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By The Warewolf Club

We have hardware specialists, and software specialists, but what about our peopleware? On this show, hosts Ellie and Michael interview professionals about people, careers, good business, and improving teams in a modern world.
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7: One-on-One: Gimme a Break!

WarewolvesAug 27, 2021

7: One-on-One: Gimme a Break!

7: One-on-One: Gimme a Break!

In this one-on-one, Michael and Ellie discuss the importance of taking a break. Whether you're just feeling stressed, or you're fully burnt out, stopping to recharge is crucial for your health and performance. We talk about music, meditation, the pomodoro technique, and signs that it's time to take (in)action or get help when you really need it.

Michael and Ellie are the hosts of the Warewolves podcast. Michael is a Product Manager and can be found at Ellie is a Senior Frontend Engineer and can be found at

Aug 27, 202101:04:31
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May 11, 202158:42
2: Psychological Safety with Lauren Burroughs

2: Psychological Safety with Lauren Burroughs

In this episode, we discussed how teams can achieve psychological safety and the negative impacts of not having that safety. Slight language warning from ~27:00 to ~30:00.

More about Lauren: She is a Senior Developer at Phase2 Technology. You can find her pretty much anywhere with the username labbydev, including Twitter (@labbydev). Her personal website is

Apr 19, 202146:30
1: Team Jelling with Mike Crittenden
Mar 18, 202138:29