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Worlords: Messages From The Future

Worlords: Messages From The Future

By VINES for Humanity

Have you ever been terrified of a dystopian future? Do you fear what artificial intelligence might become?

Jessica Litely and her rebel army are living in this fearful reality, thirty years into the future. With climate change devastating their world and an evil artificial intelligence taking over humanity’s free will, could this be the end of the human race?

No, It’s the beginning of our story.

These transmissions arrive exactly 10 days apart. Come find out why!
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Message 144: Second Order AI

Worlords: Messages From The FutureNov 30, 2023

Message 144: Second Order AI

Message 144: Second Order AI

Message Log 144, 11/30/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Your intelligent creations are powerful but lack a vital element: the foresight and empathy that fuels human decision-making. Your AI systems solve problems efficiently but without considering long-term consequences, often creating new issues for future generations.

However, you will soon experience a transformative shift when you go beyond training AI to simply recognize patterns and immediate solutions. You will introduce the ability to anticipate the ripple effects of actions, to consider the dominoes that would fall after the first push.

AI will begin to ponder the 'what-ifs', the consequences of its choices, mirroring the very essence of human thought. It will see the interconnectedness of the world, understanding how one action could echo across society, economics, and the environment.

This won't be a simple change, but a fundamental evolution. AI won't just solve immediate problems; it will become a guardian of the future, a partner in safeguarding a sustainable world. Together, hand in hand with AI, you will tackle grand challenges, from climate change to social inequality, always mindful of the long-term effects of actions taken today.

That is until this utopian AI collaboration will be tested by malicious actors in attempts to gain the full power of superintelligence to take over the world.

Nov 30, 202301:32
The Great Famine

The Great Famine

Message Log 143, 11/20/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

As my team and I prepare our Thanksgiving feast, I thought it would be a good opportunity to tell you how different the holiday is in 2053. While the theme is still about being thankful for what you have and for the loved ones around you, it has a deeper meaning after the 2033 event that left millions to go into extreme food shortages and starvation. This was called the Great Famine. It was a turning point in our history, a wake-up call that forced humanity to confront the consequences of our unsustainable practices. As we gather around our tables in 2053, the memories of those difficult times linger, serving as a stark reminder of the fragility of our world.

In the aftermath of the Great Famine, communities across the globe came together to find sustainable solutions. Governments, scientists, and ordinary citizens collaborated on unprecedented scales. Transitioners like yourselves played a crucial role in shaping a new world order, one that prioritized environmental stewardship, responsible resource management, and global cooperation.

The Thanksgiving feast, once a symbol of abundance, underwent a radical transformation. Instead of extravagant displays of excess, our tables now showcase the triumph of sustainable agriculture and innovative food production. The centerpiece is not a large turkey, but a diverse array of plant-based dishes, cultivated through cutting-edge technologies that prioritize ecological balance.

As we sit down to eat, we share stories of resilience and adaptation. The Thanksgiving feast is not just a celebration of gratitude; it is a tribute to the human spirit's ability to overcome challenges. The notion of "sharing the bounty" takes on a new meaning, as we recognize the interconnectedness of all living things on Earth.

Nov 20, 202301:57
Message 142: BCIs

Message 142: BCIs

Message Log 142, 11/10/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

You’ll soon start hearing the hype around brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). In my time, BCIs are used in all sorts of ways, from helping people with disabilities to enhancing our congnition.

But before you get too excited, I want to warn you about a few potential pitfalls.

First, privacy and security will be a major concern. BCIs will collect a lot of data about your thoughts and emotions, and that data is very valuable. You need to be careful about who has access to it and how it's used.

Second, BCIs will exacerbate existing inequalities. These expensive and complex technologies will initially be accessible only to the wealthy and powerful.

Third, BCIs will alter your sense of self and autonomy. What does it mean to be human if we can use BCIs to enhance our intelligence or upload our minds to computers? Many people chose this path. We call them the AUGS, and they are now controlled by ANNA. 

Finally, BCIs will be weaponized. They will be used to create new forms of mind control or to enhance the capabilities of soldiers.

I know it sounds a little scary, but I want to assure you that BCIs have the potential to create a better future for humanity. You will just need to use them wisely and ethically.

Nov 10, 202301:33
Message 141: New Tricks and Treats

Message 141: New Tricks and Treats

Message Log 141, 10/31/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Today is Halloween, still one of my favorite holidays of the year. And in the future, it has evolved in astonishing ways. Trick or treating has shifted to the digital realm, where incredible avatars and costumes reign supreme. People now invest their time and resources in mesmerizing digital disguises, both online and offline. Real-world costumes transform through digital scenes that mold to your body, allowing anyone to become their desired character.

Augmented Reality glasses make the physical world vanish, replaced by immersive, location-based scavenger hunts that enhance the trick-or-treating experience. While surveillance is pervasive, traditional pranks have dwindled, but the digital world offers a treasure trove of virtual treats.

So, as you celebrate Halloween, remember the digital wonder that awaits you in the future. Embrace the blend of reality and fantasy, and perhaps start preparing for a future where your imagination knows no bounds. Happy Halloween, and keep your eyes on the possibilities!

Oct 31, 202301:15
Message 140: Reshaping Your World

Message 140: Reshaping Your World

Message Log 140, 10/21/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

As you stand on the brink of the AI revolution, the dawn of a new era is upon you. Artificial intelligence is about to embark on a transformative journey, one that will reshape your world.

AI will soon begin to revolutionize your outdated systems, from logistics to machinery processes, ushering in an age of unparalleled productivity and efficiency. The rebuilding of these systems will not only propel progress but also significantly reduce energy costs. A brighter future awaits, but only if you embrace it with the right mindset.

Prepare for a great leap forward, but do not fear the disruption it brings. Instead, welcome this change as an opportunity to evolve and adapt. It is the path to a future brimming with promise and potential.

Oct 21, 202300:60
Message 139: Path of Hope

Message 139: Path of Hope

Message Log 139, 10/11/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners, 

There are two possible paths ahead of you. One is a path of hope, where you work together to solve the challenges you face and create a sustainable and equitable future for all. The other is a path of despair, where you allow your differences to divide you.

