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Wandering the Edge

Wandering the Edge

By Larysa Zariczniak

A Podcast about Ukrainian History with a Spot of Travel
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Nationalism of the Borderlands of the Borderland

Wandering the EdgeDec 15, 2021

Ukrainian Democracy
Sep 15, 202334:12
A Dramatic and Theatric History of the Ukrainian Stage
Aug 31, 202341:33
The Ukrainian Trial of the Century: Bilas and Danylyshyn
Aug 15, 202332:12
The Bandura - Ukraine's National Instrument
Aug 01, 202343:55
Talking Lesia Ukrainka with Dr. Sasha Dovzhyk
Jun 15, 202341:04
A Traditional Pchilka-Kosach Family Affair
Jun 01, 202342:08
Ukrainian Feminism - it's fun!
May 15, 202340:53
Oleh - Viking, King or Prophet?
May 01, 202337:35
Wandering Ukrainians
Apr 01, 202340:44
Poland and Ukraine - Friends! Part 2
Mar 15, 202334:06
Poland and Ukraine - Friends! Part 1
Mar 01, 202343:24
Ukraine's Folk-Rock Legend: Volodymyr Ivasyuk
Feb 15, 202338:55
The Other Colourful Ukraines
Feb 01, 202338:27
The Dumb Sons of Yaroslav the Wise
Dec 15, 202240:38
June 1941: The Great Massacre
Dec 01, 202244:60
The Ukrainian Harem
Nov 15, 202243:16
An Interview with Scott Bury - novelist and podcaster
Nov 01, 202237:53
The 1960's Dissidents - the Sixtiers
Oct 15, 202236:54
The Last Great King of Kyiv - Volodymyr Monomakh
Oct 01, 202232:34
A Princess and a Colonel - The Sushkos
Aug 15, 202231:17
An Evolution of Ukrainian Dance
Aug 01, 202225:23
A Very Stubborn Cossack - Col. Ivan Bohun
Jul 15, 202233:04
Ukraine's Unofficial Greek Catholic Patriarch Josyf Slipyj
Jul 01, 202234:32
The Metropolitan Count of Lviv: Andrey Sheptytsky
Jun 15, 202242:24
The Union of Brest - A Union with Papal Rome
Jun 01, 202231:57
Interview with Alik Gomelsky - Ukrainian-Jewish Relations
May 15, 202201:02:41
Myths of War - How Russia Doesn't Understand their Own History

Myths of War - How Russia Doesn't Understand their Own History

Russia today wants to "deNazify" Ukraine, to eliminate the Ukrainian "fascists" and has systematically killed innocent civilians in this demented drive of theirs. But how did we get to this point - where Russian society supports the eradication of an entire people? Well, a lot of it has to do with misleading and outright lies that they turned into myths of the Second World War. Their version of events is different than the rest of the world, their experiences of the Second World War are so different than those of Ukraine that they don't have the capacity to understand those differences. Soviet propaganda and myth-making have warped their understanding of what occurred during the Second World War. They have not re-evaluated, re-examined and truly explored the history of the Second World War to include all those horrors that came with it. They glorify their past and this glorification has blinded them to the horrors of war. This episode takes a look at the myths that were created, at the consequences of those myths and why Ukraine is now in a full-scale war with Russia.

Apr 15, 202242:32
Students' Maidans
Apr 01, 202234:19
A Response to Putin's Insane Speech
Mar 15, 202227:51
Nestor Makhno: Ukraine's Famous and/or Infamous Anarchist
Mar 01, 202248:31
Russian Imperialist's Views on Ukraine
Feb 21, 202237:34
The Voice of Ukraine: Taras Shevchenko
Feb 15, 202243:37
The Women of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen
Feb 01, 202245:15
Nationalism of the Borderlands of the Borderland
Dec 15, 202150:49
Hryhor Orlyk - Ukrainian Hetman in Exile and a French Spy
Dec 01, 202140:28
Ukraine's Golden Constitution - Orlyk's Constitution and Polubotok's Gold
Nov 15, 202136:22
Ukraine's Machiavellian Prince - Ivan Mazepa
Nov 01, 202146:04
Danylo Rex Rusiae - Ukraine's Sole King
Oct 15, 202142:00
The Not So Secret Cyril and Methodius Brotherhood
Oct 01, 202143:11
The Daughter's of Kyiv in Europe
Aug 15, 202145:12
Operation Frantic - Americans on Ukrainian Soviet Soil during the Second World War
Aug 01, 202147:17
The Scythians and Amazons of Ukraine
Jul 15, 202138:55
A History of Ukrainian Music Conversation with Marichka Marczyk
Jul 01, 202150:57
Metropolitan Lypkivsky - Ukraine's Martyr Orthodox Leader
Jun 15, 202139:06
Ukraine's Political Economy - The Oligarchs
Jun 01, 202145:51
My Big Fat Ukrainian Wedding
May 15, 202146:58
The Executed Renaissance - the "Slovo" Building in the 1930s
Apr 15, 202141:06
The Ukrainian Cossacks - All You Really Wanna Know
Apr 01, 202143:25
Marusia Churai - Ukraine's Feisty and Infamous Poetess
Mar 15, 202142:19
The Viking Queen of Rus - Olha of Kyiv (or Olga of Kiev)
Mar 01, 202144:53