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By Sean McCann

Waking the Dead and lighting up individuals' consciousness with truth and morality to cut through the illusions of mind control.
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WTD ep.101 'Black Pill Digest #1 revisited, the war on humanity continues'

WAKE THE DEADNov 20, 2023

WTD ep.101 'Black Pill Digest #1 revisited, the war on humanity continues'
Nov 20, 202302:11:57
WTD ep.100 Darrell Rowlands 'Psyop Strong'
Nov 20, 202302:04:01
WTD ep.99 Francesco Sani 'World War'
Nov 13, 202302:20:15
WTD ep.98 Luemas of Chant It Down podcast 'Cruel Sun, burning the old world'
Nov 13, 202301:30:16
Psyop Cinema 'Halloween III, Season of the Witch' with Sean McCann
Oct 29, 202301:55:28
WTD ep.97 William Ramsey 'The Smiley Face Killers'

WTD ep.97 William Ramsey 'The Smiley Face Killers'

William Ramsey returns to Wake the Dead to discuss his new book titled 'The Smiley Face Killers', a deep dive into his investigations.

For over twenty years, college-aged men in the United States have disappeared after a night of drinking, only to be found dead days later in bodies of water. Local authorities have determined many of these water deaths to be accidental. However, evidence exists that indicates many of these dead young men did not die by accident but were actually abducted, held for a period of time, murdered, and then deposited in bodies of water with the intent to deceive local authorities into believing the young men accidentally drowned. These types of deaths, all fitting the same modus operandi, are commonly referred to as the Smiley Face Killings based upon graffiti often found near the scene of the crime. With a ramping up of this phenomenon, William thought it was a good idea to compile all the relevant information and present it in one book for readers to see the full picture.

Find William's new book here:

William's website:

& podcast:

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Oct 28, 202301:28:32
WTD ep.96 William Ramsey & Hans Utter 'Performance (1970) is boring a hole, penetrating the skull of your bone'

WTD ep.96 William Ramsey & Hans Utter 'Performance (1970) is boring a hole, penetrating the skull of your bone'

William Ramsey & Hans Utter return to Wake the Dead to team up & break down the 1970 film titled 'Performance' by Donald Cammell. This is a continuation down the rabbit hole we started on with Brett Carollo & Hans Utter (WTD ep.94 'Altamont Pie'). In that episode we discussed the satanification of culture following the Altamont sacrificial killing in Dec. 1969. The 'snuff film' released the following year titled 'Gimme Shelter' was released at the same time as the film 'Performance' starring Mick Jagger. This intentional release of the films is evidence of the greater working being conducted by the dark occultists steering society. Once the lid was cracked, another rabbit hole appeared with lots of interesting nuggets to think about.

William has compiled biographical information about the director, Donald Cammell which can be seen in his documentary titled 'Occult Hollywood vol. 2' which tracks the influence of Aleister Crowley across Hollywood. This can be found at William's Patreon here:




Hans introduced us to this film and continues his deep analysis of its many occult themes & connections to other events, people & ideas. He helps to create a tapestry of information to consider when we contemplate this film & the intentions of its creators. Hans can be found here:

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Oct 16, 202302:07:13
WTD ep.95 Carrie Olaje 'porn & SRA'

WTD ep.95 Carrie Olaje 'porn & SRA'

Carrie Olaje returns to Wake the Dead for her third appearance to discuss how pornography relates to Satanic Ritual Abuse. SRA victims are used to make pornography for the cult. It benefits the cult in three important ways, to break the child's mind, to make money for the cult members and to blackmail individuals inducted into the ranks of the cult. It also feeds the addiction to violent sex for the psychopaths involved in its production and the psychopaths who buy it and view it. Carrie shares information from her unique perspective, having been one of those children abused on camera. She helps us understand the scope of this organized crime cult which creates millions of videos a day worldwide.

Do you have any questions for Carrie? She has given us a lot to think about since her first appearance on WTD ep.88. Would you care to send in a question for Carrie to answer on the air? She plans to return for a fourth appearance sometime in November. Carrie would like to answer audience questions.

Please send questions for Carrie to Sean's email at

or join the Wake the Dead telegram here:

Send an email or post on the telegram with "question for Carrie" and Sean will read them on air to Carrie on her next appearance in November.