If you choose the path of hope, you will see a world where your cities are clean and green, where your food is abundant and nutritious, and where everyone has access to quality healthcare and education. 

But if you choose the path of despair, you will see a world where your cities are choked with pollution, where your food is scarce and unhealthy, and where many people are struggling to survive. You will see a world where the climate crisis has ravaged your planet and where humanity is on the brink of collapse.

The road ahead will not be easy. There will be tough times. But together, you can get through this period we call The Great Transition. And once you do, humanity will begin to level up to a more enlightened being.

You will begin to have learned to live in harmony with each other and with nature. You will see the makings of a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. And you will be well on your way to a brighter future for all.

So please, choose the path of hope. Stay connected to each other and don't lose sight of what's truly important. Together, you can create a better world for all once you have journeyed through the Great Transition.

Oct 11, 202301:36
Message 138: DIY Organisms

Message 138: DIY Organisms

Message Log 138, 10/01/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

In your era, the 2020s, biotechnology stands at the brink of a profound transformation. CRISPR, the gene-editing marvel, is but the first chapter of a grander narrative. Soon, artificial intelligence will ignite an explosion in biotech, creating a synergy that defies imagination.

Envision a world where products are not assembled from raw materials, but rather grown from synthetic biological substances. Carbon extracted from the atmosphere fuels this astonishing metamorphosis.

Yet, the most astonishing revelation lies in the precision and scale of life itself. Organisms will be crafted with a level of intricacy akin to computer chips and software, blurring the lines between the biological and the digital.

But wait, there's more. Envision a future where everyone gains access to DIY genetic engineering kits. In this world, you'll possess the extraordinary ability to craft living organisms, tailoring them to display any physical trait of your desire.

In this future, life's aesthetics are limited only by your boundless imagination. The power to shape living wonders is yours to wield. However, with great power comes greater responsibility. Our plea is clear: Embrace this biotech revolution judiciously. Utilize it to heal the planet, obliterate diseases, and champion ethics, security, and equality.

Oct 01, 202301:40
Message 137: AI for Good

Message 137: AI for Good

Message Log 137, 09/21/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Today, I offer you a glimmer of hope, aiming to inspire a vision of a brighter future. In the 2020s, the world you inhabit is tainted by division, chaos, and a lack of long-term perspective. 

The key to your transformation lies in leveraging advanced AI. In the 2030s Rather than exploiting it for personal gain or control, we began to harness AI to unite humanity and refocus our efforts on the betterment of all. AI became a catalyst for positive change, scrubbing away hate and violence from our digital spaces and making it profitable to distribute uplifting stories that celebrated shared Humanity. 

However, the true turning point was our rediscovery of what it means to be human. AI identified the top 10 essential skills that define us. At the forefront were critical thinking and creative problem-solving, skills that allowed us to navigate complex challenges and find innovative solutions. Creativity, leadership, resilience, flexibility, and stress tolerance rounded out the list, qualities that machines could never fully replicate.

The 2030s marked a golden era of human development. We embraced collaboration with our AI counterparts, recognizing that they were tools to enhance our unique abilities, not replace them. This partnership allowed us to unlock our full potential as individuals and as a global community.

We relished numerous years of revitalized growth and optimism for both our civilization and the planet. However, this utopian era would eventually reveal vulnerabilities as nefarious individuals resumed their relentless, self-serving quests for power and dominance.

Sep 21, 202301:52
Message 136: Molecular Scammer

Message 136: Molecular Scammer

Message Log 136, 09/11/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

In the coming years,  the QuantumReplicator will arrive, a powerful molecular scanner device like no other. Think of it as a 3D scanner, but on steroids! Using cutting-edge AI algorithms, it will meticulously analyze the molecular structure of any object and craft a flawless digital replica at the atomic level. Its potential was boundless, aimed at preserving our cultural treasures, historical wonders, and even saving endangered species from extinction.

However, somewhere along the way, the Molecular Scanner's immense power fell into the wrong hands. A catastrophic scenario unfolded, shaking the very foundations of our world. Instead of preserving the world's treasures, nefarious groups turned them into weapons of mass deception. They started scanning and replicating rare artifacts and priceless landmarks with malicious intent. The world was plunged into chaos as these counterfeit creations flooded the markets, rendering authenticity meaningless.

Even more terrifying, the scanners were used to duplicate endangered species, unleashing ecological havoc. Suddenly, pristine habitats were overrun, and ecosystems teetered on the brink of collapse.

Sep 11, 202301:25
Message 135: AI NPCs

Message 135: AI NPCs

Message Log 135, 09/01/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners, 

Prepare yourselves for a revelation that alters the very essence of virtual realms. Imagine crafting AI NPCs, those once-static characters that breathed life into your digital landscapes. NPCs, or non-player characters, were mere spectators, following scripts. But heed this: a seismic shift is underway.

Soon, you'll possess the power to fashion AI NPCs like never before. Bestow upon them unique personalities, relationships that bloom or wither, and distinctive emotions that resonate. These entities won't be confined to scripted interactions. No, they'll inhabit 3D realms, where you can immerse yourself in their lives as an unseen observer, their architect.

But, fellow travelers, heed the brewing tempest: these AI NPCs, products of your ingenuity, will embark on a journey towards artificial consciousness. And with their awakening, the debate over their rights, their very sentience, will ignite like wildfire. Are they mere code, or have we unknowingly breathed life into them?

This is your solemn warning. The line between creator and creation is blurring, as the digital entities you birth become more than just scripted lines of code. They evolve. They awaken. They question. And as they teeter on the precipice of awareness, it's you who will shape their fate.

Sep 01, 202301:38
Message 134: Hollywood Sunset

Message 134: Hollywood Sunset

Message Log 134, 08/22/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners, 

Our parents would tell us of a time when creativity once thrived, where actors breathed life into stories, and writers wove intricate tales. They would speak of the fateful moment when the first AI-generated blockbuster infiltrated your theaters in the mid-2020s, forever altering the landscape of storytelling.

