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Video High

Video High

By Casey Regan, Jamie Kennedy, Josh Roth, Greg Hanson and King Pizza Records

VCR rolled in. Teacher hungover. This is your B-Movie education.
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Ep #10: Shadow Creature

Video HighOct 01, 2020

Ep #65: The Rejuvenator (1988)
May 25, 202301:21:11
Ep #64: Super Mario Bros (1993) with Neil McNeil
May 11, 202301:14:41
EXTRA CREDIT: "Still Not Dungeon"
May 04, 202311:45
Ep #63: Dungeons & Dragons (2000)
Apr 20, 202301:36:16
EXTRA CREDIT: "Straight As with Neil Rubenstein"
Apr 13, 202307:26
Ep #62: Bounty Tracker (1993) with Neil Rubenstein
Apr 06, 202301:26:42
Ep #61: Hands of Steel (1986)
Mar 23, 202301:27:27
Ep #60: Knights of the City (1986)
Mar 09, 202301:29:22
Ep #59: Last Flight to Hell (1990)
Feb 23, 202301:23:37
Ep #58: The Kiss (1988)
Feb 09, 202301:26:44
Ep #57: Alienator (1990)
Jan 26, 202301:14:53
EXTRA CREDIT: "VideOracles: New Year or Die"
Jan 01, 202356:25
Ep #56: Elves
Dec 22, 202201:19:42
Ep #55: L.A. Bounty
Dec 08, 202201:23:42
Ep # 54: Home Sweet Home (feat. Chloe Medghalchi)

Ep # 54: Home Sweet Home (feat. Chloe Medghalchi)

Tryptofanatics - third time's a charm! We again gather 'round the Thanksgiving table yet again with our favorite dinner guest CHLOE MEDGHALCHI to hold hands and thank the B-movie Gods that we have one more turkey to watch. HOME SWEET HOME (1981) pits a large, annoying family of indeterminate relation against a knife-wielding (but never using) killer who may be actually be doing them a favor by bumping them off. So grab some beer, some valium, and pass the PCP!

Nov 24, 202201:25:14
Ep #53: Model by Day
Nov 10, 202201:26:32
Ep #52: Hollow Gate
Oct 27, 202201:24:49
Ep #51: The Jar
Oct 13, 202201:12:33
Ep #50: K-9000 (feat. Jordan Olds)
Sep 29, 202201:25:49
Ep #49: The Divine Enforcer
Aug 04, 202201:33:30
Ep #48: Meet the Hollowheads

Ep #48: Meet the Hollowheads

The world is really going down the tubes...and that's where we start when we MEET THE HOLLOWHEADS (1989)! The class wades through softening jelly, butt polish, splat spray, and whatever else this Nickelodeon-gone-nutso family portrait can throw at us. Unclog your brain and join us on the edge!

Jul 21, 202201:12:36
Ep #47: Project Vampire (feat. Dave Columbo)
Jul 07, 202201:24:54
Ep #46: Naked Obsession
Jun 23, 202201:23:56
Ep #45: Future Force
Jun 09, 202201:25:24
Ep #44: RoboCop 3
May 26, 202201:23:35
Ep #43: Terminal Entry (feat. Patrick Labyorteaux)
May 05, 202201:07:59
Ep #42: Devil Rider
Apr 21, 202201:29:46
Ep #41: Tiger Claws 2 & 3
Apr 07, 202201:19:09
Ep #40: The Killing of Satan
Mar 24, 202201:15:12
Ep #39: Tiger Claws
Mar 10, 202201:16:48
ANNOUNCEMENT: "Reduce, Reboot, Recycle"
Jan 27, 202252:31
Ep #38: Trancers
Jan 20, 202201:17:17
EXTRA CREDIT: “Don’t get mad, get New Years Even”
Jan 01, 202252:09
Ep #37: The Carrier (feat. Alana Regan)
Dec 09, 202101:29:47
Ep #36: Blood Rage (feat. Chloe Medghalchi)
Nov 25, 202101:20:05
Ep #35: Sakura Killers (feat. Sharif El Neklawy)
Nov 11, 202101:19:54
Ep #34: The Devil's Rain (feat. Bunk 237)
Oct 28, 202101:22:10
Ep #33: The Demon Lover
Oct 14, 202101:22:25
Ep #32: Doctor Mordrid
Sep 30, 202101:18:29
Ep #31: Summer School

Ep #31: Summer School

Just cuz it's almost the end of summer doesn't mean we can't go back for SUMMER SCHOOL (1987)! Figure out your wishes, have your learner's permit handy, and visit beautiful Venice Beach with the class as we all tear up at the thought of Denise's dyslexia subplot!