Find Carrie's YouTube here:

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Oct 14, 202301:33:60
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates 'Utopia (2014)'
Oct 14, 202301:15:04
Sean McCann on Chant it Down podcast #245 'generational genital mutilation'
Sep 28, 202302:02:28
WTD ep.94 Hans Utter & Brett Carollo 'Altamont Pie'

WTD ep.94 Hans Utter & Brett Carollo 'Altamont Pie'

Two good friends of the show, Hans Utter & Brett Carollo team up to discuss the dark occult sacrifice ritual we all know as the 'Altamont' free concert performed in California, December 1969. This was the closing of a 10 year period of cultural transition which started with the occult sacrifice of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & the Big Bopper, J.P. Richardson. Don McLean spelled it all out for us in his epic song, 'the day the music died'. Hans & Brett reveal the allegories & symbolism McLean uses to express this idea. Unlike many other artists of his time, Don doesn't hide his message in cryptic esoteric language. His poem is very straight forward, cutting to the core truth.

Then our guests dig further into how that ritual was presented & what its intention might have been. Looking at the Rolling Stone article 'Let It Bleed' & the documentary film 'Gimme Shelter (1970)', we can see it as a cultural-wide trauma based mind control ritual. With help from culture creators, The Grateful Dead & organized crime enforcers, The Hell's Angels, Altamont was intentionally created to tear a deep wound in the 'Peace & Love' sentiments of the 1960's

Finally we dig into Mick Jagger's role in our culture with a look at a film he starred in titled 'Performance (1970)'. This is a revealing glimpse into the high occult magick Mick is used for. This film has many elements relating to Satanic Ritual Abuse of children, satanic inversion, hedonism & nihilism.

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Find Brett's work here:

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Sep 22, 202303:10:34
WTD ep.93 Jose Perez 'the philosophy of Thelema'
Sep 16, 202301:44:35
WTD ep.92 Matt Landman 'Agenda 2030 in action'
Sep 08, 202301:27:41
Sean McCann on Cosmic Peach podcast 'circumcision is trauma based mind control'

Sean McCann on Cosmic Peach podcast 'circumcision is trauma based mind control'

Julia invited Sean McCann back to Cosmic Peach podcast to discuss the routine practice of genital mutilation known as circumcision. Current psyops have Americans thinking about saving children from unnecessary genital mutilation...great! save the babies! Just don't forget about all the other genital mutilation that goes unseen. Amnesia walls prevent us from realizing the extent of harm that circumcision causes in infant children. Genital mutilation is trauma based mind control and is used by many ancient dark occult orders as well as current ones. Everyone needs to know what has been done to them & those they love. Genital mutilation is satanic. Do not comply with routine genital mutilation. Don't allow your children or those you love be harmed. Spread the truth. Circumcision is done to damage the body & mind of the victim. There IS NO benefit from circumcision, IT ONLY CAUSES HARM. We all have the power to fight this one very easily. When the nurse asks if you want to circumcise your baby, the only answer is "NO". We do not have the right to remove healthy parts of someone else's body, why on earth would we do that to our own children? Circumcision is a violation of bodily autonomy. No one has the right to circumcise their baby. No matter what the dark occult priests try to tell you.

Find Cosmic Peach here:

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Sep 04, 202301:57:15
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates 'Get Out & Nope, the films of Jordan Peele'
Sep 03, 202301:03:34
WTD ep.91 Jim Pivarski 'CERN conspiracy theory'
Aug 13, 202303:08:53
WTD ep.90 Carrie Olaje 'hunter/tracker'
Jul 24, 202302:00:50
WTD ep.89 Thomas Millary 'Hollywood's Dark Goddess'
Jul 22, 202302:17:47
WTD ep.88 Carrie Olaje 'Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor'

WTD ep.88 Carrie Olaje 'Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor'

Carrie Olaje is our guest on Wake the Dead for the first time to discuss her experiences as a survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse. With a focus on the experience of remembering & healing the trauma, this conversation reveals the horror of child trafficking, pedophilia, murder, torture & cannibalism. Carrie's father was a member of the U.S. military & a total psychopath. He gave Carrie to the cult when she was 3 years old. She was used by her owner for satanic ritual & sex trafficking to his military friends. Carrie was used to blackmail many young psychopaths eager to join the satanic order. This cult also made snuff films & child pornography. Carrie is sharing her story with us to reveal the truth behind child pornography, the military & the dark occult New World Order system. The most unimaginable horrors are still happening everyday to other young children. Awareness is the first step in confronting this problem we face. Please take the time to listen to this important episode. Carrie & Sean are planning to continue this conversation in the future, so look out for part 2.