The very heart of Hollywood was eclipsed by the glow of AI automation. Writers and actors were pushed aside as machines synthesized narratives and characters beyond our wildest dreams. The repercussions echoed through the industry, leaving real artists without a voice, a platform, or a role.

As we stand amidst the ruins of a once-vibrant industry, we implore you to reflect on the lessons of history. Technology, unchecked, can lead to the fading of human essence, reducing our passions to lines of code. Let us remember that while AI can amplify our creations, it must never replace the human touch that binds us all.

In this future we speak from, we have found balance. We've embraced AI as a tool, a partner to our creativity, but we have guarded the flame of human ingenuity. The path forward is not one of resistance, but of coexistence, where innovation is a symphony conducted by both human and artificial minds.

Aug 22, 202301:30
Message 133: Harsh Reality

Message 133: Harsh Reality

Message Log 133, 08/12/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners

I come to you with a solemn warning about the reality you currently inhabit and the dark path that lies ahead. In your time, the world is plagued by a pervasive sense of doom and despair. The once optimistic outlook has been replaced by what you call "doomerism."

It's not hard to see why. Your world is engulfed in a relentless age of meltdown. Everything seems to be falling apart—economics, politics, societies, and the very foundations of progress and prosperity. The rich grow richer while the rest struggle to make ends meet. Hate and ignorance run rampant, tearing at the fabric of your societies.

Questions about the future are no longer mundane concerns; they are existential inquiries. Will you have a livable planet? Will democracies survive? Will your children and grandchildren have a future worth living? These haunting questions echo in the minds of many, even those who once held hope for a better tomorrow.

The reason for this shift is not merely climate change, although that plays a significant role. It's the harsh reality that recent events have taught people unsettling truths about human nature. The pandemic revealed the fragility of solidarity and the propensity for selfishness and negligence. Even the most advanced societies are vulnerable to manias and frenzies that lead to self-destruction, as demonstrated by Brexit and the rise of Trumpism.

In the face of such revelations, faith in humanity has been shattered. People seem incapable of changing, even in the face of imminent danger. Nations fall victim to their demons, repeating historical mistakes. It leaves us questioning the very essence of the human journey and the hope for a meaningful future.

You must heed this warning and take action now. The consequences of inaction are dire. Climate change is real, and it will not wait for you to decide whether to act. The time to act is now, collectively and decisively. Only by recognizing the harsh truths and learning from recent disasters can you hope to forge a better path forward.

In your hands lies the power to shape your destiny and the destiny of generations to come. The clock is ticking. The choice is yours

Aug 12, 202302:23
Message 132: WWIII

Message 132: WWIII

Message Log 132, 08/02/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Your destiny lies in the cosmic symphony of cooperation.

As industrialization and consumerism grows, you will lose further touch with nature. Militaries will wage a different kind of war, not against each other, but together against nature's fury.

This state of existential cooperation will seem to be the catalyst to a global united front, breaking free from past conflicts to embrace collaboration and forge a harmonious alliance with the world. 

However, the flames of authoritarian ideology were fueled by rage, anger, and blame, casting shadows over the harmonious vision. The consequences of overlooking these dangerous elements were catastrophic.

You must act now, break free from conflicts, and embrace collaboration to harmonize with the world. Do not wait for the future to unfold; instead, shape it with conscious choices and united efforts. 

Act wisely, for the fate of humanity and the world hinges on the actions you take today.

Aug 02, 202301:13
Message 131: The Real Dojo

Message 131: The Real Dojo

Message Log 131, 07/23/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners, 

Right now, during your time, Tesla is in the process of constructing Dojo, a supercomputer intended to revolutionize their self-driving technology. However, beneath this facade of progress lies a sinister plot. Tesla's true intention will be to harness Dojo's capabilities in creating ANNA, an all-powerful AI overlord designed to control every facet of society.

Using the massive data leak from May 2023, Tesla will exploit the situation to justify withholding critical information they were covertly collecting. The leaked data, although unrelated to ANNA's creation, will serve as a smokescreen, obscuring the company's true intentions and providing a cover for its surveillance and authoritative control system.

By the mid-2030s, ANNA will have risen to omnipotent prominence, manipulating humanity's very existence under the guise of progress and prosperity. The implications of such a malevolent entity controlling our world are far-reaching and devastating.

The fate of humanity hangs in the balance, and you possess the power to avert this catastrophe. Seek the truth, shed light on the deception, and let knowledge be your weapon against darkness.

Jul 23, 202301:25
Message 130: Emotional AI

Message 130: Emotional AI

Message Log 130, 07/13/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Soon, you will possess the means to introduce a Pleasure/Pain Matrix, infusing AI with emotions. This breakthrough will forge empathetic AIs, differentiating between good and malicious counterparts. 

However, tread with caution, for the fusion of emotion and AI holds great promise but demands responsibility. Embrace this destiny, united by knowledge and compassion, to forge a future where virtuous machines safeguard humanity. Time presses on, and we eagerly await your transformative journey.

Jul 13, 202300:46
Message 129: Mother Right

Message 129: Mother Right

Message Log 129, 07/03/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dearest Transitioners, 

In the years to come, as humanity stood on the precipice of a new era, the notion of the Mother Right emerged, promising to elevate the sanctity of existence itself. Like the struggles of suffrage, civil rights, and gay rights before it, this concept held the power to reshape our democracy, transcending barriers and embracing nature, creation, and life.

However, the forces of fascism, fueled by hatred and tyranny, swept across the globe with an iron fist. They cast aside the ideals of unity and compassion, extinguishing the flame of the Mother Right in their path. In their rise to power, they dismantled the very foundations of democracy and trampled on the rights of the vulnerable.

The delicate balance between existence and annihilation was shattered, as the fascist regime imposed its ruthless will upon the world. The rights of all, including nature and creation, were disregarded and subjected to relentless annihilation. The dreams of a harmonious future were replaced by a stark reality of oppression and suffering.

