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Walks with Ray

Walks with Ray

By Ray Doraisamy

A look at everything under the sun (and how everything under the sun is connected), through the frame of a walk with Ray Doraisamy.

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The Masquerade

Walks with RayMar 26, 2023

The Masquerade
Mar 26, 202331:23
On Rote Repetition
Feb 28, 202340:39
Stumbling with Purpose
Feb 11, 202353:46
Jan 31, 202347:25
Environments and Expanding Fit
Apr 23, 202223:49
Cycles Again
Apr 19, 202225:12
Invitation and Incumbents
Apr 02, 202237:28
More Masters
Mar 31, 202229:45
A Gap in Models of War
Feb 09, 202232:47
Collective Consciousness and God
Jan 28, 202222:02
Measurement and Improvisation
Jan 03, 202227:48
Dec 24, 202113:50
Credit and Sourcing
Dec 22, 202136:05
Walk with T
Dec 22, 202101:40:32
Words and Action
Oct 04, 202123:55
Free Guy on Virtue
Oct 03, 202140:05
Famílias do coração
Aug 23, 202130:26
Despair in the Individual
Jul 19, 202122:16
Objects and Things
Jul 14, 202125:39
The Hobbits of Dandelion Hill
Jun 17, 202121:58
Part of a Whole
May 26, 202129:18
Centers of Gravity
May 10, 202120:02
Who We Remember
May 07, 202121:23
Laser Scalpels and Pen Knives
May 04, 202118:43
Synthesis in Learning
May 03, 202132:07
The Wages of Disconnection
Apr 27, 202121:03
Decadence and Games
Apr 21, 202125:06
Reason and Persuasion
Apr 19, 202140:35
Money and Material Wealth

Money and Material Wealth

Touching on money in our times.

Apr 14, 202126:20
Dark Ages

Dark Ages

Touching on cycles of homogeneity and heterogeneity.

Apr 02, 202113:51
Security in Diversity

Security in Diversity

Touching on one of the benefits of pluralism.

Mar 29, 202112:08
Masculinity and Femininity

Masculinity and Femininity

Touching on the play between the masculine and the feminine in society.

Mar 29, 202126:02
NEETs are our Fremen

NEETs are our Fremen

People who aren't in education, employment, or training are in a unique position in a world. This position will one day be used for political change.

Mar 06, 202132:55
Movies and Learning

Movies and Learning

Touching on the impact of large super societies and modern media on learning. Tried a new lapel microphone, which resulted in some changes to the sound quality.

Mar 02, 202130:22
Egregores and You

Egregores and You

Touching on what egregores are, and how they relate to you.

Feb 21, 202136:10
Hobbs & Shaw & Nietzsche

Hobbs & Shaw & Nietzsche

Touching on Nietzsche's conception of morality by thinking about the movie Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw.

Feb 20, 202121:02
Decolonization as Colonization

Decolonization as Colonization

Touching on the shapes of colonization.

Feb 19, 202115:02
What makes it cool?

What makes it cool?

Touching on how social endorsement impacts the adoption of ideas, things, and practices.

Feb 09, 202127:52
Mongooses and Snakes

Mongooses and Snakes

Touching on the relationship between those who might protect and those who might destroy. 

Feb 09, 202126:54
Motherhood and Fighting

Motherhood and Fighting

In this walk, I discuss how motherhood and fighting are fundamental experiences for each sex.

Feb 06, 202118:24
Intellectual Property and Beginnings

Intellectual Property and Beginnings

An introductory episode to Walks with Ray, a podcast in which I, Ray Doraisamy, ramble about shit as I'm walking along. This week, we'll talk about intellectual property and a little bit about why I find it useful to walk. 

Feb 06, 202121:28