Listen to Carrie’s appearance on The Imagination podcast with Emma Katherine, where you can hear more of Carrie’s story:

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Jul 10, 202302:25:20
WTD ep.87 Jeanice Barcelo 'hospital birth is ritual trauma'
Jul 08, 202301:26:14
BPD #8 'The State of Freedom'

BPD #8 'The State of Freedom'

Black Pill Digest #8

'The State of Freedom'


For this year's In-Dependence Day broadcast, Sean and James have decided to take a look into just how free we are. The results are in, we can assure you, it is not what most think. We discuss the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States. We break down ‘gun-control’ propaganda by the lecherous Vice News. We discuss the levels of mind control Europe is under to keep them disarmed. And we take a good look at the evolution and future of 3D printing firearms. We wrapped it all up with 2 presentaions by Mark Passio titled ’The True Meaning and Purpose of the Second Amendment part 1 and part 2”. Happy Fourth of July. Remember what all the fireworks are meant to symbolize. Bombs and guns are what it takes to be free.

Joining us as a guest for this broadcast is Jeff Hippauf. Jeff is an anarchist, freedom activist, podcaster, engineer, and local event organizer. On a daily basis, Jeff relentlessly strives to learn about everything related to higher consciousness, self-improvement, and freedom for all beings. Firmly grounded and ever conscious that without a strong understanding of objective moral foundations human beings pursuing a more free existence are guaranteed to fall short of our potential. Jeff is adamantly solutions oriented and focused on real world actions that move humanity towards a state of freedom and anarchy.

Jeff's Website:



Joining us on the call in line:

Konrad Rogoz:




Francesco Sani:




Hosted by James Cordiner & Sean McCann

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Jul 02, 202306:45:37
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates 'mind control to world control'
Jun 19, 202301:22:18
Sean McCann on Psyop Cinema 'Get Out (2017)'
Jun 19, 202302:08:12
Sean McCann & James Cordiner on Chant It Down podcast #230 'immorality of police'

Sean McCann & James Cordiner on Chant It Down podcast #230 'immorality of police'

Chant It Down podcast ep. #230

The topic of Police corruption and brutality are important subjects that many cover, but the origins of even having police and the position of their job actually comes from immorality. Sean McCann (Wake the Dead podcast) and James Cordiner (A Hitchikers Guide to Truth) come on to share clips and strong evidence to support that law enforcement itself comes from an evil place.

There are many things in our civilization that humanity has lost through time. Bravery, and to defend one's self, and property are some of them. Unfortunately , humanity gained law enforcement which is so ingrained as normal in our society. Police are immoral because they are ORDER FOLLOWERS. They will follow orders whether they are in line with natural law and coming from truth, or in opposition to natural law and harming other beings. These truths and many others are presented in this show.

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Chant It Down:







Jun 18, 202302:56:14
WTD ep.86 Bob Prester 'All beings are invited to the annual Rainbow Gathering'
Jun 18, 202301:49:55
WTD ep.85 Jim Pivarski 'physics, history of Indian mathematics & mock human sacrifice'
Jun 18, 202301:58:42
BPD #7 'you are what you eat'

BPD #7 'you are what you eat'

Black Pill Digest #7 ‘you are what you eat’

On this edition of Black Pill Digest we will be exploring and asking: Just what is going on with the food on the grocery store shelf? Are the foods that are being catered to us actually healthy? And finally, like always, what the hell can we do about it? To help us along this journey, we have two amazing guests who have learned so much about the ins and outs of the nutrition industrial complex that it would make an average person's head spin. Our guests are solutions driven and they are not afraid to take the actions necessary to make a difference.