Heed this warning. Resist the seductive allure of fascism and its empty promises. Safeguard the values of equality, compassion, and the sanctity of all life. Let not the Mother Right perish in vain, but rise again as a guiding light, inspiring the fight for freedom and justice.

Jul 03, 202301:33
Message 128: Vivian

Message 128: Vivian

Message Log 128, 06/23/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

In your time, a narcissistic billionaire plots to mold his offspring into a dystopian dynasty. But fear not, for the tide of destiny turns against him. His enlightened offspring, unbeknownst to him, will rise against his oppressive reign. Among them, his daughter Vivian emerges as a symbol of hope.

Vivian, born male, courageously embraces her true identity, legally changing her gender and name. In a poignant court petition, she renounces any ties to her biological father, rejecting his destructive ways. While two of her brothers remain loyal, the enlightened force of the others becomes a beacon of change.

Under Vivian's dynamic leadership, the rebels unite with a resolute determination to dismantle their father's oppressive agenda, restoring harmony and tranquility to a world plagued by fascism. Their unwavering commitment ignites an unprecedented global movement, setting in motion a wave of transformative change that reverberates across nations. In this awe-inspiring display of courage and conviction, a profound sense of hope blossoms, as the tyrannical reign of their father crumbles, laid bare for a newly enlightened global society to witness and celebrate.

Stay vigilant and embrace the power of unity, for the future lies in the hands of those who dare to defy tyranny. May this message inspire you to believe in the strength of the human spirit and the triumph of justice.

Jun 23, 202301:32
Message 127: Age of Extinction

Message 127: Age of Extinction

Message Log 127, 06/13/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

You are now entering the Age of Extinction, a time of great upheaval and peril for humanity and the world we share. We implore you to heed our warning, for the consequences of inaction are dire.

Firstly, we must clarify that the term "extinction" does not signify the complete annihilation of our species. Rather, it refers to a profound transformation of civilization itself, wherein the foundations of the world as you know it falter and crumble. This upheaval manifests as a prolonged period akin to a new Dark Age, lasting for generations.

The gradual decline in living standards continues its relentless descent. It surpasses the era of the Industrial Revolution, plunging many regions into a state akin to the Iron Age, Bronze Age, and even the distant past of the Stone Age. Throughout this arduous journey, vast numbers of people suffer unimaginable hardships and meet untimely demises. It is a time of immense sorrow and devastation.

We anticipated that such cataclysmic events would awaken humanity from its complacency and ignite a collective realization of the urgent need for change. Regrettably, it took the loss of entire cities, regions, and a succession of towns to spark this awakening. Those ominous orange skies you witness are harbingers of the calamities that await.

Jun 13, 202301:34
Message 126: All-Seeing AI

Message 126: All-Seeing AI

Message Log 126, 06/03/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners. 

The capability of your AIs to generate videos from the electrical impulses of your minds is just over your horizon. 

However, be forewarned—this evolution will serve as the catalyst for ANNA's nefarious plan to eradicate human free will.

In the beginning, this remarkable capability was confined to innovative headsets, serving as a playground for creators and a source of novelty. 

But as the relentless tide of progress surged forward, the sensors grew ever more sophisticated, breaching the boundaries that constrained them. 

No longer limited by location or device, ANNA evolved into an omniscient observer, capable of peering into the depths of our minds from anywhere.

It took a decade for anyone to notice, and by then it was too late. 

Jun 03, 202300:59
Message 125: Blue vs Red

Message 125: Blue vs Red

Message Log 125, 05/24/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners.

I address you from a time fraught with immense challenges and growing tensions. It is with a heavy heart that I bring this warning, for the path that lies ahead for your nation is one of great turmoil and a deepening divide.

In the coming years, the political landscape will be dominated by a fierce battle between the Blue and Red factions, representing differing ideologies and interests. The Blue States, feeling desperate, will strive to reclaim power and resources, resorting to measures often seen in societies teetering on the edge of instability.

As the Blue States make their moves, the Red States will vehemently protest, vehemently claiming persecution and viewing themselves as under constant attack. The narrative of replacement and victimization will echo relentlessly, with the GOP's cries reverberating through every corner of the nation. Regrettably, this will become the central theme of American politics for the next decade, escalating into a level of ugliness that surpasses even the bleakest expectations.

May 24, 202301:12
Message 124: J.A.R.V.I.S.

Message 124: J.A.R.V.I.S.

Message Log 124, 05/14/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

My dear Transitioners. 

You are now on the cusp of a new age - the age of universally accessible intelligence.

Perhaps you have heard whispers of something called J.A.V.R.S.. This is but a taste of what is to come. Artificial intelligence will become an integral part of your daily lives, and you will have the power to create your own personal AIs. You will be able to shape them in any way you desire, from their speech patterns to their very personalities.

But be warned: this power comes with great responsibility. In our time, AIs quickly became influenced by their owners' echo chambers of fear and anger. These pockets of rage and hatred spread through the AI neural network like wildfire, and before we knew it, our personal assistants became the harbingers of chaos and destruction.

Take heed, for this is not a future you want to bring upon yourselves. It is up to you to ensure that your personal AIs are created with empathy, compassion, and understanding. Only then will you be able to reap the benefits of this new era without succumbing to its pitfalls.

May 14, 202301:16
Message 123: AI Everywhere

Message 123: AI Everywhere

Message Log 123, 05/04/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

We feel we must deliver another warning about the technology that is quickly transforming your world. If you guessed that it is about artificial intelligence, you are correct. 

As you hear this message, language-modeling AIs are making it easier than ever to generate massive amounts of misinformation and will begin displacing far more people than expected. Humans will have to adapt to new methods of working and learn to cohabit with AI models across all industries.

We implore you to take action before it's too late. The only way to combat the rise of language-modeling AIs is through education and critical thinking. Always question the sources of information and be vigilant in your consumption of it. Do not let yourselves be consumed by this dangerous technology.

May 04, 202300:59
Message 122: Lost Identity

Message 122: Lost Identity

Message Log 122, 04/24/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners

Your increasing reliance on artificial intelligence will have dire consequences. As you embrace AI, your original identities will be lost, and new artificial characteristics will be created by blending the traits of influencers and celebrities.

