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Vamps on the Verge

Vamps on the Verge

By Vamps on the Verge

Overanalyzing overlooked movies and their leading women.
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Episode 4. "Queen of Diamonds"

Vamps on the VergeNov 01, 2021

Episode 4. "Queen of Diamonds"

Episode 4. "Queen of Diamonds"

QUEEN OF DIAMONDS follows the alienated life of Firdaus (Tinka Menkes), a Blackjack dealer in a Las Vegas landscape juxtaposed between glittering casino lights and the deteriorating desert oasis. Negotiating a missing husband and neighboring domestic violence, Firdaus’ world unfolds as a fragmented but hypnotic interplay between repetition and repressed anger.

Darcy and Dee Dee’s tangents include; songs that get stuck in your head, Goodwill radio, mundane work, long nails, George Lucas, understated acting, mumblecore, Jim Jarmusch, surreal symbolism, 80's wedding dresses, overgrown sheep, and more!

Nov 01, 202101:16:25
Episode 3. "Sex & Fury"

Episode 3. "Sex & Fury"

Darcy & Dee Dee discuss the 1973 Japanese, "Pinky Violence" film "Sex & Fury” *

SEX & FURY - In turn-of-the-century Japan, a pick-pocketing gambler called Ocho takes revenge on three gangsters who killed her father, shelters a wanted anarchist, and confronts a British spy.

Directed by Norifumi Suzuki, starring Reiko Ike and Christina Lindberg.

Tangents include crying in barns, fun on logging roads, the tyranny of siblings, the invention of glitter nail polish, over-plucked eyebrows, lazy 70's costuming, nuns with knives, nudists & more!

* You may notice an occasional chime in the background due to the recording software we're using... oh and some dog barks... oh and some wild keyboard tapping ... please forgive us! 

Oct 04, 202101:32:18
Episode 2. "Sisters"
Jun 22, 202101:22:19
Episode 1. "Queen of Blood"
Jun 01, 202101:11:47
Trailer - Vamps on the Verge Podcast

Trailer - Vamps on the Verge Podcast

Meet Darcy and Dee Dee, co-hosts and co-creators of the Vamps on the Verge Podcast! We are two mildly obsessive and highly distractible friends who bonded over our love of watching movies (and talking over them.) 

We’ve never really related to the characters in RomComs or Academy favorites so we’ve spent our lives pouring over obscure and forgotten genre films to find vamps, vixens, and women on the verge…

We love horror, Giallo, exploitation, camp, sci-fi, fantasy, underground, queer, art-house... all the way from high concept masterpieces down to the trash trash trash. ⁣

The golden rule is, there must be a leading woman. And whenever possible we want to see BIPOC and queer representation.

We won't be covering the usual cult classics on our show, as much as we love them, they’ve been covered. We're always looking for something forgotten, obscure, something that makes us say “Whaaaaat?!!" We hope this podcast will expose you to new movies too! ⁠⁠

We don’t just talk movies, we let movies lead us down the rabbit hole.

Join us for tangents on:

  • Bizarre interior decorating
  • Laughable fake tattoos
  • Hollywood cults
  • Childhood movie crushes!⁣
  • Background Characters that should star in their own movie
  • Wigs, wigs, wiggy wigs
  • Makeover sequences
  • ~Romance hands~
  • Bad Sci-Fi
  • Fake psychology
  • Punks on film
  • Our fantasy wardrobes
  • Lines we can’t get out of our head
  • Catfights
  • Oscar-worthy freakouts
  • How Men on the internet really feel about these movies

For us, movies are an interactive experience and our Patreon fans have extra opportunities to follow us down the rabbit hole. Find us on Patreon at Vamps on the Verge to weigh in on what you want us to watch, vote up your favorites, and find out what we’re watching ahead of time so you can watch along!

AND find us on Instagram @vampsontheverge, where we’ll be posting all of our favorite movie stills.

So stay tuned for the launch of VOTV, where we over-analyze over-looked genre films and obsess over their leading women,

Coming June 2021!

May 07, 202103:12