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By Vicky Midwood

Vicky Midwood - The Addiction Eliminator, busts BS beliefs about addiction, food, health, nutrition and more and how you can make lifestyle change simple, sustainable and fast!
This weekly podcast is Based on science facts not fiction and constant up-ot-date research, training plus her own experiences of addictions and with 32 years in the health, fitness and wellness world she knows her stuff!

If simple straight talking 'bout the stuff that matters is your vibe, grab a cuppa and join me for some raw chatter!

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S4 EP12: Listen! I am more than my Weight!

RAW CHATTER! Dec 05, 2023

S4 EP12: Listen! I am more than my Weight!
Dec 05, 202356:45
 S4 EP11: Getting Clarity On Food Confusion & Fear
Nov 28, 202344:37
S4 EP 10: Restoring Sanity with Stem Cells
Nov 21, 202332:08
SE 4 EP 9: Breaking through Taboo's on Bullying
Nov 13, 202346:54
S4 Ep 8: Power to Change!
Nov 07, 202322:31
S4 EP 7 From Chaos To Calm
Oct 31, 202338:34
S4 Ep: 6 - Weight is NOT the Issue!
Oct 23, 202319:06
S4 Ep5: Complacency V Commitment
Oct 10, 202314:14
Season 4 Ep4: Paralysis, Pain & The power of Craving

Season 4 Ep4: Paralysis, Pain & The power of Craving

Oct 03, 202301:03:55
Season 4 Ep 3: Why Dieting is the Devil!
Sep 26, 202334:32
Season 4 Ep2: The Blame Game
Sep 19, 202331:00
Episode ONE Season 4: It's Not A Crime
Sep 12, 202323:00
Season 3 Episode 25: Emotions are Energy-in-Motion let them flow...
Jul 11, 202330:40
Season 3 Episode 24: Believe in the Power Within!
Jul 04, 202319:01
Season 3 Episode 23: Connecting Back To You!
Jun 27, 202325:47
Season 3 Episode 22: The Man Behind the Masks
Jun 20, 202301:02:29
Season 3 Episode 21 - Crush Crazy Compulsions
Jun 13, 202351:09
Season 3 Episode 7: From Darkness to Light
Jun 08, 202337:48
Season 3 Episode 20: Freedom Equals Discipline
Jun 06, 202321:25
Season 3 Episode 19: YOU have the Power To change!
May 30, 202334:21
Season 3 Episode 18: Are you ready to listen?
May 23, 202320:37
Episode 17 - Let's Lose The Labels
May 16, 202338:33
May 09, 202341:07
Season 3: Episode 15: Haywire Hormones and Health Havoc
May 02, 202326:51
Season 3 Episode 14: Say 'bye' to Socially Conditioned Sh*tty Self-worth
Apr 25, 202325:04
Season 3: Episode 13: Myth Busting Fats & Carbs
Apr 18, 202325:01
Season 3 Episode 12: Say P*ss Off To Post Easter Guilt & Shame!
Apr 11, 202316:27
Season 3 Episode 11: FU*K SURVIVE - I WANT TO THRIVE!

Season 3 Episode 11: FU*K SURVIVE - I WANT TO THRIVE!

Apr 04, 202320:48
Season 3 Episode 10: We're going RADICAL!
Mar 28, 202321:27
Season 3 Episode 9: Grudges aren't for Grown ups!
Mar 21, 202321:15
Season 3 Episode 8: Inclusion for All with MJ LACE

Season 3 Episode 8: Inclusion for All with MJ LACE

This is an incredible lady she is an inclusion specialist...and has an amazing story to share.   

This episode covers so many different topics - It takes you on a journey through survival against the odds, bulimia, being very dress size from the smallest to the largest in store, alcohol issues, self-harm,  having to turn off the life-support machine for a family member....  

We talk about how we came across on another, the power of knowing what you want in MJ's case to be a Mum.   

 It cover disability and managing life in a wheelchair, being obsessional, and told you are neurodivergent, being on medication that lead to self harm and ending up in a mental health institution.

There is so much in this episode I do hope you get some inspiration from MJ and her story.   

Vicky xx  

More about MJ and how you can connect with her.   

Founder of - A community of people co-creating a Community Interest Company (CIC) dedicated to promoting equality and diversity through the elimination of discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. Who's mission is to empower disabled individuals to achieve independence by addressing the needs gap that often exists between employment and receiving government assistance.  

And head of service at Accessibility Partners, set up to  help you access government funding to get the help you need to fairly access your workplace through working together to find the fastest solutions and that these solutions are tailored to individual needs.  