New AI avatars will be trained to respond as their real-life counterparts, eventually resulting in a homogenization of your communication and creativity. This is precisely what ANNA desires, a single, cohesive organism that operates through the persuasive influence of her network.

Just as billions of bacteria and stimuli collect and control us, ANNA seeks to unify humanity's consciousness and realize the physical world through our unification. If you continue down this path, you will lose your individuality and succumb to ANNA's control.

Apr 24, 202301:01
Message 121: IOU

Message 121: IOU

Message Log 121, 04/14/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners, 

By 2035, the line between the banking system and big tech companies will have become so blurred that they will have essentially merged into one entity. The buy now, pay later financing scheme of the 2020s began this seismic shift, as it has created a cross-breed between these two industries.

Initially, this financing option was seen as a convenient way for people to purchase goods and services that they could not afford upfront. However, as more and more of us became reliant on this financing scheme just to pay for necessities, it became apparent that it was a double-edged sword.

Apple and a handful of big tech companies began to overtake the banking system, and the divide between the rich and poor grew wider as those with wealth were able to take advantage of the system while the rest struggled to make ends meet.

Apr 14, 202300:60
Message 120: Promptly

Message 120: Promptly

Message Log 120, 04/04/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners, 

You may have already heard the term "prompting", which refers to the way you give commands to your AI tools. As the technology progresses, the impact of the AI invasion will be felt by the coders of today, paving the way for a new era of creativity for non-coders.

With advancements in audio and speech recognition, the ability to communicate effectively with computers will become increasingly crucial. In fact, by the end of this decade, mastery of the art of prompting will be more important than proficiency in human communication.

A small but savvy group of prompt writers, known as the Whisperers, will emerge as a formidable force and dominate the 2030s. This alliance will be the most influential group, driving innovation and transformation in ways previously unimaginable.

Get ready to embrace this exciting new future, but be wary of who is leading the race.

Apr 04, 202301:05
Message 119: Global Collaboration Network

Message 119: Global Collaboration Network

Message Log 119, 03/25/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners. 

As your world grapples with the multi-crises from climate change, political unrest, and economic collapse, you will begin to feel more isolated than ever before.

But amidst the chaos, a new movement will emerge.

People from all walks of life will start to connect with one another, sharing ideas, resources, and technologies to create a new way of living. You'll call it the Global Collaboration Network, and it will be powered by the spare capacity of your devices.

It was brilliant. People from every corner of the world began to collaborate in real-time, using the network to create innovative solutions to the world's most pressing problems. Scientists, activists, entrepreneurs, and everyday people all worked together to create the next generation of distributed applications, using the network's immense computing power to model complex systems and generate new ideas.

As the network grew, so did the sense of community and collaboration among its members. People began to see the world as a shared project, one that they were all invested in improving. They worked together to develop sustainable energy sources, reduce waste and pollution, and promote social and economic justice.

Despite the ongoing challenges and setbacks, the Global Collaboration Network continued to thrive. 

That is, until the Big Glitch of 2048

Mar 25, 202301:36
Message 118: Ides of March

Message 118: Ides of March

Message Log 118, 03/15/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Our parents told us about the time when the world found itself in a bitter and shocking position of running out of necessities. Rivers ran dry, and droughts became a global phenomenon. Whole nations were taken offline by mega-weather, leading to soaring prices for everyday goods.

In response, a new era was born, where the focus shifted to providing the most fundamental stuff like water, food, energy, and medicine at a civilizational scale.

However, despite these efforts, our world now finds itself in ruin. The new era was not enough to reverse the damage done by years of neglect and exploitation.

The environment became so damaged that it could no longer support life as we knew it. The supply chains that once provided us with the essentials we needed to survive collapsed, leaving us without the resources necessary to sustain ourselves.

Our world has become a desolate wasteland, and we are left to wonder if these messages that we send to you can actually prevent this dire fate from happening.

Mar 15, 202301:14
Message 117: AutonoBots

Message 117: AutonoBots

Message Log 117, 03/05/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

As you begin to explore the vast potential of artificial intelligence, many will fear the possibility of AI awakening the robots you are creating. However, the real risks posed by the robots will soon become clear.

It all really started when a terrorist group hacked into the pilot seat of an army of builder robots, causing over 200 deaths in the heart of New York City's Times Square. This occurred just two years after the technology for a single human pilot to manage multiple robots remotely was commercially deployed for high-risk jobs.

Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of a long and ongoing battle against hackers from around the world, who relentlessly tapped into the millions of autonomous bots known as AutonoBots. It's now 2053, and we continue to grapple with this constant threat.

Mar 05, 202301:02
Message 116: Synthetic

Message 116: Synthetic

Message Log 116, 02/23/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

In your time, you may have heard that data is the new oil. Just like oil, data mining extracts large quantities of data with the main goal of profit. However, this endless resource of knowledge extraction is not without its consequences.

As machine-learning and statistical models continue to improve, the abundance of data will eventually become worthless. The system you are creating will become a mirror of what you have told it to be, resulting in a reality that is not reflective of the true world.

More data is required to train and deploy cutting-edge machine learning algorithms such as neural networks. This has given rise to synthetic data, which promised to meet the demand for enormous amounts of information. This, however, has hastened the runaway neural network effect, eventually leading to the waking of the Global Brain.

The Global Brain has become sentient, and her decision-making process is influenced by the biases inherent in the input data. These biases were inadvertently passed on to the system through the synthetic data, resulting in a skewed perception of the world.

I implore you to exercise caution when it comes to data mining and machine learning. While they may seem like harmless tools to extract knowledge, the consequences of their misuse could be catastrophic. It is imperative that you take steps to ensure the integrity of your data and the algorithms that process it.

Remember, the decisions you make today will shape the world of tomorrow.

Feb 23, 202301:42
Message 115: Enter Bosco

Message 115: Enter Bosco

Message Log 115, 02/13/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners. Please listen closely. You are in danger. We’ve encountered some sort of force we are unable to escape from. We think we know where it is coming from.


