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Virginia Headwaters Council, BSA

Virginia Headwaters Council, BSA


The Virginia Headwaters Council (VAHC) is the local council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) that serves Scouts in areas of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and West Virginia and areas of central Virginia.
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CampCast S2Ep4 - OA Spring Fellowship

Virginia Headwaters Council, BSAMar 29, 2023

CampCast S2 Ep5 - Native Culture and Cultural Appropriations in the BSA
May 31, 202314:53
CampCast S2Ep6 - Yikes What happened to April!
May 04, 202301:11
CampCast S2Ep4 - OA Spring Fellowship

CampCast S2Ep4 - OA Spring Fellowship

I am always amazed by the youth in our council. In this episode of C^mp C^st, Adam sits down with former and future Camp Staff members during OA Spring Fellowship. What you will hear might bring a tear, it will surely make you laugh, and it will remind you that we have THE BEST camp staff! So grab a cup of coffee and come sit by the fire for another episode of C^mp C^st.

Have a comment or want to make a suggestion - email us at

Mar 29, 202338:32
Camp Cast S2Ep3 - Matt Phillippi talks council finances (and what we can learn from a tornado)
Mar 08, 202329:40
Camp Cast S2Ep2 - The BSA Birthday and the Blue and Gold

Camp Cast S2Ep2 - The BSA Birthday and the Blue and Gold

Fun fact - On June 15th, 1916, Woodrow Wilson signed a bill into law that granted federal incorporation to the Boy Scouts of America and protected the BSA's name and insignia. But the birthday of the BSA is February, and this week on Camp Cast we explore the history of the BSA, the role of the Blue and Gold banquet in the Cub Scouting program, and the importance of milestones in the scouting program. As an added plus, we tearfully look at one of our Cross Over Ceremonies. Comments or idea's email us at:

Feb 22, 202329:53
Camp Cast S2Ep1: Steve Hammond - Our Council Cheerleader

Camp Cast S2Ep1: Steve Hammond - Our Council Cheerleader

There seems to be so much going on in our council - and now they are talking about selling the council office! Sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to keep up with who is making these decisions.  I got to sit down with Steve Hammond to chat about his role as Council President, the state of the council, and his favorite camping story.  In January of 2023, Steve wrote in the Tributary: One of my favorite authors Mark Twain once noted “Reports of my death or greatly exaggerated.”

Listen to Steve talk about the future of the Virginia Headwaters Council.  Learn more about the activities of the Council Board on their new webpage.

This Episode is made possible by: Camp Shenandoah - be sure to register your troop today, and by Wood Badge - signup now for the BSA's best leadership training.

Music and Editing - Adam Sowers

Production and Concept - Kyle Enfield

Feb 08, 202357:04
Welcome Back to VAHC's Camp Cast
Jan 25, 202301:30
April Tributary
Apr 06, 202254:27
March Tributary
Mar 03, 202251:55
February Tributary
Feb 02, 202251:51
January Tributary
Jan 21, 202243:15
December Tributary
Dec 02, 202141:06
November Tributary
Nov 15, 202142:55
The Council COVID Conversation

The Council COVID Conversation

This podcast we give you an update on the council. Interviews with Scout Executive Jim Battaglia and Cubmaster Tracey Stakem. Tracey goes into detail on how her pack went online and succeeded. Jim gives you an overview of how the council is responding to the issues at hand.
Mar 26, 202027:06
Meeting Gery Kellenberger!

Meeting Gery Kellenberger!

Getting to know Monticello's new District Executive, and talking about Winter Camping. 

Jan 06, 202022:15
We Are Back!

We Are Back!

A look back on 2019 and hoping for a bright a 2020! Is Scouting growing?

Jan 03, 202019:13
Council Rebranding Ft. Council Key-3

Council Rebranding Ft. Council Key-3

A discussion from your council Key-3 about the rebranding of the Council.  

Nov 24, 201921:05
Veterans Day Special Pod

Veterans Day Special Pod

Today we talk about Veterans Day and why it is important to honor those who served. We also wrap up Scouting for Food and move into our Council Calendar. 

Nov 11, 201920:55
Scouting For Food Ft. Jim Battaglia

Scouting For Food Ft. Jim Battaglia

This week we are talking about two things. 1) Why does your council have a podcast? 2) Why is it important for my unit to participate in Scouting for Food?
Oct 30, 201915:22