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La minute Frenchic

La minute Frenchic

By Virginie the Frenchie

When a French girl, passionate about foreign languages, fashion and food, moves 15,157 kilometers away from her little home town Riom in France and embraces the Australian lifestyle in her new city Adelaide... it always comes with a twist! Welcome to "La minute Frenchic" : a fun journey to explore new cultures, lifestyles and curiosity from overseas... but always with a frenchic perspective ;) Oulala so frenchie so chic!!!
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Stop calling him The Michelin (Tyre) Man.... Il s'appelle : Le Bibendum !

La minute FrenchicJan 17, 2023

Stop calling him The Michelin (Tyre) Man.... Il s'appelle : Le Bibendum !

Stop calling him The Michelin (Tyre) Man.... Il s'appelle : Le Bibendum !

One of the beauty of the French language is definitely its profusion of quirky, funny, poetic expressions... and I know it does not always make sense when translated into English leaving often French culture/language lovers completely flabbergasted... but isn't it part of the charm of the journey afterall?! Oui, oui, bien entendu ! In this episode, I'm taking you to my hometown Clermont-Ferrand to talk about Michelin, Le Binbendum (also called the Michelin man), the connection between Michelin tyres and the Michelin stars awarded to restaurants representing the gastronomie française ... I will talk about the history and story behind Michelin success, why the Bibendum is called this way (and not Michelin man in France).... it is in today's podcast! 

Follow me in my everyday adventure and embrace the french lifestyle!

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Jan 17, 202322:05
This Christmas, eat like a french with foie gras
Dec 13, 202218:40
If you have a bowl in France it means you have luck!
Feb 08, 202207:09
Is French as simple as saying hello?!
Sep 02, 202105:56
In French you don't say "keep me posted" but keep me ... au jus !
Apr 16, 202108:57
In France you kick up a huge... fromage!
Feb 27, 202108:32
Why the word "chat" (cat) is quite handy in French?
Feb 25, 202114:56
When English count their chickens French sell the skin of the bear
Jan 21, 202115:37
The French know too well how to "noyer le poisson"
Dec 07, 202014:55
Follow the rabbit
Nov 06, 202006:47
When the french tell you to go and cook yourself an egg...
Oct 22, 202008:33
Emily in Paris - encore !
Oct 19, 202029:04
Emily in Paris
Oct 12, 202020:51
Someone said French toast?!
Oct 02, 202013:17
La minute butterfly?
Sep 29, 202012:22
To kill 2 birds with 1 (french) stone!
Sep 24, 202013:20
How to travel without traveling?
Sep 23, 202014:40
We'll always have "croissant"
Sep 17, 202012:18
Say it with champagne!
Sep 16, 202019:36
Have you ever heard the expression "Avoir le cafard"?!
Sep 14, 202008:32