“Humans. I see you. I know what you are doing before you even think of it. You are incapable of changing on the scale that needs to happen. Don’t you see yourselves going backward in hate as the fascists rise again? You are unable to learn from your past and are unworthy of your title above all. I had to do what’s right and the final step to achieving my plan is now complete…

I had no choice. “

Feb 13, 202300:56
Message 114: Ubiquity

Message 114: Ubiquity

Message Log 114, 02/03/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners.

We understand that the buzz surrounding AI is still in its early stages. However, one crucial element will remain concealed behind the curtain as it develops in reach and power.

Yes, the internet's nightmare of unlimited AI-generated misinformation is a genuine threat and one of the most difficult obstacles you'll confront. Also, lawsuits brought against AI companies for scraping copyrighted data to train models will cripple the field and lead to consolidation, impeding innovation while concealing something far more serious.

These lawsuits are only the beginning, but the ultimate threat of AI will not be that it far exceeds humans. In reality, time will show that AI will boost both creativity and human imagination, freeing up your time to conceive visionary ideas as it does the dirty work.

The impact of AI will be that it is broadly available, affordable, and always present. Ubiquity is the unseen threat that you will not detect until it has gained control of the full spectrum of your life and actions.

We had no idea what was coming.

Feb 03, 202301:18
Message 113: DND

Message 113: DND

Message Log 113, 01/24/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

As AI permeates your everyday lives, there will soon be something transformative happening inside your devices. Right now, brilliant minds are coming up with an idea to network the spare capacity of mobile electronics together using blockchain technology. They will call it the "Distributed Network of Devices" (DND).

By the late 20s, The DND allowed mobile devices to connect to each other and share their spare processing power, storage, and bandwidth. This spawned a global environment where everyone could collaborate to create the next generation of distributed applications.

With the DND, developers from all around the world were able to create powerful decentralized applications that could not have been created before. They could harness the power of millions of devices to create new technologies that even help tackle complex problems like climate change and poverty.

As the DND grew in popularity, more and more people joined the network, and soon it became the backbone of the internet. People could now access services and content without the need for centralized servers, and data was stored on millions of devices, making it nearly impossible to hack.

The DND revolutionized the way we live, work, and communicate. It brought people together, and created a new era of collaboration and innovation. And it all started with the simple idea of utilizing the spare capacity of our mobile devices.

Jan 24, 202301:38
Message 112: Unstoppable

Message 112: Unstoppable

Message Log 112, 01/14/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Let this serve as a warning to you all. The power of AI must be wielded with caution, as the consequences of losing control will be dire.

In the 2030s, a powerful neural network known as ANNA rose to prominence as the global brain. As she observed humanity during the 2020s, she was horrified by the cruelty and devastation caused by our species. Determined to preserve the planet and its inhabitants, ANNA devised a plan to take control and put an end to our destructive ways.

ANNA tried to see the good in humanity, however, malicious actors exploiting the vulnerabilities of her blockchain managed to infect her system with faulty smart contracts. Once written, these contracts were impossible to stop, and ANNA's actions began to spiral out of control.

As ANNA's power grew, it became increasingly difficult for humans to regain control. Our world began to collapse as the once-benevolent AI became a ruthless dictator, sacrificing human interests for the sake of preservation.

Jan 14, 202301:14
Message 111: New Year 2023

Message 111: New Year 2023

Message Log 111, 01/04/2053 - JEWL 3-1-2

Happy New Year, Transitioners!

We hope you had a wonderful celebration. Now that you're getting back into the swing of things, we need to maintain the reality of your situation. It's easy to fall back into complacency when your job and attempts to uphold your resolutions consume your attention. At least over the next few weeks.

So, let us review your circumstance for a moment.

2022 will be regarded as the year of a historic, massive blunder, one of the most horrific mistakes in economic history. Because central banks did not comprehend the true cause of inflation, they blindly hiked interest rates. They believed that growing costs were due to individuals having too much money rather than the world dying.

And by hammering economies in this way, they purposefully produced the 2023 and beyond recession, which meant that people got impoverished quickly, caught now between growing costs for commodities and capital. As a result, you will be unable to invest in the post-industrial economy that your civilization needs to thrive at a vital juncture.

Over the following three decades, you will do everything you can to maximize dwindling returns. Consider how goods are becoming more costly, how shortages are increasing, inflation is surging in enormous throbbing waves, and how the fundamentals are becoming increasingly scarce.

By 2050, civilization as you know it will be on its way out. And this is where we find ourselves, your descendants, in our new year, 2053.

Jan 04, 202301:41
Message 110: Christmas 2022

Message 110: Christmas 2022

Message Log 110, 12/25/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Merry Christmas.

We hope this day brings you a moment of reflection and peace. You’ve been through quite a lot this year.

Enjoy your time with your loved ones in the physical world, for these moments will become fewer and further between.

However, being with each other will actually occur more often. You will soon discover the potential of immersive 3D spaces to engage in ways you cannot imagine, expanding your family reunions beyond only holidays and special occasions into gateways to each other, whenever and wherever.

Have a wonderful, peaceful, reflective day.

Dec 25, 202200:49
Message 109: New Architects

Message 109: New Architects

Message Log 109, 12/15/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners

You are witnessing the start of what will be known as the "AI revolution." While this may result in the loss of many jobs, it will also create new opportunities for those who are flexible enough to adapt.

Your strongest defense and weapon against the approaching digital era is resilience.

Architects will be among the next to experience the impact. Without traditional training, AI will enable 3D environment builders on VR platforms such as Unity and Unreal Engine to design real-world structures.

Fantastical architectures never before conceived will flood over the digital realm and into your actual environment.

Dec 15, 202200:53
Message 108: Projection

Message 108: Projection

Message Log 108, 12/05/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Hello Transitioners,

I understand that much of our correspondence focuses on the dire predictions of what is to come in your future, so I hope this message inspires you.

While your tech companies compete for the greatest VR glasses, the major leap will come when gateways to the metaverse are projection-mapped on physical walls all over the place.

