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Creative Metaverse Podcast

Creative Metaverse Podcast

By Ryan Kingslien

Welcome to the Creative Metaverse Podcast, formerly known as the Game Artist Podcast, where we interview amazing Game Artists to find out what makes them tick and how they got the job of their dreams.
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Timothy Dries, Environment/Prop Artist @ Ubisoft Berlin

Creative Metaverse PodcastOct 23, 2019

Career Talk Jet Olaño
Jul 22, 202252:15
Career Talk Jason Belec
Jul 15, 202201:20:01
Career Talk Ashley Sparling
Jun 24, 202202:14:39
Career Talk Jacob Claussen
Jun 16, 202201:27:23
Alwyn Hunt And Andrew McDonald, Co-Founders Of The Rookies
Jun 09, 202201:07:37
Sean Spitzer, Unreal Enterprise - Senior Instructor/ Master Mentor Artist for VP at Epic Games

Sean Spitzer, Unreal Enterprise - Senior Instructor/ Master Mentor Artist for VP at Epic Games

Join Ryan this week as he interviews Sean Spitzer, Unreal Enterprise - Senior Instructor/ Master Mentor Artist for VP at Epic Games. Sean has been in the games industry for 18 years working in both console and social gaming verticals. He has an extensive background in education teaching game art and design related topics at both the Academy of Art University and The Art Institute of California. During his time in the Games Industry, he has worked within and alongside companies such as Sony Entertainment, Interplay, Infogames, Zynga, Shiny Entertainment, iWin, and Gazillion. His credits and experience encompass titles like Run Like Hell, Enter the Matrix, Tribal Rivals, Yo-ville, Family Feud, and Wheel of Fortune as well as others. Over the last 8 years he has focused on servicing the social gaming industry and has built a deep knowledgebase of different art methodologies and pipelines. Sean’s experience includes TV production and the development of animation content. He has worked with the Academy Award Nominated studio, Bold Studios on interactive TV, animated children’s TV projects in Europe, raining Disney’s animation team and visual development to help create Frozen’s MYTH a VR experience and even Worked on Love Death and Robots Season 3’s short Vaulted Halls with lighting and shading work.

Learn more about Vertex School:

Learn more about Sean




Want to learn skills for creative tech jobs in games, film, XR and the Metaverse?

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Jun 03, 202255:41
Dan Weiss, Senior Character Artist at Untold Studios
May 17, 202259:33
Nora Shramek, Senior Lighting and Render Artist
May 11, 202257:45
James Jacobs, Co-Founder of Ziva Dynamics and Director of Technology Incubation at Unity
May 05, 202254:52
Vimal Kerketta, Digital Sculptor/Character Artist Working For Movies, Video Games & Toys
Apr 27, 202248:26
Ian Spriggs, 3D Portrait Character Artist
Apr 22, 202256:12
Jasmine Jai, Senior Sound Designer at HoYoverse
Apr 14, 202257:04
Nacho Riesco, Freelance Digital Sculptor of Organic Jewelry Designs
Apr 01, 202247:25
Thomas Tobin, Senior Technical Artist At Unity Technologies
Mar 25, 202229:31
Kurtis Dawe, Character Artist And Lead of the Prime Ape Planet
Mar 17, 202244:15
Chico Spans, Vegetation Artist at Massive Entertainment
Mar 11, 202245:40
Datagen, Simulating the Data that the Growing AI Industry Needs
Feb 25, 202258:48
Jacob Claussen, Lead Environment at Fall Damage Studio
Feb 11, 202258:53
Larry and Tyler, That's Nifty Podcast Hosts
Feb 04, 202252:59
Jama Jurabaev, Concept Artist / Art Director, Lucasfilm
Jan 28, 202257:20
Andre Holzmeister, Artist/Creator of ArtMonkees
Jan 21, 202201:09:14
Super Pop Drop, Digital Wearable NFT creators
Jan 19, 202258:03
Auriea Harvey, Digital Sculptor

Auriea Harvey, Digital Sculptor

Have a listen to this fascinating chat with digital sculptor Auriea Harvery from her home in Rome and Vertex here at the Leona art gallery in the heart of East Austin, TX. 

Auriea Harvey is a digital sculptor producing simulations and objects that bridge physical and virtual space. Auriea Harvey is a boundary-breaking artist originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. She talks to us about her journey as an artists in the digital space from student to video games to NFT's. 

After plumbing the depths of net art and video games, she has now turned her attention to digital sculpture, 3D printing, and mixed reality. The work is presented as sculptures that blend digital and handmade production. She is half of the artist duo Entropy8Zuper!/Tale of Tales/Song of Songs, known for their pioneering works in Internet art, video games, and XR. Auriea lives in Rome and is a Professor of Games at Kunsthochschule Kassel. Her work can be found in the permanent collections of the Walker Art Center, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the RF.C Collection, and Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology. 

Her video games and VR works have had international success, including exhibitions at the Tinguely Museum, Basel; the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; the New Museum, New York; Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York; and ZKM, Karlsruhe. She is the recipient of a Creative Capital grant and a winner of the Independent Games Festival Nuovo Award. She is represented by bitforms gallery, NYC.

