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Ayurvedic Healing & Beyond

Ayurvedic Healing & Beyond

By Dr Vignesh Devraj

In Ayurveda we say, health is the foundation to enjoy the beauty of life. This podcast is a guide for you to reconnect with the most powerful, natural healing resources in order to benefit from optimal health and vitality. We will give you simple tools and practical advice to easily integrate herbal remedies and ancient healing methods such as meditation, breathing practices and ayurvedic nutrition into your modern lifestyle. Tune in and be inspired by enlightening stories from genuine healers around the world and individuals sharing how natural healing transformed their life.
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#151 The Top Three Eye-Opening Insights I Learnt Through My Ayurvedic Practice

Ayurvedic Healing & BeyondNov 24, 2023

#151 The Top Three Eye-Opening Insights I Learnt Through My Ayurvedic Practice

#151 The Top Three Eye-Opening Insights I Learnt Through My Ayurvedic Practice

In the spirit of completing 150 episodes of ‘Ayurvedic Healing and Beyond’, today’s show is a throwback to the most profound insights Dr Vignesh has learnt in this journey. So far, the podcast has witnessed more than 100 inspiring guests, and even though each episode spoke about different aspects of healing, there is also something common that resonated with Dr Vignesh's own insights gained through his practice. In the spirit of marking this milestone, Dr. Devraj is excited to share his top three profound learnings with our listeners. 

The topics discussed in this episode are: 

  1. Reframing our understanding of what it means to have a disease 

  2. The power of Mind-Body connection

  3. The interconnection between imbalanced Vata, high-cortisol and burnout 

  4. Understanding the root cause of idiopathic diseases

  5. The Streetlight Effect


What makes Ayurveda unique in its treatment approach is its practical wisdom on the concept of Vata. Vata is responsible for Prana - the life energy, nervous system - the master panel of our body, and our emotions. In Ayurveda, it is mentioned that controlling Vata is the most difficult part of healing and recovery. 

Recently I have recorded a workshop on - Balancing The Mighty Vata which has over 6 hrs of content, with notes filled with practical inputs that can be integrated into our life. 

You can access this at

For further information about Dr Vignesh Devraj, kindly visit and 

Instagram -  @sitarambeachretreat @vigneshdevraj

Twitter - @VigneshDevraj

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Disclaimer: - The content of the podcast episodes is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical procedures, consultations, diagnosis, or treatment in any manner. We strongly do not recommend using the content of these episodes as medical advice for any medical conditions for you, others, or for treating your patients.

Nov 24, 202309:16
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