Jim Gale


Jim and his team at Food Forest Abundance work tirelessly to build a free, healthy, and abundant society for generations to come by creating food forests. A food forest is a diverse, perennial garden that mimics a forest ecosystem and patterns found in nature. Through layers of design, life extends in all directions producing food, medicine, sanctuary, and habitat. A food forest is thoughtfully designed to produce maximum nutrition, beauty and abundance. This is an essential key to human health and freedom which Jim and his team are dedicated to bring to us.

Pat Miletich

⁠Pat is an organic soil, food, and supplement proponent on a mission to revitalize and restore American soil. A former U.S. Kickboxing Champion, Pat holds Black Belts in four martial arts and earned UFC Welterweight Champion for four years. He's trained 95 televised athletes and 12 world champions.⁠

Hosted by James Cordiner & Sean McCann

Find James’ work here:

Find Sean’s work here:

Jun 04, 202305:22:02
WTD ep.84 Jerry Marzinsky & Lynn Monet 'clairvoyant witness'

WTD ep.84 Jerry Marzinsky & Lynn Monet 'clairvoyant witness'

Jerry Marzinsky returns to Wake the Dead & he is joined by his friend Lynn Monet. Prior to retirement, Jerry was a licensed psychotherapist. He has over 35 years of experience working with schizophrenic and other psychiatric patients in state hospitals, state prisons, and hospital emergency rooms. Lynn is a paranormal consultant and lecturer specializing in hauntings and afterlife. She is an empath with the ability to see frequencies inter-dimensionally most cannot. She has been a nurse for over 20 years, most of which has been in end of life care, management and geriatrics. She also has a degree in Biological science. Lynn is an author of 5 books and hosts a podcast titled ‘Synchronicity the Next Level Paranormal’. Lynn & Jerry take us on a much deeper exploration of what is truly afflicting schizophrenics. In previous Wake the Dead episodes Jerry shared with us what he experienced that led him to believe the voices in the heads of schizophrenics are invading entities who feed on their victim’s energy. Tonight, Lynn tells us what they look like, how they operate and much more. This is an infinitely interesting episode. Please excuse the audio quality, we had to fight our computers to make this happen. Let’s just say Zoom is crap. The content of the conversation is priceless though, so please enjoy the show.

Find Jerry’s work here:

Find Lynn’s work here:

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May 22, 202301:58:09
WTD ep.83 Roberta Glass & William Ramsey 'innocence fraud'
May 07, 202301:47:04
WTD ep.82 Charissa 'gang-stalked by Mormon satanists'
May 03, 202303:07:16
BPD #6 'Digital Bars on the Overton Window'

BPD #6 'Digital Bars on the Overton Window'

Black Pill Digest #6 ‘Digital Bars on the Overton Window’


Technocracy is the digital prison surrounding us & the Technocrats want to put their devices under our skin. Technocracy is social engineering through technology. Rule by the experts. No more free will, no more property, just New World priests of the new age with white coats. They tell you what to think and how to live your life. They reduce society to a base material & build a golem monstrosity. The next place they seek to conquer is our bodies & our minds. Their new cybernetic instruments allow Mankind to be hacked. The only solution is to break free from their system of domination & slavery. To build a new system so we can all walk away from their Great Reset & look to something greater. True freedom is independence, responsibility & the knowledge of oneself. Take a good look at the state of tyranny clamping down on every aspect of our lives. Apathy is death. Start moving towards exiting the system & building an alternative civilization. One based on the principles of self ownership & voluntary interactions.

Our guests tonight include:

Derrick Broze:

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Dr. Hans Utter:

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Hosted by:

James Cordiner of A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Truth podcast

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Sean McCann of Wake the Dead podcast

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May 01, 202306:00:38
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates 'White Noise film analysis' pt.2
Apr 17, 202302:11:17
Sean McCann on Im Lichte with Jonathan Franzel 'Anarchy & True Will'
Apr 17, 202301:34:35
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates 'White Noise film analysis' pt.1
Apr 08, 202357:45
WTD ep.81 Hans Utter 'White Noise in the Bardo Realms'
Apr 01, 202303:03:42
WTD ep.80 Brandon Martin 'anarchy discussion'
Mar 23, 202301:48:19
BPD #5 'poisoning the truth-well'

BPD #5 'poisoning the truth-well'

BPD #5 ‘poisoning the truth-well’


Movies & Television create the world we live in. Scientifically designed to dissociate your will from your actions. Created to make our minds addicted to lies fed to us by a psychopathic predator class. We trust the television more readily than we trust our natural senses. The screen has become a sixth sense where all mankind are dreaming the same nihilistic nightmare. One where free will has been erased, people are programmed to act as the masters choose. How are we being manipulated? What is the program being pushed into our heads? Has all mainstream media been created to enslave us? How does trauma based mind control relate to the news & Hollywood movies?