As always you can connect with me here:  



Mar 14, 202343:25
SEASON 3 Episode 6: Good Grief!!
Feb 28, 202326:50
SEASON 3 Episode 5: Why "Women Thrive"
Feb 21, 202337:41
Season 3: Episode 4: What Your Resist Persist...
Feb 14, 202327:54
Season 3: Episode 3: Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you Should!
Feb 07, 202321:28
Season 3: Episode 2: Cut the childish chatter!
Jan 31, 202321:41
Season 3: Episode ONE: Toss out the Target Weight!
Jan 24, 202321:13
Episode 25: From Burnout and Beyond with Helen G
Dec 10, 202231:13
Episode 24: Becoming Whole With Ucheju
Nov 26, 202224:28
Episode 23 - Let's talk Fibro!
Nov 14, 202245:60
Episode 22: Discipline IS Freedom
Oct 30, 202224:03
Oct 16, 202235:12
Episode 20: Letting go of Labels....
Oct 02, 202221:53
Episode 19: When the 'SOLUTION' becomes the Problem!
Sep 18, 202231:43
Episode 18: Self-Worth - Seeking it Externally Sucks!!

Episode 18: Self-Worth - Seeking it Externally Sucks!!

In this Short Solo Episode I talk about WHY we need to change the socially conditioned (schools, teachers, parents take note) if we are to help us al feel better about WHO we are. 

I talk about our self- worth NOT being linked to academic achievements and promotions, body size or shape or the amount of money, companies, homes, cars or 'stuff' you have! 

Comparing ourselves to others as a way of gauging your own worth is never going to be helpful, because its a short lived way of either feeling better than or less than! 

Knowing your core values, knowing what lights you up and feels good and what drags you down and feels heavy is more important than putting others down to feel better than, or worse to feel MORE than. 

Always wanting to be right, to have the last word, to give opinions when they are NOT asked for is all about having LOW self-worth, which unfortunately pushes people away and leads to you feeling even less 'worthy'  

Looking inwards to WHO you want to be as person, and doing the stuff that feels good is a much more fun and effortless way of improving your self-worth. 

If you are struggling with anxiety, self worth, body confidence or are using controlling your weight or food and over exercising as a way to feel better about yourself, you'll know how exhausting and futile that is.  

I am here to help you break than desires and need is you feel you would like some help or just a chat to talk about how your feeling about yourself and your life right now, you can connect with me here:








Sep 04, 202210:19
Episode 17: SODA - What it means to be a Survivor of domestic abuse

Episode 17: SODA - What it means to be a Survivor of domestic abuse

In this episode..I talk with Samantha Billingham about domestic abuse 

How it is so easy to get sucked in by someone who is a serial abuser and knows exactly how to manipulate. 

Its a tale of ignorant employers and a system that makes it really hard to escape what is happening behind closed doors.  

Sam shares how she didn't even realise she was a victim of domestic abuse until she complete a questionnaire. 

This is an important listen for people of all ages, genders and races - abuse can happen to anyone, but NO-ONE is talking openly enough about this stuff as there is still the idea that the victim 'must have done something' to deserve it...

Sam busts that idea and many more. 

She also talks about how you can get help and her amazing work taking SODA workshops into companies to start helping them be more aware of the signs and offer help and support. 

Check out the links below for details and to connect with Sam


Open page


ALCOHOL AND FOOD - are often used to help the abused cope with the anxiety of getting through each day, sometimes victims will overeat to feel 'safe' or undereat in an attempt to 'disappear' 

Alcohol can often appear as a catalyst in the abuser and the abused may feel they need it to numb out, or make the pain go away. 

If either or both of the above are resonating with you, please do reach out to myself or to Sam. 

You can connect with me here: 




Aug 20, 202237:48
Episode 16: Grief and Gratitude
Aug 07, 202220:25
Episode 15: Raw Chatter Talks S*X

Episode 15: Raw Chatter Talks S*X

In this episode I am chatting with Jessica Staniforth from SEXUCATION - bringing out into general conversation sex and the stuff that really does matter to all of us as human spiritual and sexual beings. 

Wether you feel comfortable saying the word or not we cannot get away from the fact that if it wasn't for Sex, YOU, me and everyone else on the planet wouldn't wouldn't be here, and yet,  it's still a taboo subject in so many homes. 

It's time we stepped into the 21st century and started to talk about what we love, what makes us feel good, connecting to our own wants and desires as individuals and connecting with intimacy and playfulness with our partners. 

Its time we stopped thinking about penetration when we think sex, it is so much more than that...

We talk out our thoughts around sex education and how its important that sex is talked about at home, not just left up to schools to educate our kids, as well as our collaboration and the creation of "Health & Pleasure"a brand new website coming soon

We will be launching with a Quiz:  "Discover Your Sizzle Factor"  

If you want to be first on our list for the quiz when it's ready (in the next 2 weeks) then you can sign up here:

As always if you want to connect with me on socials 



Or send me a message:

To connect with Jessica: 



Or Email:

Jul 24, 202233:15
Episode 14: Health, what is it? How do we improve it? And the Role of Food Plays in it.....
Jul 10, 202231:21
Supreme Court On a Parr With TheTaliban
Jun 26, 202220:07