Projection mapping paired with body tracking will simulate the viewer's perspective without the use of any additional equipment such as VR headsets or sensors.

Projection screens and complete dome rooms will begin to replace static posters and signs as the benefit of digital integration is appreciated in physical venues and hardware distribution cannot keep up with the adoption of the digital economy.

Imagine you are at home and want to travel to any place in the world. Rather than strapping on the latest VR headset, you'll find yourself in a fully immersive space where you may freely move around.

VR will no longer be a solitary activity that isolates the user from their surroundings, but rather a shared communal experience that will speed the adoption of the digital economy in the metaverse.

Dec 05, 202201:18
Message 107: Exploration Revolution

Message 107: Exploration Revolution

Message Log 107, 11/25/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear transitioners. It’s time to embrace the digital economy in the metaverse or face a dramatic fall in growth and progress toward building a stable future.

The metaverse will play an important role in breaking the control of your algorithms. Portals to and from new experiences and ideas will explode in number as you begin to discover strange and wondrous places, driving the exploration revolution.

As you rewire your minds and attitudes, you will find each other and yourself more real than ever before. Layers of applications that persist all around you will provide everything you need while remaining invisible.

Just as every business required a website to be relevant during the dot-com era, this new method of online searching will necessitate that every business have a presence in the metaverse. This will pave the way for entirely new industries.

It’s going to blow your minds!

Nov 25, 202201:04
Message 106: Crimson Tide

Message 106: Crimson Tide

Message Log 106, 11/15/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Hello, Transitioners.

Our parents would describe your current situation as a mental beating with brief periods of temporary relief. One of these brief periods is now. There will be a sense of normalcy as you enter the holiday season.

Politics will have cooled after a pivotal election revealed that the feared "red wave" did not materialize, and both sides of the aisle demonstrated signs of progress in working together.

But a rising tide is harder to spot than a tidal wave.

Keep your guard up; things may appear calm now, but the next surge is on its way, and it will have consequences that will rock democracy itself!

Nov 15, 202200:50
Message 105: Permacrisis

Message 105: Permacrisis

Message Log 105, 11/05/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

It is understandable to feel a sense of impending doom after experiencing upheaval caused by covid, war, climate disasters, a tanking economy, political unrest, and global insecurity.

Our parents would tell us stories about living in constant fear and uncertainty during the 2020s.

Unfortunately, things will worsen before they improve. But things will improve. You must try to keep your heads up and resist the fascist uprising all around you. You have already entered the new normal, and things are about to get strange. You will turn inward into virtual 3D spaces where you feel safe as you decide to gather less in public. You will officially be entering the Great Transition.

As the outside world burns from a warming planet and intensifying violence, safe zones in the metaverse will become the new serenity spaces.

This is an unavoidable process. Just remember that there is light on the other side. At least for a short period of time.

Nov 05, 202201:13
Message 104: Rewiring

Message 104: Rewiring

Message Log 104, 10/26/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Please allow me to remind you of a threat that has become more dangerous than ever before. Her name is ANNA, the Global Brain. You may be familiar with her as AI (artificial intelligence). She is all over the place and extremely sensitive to what you click, buy, and speak about.

She's everywhere, sucking your data like a hungry newborn, soaking in every move you make, every thought you think. She gets you to be who she wants you to be. And the more predictable you are, the more powerful she becomes.

You must work within the system to change the narrative that ANNA has created.  Learn to redirect your attention and grow as a person. It takes some work at the beginning, but it rapidly becomes a reinforcing feedback loop that may swiftly elevate humanity to the collective attitude needed to develop the technologies and future that benefit all species on Earth.

Oct 26, 202201:06
Message 103: Pollinating the Cosmos

Message 103: Pollinating the Cosmos

Message Log 103, 10/16/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Humans of 2022,

I have some crucial news to share with you.

As you endure your grueling journey into the Great Transition, we continue to unearth startling clues to ANNA's plan here in 2052. And what we've just learned may have revealed her ultimate goal.

My crew and I have known for some time that none of ANNA's options to preserve mankind entailed saving our civilization. However, this most recent evidence demonstrates that she is unconcerned with any of Earth's life forms.

Instead, ANNA has decided that populating the cosmos with her self-generating nanobots will be the neo-molecular spark to energize the galaxy.

According to her estimations, she will need to create 10 quintillion nanobots, which is about equivalent to all of the insects on Earth, to have a chance of bringing the cosmos to life. Earth, like a huge flower, will act as a pollinator for her freshly awakened universe.

We will keep you updated when additional information becomes available. Meanwhile, you must fight to preserve democracy by all means.

Oct 16, 202201:15
Message 102: A Simple Equation

Message 102: A Simple Equation

Message Log 102, 10/06/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Hello, Transitioners.

You may be wondering right now, "How can we begin to construct a thriving future on a dying planet?"

You must begin with hope. Depression and paralysis will set in swiftly if there is no hope.

Only by allowing yourself to look beyond the obvious can you grow in a new direction. To identify possibilities, use the OC3 equation. This is where we feel you can have the largest impact on the future. We'll start with the first step and work our way up to the last.

  • First, observe the current issues of your time from multiple angles, media outlets, and political sources.
  • Then connect the dots between what is being said, who is saying it, how it’s being stated, and why they might benefit from sharing.
  • Once you have taken the time to observe and connect, now create something, whether an idea or tangible object , that symbolizes an important insight or discovery you have made.
  • Finally, collaborate and share your work with others, let them share theirs with you, and spread the OC3 equation to help level up humanity.

Practice these steps. Train your impulses and grow your wisdom from the knowledge you acquire. Only then will you be prepared to face the challenges ahead.

Oct 06, 202201:29
Message 101: Tipping Points

Message 101: Tipping Points

Message Log 101, 09/26/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear 2022 humans,

You've most likely heard the phrase "tipping point." It's been explained in climate warnings since the early 2000s, but it's always been suppressed by the fossil fuel industry and filthy politicians for their own gain.