Joining us today are...

Etienne de la Boetie²:

Etienne de la Boetie² is the nom de plume of a voluntaryist author, father, technology entrepreneur, cyclist, runner, hot yogi, multi-disciplinarian truther, armchair economist, cryptocurrency enthusiast, and neo-abolitionist who is experimenting with large-scale cult deprogramming. Mr. Boetie2 is the founder of a start-up public policy organization: The Art of Liberty Foundation that is developing voluntary and free market solutions to social issues while exposing the illegitimacy and criminality of “government”, and the hidden curriculum of organized crime’s mandatory government schools, scouting programs, and police/military “training”: The pseudo-religion of Statism, obedience, fealty, “order-following” and tax slavery. Mr Boetie is the author of “Government” – The Biggest Scam in History… Exposed!

Find Etienne’s work here:

Brett Carollo:

Brett Carollo explores film from a deep politics perspective, demonstrating how the artistry of cinema combines with psychological and technological knowledge to engineer culture in subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways— making each of us the subject of the greatest mind control experiment in history. Brett is the host of Psyop Cinema podcast with cohost Thomas Millary. Psyop Cinema is a podcast about the film industry and its intimate connections to mass manipulation, conspiracy, and the occult.

Find Brett’s work here:

Ivan Oyola:

Ivan Oyola, Jr (aka Ivan from Phoenix) Truth Seeker Turned Truth Speaker. Just a regular guy next door who stumbled upon information that was intentionally being hidden from the masses. After beginning the process of seeking the Truth just over a decade ago and taking it in, Ivan began to share the information he acquired a few years later by creating a website, and starting a meetup group by the same name. Soon after he began recording a podcast called Guy Next Door Speaks, which is hosted on his site. Ivan continues to speak on what he sees is really happening in an effort to bring it to the attention of both those who will listen and those who need to listen.

Find Ivan’s work here:

With hosts James Cordiner & Sean McCann

Find James’ work here:

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Thank you please enjoy the show...

Mar 19, 202303:57:20
WTD ep.79 Hans Utter 'dissecting lyrics #2'
Mar 13, 202301:53:23
Sean McCann on The Free Zone w/Freeman Fly 'White Noise'

Sean McCann on The Free Zone w/Freeman Fly 'White Noise'

Sean McCann is a guest on The Free Zone with Freeman Fly to discuss the 2022 film titled 'White Noise'. 'White Noise' is more than a revelation of the method, it is a magick working. With dialogue laden with nihilistic, satanic programming, White Noise is a signpost on the way to the culling of American lives, to the holocaust of the Gentiles. Painting the American nuclear family as unthinking cattle, who join the crowd led by 'authority'. The family depicted in the film's entire livelihood is based on their father's love of Hitler, who studies democide, yet is oblivious to the destruction he is witnessing with his own eyes. Meanwhile his professor colleague continuously rants about the power of killing & how fiery crashes are a celebration of secular optimism. The dialogue of these characters express in plain english the worldview, methods & intentions of the dark occult predator class. White Noise looks to be a whole new level of Hollywood satanic programming. This film was made to be seen after the train derailment incident in East Palestine, Ohio. With a release date of 3 months before the tragic intentional burning & burial of some of the most toxic chemicals known to Man. This event was intentionally carried out by local cops who were given orders by their satanic superiors. It was even carried out in a way to make reality match the film. It was even filmed in Ohio during the plandemic. Filmed in many towns including the one where Sean currently lives, there is no one better to help dissect this evil working. 

here are some examples of the dialogue in the film:

"But there must’ve been something different about these crowds. What was it? Let me whisper the terrible word from the Old English, from the old German, from the old Norse…’DEATH’. These crowds were assembled in the name of death. They were there to attend tributes to the dead, but not the already dead, the future dead! The dead living amongst us….To be a crowd is to keep out death. To break off from the crowd is to risk death as an individual, to face dying alone! Crowds come for this reason above all others. They were there to be a crowd.”

