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VRV Podcast


A podcast highlighting Veteran businesses and Non-profits! You can find these Veterans, and many more on our website:
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New Life Healing Arts

VRV PodcastSep 05, 2023

New Life Healing Arts
Sep 05, 202356:25
Victory Service Dogs
Jul 24, 202336:57
Broken Yeoman

Broken Yeoman

My name is Jenilee. I was born and raised in the Western Massachusetts area. As an industrial truck driver, I worked hard and partied harder. In the wake of the economic crisis of 2008, I lost my union job at the factory that ultimately led to my enlistment in the US Navy. As an Undesignated Seaman, I continued the dirty work alongside the destructive heavy drinking. In 2013, I self-referred into the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program (SARP) for my acute alcohol abuse. My sobriety date is 5/5/2013. My personal experience in the Navy fueled a fire full of advocacy, servant leadership, and support. As a Yeoman First Class, I medically retired in June of 2020 after years of faithful and honorable service. I maintain a tight network of mentors and veterans, remain in active recovery, and continue a life of representation to demolish negative stigmas surrounding addiction and mental health conditions. I am not ashamed of my journey; it is my life's purpose to remain loud about my recovery, experiences, and lessons learned in hopes of reaching someone who is struggling. In 2021, I started down my cosmetology path. I turned-in my quills for shears. Having served, it is near impossible for me to completely transition back to a civilian. It is in this limbo that I have chosen a life of service to other veterans and active duty women. We all share a common thread and I have created a safe space for us to strengthen our sisterly bond. The scrunchies are a way for all of us to connect. An avenue for you to click a link, read my story, and start a conversation. It is also a way for me to give back to the organization that comforted me in the most stressful of times, the USO. From the layover to my first duty station in Norfolk to my long journey during my medical evacuation in both Oman and Germany, the selfless volunteers at the USO created a place of safety for all of us; a home away from home. Fifteen percent (15%) of all Broken Yeoman scrunchie proceeds are donated to the USO quarterly. VRV



Apr 03, 202301:48:21
Bucket of Bread LLC

Bucket of Bread LLC

Bucket of Bread brand bread dough mixes are the highest quality vegan-friendly versatile doughs made from certified organic ingredients you can get on the internet. Just add lukewarm water, mix, rise, and start creating so many different baked goods! Get ready to use Bucket of Bread recipes to make easy homemade garlic knots, easy homemade pizza dough, cinnamon buns, breadsticks, pretzels, bagels, naan, or homemade doughnuts easy, in other words you can create whatever you can imagine! One bucket makes about 4 pounds of dough from certified organic ingredients and lasts up to 2-weeks in your fridge right in the bucket. It’s like meal prep for baking. Veteran owned and 10% profits are shared with charities fighting against food insecurity.

You’ll receive top-quality fresh dough mixes in a sealed bucket. The ingredients are 100% domestically sourced and include nutrient-rich certified organic whole grains without all the additives or preservatives. When you see and taste what you can so easily make with these mixes, you’ll certainly want more. Every bucket is made from 100% recyclable materials and every sale helps ‘raise dough’ for charities.

So enjoy some guilt-free baking. Feel good about making and using some really great fresh dough while also giving back to those in need.

Jan 30, 202333:48
VetHead Brand
Jun 06, 202236:17
Innovative Extracts
May 02, 202237:10
Kruse Corner
Apr 25, 202201:00:24
REE Medical
Feb 21, 202235:08
Underboss Photography
Feb 09, 202201:13:50
CP Roofing & Exteriors
Jan 31, 202248:60
Dr. Michelle Marie- Certified Wealth Coach
Oct 24, 202101:15:43
Jul 19, 202101:21:54
Enchanted Mobile Creation LLC
May 03, 202101:05:34
Grind Toothpaste

Grind Toothpaste

Grind Activated Charcoal WHITENING Toothpaste with HYDROXYAPATITE, THEOBROMINE & Coconut Oil. Natural Teeth Whitener w/ REMINERALIZATION, Fluoride Free, Veteran Owned, Made in Utah (Mint Elevated) (4oz)

THE “ALL-IN TOOTHPASTE”:  Naturally whitens, strengthens enamel, combats cavities, freshens breath, soothes & moisturizes and polishes & cleans; with a taste that’s dialed in!  Plus anti-bacteria, anti-plaque, anti-microbal and anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
WHITEN WITHOUT WORRY:  We created the perfect paste – activated charcoal combined with 3 other natural yet powerful whitening ingredients + HYDROXYAPATITE & THEOBROMINE to strengthen enamel. This unique combination allows us to mindfully employ activated charcoal the way it’s intended – to whiten without worry.
INFUSED WITH HYDROXYAPATITE:  Backed by science; and considered to be safe (non-toxic) and effective for strengthening enamel. A natural mineral & the main component of our teeth, encompassing 97% of the enamel. In 1970 NASA created a synthetic form of hydroxyapatite to restore astronauts teeth following missions in space; and it’s been used in Japan to combat cavities for over 40 years. However, we use the real stuff – no synthetics here.
STRENGTH THROUGH CHOCOLATE:  That’s right, a natural chocolate (cacao bean) extract to assist with remineralization and potentially assist with hypersensitivity. Does it get better than this?  Yes… we added high-demand ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Xylitol, Ginseng, Black Tea, Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil and Mint.
MORE THAN A PASTE:  A paste with a purpose… Proudly Made in the USA, Veteran-Owned and Purpose Driven.  Our mission is to source the finest ingredients and employ the best toothpaste in the world, while helping veterans on the back-end. Brush your teeth and support our men and women in service. The first product you’ll grab each morning and last one you’ll use each night. A subtle reminder to get after it; grind; and never quit.