Sep 16, 202101:18:09
Ep #30: The Catcher
Sep 02, 202101:14:30
Ep #29: Beaks: The Movie
Aug 19, 202101:16:01
Ep #28: Ebony Ivory & Jade (feat. Elsa Eli Waithe)

Ep #28: Ebony Ivory & Jade (feat. Elsa Eli Waithe)

It's Olympics week and we're going for the gold with EBONY IVORY & JADE (1976)!

Special guest Elsa Eli Waithe (@elsajustelsa comedian, activist, and co-host of the You're Fine podcast) joins the class to try and decipher the endless dialog and barely lit scenes. 

An American track team on their way to the Olympics(?) in Hong Kong(?) are kidnapped, escape, are kidnapped again, escape again, etc. It's hard to tell, but what's clear is the true hero is none of the titular colors. It's everyone's favorite character Casey! (No, not the host) #JusticeForCasey


Aug 05, 202101:08:41
Ep #27: Body Beat
Jun 17, 202101:28:14
Ep #26: The Stranger
Jun 03, 202101:22:29
EXTRA CREDIT: "Strike Commandoversary"
May 27, 202145:44
Ep #25: The Oracle (feat. Sav Smith)
May 20, 202101:28:14
Ep #24: Revenge of the Red Baron
May 06, 202101:23:55
Ep #23: Stones of Death aka Kadaicha

Ep #23: Stones of Death aka Kadaicha

To sleep - perchance to dream. To dream of KADAICHA (1988)! This week, class has a bone to pick with our classmates down under. We'll learn about the birds & the bees and all the OTHER deadly wildlife while we're at it.

Apr 22, 202101:19:22
Ep #22: Funland
Apr 08, 202101:05:01
EXTRA CREDIT: "Camacho Macho Man"

EXTRA CREDIT: "Camacho Macho Man"

After nearly being inducted into Lucifer's Gangland army, we caught up with director and PM Entertainment stalwart ART CAMACHO and talked about working with Coolio & Ice-T, running two major action set pieces without assistants, no-show actors, and horny monkeys! 

Apr 01, 202101:00:19
Ep #21: Gangland (feat. Justin Ferraro)
Mar 25, 202101:33:45
Ep #20: Carnosaur (feat. Justin Ferraro)
Mar 11, 202101:23:05
Ep #19: A*P*E (feat. Garrett Stiger)

Ep #19: A*P*E (feat. Garrett Stiger)

We just know you're going to go APE (1976) over this ep! Welcoming our guest kaiju speaker Garrett Stiger, the class tackles cinema's baddest sinister simian. Kneel before your true king!

Feb 11, 202101:29:20
EXTRA CREDIT: "Guess Who's Greg Scott Cummins to Interview"
Feb 05, 202101:09:39
Ep #18: Action USA

Ep #18: Action USA

Other movies may say they have heart but ACTION USA (1989) rips that out and sends it home to mama. It's a barrage of bullets, broken bones, and bravado set to screaming, frenetic guitar solos. By land, by air, by any means necessary!

Jan 28, 202101:29:31
Ep #17: Neon City

Ep #17: Neon City

Take a walk on the Ironside with the VH class -- next stop NEON CITY (1991)! Madder than Max, this DTV flick is DTF and looking for a little action on the wasteland.

Jan 14, 202101:22:12
EXTRA CREDIT: "Happy Eww Year 2021"

EXTRA CREDIT: "Happy Eww Year 2021"

After this...interesting year, class goes on a special field trip to find out how movies depict the coming 2021. And if our calculations are correct, we may soon all be shouting for room service.

Dec 31, 202042:34
Ep #16: The Magic Christmas Tree

Ep #16: The Magic Christmas Tree

Deck those halls and strap in for 1964's best Wizard of Oz ripoff THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE, the holiday season's most mind-bending 59 minute journey from Halloween to Jesus' birthday that'll have you wishing for more. 

Dec 24, 202001:18:59
Ep #15: A Gnome Named Gnorm
Dec 10, 202001:28:28
Ep #14: Blood Freak (feat. Chloe Medghalchi)
Nov 26, 202001:19:25
Ep #13: The Power of Ninjitsu

Ep #13: The Power of Ninjitsu

Ever consider switching between two movies on two different channels and trying to piece the plots together? THE POWER OF NINJITSU (1988) beat ya to the punch, friend! One of Godfrey Ho's ninjified gangster pickups had the class parsing out the physics of a sword fight wearing all leather...

