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Voices of Upstream

Voices of Upstream

By Upstream Initiative

Minnesota is filled with natural wonders—our lakes, fields, forests, parks and open spaces. Join Upstream director Andy Goldman-Gray and a new guest weekly for conversations about what makes our places special, and how we care for the natural places that make Minnesota beautiful. You’ll learn more about Minnesota’s natural places and the people who care for them.
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Katie Nyberg

Voices of UpstreamNov 22, 2023

Katie Nyberg

Katie Nyberg

In this episode, Andy talks to Katie Nyberg, the Executive Director of the Great River Passage Conservancy. On the banks of the Mississippi River, the two discuss the presence the river has in St. Paul, the beauty of a summer cabin trip and how stewardship can be empowered by community.

Nov 22, 202316:39


In this episode, Andy talked with Instagram influencer about hiking in Minnesota. She delves into how to get outside as a beginning hiker, her outreach efforts to get women hiking and Leave No Trace.

Nov 15, 202321:08
Aaron Hebeisen

Aaron Hebeisen

Andy talks to Aaron Hebeisen, an avid hunter and member of Backcountry Hungers and Anglers.

Nov 08, 202330:23
Expidition Kristen

Expidition Kristen

Foiled by the rain, Andy speaks to Minnesota's very own travel influencer Expedition Kristen on Zoom about Minnesota's hidden gems, how travelers can care for natural places and her dog, Ole.

Nov 01, 202313:03
Kieran Folliard

Kieran Folliard

Andy joins the illustrious Kieran Folliard at his Northeast Minneapolis Food Building to talk about community, whiskey and sustainably sourcing the food we need to thrive.

Oct 25, 202314:16
Mini Episode: Carolyn Olsen

Mini Episode: Carolyn Olsen

Andy joins Minnesota Farm Bureau’s Carolyn Olsen at Farm Fest to talk about agriculture, stewardship and organics, and what member organizations like Minnesota Farm Bureau is doing to share sustainable farming practices.

Oct 18, 202309:26
Dani & Margo
Oct 11, 202336:05
Beth Dooley
Oct 06, 202332:06
Divya Maiya
Jan 11, 202315:16
Lauren Young
Jan 03, 202324:15
Caren Dewar
Dec 28, 202224:17
Rhys Williams
Aug 23, 202221:30
Jenna Ray
Aug 17, 202216:17
Jason Adkins
Aug 09, 202220:51
Christina Norman
Aug 02, 202217:14
Raj Rajan
Jul 26, 202222:28
Mike Franklin
Jul 19, 202222:39
Pahoua Yang Hoffman
Jul 12, 202221:09
Ron Harris
Jul 05, 202220:59
John Larsen
Jun 28, 202217:19