“I believe, Jack there are two kinds of people in this world, killers and diers. Most of us are diers. Think of how exciting it is, in theory, to kill a person. If he dies, you cannot. To kill him is to gain life credit, who knows? Maybe violence is a form of rebirth and maybe you can kill death.”

“Maybe once we stop denying death, we can proceed calmly to die. We simply walk toward the sliding doors."

These suggestions invite our subconscious to agree & comply with our own destruction. Awareness of these processes is how we keep our critical thinking & free will intact. Freeman Fly is a champion for free will & critical thinking & he has been publicly for the last 30 years. This was a wonderful discussion between good friends, please enjoy the show.

This is the first hour of our discussion, if you are interested to hear more, become a member here: 

Find all of Freeman's work here: 

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Mar 12, 202301:04:28
BPD #4 'mind control at the slave factory'

BPD #4 'mind control at the slave factory'

Black Pill Digest  #4 


Public schools (forced schooling) is one of the most powerful tools the State has for yoking the population to hitch their wagons of statism & mental slavery. Designed to blunt the genius of mankind & force compliance through fear & coercion. Molding the next generation to the will of the predator class. We've seen what evils they have created so far, now they are training children for a world where truth & free will are removed completely. It is imperative to stop the cycle of slavery here & now, before it reaches our children. We are responsible for this crucial period in their lives. Don't feed your children to Moloch. Don't send them to public school.

We are pleased to be joined by..

David James Rodriguez - 

David James Rodriguez helps parents empower their children using homeschooling, apprenticeships, and customized learning strategies. He’s the Principal of Valor Academy, a homeschool coach, and publisher of “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto, the world renowned teacher. Also, he founded Education Options TV, where he has introduced 1,000’s of parent to respectful schools and approaches to learning, and interviewed world leaders who are demonstrating the future of education today. He’s passionate about Getting All of The Thinkers Out of forced schooling, so he created the GATTO project, which is accomplished by helping parents remove their children from bad schools. His provides early high school graduation and homeschool coaching services to parents. He’s the host of the Freedom Lovers Show, where the goal is to build a voluntary world, one relationship at a time.

Will Keller - 

Will Keller is a Freedom activist, animist, anarchist, public speaker and a father. Will is the co-host of Natural Freedom League video series and a content creator for the One Great Work Network. Will Keller is devoted and morally obligated to increase awareness on the causal factors of suffering for humanity and to expand the understanding of the current  human condition by educating the public on crucial topics such as conscious parenting, human psychology, human behavior, objective morality, Natural Rights and Natural Law; the Universal Laws of Nature. All of these topics are inseparable for understand and achieving True Freedom for Humanity.

Hosted by..

James Cordiner - 

Sean McCann - 

Please donate to James Cordiner here:

Please donate to Sean McCann here: 

Mar 05, 202304:46:33
Sean McCann on Cosmic Peach podcast 'breakdown of the film 'Nope''
Mar 03, 202302:07:60
Sean McCann on The Occult Rejects with NY Patriot, William Ramsey & Hans Utter 'Alfred Kinsey was a sadomasochistic pedophile'

Sean McCann on The Occult Rejects with NY Patriot, William Ramsey & Hans Utter 'Alfred Kinsey was a sadomasochistic pedophile'

The Occult Rejects podcast hosted by NY Patriot


Guests include: William Ramsey, Hans Utter & Sean McCann

A roundtable discussion about Alfred Kinsey & the satanic philosophy he spearheaded. Gutting society's morality & replacing it with nihilistic solipsism. Kinsey gave people the permission to be deviant psychopaths regarding their sexual pursuits. His "work" is the basis for the sexual revolution of the 60s, the proliferation of open pedophilia groups & the entire LGBT trans-agenda. Funded by Rockefeller, Kinsey spread his perverted message in two books published in 1948 & 1953. They were titled Sexual Behavior in the Human Male & the later publication was Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. With testimonies from prison inmates, mental patients & pedophiles, Kinsey presumed to tell society what their hidden desires are. No matter how immoral & fraudulent his findings were, huge financial forces pushed the idea into every facet of government institution & school. Changing the laws so much that now elementary school students are instructed how to use sex toys & that they can change genders at will. This has devolved society to beastly cattle, happy to be tagged & sent to the slaughter. Learn the true depravity of Alfred Kinsey along with his affinity for Aleister Crowley.

