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The UX Hustle

The UX Hustle

By Amanda Worthington

This is a show about crafting a badass UX career and refining your UX process to become better at what you do. We'll also talk about applying UX to your life to get more done—with less stress.
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#37: Future-Proofing Your Design Career at the UX Hustle Summit

The UX HustleSep 15, 2021

70: Choosing a Career goal for 2023
Nov 23, 202225:40
69: Self-Promo: Journaling

69: Self-Promo: Journaling

In this episode, I share my favorite journal prompts to get clear on what might be holding you back from self-promoting at work. You can take a couple of these prompts each day or have a mega-session going through all of them.

I'd love to hear what you learned about yourself while journaling — Come follow me on Instagram and share your experience:

Connect with me on LinkedIn:

Download the 50 affirmations for new UXers here:

Journal Prompts:

How do I feel about promoting myself right now?

What am I afraid will happen if I promote myself at work?

What would I do if that happened?

What's the best thing that could happen if I promote myself at work?

What would I do if that happened?

How do you want others to feel when you talk about yourself?

How do I already make people feel that way?

What's a big career goal that I have for the next quarter, year, or season?

How much harder would my goal be if I didn't tell anyone? Why?

How much easier would it be if I share my goals and progress with others? Why?

Nov 16, 202217:01
#68 Self-Promo: Don’ts and Do’s
Nov 09, 202228:54
#67 I got the job, now what?
Nov 02, 202239:41
#66 I got the UX skills, how do I get the job?
Oct 26, 202225:38
#65 UX Is for me, how do I get the skills?
Oct 19, 202226:28
#64: Don't Resist Your Niche with Tiffany Hsia
Oct 12, 202254:27
#62 Is UX the career for me?
Aug 24, 202227:28
#61 From high school counselor to Senior UX Researcher with Sarah Kate Hampton
Aug 17, 202201:03:03
#60 Starting Your Own Business with Maggie Olson
Jun 08, 202251:22
#59 Trusting yourself and others when Starting a New UX Role with Darrin Lin
Jun 01, 202254:35
#58 From Architecture to UX with Hannah Job
May 11, 202251:52
#57 The One Crucial Thing That is Missing From Most Workplaces with Sarah Gemmell
Apr 27, 202201:10:26
#56 Circle of Control & Influence and How Taking Care of Yourself Helps Your Work
Apr 20, 202228:35
#55 Listening to ourselves & others with willingness, curiosity, and kindness with Cara Schwartz

#55 Listening to ourselves & others with willingness, curiosity, and kindness with Cara Schwartz

Join me on this journey with Cara Schwartz as we explore listening to ourselves and others with curiosity, compassion, and kindness. We have an open conversation about resistance, ways of practicing self-awareness and kindness — and how it impacts our relationships with others. Take note of the questions and practices that Cara shares and guides me through — How could you get curious with yourself?

Cara is a queer, self-employed designer, transformative facilitator, and activist of love. Partnering with community projects, small businesses, award-winning agencies, and large brands since 1998, she has lived and worked in the US and internationally as a graphic & UX designer, production artist, print producer, studio director, and certified OOUX strategist.

Now based in the magical, healing desert of Tucson, Arizona, she volunteers as a Community Dialogue Facilitator, holding trauma-informed space for structured conversations that allow many voices and viewpoints to be heard in a brave and respectful environment. In all of her endeavors, Cara seeks to hear and empower people through compassionate listening, meeting herself and others where they are, and co-creating community care. A recovering work hard/play hard design veteran, she begins *most days with a self-care routine of Qi Gong, meditation & journaling before inviting the world in.

Apr 13, 202201:39:12
#54 Releasing Panic and Worry to Make an Impact
Apr 06, 202211:25
#53 Streamlining Online Spiritual Businesses with Rylee June
Mar 30, 202239:19
#52 Imposture Syndrome
Mar 23, 202224:05
#51 Shouting in a Sea of Text with Sonya Lewis
Mar 16, 202257:25
#50 Masterminding to Crush Big Goals
Mar 09, 202224:23
#49 How to Rock Your First UX Role with Havana Nguyen
Mar 02, 202201:20:14
#48 Portfolio Tips for New & Experienced UXers
Feb 23, 202226:49
#47: Is Screen Time Impacting Our Designs? with Julie Briggs

#47: Is Screen Time Impacting Our Designs? with Julie Briggs

Jan 19, 202259:34
#46: 2021 Lessons Learned & How I'm Stepping into 2022
Jan 12, 202237:08
#45: Personal Branding
Dec 29, 202119:56
#44: Jumping Into New Decisions
Dec 22, 202121:15
#43: UX Through My Partner's Eyes
Dec 10, 202141:23
#42: 3 Ways to Show a Growth Mindset in Your UX Case Study
Nov 11, 202112:19
#41: Forever Employable with Jeff Gothelf

#41: Forever Employable with Jeff Gothelf

Jeff helps organizations build better products and executives build the cultures that build better products. He is the co-author of the award-winning book Lean UX and the Harvard Business Review Press book Sense & Respond.