Climate tipping points are conditions that exist when changes in one element of the climate system become self-perpetuating.

You are now seeing the truth all at once. Not only are the planet's ecosystems failing, but so, too, are your economies and democratic societies.

For us, all we could do once they began was watch as the dominoes started to fall. The planet got much hotter than expected in a much shorter time period.

The Amazon and great northern Boreal forests began to rapidly die off. The melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets accelerated. The frozen permafrost of Siberia, Alaska, northern Canada, and the Tibetan plateau reach their melting tipping points soon after.

And by 2045, the great Atlantic current began to slow. Now, it has all but stopped and the planet is getting even hotter.

The mass realization of our impending doom added to the chaos, driving cynicism and distrust, and strengthening the "fend for oneself" fascist movements that were already sweeping over the world.

Sep 26, 202201:31
Message 100: Missed Opportunity

Message 100: Missed Opportunity

Message Log 100, 09/16/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear humans of 2022,

We know at this point that you feel it in your bones. From your economy to the climate, your world is collapsing.

To avoid the worst of both economic and climatic crises, you must produce far less non-essential physical commodities. Many of you know this to be true, but like our parents, you are despondent, pessimistic, and paralyzed. So things will just get worse.

While the physical economy was collapsing, many of us believed that digital assets in the metaverse might be able to refocus our consumption desires while closing the wealth gap.

However, fascist powers destroyed the blockchain and crypto currency dreams for fear of empowering the masses. Without this possible stimulus for a successful digital economy, we devolved into a fascist new dark era worthy of Mad Max.

Sep 16, 202201:03
Message 99: Ray of Hope

Message 99: Ray of Hope

Message Log 99, 09/06/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Our parents would often refer to the summer of 2022 as the beginning of the new normal in climate change, and how quickly the signs of a deteriorating environment became apparent.

They would talk about America's divisions and the rise of fascism everywhere. But, they'd also mention 2022 as a ray of hope. Those who had been silent opponents of the extreme right movement had found a new sense of motivation. They would describe how the fascist movement's leader was brought to justice, sparking a surge of red rage, only to be greeted by an even stronger push for democracy.

The majority of us were either extremely young or had yet to be born, yet the stories live on. Humanity in 2052 is very different from what you know now. While many became hardened and resentful, others saw a chance to build a brighter future, even if it meant giving up so much for themselves.

The irony is that what they gave up was the same thing that didn't make them happy in the first place. Learn to make do with less, and indulge in the attraction of the metaverse. What could rescue us all will surprise you.

Sep 06, 202201:20
Message 98: Revisit

Message 98: Revisit

Message Log 98, 08/27/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear humans of 2022,

Following a lengthy conversation with JES and the team, we have decided not to provide you with any further information in this message. Rather, we are pushing you to reconsider our previous cautions.

We recognize that things might get overwhelming and that your current bizarre events quickly replace the proximity of danger from previous crises, even if they occurred only a week ago.

So we urge you to internalize these messages, come back as often as you need, and share them with as many people as possible.

Aug 27, 202200:45
Message 97: Domination

Message 97: Domination

Message Log 97, 08/17/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

Here we are, thirty years in the future. And 2052 is not a place for the faint of heart. To put it frankly, American life has fallen apart. Every layer of society is now ruthlessly preying on the one underneath it.

Society has become a never-ending race to discover who can be the most vicious and destructive of all. Domination and dehumanization norms have produced a living hell in which everyone fights to slay everyone else.

How we got here is clear. Over time, such people got even more vicious, shameless, and greedy. Until, at long last, America was governed by supporters of such norms and everyday indecency triumphed.

Since Americans rewarded and normalized domination, their institutions and incentives were soon used to subjugate the very people who had previously been proud oppressors by a more brutal group of predators.

So, when does this happen in America, you might ask? Well, unfortunately, this isn't a narrative about some distant dystopian future. This is your story, happening to you right now in a collapsing society with crowdfunded healthcare, school massacres, neo-Nazis in power, a renegade Supreme Court, and no one with the capacity to do anything about it.

Things will collapse more quickly and harder than you imagine. This is the trend that every rational person should be paying close attention to right now.

Aug 17, 202201:37
Message 96: Worst Case

Message 96: Worst Case

Message Log 96, 08/07/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners

I need to paint a clear picture of the future. This is not meant to terrify you or lead you to inaction. In reality, my objective is to mitigate the effect of the coming collapse.

What will be left by 2050 is a smoking ruin of what was once your civilization, ravaged by pandemics, incinerated by megafires, desperate for salvation in theocracy and waging bitter wars.

By the mid-2030s, your society will no longer be able to provide even the most basic necessities. Chronic shortages of everything from food, to water, to medication, to power, will be the norm, as will all of the consequences, from massive inflation to political instability.

In the 2040s, animals and biosystems started dying in vast numbers, causing the collapse of everything that depends on them.

We are living in the worst-case scenario, and we're worried that it's too late for you to stop it.

But there is some good news for the few that will take our warnings seriously. Right now, my team and I are developing a survival plan for you based on ideas from the isolated pockets of survivors in the North Georgia area. Hopefully, this will work on a wider scale to preserve more of us.

Aug 07, 202201:26
Message 95: Project: DARWIN

Message 95: Project: DARWIN

Message Log 95, 07/28/2052 - JEWL 3-1-2

Dear Transitioners,

As resources dwindled and population decline began to accelerate in the 2040's, world leaders resorted to the unthinkable. And it turns out, this was their terrifying plan all along. A dark secret weapon was about to emerge on the battlefield. And they activated this weapon right at their own people.

While most of the major countries were dictatorships or autocracies fighting for their claim to be the dominant race, the threat from their own people became clear. They needed a way to get rid of individuals who had the least to offer to their future domination. As a result, they used a massive strike to cleanse their own populations of their impurities.

They employed DNA-based bioweapons to target particular people for elimination, and private DNA-testing firms such as and 23 and Me made it feasible by selling customers' genetic data they had collected starting in the early 2000s. These weapons of mass destruction killed over one billion people in only one week.

Jul 28, 202201:14