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Waterstone Media Podcast

Waterstone Media Podcast

By Waterstone Media

The official podcast of Waterstone Media, an independent fantasy and sci-fi publisher. Here, we discuss fantasy and science fiction, host book clubs, and interview authors. Come on in and have some fun with us!
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Fantasy and Science Fiction

Waterstone Media PodcastDec 21, 2022

Fantasy and Science Fiction
Dec 21, 202223:15
Better Sequels
Dec 14, 202230:02
Is Dune Optimistic?

Is Dune Optimistic?

This week on the podcast, Ryan and Taylor discuss Dune and whether or not it is optimistic. Ryan is impressed with the scope of individual achievement, and Taylor focuses on the fact that society doesn't seem like it has evolved as far as we would like.

Jun 06, 202217:04
Our favorite written fights
May 16, 202222:20
Writing Fights
May 09, 202228:23
May 02, 202230:60
Our Favorite Characters
Apr 25, 202235:54
Why we write
Apr 18, 202221:56
SPOILERS - Collaboration Results Part II
Apr 11, 202218:18
How we read
Apr 04, 202235:50
Fantasy Weapons - (kinda)
Mar 28, 202232:27
Results of our Collaboration
Mar 22, 202227:19
Mar 14, 202222:08
Magic Systems
Mar 07, 202231:36
5 - Launch of Fall of Forgotten Gods
Feb 28, 202233:56
Dune and Adaptations

Dune and Adaptations

Ryan and Taylor have fun discussing what makes a good adaptation, specifically looking at the new version of Dune (2021).   

Path of the Eternal Sun can be found on all retailers here:  

The authors can be found here:  

Ryan Kirk:  







Taylor Crook:  




Feb 21, 202241:16
Our Favorite Sci-Fi
Feb 14, 202241:56
2 - Our Favorite Fantasy
Feb 07, 202231:20
1 - Path of the Eternal Sun Launch Party
Jan 31, 202229:21