Moving Contingent Workforce Process Ownership from Procurement to HR feat. Shell's Steve Kendrick
Apr 26, 202150:60
Staffing Supplier Relationships, Optimization, and Rationalization
Apr 19, 202101:03:31
How a Change Mindset can Modernize Talent Operations feat. Siemens Healthineers' Paul Petersen
Apr 12, 202152:02
Total Talent Management: What does it look like to try? feat. Farmers Insurance' Koenraad Lecot
Mar 08, 202153:51
Policies and Compliance for Your Contingent Workforce Program feat. Applied Materials' Lysa Marcouillier
Mar 01, 202154:15
How to Resource an Internally Managed Program feat. Everhive's Brandon Moreno
Feb 22, 202156:11
Mentorship and Career Growth in the Contingent Workforce Industry
Feb 15, 202139:48
"Why are we so cheap?"
Feb 08, 202137:10
How to Get Visibility Over a Global Freelance Workforce feat. Airbnb's Jessica Donsky
Jan 25, 202152:52
The 95%: Shifting Focus to the Majority of Your Extended Workforce feat. Facebook's Colin McDonagh

The 95%: Shifting Focus to the Majority of Your Extended Workforce feat. Facebook's Colin McDonagh

Most enterprise systems and processes for managing external talent focus primarily on temporary contingent staff. Whether it be the vendor management system (VMS) or the managed service provider (MSP), the solutions are designed for a narrow portion of the entire extended workforce. In some organizations, this is only about 5% of the external worker population while the rest of that workforce includes Statement-of-Work-based worked, outsourced vendors, and other independent contractors.

Erika Novak, Head of Client Services at Utmost, will chat with Colin McDonagh, International Contingent Workforce Business Partner Manager at Facebook, and explore why businesses should have full visibility over their entire talent mix. Companies should be including the larger populations (the 95%) into their purview and create visibility, centralize processes, collect data, and define success metrics.

He will share with us why you can’t just focus on the 5% of the workforce, how you can begin to build systems for the majority of the external workforce, and why this approach is even better for hiring managers.

Below are a few questions that you can expect to be discussed:

Why are we focused on the 5% of the extended workforce? What unique problems are faced with the other 95%? What is the ideal state in managing this entire workforce? How can we get there? What data is missing and what does success look like? How does a CW Program, CWBP, or HRBP help in this case? How can hiring managers create an ideal mix of internal and external talent?


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Jan 14, 202147:14
Total Talent Acquisition feat. Southwest Airlines' Greg Muccio
Jan 08, 202155:59
Year-End Recap
Dec 22, 202017:00
Supplier-Focused Projects for Early-Stage Programs - Part 2
Dec 17, 202048:15
Supplier-Focused Projects for Early-Stage Programs - Part 1
Dec 15, 202045:49
Marketing and Broadcasting Your Program to the Rest of the Company
Dec 04, 202043:34
Six Foundational Projects for Your Contingent Workforce Program
Nov 17, 202042:11
Five Principles for Getting Started with Your Contingent Workforce Program
Nov 09, 202055:39
How to Scale Manager Training for Your Contingent Workforce Program feat. LinkedIn's Cris Robinson
Oct 28, 202058:08
What's the tension between HR and Procurement?  feat. former Levi's HR and Procurement leaders
Oct 22, 202056:43
The Role and Focus of Contingent Workforce Business Partners feat. Facebook's Julianna Sanchez
Oct 14, 202055:52
How to find talent to resource your company's contingent workforce program
Oct 10, 202031:02
What to consider when creating policies for your contingent workforce program

What to consider when creating policies for your contingent workforce program

Your contingent workforce program is built on policies that ensure alignment with the law and corporate rules. This episode dives into how to best create new policies or guidelines.

Do you have a preference for the term policy or guidelines? What's the difference? What are the considerations when creating policies? How does the program maturity factor into policymaking? Unintended consequences of creating policies?
Oct 02, 202041:26
The Complexities of D&I for your Contingent Workforce Program feat. Uber's Sr. Global Contingent Workforce Program Manager
Sep 25, 202046:35
CWS Summit & GigE 2020 Recap
Sep 18, 202045:59
What are the cost components of a contingent workforce program?
Sep 10, 202046:02
Why do we need separate categories of contingent workers?
Sep 02, 202027:39
Best Practices for Implementing Contingent Workforce Programs Globally feat. Workday Sr. Program Manager
Aug 24, 202055:11
The Headcount Shell Game: Why Managers Hide Contractors in SOWs feat. BP's Former Head of CW

The Headcount Shell Game: Why Managers Hide Contractors in SOWs feat. BP's Former Head of CW

Hiring managers just want to get work done. And long approval processes or eager staffing suppliers can lead to managers hiding contingent workers into larger service contracts. In managing a billion-dollar contingent workforce program at BP, Linc Markham, former head of Contingent Workforce, will chat through the real costs of hiding headcount and a few processes that enable all teams from HR to Procurement to the hiring manager to succeed.

This casual Q&A will cover questions such as:

Why do managers hide contingent workers in services contracts? What are the real costs of adding workers this way? What processes encourage this behavior? How can contingent workforce program leads support hiring managers? Which stakeholders need to be involved in the process?


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Aug 17, 202047:43
Why do we need total talent management?
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Special: The HR Executive's Strategic Agenda for the Blended Workforce
Jul 23, 202001:00:38
Process or Technology Changes? Don’t Forget About the External Workforce feat. Thomson Reuter's Wendy Stenger
Jul 16, 202049:42
How to Create a Strategy for Your Contingent Workforce Program
Jul 09, 202029:09
Special: Is HR Ignoring Half the Workforce?
Jun 30, 202047:21
ProcureCon Contingent Staffing 2020 Recap
Jun 18, 202035:13
HR Strategies for Workforce Recovery feat. Collaborative Solutions' Danielle White
Jun 04, 202043:17
Frustrations and Realities of Incorporating SOW feat. Steven Kekich
May 21, 202038:31
Improving Onboarding for the Contingent Workforce feat. David Sun, Strategic Sourcing at Salesforce
May 07, 202027:27
Your Extended Workforce: Avoiding Short-Sighted Crisis Responses

Your Extended Workforce: Avoiding Short-Sighted Crisis Responses

Apr 23, 202028:46
What's Changing with the Contingent Workforce
Apr 09, 202029:26