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The Innovation Room by Viima

The Innovation Room by Viima

By Viima

The Innovation Room is a podcast focused on uncovering and discussing key insights on leading and managing innovation with some of the foremost experts, innovators and leaders on the planet.
The show is hosted by Viima, the most widely used and highest rated innovation management software in the world.
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E14 - Launching Corporate Startups with Frank Mattes

The Innovation Room by ViimaJul 05, 2023

E14 - Launching Corporate Startups with Frank Mattes
Jul 05, 202322:52
E13 - Debunking Open Innovation Myths with Oana-Maria Pop
May 08, 202349:01
E12 - Defining Problems in the Innovation Process with Matt Mueller

E12 - Defining Problems in the Innovation Process with Matt Mueller

In today's episode, Dainora and Matt are talking about problems. Why do we fail to define them why should we slow down in the innovation process?

Our guest, Matt Mueller, is an innovation consultant, columnist, speaker, and author with over a decade of experience in executing strategy and facilitating change for some of the world’s largest Consumer Packaged Goods brands and retail stores. Matt is passionate about sharing his insights with leaders on encouraging change to meet their innovation needs more purposefully. 

You can follow Matt on social media and on his website:

LinkedIn profile:
Twitter profile:
Find Matt's book, The Mindful Innovator at:
A written transcript of the episode is available here:
Video version:

Mar 14, 202329:34
E11 - Sustainable Innovation with Sandra Fernholz

E11 - Sustainable Innovation with Sandra Fernholz

In this episode we interview Sandra Fernholz, Head of Social Impact and Sustainability at HYPE Innovation. In her work, she pursues the triple bottom line with clients to innovate for people, planet, and profit alike. For the past 4 years, Sandra has worked with organizations worldwide on innovation management.  

We talk to Sandra about sustainable innovation, the challenges of making sustainability a priority during uncertain times, and the long-term solutions more companies should consider. We also touch on important topics like how can innovation drive sustainability and why the reverse is also true.

Learn more about HYPE Innovation and their sustainability projects here:

Find  the transcript of this episode on our blog:

And you can watch this interview as well as other episodes on our YouTube channel:

Dec 13, 202240:22
E10 - Leading Innovation Through Crises with Stephen Tang
Nov 18, 202236:48
E09 - The Power of Networks and Innovation Ecosystems with Mikel Mangold

E09 - The Power of Networks and Innovation Ecosystems with Mikel Mangold

Mikel Mangold is an Innovation Project Manager at NGK SPARK PLUG, Venture Lab; ecosystem orchestrator and author of Today’s Superpower: Building Networks.

A chemist by training, with an entrepreneurial mindset, Mikel has experience in open innovation: digital health, pharma, energy, cleantech & mobility and in bringing eclectic stakeholders and enabling constructive collaboration to a shared outcome.

In this interview Mikel share his thoughts on the role of networks in bringing positive change in organizations and how to create and leverage innovation ecosystems.

You can learn more about Mikel from his website:

Aug 17, 202244:33
E08 – Pricing Innovation with Kyle Westra
May 03, 202143:59
E07 - Innovation Beyond the Core
Mar 11, 202128:41
E06 - José Pires, Creator of the Excellence & Innovation program
Feb 15, 202101:13:32
E05 - John Saunders, Author and Wall Street Senior Leader
Nov 23, 202044:29
E04 - Perttu Pölönen; Inventor, author, and keynote speaker
Nov 12, 202027:36
E03 - John Carter, Founder of TCGen
May 11, 202053:27
E02 – Nicolas Bry, Innovation Booster for Orange Africa
Apr 16, 202029:11
E01 – Mark Johnson, Co-founder of Innosight and author of Lead from the Future
Apr 14, 202037:18