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The CAREING Leader

The CAREING Leader

By V. Ophelia Rigault

Welcome to The CAREING Leader, the podcast dedicated to inclusive leaders who are passionate about cultivating communities of belonging. Hosted by V. Ophelia Rigault, an EDI Educator and author. The CAREING leader is Compassionate, Authentic, Resilient, Equity-focused, Intentionally inquisitive, Nurturing, and has a mindset for Growth. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or new to your role, this podcast will help you develop the skills and strategies necessary to become an inclusive leader who truly cares about the people you lead. Bonus, most episodes are less than 10 minutes in length.

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Episode 101: What is compassionate leadership?

The CAREING Leader Nov 29, 2023

Episode 101: What is compassionate leadership?
Nov 29, 202305:08
Episode 100: What is the CAREING Leadership Model
Nov 29, 202304:49
Episode 103: Spotlight Interview with Sylvia Morrison on how to harness the power of Inspired Action

Episode 103: Spotlight Interview with Sylvia Morrison on how to harness the power of Inspired Action

In this episode of The CAREING Leader podcast, EDI Educator V. Ophelia Rigault interviews Sylvia Morrison, a Life Mastery Consultant and humanitarian. Sylvia shares her inspiring journey of creating a non-profit organization that co-creates libraries in rural villages in Ghana.

She emphasizes the power of taking inspired action, even if you don't have the full solution, and highlights the importance of As an inclusive leader, you will discover how taking one step at a time and focusing on what inspires you can create communities of belonging. Get ready to be inspired by Sylvia's story and learn valuable lessons about taking action.

Tune in to learn more about inspired action and creating communities of belonging.

Ophelia’s 7 takeaways from the episode:

Here are seven key takeaways from Ophelia's inspiring conversation with Sylvia:

1. Design a life in harmony with your Soul's purpose: As an inclusive leader you need to lead your life with what aligns with your deepest calling.

2. Take inspired action: You don't need to have all the answers, just take one step forward based on what inspires and challenges you.

3. Find inspiration in your world: Identify what brings you joy, what challenges you, and what inspires you in your community. Then act on it.

4. Progress one step at a time: Break down your goals into manageable steps and consistently take action towards them.

5. Foster communities of belonging: Through inspired action, you can create communities where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

6. Start with what excites you: Identify a problem or passion in your community and take the first step towards addressing it.

7. Avoid overwhelming yourself: Instead of seeking the complete solution, focus on the power of inspired feelings and take action from there.

Tune in to this episode to gain valuable insights from Sylvia's inspiring story and learn how to make a positive impact in your community through inspired action.

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Nov 29, 202333:32
Episode 102: How to Cultivate Compassionate Leadership Skills
Nov 29, 202305:57