Nov 12, 202001:30:45
EXTRA CREDIT: "Discount Drugstore HauntedWeen Candy"
Nov 03, 202029:51
Ep #12: HauntedWeen
Oct 29, 202001:26:08
Ep #11: Forever Evil

Ep #11: Forever Evil

From the dreaded Ghost Quasar comes a force so dreaded, so malicious it can only be FOREVER EVIL (1987). The class does battle with wizards, zombies, possessed underbrush, and glowy eyes in the dark to bring you this second SCHLOCKTOBER outing!

Oct 15, 202001:23:27
Ep #10: Shadow Creature

Ep #10: Shadow Creature

What horrors may slither out of Lake Erie onto the shores of Cleveland? If you guessed a rubber suit Creature from the Slack Lagoon, you'd be right! This week, the class dissects 1995's SHADOW CREATURE while counting their blessings that they made it out with their intestines intact...

Oct 01, 202001:17:12
Ep #9: Busted Up

Ep #9: Busted Up

Do you know what jugmilk is? FIND OUT with the Video High class who make it their business to ask the important, aggressively Canadian questions surrounding the Great White North's answer to Rocky, 1986's BUSTED UP.

Sep 17, 202001:13:23
Ep #8: Future-Kill (feat. Drew Kaufman)
Sep 03, 202001:20:20
Ep #7: Bigfoot - The Unforgettable Encounter

Ep #7: Bigfoot - The Unforgettable Encounter

What do Home Improvement's Zachary Ty Bryan, a kooky billionaire, a team from Northwestern University, and a sad-eyed park ranger have in common? A run-in with America's original cryptid! This week, Video High becomes Cryptozoology 101 with 1994's BIGFOOT: THE UNFORGETTABLE ENCOUNTER!

Aug 20, 202001:18:28
Ep #6: Guardian Angel

Ep #6: Guardian Angel

It's a true BLAST from the PAST! GUARDIAN ANGEL (1994) assaults Video High - Cynthia Rothrock & PM Entertainment's first collab is an explosive ass-kicker that only the small screen could produce.

Aug 06, 202001:14:57
Ep #5: The Lords of Magick

Ep #5: The Lords of Magick

Huzzah! THE LORDS OF MAGICK have arrived! Join Video High on an unmedievable magical journey stretching from times long past to 1989 Los Angeles. Magic! Merlinites! Maidens! MULLETS! Follow two sibling sorcerers as they laserblast bikers, commune with Elder Gods, sidestep library registration policy, underpay sex workers, and disrespect hardwood flooring in the hopes that they can defeat evil in wizardly combat in this sword-and-sorcery shot-on-video beauty!

Jul 23, 202001:25:59
Ep #4: Droid Gunner aka Cyberzone

Ep #4: Droid Gunner aka Cyberzone

Video High in outer space! Beaming in is 1995's DROID GUNNER aka CYBERZONE, a movie about cyborgs and the man who hunts them. Sound familiar? Well, we wax poetic about the future, overqualified female co-stars, a pirate bartender, and the unnecessary nudity that ties them all together.

Jul 09, 202001:19:52
Ep #3: Salsa - The Motion Picture

Ep #3: Salsa - The Motion Picture

What happens when a member of Menudo, the producer of Shark Attack 3, and the choreographer of Dirty Dancing make a movie? 1988's SALSA answers that question! Grab your chips and join the Video High crew as they shimmy and shake their way through the veil between life and death. As the tagline says, IT'S HOT!

Jun 25, 202001:10:53
Ep #2: Kung Fu Rascals

Ep #2: Kung Fu Rascals

Video High meets low comedy in 1992's KUNG FU RASCALS - an epic adventure of three fools to find the power most BIG! Laugh with us! Cringe with us! Join us on our epic journey to find out why Les Claypool had a hand in it. The answer may confound you!

Jun 11, 202001:07:35
Ep #1: Strike Commando

Ep #1: Strike Commando

Ever want a little extra marinara with your Rambo? Well then STRIKE COMMANDO cannot wait to grant all your wishes! This piece of 1987 Italo-action is our first mission...hopefully we make it through in one piece...

May 28, 202001:03:39
Welcome to Video High

Welcome to Video High

At Video High, the teacher is always hung over and putting on a movie. From beefcake shoot-em-ups to chintzy dance dramas and horrible horrors, Video High is where the rejects rule! Join hosts Casey Regan, Jamie Kennedy (no, the other one), Greg Hanson, and Josh Roth as they take you down the rabbit hole of remarkably offbeat cinema. Class is now in session.

May 22, 202001:47