The Occult Rejects:

William Ramsey: 

Hans Utter: 

Please donate to Wake the Dead: 

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Feb 22, 202301:50:18
Sean McCann on Good Vibrations podcast with Mark Devlin ep.232 'Full Metal Disney'
Feb 21, 202301:34:03
WTD ep.78 Dr. Hans Utter 'dissecting U.S. Blues by the Grateful Dead'
Feb 17, 202301:58:37
BPD #3 'Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering'

BPD #3 'Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering'

Black Pill Digest #3     1-28-2023

For decades, we have looked up toward the sky and it has just not looked the same. Stratospheric aerosol geo-engineering has been done in the form of chemtrails from airplanes, manipulating the weather, tainting our water, poisoning our food, our air, our skin and our freedom as a result. Tune in to hear from our distinguished guests, who have studied on this subject for many years, who have not given up on the fight.


Guests include:

Freeman Fly of

Freeman has been on the forefront of conspiracy theory for nearly two decades. He is an internationally-known, award-winning TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. Freeman is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations by his peers and professionals within his industry.

Matt Landman of

Through grassroots activism, film, interviews, and international summits, Matt has gained recognition as a leader in 5G and geo-engineering/chemtrail awareness activism. Matt presents unprecedented and view-changing information directly from official documentation and accepted research.

Matt Landman created the social change documentary Frankenskies, bringing awareness to ongoing atmospheric aerosol injections, chemtrails, weather modification programs and geo-engineering. Matt has hosted a series of conferences, events and protests concerning the questions surrounding chemtrails and relentlessly continues to speak out against the ongoing lies in our skies.

Chris Jantzen of   -and-

Chris Jantzen is a Carpenter, Philosopher, Podcaster and Copywriter. He is working on educating folks about Natural Law. Taking the initiative towards positive solutions to the current world problem. Understanding the difference between right and wrong. Objective morality replacing moral relativity. A father and a friend. One who questions and imagines. A group Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Coach Check out www.ChrisJantzen.Com to join the One Great Work Warriors email list and action group. Looking for other brave truth seekers to help in the efforts of ENDING EVIL.  Chris began the End Evil Podcast in order to reach more humans in the hopes of defeating evil.

Watch 'Black Pill Digest' LIVE! The last Saturday of each month. Tune in at

'Black Pill Digest' is hosted by Sean McCann & James Cordiner

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Feb 01, 202304:17:07
WTD ep.77 Dr. Hans Utter 'culture creation in music'
Jan 22, 202302:44:21
WTD ep.76 Jerry Marzinsky & Frank 'entheogens or en-demon-gens?'
Jan 08, 202302:39:34
Sean McCann on Psyop Cinema podcast 'Liquid Dreams (1991) review'

Sean McCann on Psyop Cinema podcast 'Liquid Dreams (1991) review'

On this edition of Psyop Cinema, Brett Carollo is joined by Sean McCann of the Wake the Dead podcast to analyze the cyberpunk erotic thriller 'Liquid Dreams' (1991), a nearly forgotten midnight movie about a gnostic adrenochrome sex cult deploying DARPA-level MK mind control tech through the entertainment industry. Described by the director as his version of The Wizard of Oz, Liquid Dreams, like The Wizard of Oz, is as an allegory for Hollywood itself—possibly the ultimate Revelation of the Method movie in terms of the film industry’s weaponization of sex and violence to de-pattern mass consciousness and reduce it to raw material at the service of a spiritually psychotic global superclass. With themes which include monarch mind control, human trafficking, adrenochrome extraction, secret societies, ancient transgender cults, trauma based mind control, vampirism, occult fertility rituals, & the unseen truth behind Hollywood & it's process of consuming innocent young women. This film is like no other... Sean & Brett go deep with their exploration of this film & it's themes. 

Please enjoy the show...

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