Starting off as a software designer, Jeff now works as a coach, consultant, and keynote speaker helping companies bridge the gaps between business agility, digital transformation, product management, and human-centred design.

Most recently Jeff co-founded Sense & Respond Press, a publishing house for practical business books for busy executives. His most recent book, Forever Employable, was published in June 2020.

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Nov 03, 202147:35
#40: Remembering the Humans with Rob Harr
Oct 27, 202155:53
#39: Becoming a Design Leader

#39: Becoming a Design Leader

In this episode, Vincent and Amanda talk about what it means to be a design leader. Vincent shares what he's noticed in helping hundreds of designers successfully break into the UX industry.

Vincent Brathwaite is a Caribbean American multi-disciplinary design leader, educator, speaker, and husband to Magalie Lachoua. He’s a visionary with a keen ability for assessing an idea’s potential and bringing its possibilities to life. His passion is to build bridges between cultures and unite people by their common thread.

For the past two decades, he has worked to transform communities through disruptive design methodologies. A process he learned by studying Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design, Product Design at Strate School of Design (Paris), Product Development at MIT, and Project Management and Data Analytics at General Assembly.

He successfully executed projects for Red Bull, IBM, Caruso Affiliated, Tides Foundation, Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator, Morehouse College, the US Dept. of Energy Georgia, and various companies in the social impact space.

He’s taught over 250 individuals UX Design as an adjunct professor at Rhode Island School of Design and lead instructor at General Assembly combined. He's written articles of advanced UX topics for the Adobe XD blog “XD Ideas”.

As a speaker, Vincent has inspired thousands of designers and entrepreneurs at virtual and in-person conferences. Some of them include the UX India Conference, UX Strat Online Conference, DesignOps Summit, Dribble: Hangtime Conference, National Urban League Conference, and TEDx Crenshaw.

In all that he does, Vincent is led by the following core principles; integrity, empathy, kindness, courage, and resilience.


Visit Vincent's website:

Say hello to Vincent on social media: @vjbrathwaite

Ready to Marie Kondo your UX Portfolio? UX Portfolio PowerPlay™ is now on pre-sale until October 15th at midnight!: Sign up here:

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Oct 13, 202152:53
#38: Being a Human with Jasmine Orange
Oct 06, 202152:42
#37: Future-Proofing Your Design Career at the UX Hustle Summit
Sep 15, 202114:12
#36: Feel the Fear + DO IT Anyway with Joe Natoli

#36: Feel the Fear + DO IT Anyway with Joe Natoli

In this episode, Amanda and Joe talk about FEAR. Fear of speaking up, fear of looking dumb, and the fear of failure. Joe shares his experience working with hundreds of thousands of UX students and in a number of UX organizations -- showing you how to overcome fear so that you can make a real impact not only as a UX designer but as a person in your own life. This episode isn't just for those of you breaking into UX, but it really speaks to the real life experience and challenges of being a UXer at an organization. So whether you're just starting out, a manager or consultant, or out looking for a new position on the job market, this episode is for you.

Joe Natoli is a UX consultant, author and speaker. Everything he does is born from three decades of consulting with and training the product development teams of some of the world’s largest organizations. He has taught over 200,000 students through his online courses and is a regular keynote speaker and lecturer at events across the globe. Including! The UX Hustle Summit, Sept 24 & 25, where Joe will be moderating our career path panel! His courses, books, articles and free UX resources are available at, and his new online school, the UX 365 Academy publishes new training courses, videos, ebooks and more every month; check it out at


Go say hi to Joe on Twitter: @joenatoli

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Sep 08, 202157:40
#35: Find Clarity From Your Story with Alex Street
Sep 01, 202158:54
#34: Standing Out to Find Your Career Home with Charli Marie Prangley

#34: Standing Out to Find Your Career Home with Charli Marie Prangley

In this episode, Amanda and Charli talk about Charli's experience as a Creative Director and hiring manager at ConvertKit. Charli shares tips on how to stand out when job hunting, how she manages her design team, and how she's used her content creation to future-proof her career.