Learn more about Vertex School:

Learn more about Auriea:

Want to learn skills for creative tech jobs in games, film, XR and the Metaverse? Apply for your spot in our upcoming Game Arts Program here:

Jan 14, 202201:04:22
Omar Awediah, Character Art Lead at Sucker Punch Productions
Jan 12, 202249:11
Gio Nakpil, Creative Director
Jan 07, 202258:37
Creativity & Integrity

Creativity & Integrity

Start projects and never finish?  What does this say?  To help you understand it I read a poem by Jack Gilbert called "Lovers".  It's pretty neat.

This lesson helped me honor my own work more and see myself differently. Hopefully it can do some good work for you as well.

Much Love,


P.S. This is the last of the special series of podcast episodes talking about the creative process for the holiday break. Let me know if you want to hear more like this.

Dec 24, 202106:49
Creativity & Capacity

Creativity & Capacity

What is mastery?  How do you build skill as a creative?  These are questions that drive me to this day.  They drive my work at Vertex School, the classes I run and my own practice as a 3D Artist. 

In this episode, we look at the idea that mastery is not magic, it's process.  Learn the process and you become the master.



Dec 24, 202119:18
Creativity & Being Worthy Of Inspiration

Creativity & Being Worthy Of Inspiration

In this episode we talk about my own journey as a creative man and a bit about how I learned to allow myself to be open to joy and that spark of inspiration.  As a man, I have always struggled between the joy of creating and my need to provide for myself and my family.  While there is no easy answer for this, knowing and accepting yourself is key.  Remember to make time for yourself and give yourself space to create.

Much Love,


Dec 24, 202110:18
Creativity & Your Creative Rules

Creativity & Your Creative Rules

Discover your rules for what makes art... what makes you an artist... and what you MUST do to finally give yourself that pat on the back that we all need.  This exercise changed me and helped me understand how I was screwing up my creative life.  It took longer to stop doing it but this was step one to accepting myself and my own process.

Much Love,


Dec 24, 202116:26
Creativity & Your Inner Critic

Creativity & Your Inner Critic

Our inner critic can be our biggest source of strength or it can haunt our every creative moment.  What does he/ she want?  Why do they do what they do? What does it say the things it says? 

You might be surprised to find out.  Listen to the whole podcast episode and I hope this helps you on your creative journey!


Dec 24, 202116:48
Creativity & Creative Identities AKA Roles

Creativity & Creative Identities AKA Roles

Lets learn about the three creative roles that help us bring our creativity into the real world:

  • Visionary
  • Realist
  • Critic

I hope this helps you understand your creative journey!


Dec 24, 202119:26
Creativity: Reverse Engineered Success Meets Creatives Drive For Freedom

Creativity: Reverse Engineered Success Meets Creatives Drive For Freedom

In this episode, Ryan Kingslien starts this special conversation about being a creative by looking at the two poles most creatives struggle with...  engineering success or disappearing into the dark wood to find their own special magic.

This is episode one of this special series designed to help you understand your own creative journey more and give you a few more tools to unlock the genius inside of yourself.

Happy Holidays from Vertex School!

Dec 23, 202117:05
Introducing The New Podcast Name!

Introducing The New Podcast Name!

Welcome to the new/old podcast: The Creative Metaverse where we interview creatives, artists and technologists helping to create the new creative tech universe! I'm super excited to bring some new voices to our podcast to both interview and to be interviewed.

You know, there is a great saying by Arthur C Clark, "The Future is already here. It's just not evenly distributed."  You and I are riding a wave that most people can't comprehend yet but... soon will.  Whether you call it the metaverse, the mirrorverse, Witcher season 2...  creativity is making a bigger dent in the universe than it ever has before and it's bringing along with it some very cool tech.

I look forward to sharing some new voices with y'all from our new home base in Austin, TX.

Much Love,


Dec 22, 202113:15
John Jasper Fielding (Lead Animator @ The Mill)
Jun 08, 202101:08:53
Robert Morrison (Lead Animator at Certain Affinity)
Jun 03, 202101:16:30
Elaina Scott (Senior Pre Vis/ Post Vis Artist @ THE THIRD FLOOR Inc.)
Jun 01, 202157:17
Andrew Tan (Animator @ Sucker Punch Productions)
May 27, 202101:03:15
Mark Peart (Lead Animator @ Super Spline Studios)
May 25, 202101:00:11
Sophie Shepherd (Associate Animator @ Creative Assembly)
May 20, 202152:22
Matt Tovar (Character Animator & Assistant Professor @ University of the Incarnate World)
May 18, 202101:20:09
Ju Li Khaw (Senior Animator @ Arkane Studios)
May 13, 202101:52:35
Jess Simard (3D Animator @ Playground Games)
May 11, 202101:10:28
Mike Jungbluth (Animation Director @ Bioware)
May 06, 202101:02:23
Jonathan Mack (Senior 3D Animator @ Facebook)
May 04, 202101:18:40
Lana Bachynski (Senior Animator @ Riot Games)
Apr 29, 202101:02:26
Michael Rudd & Kaushit Saha (Art Director/CEO of Playwood Games & Freelance Artist for Wartime)
Apr 20, 202101:33:53
Nayoun Kim (Senior Character Animator @ Jellyfish Pictures)
Dec 03, 202001:23:57
Brandon Pham (Game Dev Unchained)
Aug 19, 202001:02:06
Vuk Banovic (Lead Environment Artist @ New World Interactive)
Aug 12, 202046:14
Mohanad Hossam (3D Generalist & Art Director)
Aug 06, 202058:04