Our “NO WEAK SAUCE” guarantee: SLS Free, SLES Free, DEA Free, BPA Free, Fluoride Free, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free; Free from: Dyes, Peroxide, Triclosan, Parabens, Artificial Flavors or Artificial Sweeteners. Vegan Friendly. PETA Approved.

Grind. Rinse. Repeat.

Apr 19, 202131:41
Ewe Knit & Sew, LLC

Ewe Knit & Sew, LLC

Ewe Knit & Sew, LLC is a veteran/woman owned small business.   Leanne Wade, the owner, does all of the designing, hand-dyeing, sewing, quilting, and crafting.  She specializes in MCN with in a variety of weights from fingering to bulky. Skeins range from 161 to 822 yards to give customers incredible yarn at a great value!  Each color way reflects Leanne's journeys through love, war, and everything in between. Bags and notions are quirky, chic, and filled with a sense of humor.  Leanne's quilts are heirloom quality and showcase her love of the fiber arts with emphasis on the farms and animals. Ewe Knit & Sew is committed to ensuring that the fiber arts are never lost, an unforgettable customer experience, and putting happiness back into the world one stitch at a time!

Mar 22, 202101:11:23
Mar 08, 202101:01:23
Mar 01, 202138:51
Household 5 Soaps
Feb 22, 202101:09:33
Ernies Mountain Bakery
Feb 15, 202101:51:09
Freedom Fleece Alpacas/Atlantic to Arctic Ride
Feb 07, 202101:28:35
CJ3 Foundation
Jan 25, 202143:45
T3 Body Encinitas

T3 Body Encinitas

* Please excuse the quick intermission in this episode:)"

As a proud Marine veteran, Rick Noda has always been a passionate and motivated individual and as such, has had a passion for passing along that motivation in order to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves – especially when it comes to their fitness goals. During his Marine experience, he learned that the most efficient way to overcome the dreaded length of the learning curve is to find the expert and learn from the ground up. Rick believes that the discipline it takes to set and accomplish fitness goals overflows into your personal life and impacts the confidence you can build by being able to hold yourself accountable while also being grounded enough to give yourself tangible and achievable measures of success.  A full-time endurance coach and participant for the past 10 years, Rick has found joy in seeing his clients set their first PR or stand on the podium for the first time. He’s competed and coached for Ironman’s, half/full marathons, as well as short and long course triathlons. He enjoys motivating his clients through physical training with not only his own personal experience but experience from leaders in the industry. The T3 Body Training program was created from a science-based approach that utilizes USAT and TRX training, cardiovascular system improvement, stretching and muscle strengthening, and nutritional guidance. Even if you have had an injury or are recovering from a recent surgery, T3 Body is equally as effective for your goals.

Jan 18, 202101:10:20
Baskets and Beads Kenya
Jan 11, 202143:29
The Resume Chop Shop
Dec 28, 202034:49
Mark's Coast to Coast Motorcycle Ride
Dec 11, 202018:40
Finger Lakes Mercantile
Oct 19, 202046:26
Hyperbaric Chambers Health and Wellness Foundation
Oct 12, 202054:12
Patriot Beads and Brass
Oct 05, 202050:47
G Vibes
Sep 28, 202032:40
Zarfling Platoon
Sep 21, 202044:38
Patriot Metal Works
Sep 14, 202039:27
Veterans 2 Veterans Group
Aug 24, 202045:15
Regal Reflections
Aug 17, 202045:36
Fantasy Sports Alliance
Aug 10, 202001:11:41
Simply Chic Soirées
Aug 05, 202046:37
Woobie Brothers Apparel 2
Jul 27, 202057:38
Red Lion Apparel
Jul 20, 202001:36:15
Chat with The Patriot Moose
Jul 13, 202001:13:28
T3 Body
Jul 07, 202001:15:20
Middle Tennessee Fab and Performance

Middle Tennessee Fab and Performance

Owner, Rusty Smith served in the US Army for 7 years and was medically retired after sustaining injuries in Airborne School, SFAS, Operation New Dawn, Iraq, and Korea.  After retirement, I started a lawn care business to fund our racing habit with my wife, Courtney, and my Skyline dream build. I then partnered with a performance shop in town due to my education not only as an all wheel mechanic in the army, but as a mechatronics engineer and numerous other certifications in mechanical related applications. The business was left to my wife and I and we have dedicated our business to being a sanctuary for veterans through racing and other channels. At our shop we offer over 1 million performance parts and work on anything from diesel and off-road to muscle and import.  We have had an idea in our heads for a few years and didn't come to fruition until summer of 2019, when we realized that veterans need a place to go where they can work with their hands to help them through their depression and PTSD. So, through our shop we provide a program called Operation Dysfunctionally Built where one weekend a month we allow veterans to come to our shop and wrench on a performance motor that is designated for them to simply wrench on as well as we provide ride alongs at racing events. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for veterans to use mechanics and racing therapeutically to get the out of their house and in a like minded environment allowing them to work through any depression or PTSD.

Jun 29, 202001:49:13
Battle Brothers Foundation
Jun 15, 202025:26
Levity Float Center
Jun 08, 202037:34
Square Knot Apparel
Jun 01, 202001:24:58
Tactics 2 Toys
May 25, 202001:04:34
Woobie Official
May 18, 202041:59
Gold Star Holsters
May 11, 202045:12
Another Patriot Moose Takeover!!!
May 04, 202001:12:54
True Allegiance Flag Company
Apr 27, 202056:21
Semper Savage
Apr 20, 202049:59
Way Beyond Measure
Apr 13, 202001:24:38