Charli will be returning to the UX Hustle Summit stage on our Career Path panel so if you loved this episode make sure you grab your ticket at

Charli was a keynote speaker at the 2020 UX Hustle Summit and will be on our Career Path panel this year. Charli is a web designer based in Valencia, Spain who is passionate about side projects and helping creatives improve their craft and process. By day Charli works as the Creative Director at ConvertKit, and in every other moment she’s creating weekly content on her YouTube channel, CharliMarieTV, and podcast, Design Life, sharing insights into life as a professional designer alongside tutorials and advice on design tools and concepts. And these days, Charli's working on her new book.

Go follow Charli's Youtube Channel:

Sign up for Charli's newsletter to learn more about her book and other endeavors:

Come to the UX Hustle Summit - September 24 & 25:

Free challenge Aug 30 - Sept 3: Career Force One:

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Aug 25, 202150:33
#33: You're Not Alone; Nobody knows what they're doing with Chad Rieck
Aug 18, 202154:11
#32: Future-Proofing Your Career with Object-Oriented UX

#32: Future-Proofing Your Career with Object-Oriented UX

Aug 11, 202101:24:10
#31: Change is the Only Constant with Cassie McDaniel
Aug 04, 202140:54
#30: Poetry, UX, Identity, and Fear with Jessie Lian
Jul 28, 202153:26
#29: Designing a Sustainable Career
Jul 14, 202115:41
#28: Fruitful UX Research: Combining Science with the Messiness of the Real World
Jul 07, 202101:20:55
#27: What I Wish I Knew with Denise Nicole Francis
Jun 30, 202101:12:28
Episode 26 - Taking on Big Challenges and Skyrocketing to UX Leadership with Amanda Worthington
Sep 10, 202001:02:15
Episode 25 - Making Content Accessible with Tara Codrington
Sep 03, 202001:09:32
Episode 24 - Starting a UX Project with Object-Oriented UX: an Audio Workshop
Aug 14, 202001:00:19
Episode 23 - Fostering Simplicity and Finding a Shared Language with Kamilah Benjamin
Jul 31, 202059:14
Episode 22 - Practicing OOUX in the real world with Amber Hicks

Episode 22 - Practicing OOUX in the real world with Amber Hicks

Amber Hicks is the very first Certified OOUX Strategist to be on the podcast. She was an elementary school teacher before changing careers to become an OOUX Designer for Norfolk Southern. In this episode of the podcast, Sophia and Amber talk about how OOUX gives you the tools to iterate on literally anything, how using storytelling can help you get buy-in more quickly when selling clients and engineers on the intention behind your designs, and whether or not we should be teaching UX to third graders. Enjoy!
Jul 16, 202053:38
Episode 21 - Designing, leading, and trail blazing with Angel Banks

Episode 21 - Designing, leading, and trail blazing with Angel Banks

Angel Banks has worked as a product manager and UX designer. She's also a speaker and organizer for the Atlanta tech community where she works to ensure an inclusive environment for the marginalized and underrepresented in tech. In this episode, Sophia and Angel discuss making the tech industry safe and inclusive for all, whether UX designers should learn to code, and job hunting as a woman of color.


Angel Banks


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8/9 90's Netflix Party: Mortal Kombat

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7/7  Find Your Tech Talent / Co-Founder / Curiosity Lab + Women Who Code Atlanta

Women Techmakers

Kim Crayton

Intro to Being an Antiracist (video)

8/29 - Being an Antiracist at Home

10/31 - Being an Antiracist at Work

Your Black Friends are Tired

OOUX Summer School

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Jul 02, 202053:46
Episode 20 - Stories from COVID-19, Learning to be an Ally, and Announcing Cohort 3 of the OOUX Strategist Certification

Episode 20 - Stories from COVID-19, Learning to be an Ally, and Announcing Cohort 3 of the OOUX Strategist Certification

In this episode of the podcast, Sophia gives updates on all the changes happening: in her business, in her personal life, and in her mind.  You’ll also be the first to get the scoop on Cohort 3 of the Object Oriented UX Certification Program.


OOUX Strategist Certification Program—Early Bird spots are on sale!  (Sept 30th through Dec 2nd)

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Get 95% off OOUX Summer School (unlimited spots) and the chance to get 75% off the OOUX Strategist Certification Program (3 spots). Email with a link to your Linkedin and your 1-2 sentence story. We’ll email you a discount code within 48 hours!

Sophia’s letter: Examining my Complicity (Without self-loathing)

Jun 18, 202019:11