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Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast

By Walt

The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast is a show all about motorcycles and the things that kinda-sorta surround them. The podcast is hosted by Walt from WaltInPA, and each episode features a discussion of a different topic related to motorcycles. Whether it's talking about the latest models, discussing motorcycle safety, or just sharing motorcycle stories, the Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast is the perfect show for anyone who loves motorcycles.
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MAP 018: Rear-Ended on My Motorcycle

Motorcycle Adjacent PodcastJun 22, 2023

MAP 018: Rear-Ended on My Motorcycle

MAP 018: Rear-Ended on My Motorcycle

I was rear-ended on my motorcycle on Father's Day (June 18, 2023). The driver was texting when it happened, and thankfully, I was not injured. This was a best-case scenario regarding motorcycle accidents, with my bike taking all the damage.

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Jun 22, 202329:54
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